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    Praising my Savior and Lord in song. Having fellowship with my Worthy family. I love sharing Jesus and all He has done for me and what He can do for others if they just give their lives over to Him and trust Him. I try sharing hope with them hope when people feel there is none. Thriving to live as if He is coming tomorrow. I love animals, especially my two dogs Stevie G, a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix Max is seven months old. He is part Terrier and I kiddingly say brillo pad his coat is very wirey. He is just to cute for words. God has blessed me with very special friends here at Worthy and also people that are not of Worthy. God is truly worthy to be praised!

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  1. You think right chrysalis. The Devil can appear as anything including a angel of light. Just remember one thing, The only good spirit is the Holy Spirit and that there are no such things as ghosts, only demons making people believe there are ghosts. Never get involved or play with the dark side.
  2. Nothing is to be changed in the word of God, I don't care who it is.
  3. Just because God is silent doesn't mean He's not listening to us. The Bible says, "Be still and know that I am God" Sometimes when we pray we talk to much. we spend so much time on what we are saying we don't stop long enough to listen. We might not get an answer right off the bat but He will always answer us. We might not like the answer but He will never forsake one of His kids.
  4. Truth is that hell like Heaven is eternal, Please read Matthew 25:31-41 Then please go to Mark 9:43-48. When I read these verses it does not make hell sound temporary, it sounds like a forever state. But remember God created hell for the devil and his angels. It we are born again we don't have to worry about eternity in hell but rather look forward to an eternity in Heaven with Jesus. We choose our destiny. God does not send anyone to hell but rather we do. Jesus spoke more on hell then He did on Heaven. And I have to Tigger if there is no eternity in hell where do the non believers go and for how long. I would like scripture to back up what you are saying, because I gave you scripture to back up what I said. And remember too the words I gave you were the words of Jesus not just some man.
  5. What I don't understand is so many in the church spend so much time trying to explain it away. The bottom line is, God calls homosexuality a sin, actually in stronger language He calls it an abomination. I also believe it is a lie from the enemy that these people listen to when they are told they were born this way. God does not make mistakes. Why would God create them like this then deny them the Kingdom of God. Read Romans chapter 1. Also 1 Corinthians 14:33 saying that God is not the author of confusion but of peace. You can also go to !1 Corinthians 6:9-10. many things will not inherit the kingdom of God and homosexuality is one of them. It's not hard to understand, it's plain truth. We are to love the people and hate the sin These people have souls that need to be saved and will be saved if we can tell them about a Savior that will set then free from this bondage and lie.
  6. No there will be no money in Heaven, as willa said we will have all our needs ( if there are any needs in Heaven, which don't believe we will have any) will be supplied by our Heavenly Father. What could we possibly need in a place where we will be face to face with Jesus?
  7. I would agree here with my brother Beau, lot's of details missing. Yes first off is he a believer, second are you a Christian? Five years is a long time to keep hanging on. You need to let go, and get out of the way and let God do what He has to do. If this is not the right one God has something better. I don't know how old you are but you sound young and there is most likely a lot of time. When you keep hanging on to something like this God cannot do what He wants to because you keep getting in the middle. So as I said let go and let God do what He wants to do.
  8. i try and remember everyday that this is a time when I can be with the Creator of the universe. I still am amazed that God knows my name and has since the beginning of time. I find that totally awesome and don't ever want to take that for granted.
  9. Welcome Shortangel, we are happy to have you here.
  10. I can only say what I would do. If someone did manage to scale a 6 foot fence in my yard, kick in the door to my house and threaten me and my dogs, meaning to kill me, yes I would kill t protect myself and my dogs. Yes. Anyone who would do that means to kill you. I would have no trouble taking care of business.
  11. I always say" Holy Spirit You are welcome in this place." I cant say I pray to the Holy Spirit. But I agree all three hear.
  12. The Devil believes in Jesus. He was there from the beginning. Believing and recieving are two different things. When we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of our lives, make Him the center of our lives, live as He would have us to live, follow Him we will go to Heaven. To just believe is not enough. we need to act on our belief and lives as His Word tells us to live. Because He Lives... RustyAngel
  13. RustyAngeL


    Lust is of the flesh and it will never wait. Love is of the Father and will always wait.
  14. They are not married they are roommates. Sit down, try and reason with him and if nothing else look for another roommate.
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