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    Loving the Lord and learning about His Word -The Bible. Camping in fall, long walks or hiking, baking , family time, bible studies or learning about Bible Prophecy, playing guitar Rifle/Target practice

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  1. *~*Honey*~*

    For my Granddaughter

    Oh this such heart-breaking news. My prayers are going up today. I have a wonderful friend -and I'm sure she'll pray too! God bless May our Lord carry you , your daughter and family through this difficult. Journey. love Honey
  2. *~*Honey*~*

    really sick

    Dear one. So sorry you are under weather. I am saying a prayer ... That the Lord brings you to swift health! I can emoathize... I had similar illness last week and I was Flat in bed for days .... bad cold ? I know how you feel. Stick to. basics--- REST. Fluids. (Tylenol helped me💕) And cold medicine. Don't forget a humidifier Praying you will recover quickly. 🌸Honey
  3. *~*Honey*~*

    do you have the joy

    Good day Gayle and Welcome ! Yes many of us here feel that Joy and delight in the sharing of it with others 😊😊😊...... Be Blessed -- Honey🌸
  4. *~*Honey*~*

    bad storm

    Praying for the Lord to calm the 'seas'! Praying!!
  5. *~*Honey*~*

    Lokking for Stable Job

    Praying Edgar10 ! may the Lord open up avenues to help you find the best course of action to find gainful employment -that will not only sustain you and those in your in your care but also allow you to flourish!!
  6. *~*Honey*~*

    HUGE Severe Storm System in the US

    Glad to hear all is well. Well send some of our sun down your way☀️!!
  7. *~*Honey*~*


    praying with you! May the Lord touch her and. Bless her! In Jesus Name.... Honey🌸
  8. *~*Honey*~*

    HUGE Severe Storm System in the US

    Standing together in prayer for our southern neighbors!
  9. *~*Honey*~*

    Need help bad!

    Praying dear one!
  10. *~*Honey*~*

    Prayer request for Australia

    Praying My Heavenly Father -protects each and every citizen and living creature -as this storm nears ...hear our prayers Oh Lord!!!
  11. *~*Honey*~*

    Please pray for pain in my knees so I can go to work

    Praying for the Lord to provide you pain relief and ease movement in your knees!dear friend. Joint pain is a trial -that is for certain! I'm praying for you tonight ! Glad to hear your test went well... Let your wife know I am praying her as well. May the Lord smile down upon Both of you!--and may He Lift and ease the burdens you both are carrying🌸 Your sister in Christ, Honey
  12. *~*Honey*~*

    Answered prayer before even prayed for

    JohnnD! Thanks for sharing this...I'm so glad all worked out well for your car -!! perhaps this situation was meant to show all of us that The Lord works in wondrous ways --ways that even WE can't fathom!!! So YES! Praise God !!! ( for it right to give Him thanks and praise!) So YES.! Send prayers one and ALL! Our Heavenly Lord is indeed a Mighty God who WILL HEAR AND ANSWER ALL OF His Childrens prayers - BELOVED --that includes YOUR PRAYERS ! That includes Yours John, Yours -dear Worthy-and even Shanees' prayers !! With Love, your sister Honey
  13. *~*Honey*~*

    New Member here.

    I do hope you like it here! Welcome. Honey
  14. *~*Honey*~*

    Prayer for Sick mother

    Mom has beed coughing -has a cold. I've been to see her and she's taking soups and tea! Pray that she continues to get over this cold and that the coughing fits -stop. at her Age of 79, Needs a few people to pray for her! Thank you all! Your Sister In Christ. Claudia
  15. *~*Honey*~*

    Killed in the line of duty

    Yes Kate! I'll say a prayer for the surviving family !! Im so sorry for this tradgedy -our EMS Personnel arenso cotal and prescious to us. It so so sad that this happened. Please know that you are all in my prayers🌸.