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  1. yes I would and I would get my head chopped off to keep from being thrown into the lake of fire for taking the mark of the beast if its Gods will for me to be left behind to suffer the tribulation but I don't believe that will happen
  2. Some will say no its only this planet God created Man on this is not true we can not even think that we are the only intelligent life God created we could be the only ones of all the life in Gods vast universe that fell and God doesn't want sin of this solar system when Jesus retruns and the 1000 years is over and the great white throne is completed and eternety has started then maybe God will give man the ability to go explore but like I heard it could be just a Vail but I don't think that either
  3. In Heaven close to Gods throne there is 24 bowls where all the prayer are and all those prayers are made into incence and they are lit and we pray to show God and us just how much we trust and our Faith that He will answer or prayers there are 3 answers that God give to prayer 1 yes 2 no and 3 wait its not time yet
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