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    Praising my Savior and Lord in song. Having fellowship with my Worthy family. I love sharing Jesus and all He has done for me and what He can do for others if they just give their lives over to Him and trust Him. I try sharing hope with them hope when people feel there is none. Thriving to live as if He is coming tomorrow. I love animals, especially my two dogs Stevie G, a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix and Abby my Lab/Boarder Collie mix. God has blessed me with very special friends here at Worthy and also people that are not of Worthy. God is truly worthy to be praised!

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  1. About a month ago I asked for prayer for my dog Abby. She had gotten into a fight with my other dog Stevie G for the second time. I knew I had to do something. My friend told me about a dog sanctuary in British Columbia. It was a heartbreaking decision but I sent Abby to this wonderful place. Within a day she was placed in a foster home then the following week she found a forever home with a wonderful lady. This wonderful lady is a retired Fine Arts Professor and she lives on an island in BC. Just a couple of months before she adopted my Abby she lost her dog..Her dog was a Boarder Collie/Lab mix named Abbey. She now has adopted my Abby also a Boarder Collie/Lab mix. Both named Abbey both the same breed, don't tell me God does not care about what to some people would be small things but other is a pure miracle. My beautiful dog is safe and sound with someone who will love her forever. Abbey is doing just fine and will live in a home that is almost on the beach. She and her mom will walk and she has a beautiful yard with grass and trees so she can play ball. This woman said she wants me to keep in touch with her and Abbey so I can see just how she is doing. My heart is at rest, my girl is home. Praise God.. RustyAngeL PS, in case you want to know what Abbey looks like, look at my avaitar to the left. That little girl curled up on the king sized down filled comforter which went with her along with many toys, a pillow and special treats.
  2. Amen! Standing on His Word and His Promises.
  3. Hi Family, My friend Jen who I met here about 5 years ago called me last Friday and told me she has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma She didn't want to upset me so didn't tell me when she was first diagnosed. She has already gone through a round of chemotherapy and it did nothing. Now she is going through another round of chemo, two months once a week. It's a very potent chemo and it's making her sick. This type of cancer is considered by doctors incurable. Most of the have people who have this are given a very short time to live. However for Jen they are going to try something else. She will have a bone marrow transplant using her own bone marrow. It's complicated but if it works she should be fine. She is a wonderful person, loves animals like I do. She has never been married so outside of a few family members she is alone. She lives in upper state New York. Please pray for Jen. She is a believer but as I said alone and still has to work. On top of everything else the company she works for is being sold so she doesn't even know if she will have a job. She has a wonderful attitude, trusting God totally. She is more worried about her dog Faith then she is herself. I will keep you all updated. Blessings, RustyAngeL
  4. That is the truth Shiloh and as for me i"m done with this whole anti Trump camp. I have seen enough of them for a lifetime. They always have an excuse for why they choose violence and mudslinging. They are violent, and full of themselves. I"m done. I will pray for our president and his staff.
  5. Hi Andy and welcome to Worthy. We are very happy to have you here with us. Blessings, RustyAngeL
  6. Welcome to Worthy. Happy to have you aboard. Blessings, RustyAngeL
  7. As I have been saying MG, the liberals are never going to get over loosing this election. I"m just sick of this whole mess. They need to move on just as we did 8 years ago and 4 years ago. And for Obama to keep pointing a finger at Trump for anything is like calling the kettle black.
  8. There are probably more then 64 ways. The liberals are just poor looser's. They are never going to get over loosing the election.
  9. Welcome to Worthy Mrs Brookes.
  10. Amen, He knows our hearts and He meets us at the place where we are at.
  11. Welcome to Worthy.
  12. Welcome to Worthy.
  13. Amen Karen , she will make a wonderful baby for someone to love. Thank you for your prayers. By the way Karen Abby is the one who is on my avatar... to your left.
  14. I would like to request prayer please. Two of my dogs got into a fight last Thursday, one was pretty badly injured. She is going to be OK but the other Abby will be going to a sanctuary in British Columbia called Dogway. It is a wonderful place where Abby can get help then go into a forever home. I will be getting her ready this week so she can do next week. I am not trained to take care of an issue like this. I can't make a mistake the cost is just to high. I would like for you to pray for my Abby that she will have a safe trip and find a wonderful home where she can have a whole brand new life. The website if you wish to look it over is Its breaking my heart but I want her safe as well as my other dog Stevie. I'm feeling ill and have a kidney infection. I know it's the stress of not just this but of several things here at the house. A partial roof replacement, a new septic system. It's all coming at once and I feel overwhelmed. I just need the support of my brothers and sisters prayers. Thanks everyone, Blessing, RustyAngeL