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    Praising my Savior and Lord in song. Having fellowship with my Worthy family. I love sharing Jesus and all He has done for me and what He can do for others if they just give their lives over to Him and trust Him. I try sharing hope with them hope when people feel there is none. Thriving to live as if He is coming tomorrow. I love animals, especially my two dogs Stevie G, a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix and Abby my Lab/Boarder Collie mix. God has blessed me with very special friends here at Worthy and also people that are not of Worthy. God is truly worthy to be praised!

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  1. It's very simple... women are not to be over men in the church. There are many wonderful teachers that are women. I have no problem with that. However to be leaders, such as pastors, deacons.... NO.
  2. I hope it makes you think, Every life has a purpose, and God has a plan for that baby.
  3. I go to a Calvary Chapel too, I love it.
  4. Amen Kwik, I was only 60 from my husband before I moved to Yucca Valley. I would see him on the weekends. That lasted a month. I don't know how you have done it all this time. It is just to far away from that person you love so much.
  5. Are you a believer in Jesus? have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?
  6. Nor do I understand what you mean. No true believer in Jesus has the liberty to sin, we shouldn't even want to. Our first and foremost desire should be to serve God and follow Him.
  7. Are you over 18? I think if you feel sure in your spirit this is what your supposed to do I would do it. My first question are you over 18, if you are you don't need to ask your parents permission for anything.
  8. Amen Karen, What a glorious time that will be!
  9. Good morning my brothers and sisters!

    HE IS ALIVE!  And because He Lives we too have life over death.

    Can you imagine that first resurrection morning?  The disciples both Mary's sleepless nights, if fear of being found out yet I believe all of them harboring that hope that maybe, just maybe He will live again just as He said.  Hoping against hope that they will see Him very soon and once again they will have the peace He brought when He was with them.

    The women went to the tomb to find the stone was rolled away and He was not there.  There was confusion, dread..... until they saw a man.  They ran up to him asking "Where have you taken My Lord?  Then He turned and said, "Mary".  She knew the voice in her spirit she knew beyond any doubt it was Him, the One who had delivered her, the One who had set her free, the One she had waited for all her life, He was really alive!  His Promises true that He would never leave us for forsake us.  

    This morning as we worship know that He will always be with us, He never will leave us.  No one can take us out of His Hand.  

    I believe that when we get to Heaven we will be able to see those scars in His Hands and Feet.  We will stand before Him and fall to worship Him.  The one who came to this earth, fully God and fully man.  The one who loves right where we are at.  We don't have to clean  ourselves up before we accept Him, He will do all of that, by His Grace and Mercy that never fails.  Praise God!

    Blessings, RustyAngeL

    1. worthy


      Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too think that we will be able to see where the nails pierced our saviour.

      God Bless You,Rusty!

      I always look forward to your post,


  10. Welcome Annette glad to have you here at Worthy.
  11. Mary was not perfect, she was human just like everyone else. She acknowledged that she too needed a Savior. The only perfect one is Jesus. He never sinned. Mary was a sinner just like us. And the Church is a body of believers not a building with a name, Catholic or otherwise.
  12. Hi JoshuasonFlower, Welcome to Worthy!
  13. I"d be more concerned about your cholesterol count doesn't take much of eating like that to raise it to a dangerous level, and you don't have to be a senior to do it.
  14. Hi Colin and welcome to Worthy! I too love animals, all kinds of animals, but mostly dogs and horses. I don't have a horse but do have three dogs. Stevie G a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix, Cujo a Chihuahua that belongs to a friend, but it looks as though he will remain with me, and a new puppy. Four month old Max, part Terrier and part Brillo Pad.
  15. Welcome to Worthy.