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  1. Thanks KPaulG! All is well now. Praise the Lord !
  2. Praying Edgar10 ! may the Lord open up avenues to help you find the best course of action to find gainful employment -that will not only sustain you and those in your in your care but also allow you to flourish!!
  3. needs gods protection

    Tabitha Praying ..🌸💕right now.
  4. Thanks so much for all your lovely prayers. I just wanted to take a one-time moment to show my appreciation. I'm back on my feet and energy level improving. Thanks again to Posting this Tabitha! You are something special!!! Thanks all and Be blessed!!
  5. Glad to hear all is well. Well send some of our sun down your way☀️!!
  6. praying with you! May the Lord touch her and. Bless her! In Jesus Name.... Honey🌸
  7. Standing together in prayer for our southern neighbors!
  8. My dear little one...I'm praying for you! May you rest easy tonight--breathe well !! And be free if those aches!! Be Blessed -your sister in Christ Honey!
  9. Praying dear one!
  10. Yes TaBitha -There is simply a point where we have to just LET GOD ! Give Him your whole burden and Let God Carrynit for a while -dear Daughter of The King! i pray that today has been a better Day.. Love, Honey
  11. Praying My Heavenly Father -protects each and every citizen and living creature -as this storm nears ...hear our prayers Oh Lord!!!
  12. needs gods protection

    Thank you all for sending up a prayer for My little Sister Tabitha! She does need to feel the Love of a true family -her Worthy family🌸 Bless those of you -who have her in your prayers
  13. Praying for the Lord to provide you pain relief and ease movement in your knees!dear friend. Joint pain is a trial -that is for certain! I'm praying for you tonight ! Glad to hear your test went well... Let your wife know I am praying her as well. May the Lord smile down upon Both of you!--and may He Lift and ease the burdens you both are carrying🌸 Your sister in Christ, Honey
  14. JohnnD! Thanks for sharing this...I'm so glad all worked out well for your car -!! perhaps this situation was meant to show all of us that The Lord works in wondrous ways --ways that even WE can't fathom!!! So YES! Praise God !!! ( for it right to give Him thanks and praise!) So YES.! Send prayers one and ALL! Our Heavenly Lord is indeed a Mighty God who WILL HEAR AND ANSWER ALL OF His Childrens prayers - BELOVED --that includes YOUR PRAYERS ! That includes Yours John, Yours -dear Worthy-and even Shanees' prayers !! With Love, your sister Honey
  15. I do hope you like it here! Welcome. Honey