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  1. Maui Ice

    Father's Day Today

    Thankful for my dad who has supported me, provided for me, and never let me down all the way grouping up into an adult. Very thankful to God for all he's done for me, my siblings and my mother!
  2. Maui Ice

    please pray for me

    The 1st step is admitting it to God, and I'm glad you've figured this out and have giving up trying to handle it yourself. Only Christ can forgive us because of the sacrifice He made for us, so I pray that this sin that you're battlnig with is defeated, and you can be free.
  3. Maui Ice

    pls pray

    I pray that God has jsut the answer you're looking for. Sometimes the person or thing we need that cures our loneliness comes when we least expect it. We don't go looking for it, we don't try to force to seek it out, but God's timing works best. I pray that your alone feeling is lifted and in teh end the strength of your relationship with Christ is even better than before!
  4. Maui Ice

    How well do we know Scripture...

    I know a lot of saying that people accredit to God's Word or Biblical sayings have been tweeked a bit here and there and still said to be found in Scriptures. I think that is something taht we need to be careful of because even a small change here and there to a phrase can change the whole meaning of the sentence. For example, like firestormx said, it's the "love of money", not "money is the root of all evil". a few word changes here and there and people are attributing verses to a place they aren't originated from. The Bible is the best resource for these kind of things by far!
  5. Maui Ice

    Hi, I am new here.

    Welcome to Worthy forums Chris! Nice to meet you!
  6. Maui Ice

    I am new.

    Come, fellowship with us and have a blessed time! Welcome!
  7. Maui Ice

    Hello from Singapore!

    Welcome to Worthy Chongjasmine! A half a world away I see!
  8. Maui Ice

    Hello Again

    Glad you're back and I hope all is well with you! Spring is rolling in so this warm weather is DEFINITELY gonna be enjoyed by me! It's good to hear from you again! Don't leaveeeeeeee again!
  9. Maui Ice

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to Worthy forums Jennifer!
  10. Maui Ice

    Hello in Christ

    Short and sweet i Guess, haha Hello! Welcome to Worthy forums!
  11. Maui Ice

    Hello I'm new here and I've been a christian for....

    It's ok, I didn't know how to spell my own last name until I was like 13. Darn Polish ancestry. Welcome to Worthy forums amigo!
  12. Maui Ice

    Greetings from So. Florida...

    Welcome the forums! I hope you find out hospitaly...hospitable, our fellowship favorable, and the presence of God, rewarding! It's great to be surrounded by others who share the same love and desire to worship Christ! It's nice to meet you.
  13. Maui Ice

    Hello, I am new here

    Welcome Shemuel to Worthy! It's great to see how others worship and refer to the Lord when they talk to Him or about Him.
  14. Maui Ice

    New here, hello...

    God is Great! Welcome to Worthy forums!
  15. Maui Ice


    I'm in the cold North-east part of the USA as well! SO ready for Spring-time to kick in right now! Welcome to Worthy forums!