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  1. And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. God's bitter dealing with me, my mother seems to be ongoing. There is no respite, there is no deliverance or glimmer of light in our situation.
  2. Update....thank you for all your prayers and messages of hope. There is NO change in our situation, I send out roughly 10 applications for jobs each day. I have spoken and begged everyone I know for help in getting a job. Now our friends or shall I say ex-friends avoid us like the plague. We're back to square 1 - 7 days to beg or borrow for rent. Its getting OLD and I bet a lot of you are tired of seeing the same thing.......well you know what I feel then. Imagine living with no dignity, no hope and worst of all a GOD that promises justice for the widow and orphans everywhere and anywhere. I guess that was a long time ago, definitely NOT NOW.
  3. thank god a million times over I was able to borrow enough money to pay 1 month's rent and our utilities. But there's no money left for food and I dont know what to do about next month's rent. I need a job or income or something. The pressure is too much.
  4. This is an S.O.S. for divine help or whatever you may call it. This is not a ploy for sympathy, this is reality for mother and myself. 1. Our rent is due in exactly 10 days. We still owe 2 months back-rent for October & November 2016. 2. We have asked and begged if any of our friends can offer us temporary shelter - there is NO ONE. We are a marginalised and often discriminated portion of society in our country. Those who would willingly help us cant help us as they face similar challenges. 3. No human being should have to endure words such as : "Nobody owes you a living", "If you are raped, abused etc......its because you deserve it", "Your race, community should learn to accept their lot in life not expect to live as others do"....... Our community has endured such insults for years....those who have managed to escape are content to leave others behind. GOD says he is merciful then end our suffering.
  5. Blessed New Year saints of GOD..... I'm sorry for asking this prayer again, STILL waiting for that job opportunity or way to earn an HONEST living. the financial climate in our country has worsened and well-wishers/good samaritans are very few. Moms health problems coupled with our financial cancer is too overwhelming. I doubt I can go on or we can go on living like this...something has to break.
  6. I want to praise GOD for his abundant mercies......living in a moslem country is extremely challenging. In recent years and for every NON-MOSLEM holiday in our country; water supply will be stopped temporarily until the NON-MOSLEM holiday is over. This never happened before till ISIS and MOSLEM fundamentalism surfaced in the world and started affecting our GOVT. In November there was a non-moslem holiday - Festival of Lights celebrated by a minority community. they had no water at all even on their day of celebration. On 18th December 2016, our Govt issued a statement that there will be water cuts effective 20th December till 26th December. Being minorities we have no real say but we can pray. PRAISE GOD we still have water supply, there were no cuts.
  7. Shalom saints of God, A gentle prayer request...firstly.thank you for praying for us......we really need a divine intervention in the coming weeks.....still waiting for that job opportunity or income. Like many many others in this world, there's no room for us at the INN. Please pray for extra grace especially for our precious older folks...all over the world. Many will find this time difficult emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. My mom especially feels the loss of her 2 sons coupled with our current situation. Jesus did not promise us a rose garden but he did promise us his peace. We NEED THAT PEACE so very much. Blessed Christmas, Buono Natale, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, Kala Hristoyienna.................... God bless all of you, saints of God from my home to yours.
  8. Dearest saints of GOD, I want to share my latest piece of positive news......I am convinced its because of all your prayers that we've seen a little light shine through in the last few weeks. Mom (73) fractured her patella (knee) in September 2016....we were unable to get the surgeons to give her the knee operation. Mom has always been strong-willed and much more faithful than I am. In November, the cast was removed and replaced with a splint. Since then mom has forced herself to move about with her walking frame. Yesterdays x-ray showed that the knee was healing well despite her age. That's what the Drs say, she was given the green light for physiotherapy and told that she can start using that knee within moderation. I really really thank GOD for this news. Its such a relief for mom especially who is used to being active and doing things for herself. At her age, she has several complications which is expected - heart arrythmia, diabetes mellitus, psoriarsis and macular degeneration in both eyes. Her diabetes is under control so is her heart arrythmia. However losing sight in both eyes is a death blow to her. I apologise for this lengthy email but again please let me say your prayers are very valuable and much appreciated. I still desperately need that income to support both mom and myself. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
  9. Thank you for your all prayers and intercessions SAINTS.....GOD provided finances for me to settle 1 month's rent, pay our utilities and enough for transportation to hospital and back. GOD also connected me through a friend to a christian sister who is actively trying to find a job or income for me through her network of friends. No promises but she said she will do her best with God's help. We're not out of the woods yet and I don't know how to express my gratitude for your prayers and intercession. We still have to settle 2 months backrent and rent for January 2017 plus utilities etc.. Mom has an appointment on 7/12/16 to see the Orthopaedic Doctor. Really hoping for a Christmas miracle especially for mom who has been so depressed lately due to our situation. I feel guilty thinking of so many others who are suffering and its selfish of me to hope for a miracle in our situation. God bless you all.
  10. Thank you Jesus, thank you GOD for money for food......We had run out of food 4 days ago. Thank you so very much for your prayers......please please please please intercede for us to have enough money to settle our back rent and an income. Its especially hard during this season. Praise God for his mercy and grace.
  11. Dear Bros & Siss in Christ, Thank you is too little a word to express my gratitude for all your prayers......I'm still waiting for that deliverance....all I know is things cannot go on as they are now. Either GOD takes us home or delivers us.
  12. I dont have words to describe the predicament I'm in right now. I've had problems before but not to the extent of what we are facing now. I dont how to stress the urgency of my situation except to say that I live in a 3rd world moslem country, belonging to a marginalised section of society where help is scarce. Our prayers seem to be falling on deafened ears. Maybe GOD will hear yours, I am only begging for sincere prayers and intercession on our behalf, nothing else. a. urgent need of shelter - home - b. I need a job or some way of earning an income to support myself and mom c. We have subsidised medical in my country but as we belong to a minority group, the powers that be will not subisidise my moms knee operation. We cant afford an operation in a private hospital. Actually we cant afford anything. My mom is 72 and blind. We have no other family. If GOD will not intervene, the least he can do is end our suffering. Thank you for allowing me to post.
  13. Dear Moderator, My humble apologies for posting this topic in the Q&A sector, I tried several times to post this under the Inner Court - Looking For Advice. For some reason, my selection did not go through. I know this is a common thread topic and apologise again for the inconvenience, also a newbie to the workings of an online forum. Please feel free to edit where necessary. I assure you I am sane and in possession of my marbles (pardon the pun). I am seeking answers and a solution, I could probably write a book about my experiences with various Pastors (Pentecostal, Assembly Of God, Evangelical); all who claimed to have 'deliverance' experience. Our private hell has not ended but intensified. A Deliverance Pastor who finally said "Only God can Help You"; we can't, a Deliverance Pastor who refused to continue the session because he was afraid. Some background info. we are a South East Asian family living in Asia. Mom - a 3rd generation Anglican but a born-again believer for the last 30 years. Parents separated, dad practices the "OLD" religion, a potpourri of serpent and spirit worship. I know it sounds bizarre, those familiar with WICCA, PAGAN, TAOIST, HINDU practices would get the general idea. Put it simply, we had more in common with THE ADDAMS family as there were active spirits/demons residing in our home. My paternal great grandmother was a medium supposedly gifted with the 3rd eye. The 'gift' is inherited; my dad and I supposedly have this spirit. PLEASE note I have gone for numerous deliverances, prayed and fasted to be set free from this familiar spirit that plagues my dad's family. My dad of course made it clear a long time ago of his contempt for Jesus. In his words, Jesus cannot give him the power his own Gods provide. He freely admits they are demons and does not have an issue with them. To cut a long story short, mom and us (siblings) have been plagued with not only chronic illnesses (from childhood for me and my siblings), terrible financial distresses and all manner of relationship problems. My siblings and I have attempted suicide at various stages of our life - not being able to cope, loss of jobs every 3-5 years for no apparent reason. Always happens within that time period. There is no history of blindness on both sides of my family yet both mom and myself have been diagnosed with macular degeneration. I was diagnosed early this year, on top of that my fingers are affected. I can't even hold a pen to write any longer, open a soft drink bottle or carry any sort of weight. I have trouble eating. In short my body is breaking down. We will be destitute in a couple of weeks. We have sought the Lord earnestly, begged for prayers and short of ending our lives, we see no way out. Are we predestined for hell ? We need help
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