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    Praising my Savior and Lord in song. Having fellowship with my Worthy family. I love sharing Jesus and all He has done for me and what He can do for others if they just give their lives over to Him and trust Him. I try sharing hope with them hope when people feel there is none. Thriving to live as if He is coming tomorrow. I love animals, especially my two dogs Stevie G, a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix and Abby my Lab/Boarder Collie mix. God has blessed me with very special friends here at Worthy and also people that are not of Worthy. God is truly worthy to be praised!

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  1. Welcome To Worthy!
  2. Yes our salvation is a gift from our Heavenly Father. It is His Grace and Mercy and I thank Him everyday for it.
  3. Did you get unemployment for all the times before? I'm not sure how that works. I left my job at the hospital after almost 9 years, because I just got married and was moving. They were very rude to me and threatened not to give it to me. She said I could have commuted. Right 120 miles a day. Don't think so. She wanted me to drive the same distance here where I moved and I refused. I reminded her that she had a job because of people like me, and I had the same job for almost 9 years. She needed to rethink being nasty to me. I got a check the next day.
  4. It doesn't matter. We are still to pray for them and leave the results with God.
  5. No we do not pray for our enemy to die. We pray for them to be saved if they are not a believer. We are to love them as Jesus loves us and to forgive them, but never pray for their destruction.
  6. I married a divorced man. He was not a Christian when he got divorced, he was when we got married. We were married 25 years when he died. I don't believe I committed adultery.
  7. I never had children and never felt guilty about it. I never wanted them. My husband had a son from his first marriage. We were very happy with no children. He had 4 grand kids. I was happy with that and our dogs. I don't think not having kids makes me a bad person. I was very happy with the way things were.
  8. I do too and i'm not even an SDA. I have a friend who is and I find her hypercritical in many areas. I look at her and watch her go to church on Saturday but seems to think that it's OK to do many other things. I just don't buy it her form of "religion" I prefer a one on one relationship with God through Jesus Christ and thank Him everyday for the grace and mercy in my life.
  9. They use to have healing services, and pray if need be? I would keep looking. Shake the dust off your feet and get into a church that knows they need prayer and knows that God is still a God who heals. A church that preaches the Word of God and does not stray from it. If you hear anything in a message that you cannot back up in scripture, then you need to keep looking. When they ask you to "sign on the dotted line" then back up with a check tells me all I need to know. Run don't walk away from such a place.
  10. Correct. The Bible says, "it is appointed for once man to die, after that the judgement" Then depending on your relationship with God, or if you have a relationship with God, as stated by shiloh, Heaven or Hell. What you choose to do with Jesus will determine your fate.
  11. Your not sinning. Reading the word of God is to feed our souls. The Bible is God's love letter to us. Doing other "Christian stuff" does not make us better. We do works because we love Jesus and want to share His love for the world. We are not bound by works. We "do" because we love others as we are loved. I hope all this makes sense.
  12. Welcome to Worthy.
  13. Hi Constian and welcome to Worthy.
  14. Hi near and welcome to Worthy.
  15. Anger happens to all of us. Anger has nothing to do with the Antichrist. It is however our nature. We are not to stay angry, and we are not to let the sun go down on our anger. Letting go of it and letting God take the anger from us is what we need to do. Only through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ are we able to do this. Blessings, RustyAngeL