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    Praising my Savior and Lord in song. Having fellowship with my Worthy family. I love sharing Jesus and all He has done for me and what He can do for others if they just give their lives over to Him and trust Him. I try sharing hope with them hope when people feel there is none. Thriving to live as if He is coming tomorrow. I love animals, especially my two dogs Stevie G, a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix Max is seven months old. He is part Terrier and I kiddingly say brillo pad his coat is very wirey. He is just to cute for words. God has blessed me with very special friends here at Worthy and also people that are not of Worthy. God is truly worthy to be praised!

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    Correct, while she was the chosen vessel to carry our Savior, she is not the one we pray to. Mary herself said she was in need of a Savior. She is not divine, and we don't pray to her. As said above, God is a jealous God and He alone is the one we pray to and put our trust in.
  2. If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath,

    Thank you. Finally someone who understands. I'm so thankful for the Grace of God and for Jesus who gave His all for me so I may be saved by that very grace and not keeping the laws. If I had to keep all the laws I would fail miserably. Jesus fulfilled them all for me.
  3. How do most Christians see atheists?

    I'm not a religious person, I am a Born Again Spirit Filled believer. That is huge difference from being religious. I see atheists as people who refuse the truth of God. The are lost and doomed to spend an eternity in Hell, a place more horrible then you can even begin to imagine. I pray for your sake you see The Truth, Jesus.... before it is to late for you.
  4. My sister Kwik is so wise. No one including you can put the pieces back together of your life, only God can do that. It doesn't happen in an instant it's going to be a day by day process. Giving God the broken pieces of your heart will compell you to go to Him everyday. He loves you and wants to restore you so just start letting Him do it.
  5. Is there any arguments (Besides the bible) against Gay Rights?

    The Bible is the first and final word about this topic. I do not look for any other sorce other then The Word Of God.
  6. Husband went to strip club

    That would be my question, are you a born again Christian? What Missmuffet said is so true. The Blble says that if a man even thinks of a woman in a lustfull way he has already committed adultry with her. Jesus is the great healer and can restore anyone or anything. He is where you need to be turning your attention to. Fall fully into His care and get into the Word of God. Find a good Bible believing church and claim your marriage back from the enemy.
  7. So we are to pray for unsaved peoples destruction? I don't think so.
  8. Jesus in the Old & New Testament

    I love it!
  9. Hello

    Welcome to Worthy PlantChee! Blessing, RustyAngeL
  10. Let me introduce myself~

    Hi Jermay and welcome to Worthy! We serve an awesome God don't we. We are delivered everyday and by His Strips we are healed. God Bless! Blessings, RustyAngeL
  11. Hello!

    Welcome James, We are happy to have you here at Worthy! Blessings, RustyAngeL
  12. Hi

    Hi tenniscat and welcome to Worthy! Blessings, RustyAngeL
  13. Why would Jesus start a new religion?

    Amen OneLight, it isn't about religion but it about having a one on one relationship with Christ.
  14. hello im andrea

    Hi Andrea and welcome to Worthy. Blessings, RustyAngeL
  15. I do not believe it to be a grey area at all. It needs to be stopped. I live in a boarder state and it costs the taxpayers billions of dollars and it is also costing people their lives.