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  1. Praying now for you! May the Lord watch over you at this time and comfort you 🌸 Be Blessed
  2. My dear friend😃 Isnt it wonderful that the Lord has brought you here ! There are so many caring Brothers on Worthy (and sis!) who are there for you! Your afflictions will not get the better of you! I stand In agrremenr witb prayers here ...I just know that our Father is carrying you through this Everyday! I hope and pray that you'll be able to perhaps find some meaning in your life, maybe someone to connect with and share God's Love ! Maybe even here on Worthy! You could take time to Welcome a newcomer to Worrhy --or say a prayer for someone suffering! JTC you my friend are able to show others that with Gods help anything is possible!!! What a blessing you are JTC!!! Be Blessed, 🌸
  3. Praying dear one ...
  4. Dear Lord, Bittermara is hurting and is in deep despair and feels hopeless as there appear to be no answers her heartache. During this difficult time, She needs to know you are listening. Help her to know that you care and listen to her cries. In your Blessed name. Amen. Words From the Bible-- Listen to me, LORD, and answer me, for I am helpless and weak. Save me from death, because I amloyal to you; save me, for I am your servant and I trust in you. You are my God, so be merciful to me; I pray to you all day long. Make your servant glad, O LORD, because my prayers go up to you. You are good to us and forgiving, full of constant love for all who pray to you. Listen, LORD, to my prayer; hear my cries for help. I call to you in times of trouble, because you answer my prayers. Psalm 86.1-7. Be blessed. Claudia
  5. Hi

    Welcome to you 🌸 If I may ask -what is your Maternal language? I look forward to getting to know you.
  6. Just saw this this evening.. Saying a prayer for the Lord and His mercies to be evident in the lives of all those affected by this terrible weather disturbance 🙏🏼
  7. No problem. It sounds very interesting! This writing of a novel! Keep up the good work!
  8. Hi. I think that is a good of you to learn about some German traditions etc or even better learn some key German words! German folk are polite ('please', 'Thankyou's', hand-shakes ..... Good Morning-Guten Morgen Good Night-Gute Nacht Welcome-wilkommen are you hungry-Hast Du Hunger? sleep -schlaffen Thankyou -Danke Please-Bitte schön Bless you(after a sneeze) --Gesundheit! -German culture will vary slightly from area to area -language,dialect, food preferences, etc. So you may want to familiarize yourself with some German history -or city knowledge from where your student is coming from ! They'll appreciate your interest. German people are very smart -and they like conversing. Most German students learn English in school (at least that's how it used to be) so you should be able to communicate easily. Remember, they are coming to learn Your Language!!! -German Folk -enjoy good food! Breakfast-- cup of aromatic,fresh (emphasize FRESH)Coffee and Crispy fresh buns for breakfast(Brötchen),jams,various cheeses, Nutella) Lunch -aka 'Mittag Essen' -typically is the Heavier meal of the day. -however She/hewill easily adapt to North American routines !! -Enjoy home made meals (potatoes, meat dishes, a veggies etc) Supper meal -(usually the lighter meal) -open-faced sandwhiches /rye breads, pumpernickel breads -a variety of different sliced meats, cheeses, set out with on a nicely decorated table! -German folk take pride in nice Table presentation-especially if company over!!! : pretty crisp table cloths, table settings, napkins ! Cups and saucers!! And do not forget the German Folk -appreciate a beautifully baked cake! (Layered chocolate cake or Blackforest Cake, or even a BAKED cheese cake -which is different from a North American cheese cake!) fruit cakes [Honey -sighs].... So this is the time to perhaps think about a couple of recipes to have ready for Sunday afternoon! (A traditional day for visiting) Afternoon 'Coffee' --Having people (friends or family) company for 'Kaffe und Kuchen'.. is traditional . Once again setting the table with a nice table cloth, best dish setting, cups and saucers and a beautiful cake (or two!) Germans love their fruit Torte (flan cake with a layer of fruit) and alway -always make sure there is whipping cream!!!! I suppose the most important -thing is they will want to learn about your culture and City -Country History! -brush up on Your country's History -plan to visit a Museum -be knowledgeable about the exhibits in the miseum or other art artifacts etc. !!
  9. Praying for this young girl -speak to her heart Lord -put people in her path who can say a kind word and show her Love -Christs Love ! This lass needs Direction Lord and I ask that a full measure of Your Love be poured over her!💕 Amen
  10. Lord in heaven -be beside Abby -help her breath calmly and effectively. Lord Of Heavens restore full functioning to her lungs -let the pain subside I pray that you take care of her -assist the pill to move out of harms way ! In Jesus Name I pray. Amen
  11. Sorry David -I have to explain my post up above -I wasn't trying to say your life was at all boring as I suggested ...I don't know ..I had just thought of all the worry you've been experiencing and as I sat here this morning -I was thinking of ways you could 'get away from it all' -the stress etc). But in no way was I suggesting that you aren't able to come up with your own stress reducing activities...[sigh] So-didn't mean to offend ! I will continue praying for both you and wife -may her health improve
  12. Praying abby
  13. Hi Mabel. My prayers will be with you Tuesday -as your family comes together to honour your Dad...but also in the upcoming weeks. May this be a time healing for you dear sister ! Some words I want to share with you ...to comfort🌸 🌸John 14:27 – I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart! And the peace I give is not fragile like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid. 🌸John 14:18 – No, I will not abandon you or leave you as orphans in the storm-I will come to you. 🌸2Thessalonians 2:16, 17 – May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting comfort and hope which we don’t deserve, comfort your hearts with all comfort, and help you in every good thing you say and do. Life is but a stopping placeLife is but a stopping place,a pause in what’s to be,a resting place along theroad to sweet eternity.We all have different journeys,different paths along the way,we all were meant to learn somethings, but never meant to stay.Our destination is a placefar greater than we know,for some, the journey’s quicker,for some the journey’s slow.And when the journey finally ends,we’ll claim a great reward,and find an everlasting peace,together with the Lord. Be Blessed. Claudia
  14. Just hope this is just a warning sign- I hear in the news that diabetes is too much on the rise -so, as we age we must be more vigilant in eating more healthier and exercising etc. It's wonderful that docs can now warn us with this pre-Diabetic test ... David--keep praising God for all His goodness --in His care! You sound like a deeply caring person-God made you wonderfully! God tells us not to worry... Lean on Him at all times!!! If you find your becoming 'Stuck'--and your thoughts going in circles 1)first off -pray our Father in Heaven is waiting for us to talk to Him! 2) Change it Up! so often we become fixated on routines- become hum drum and -a touch boring! 3)DO -do something out the ordinary !!!! "Change The Dance": *Go for a walk in the sun shine Or * Play a Game OR * Put on an old CD or tape cassette ! Crank it up and enjoy! Maybe even Dance! * Make a pot of Coffee-and invite a neighbor or friend over *Read a book that you've been hankering to get at * look up local events live theatre, or plays or even school musicals!! And add to your calendar! In invite an old friend - * Plan/Learn a Hobbie such as crocheting, paint by number, bake cookies! 🌸🌸JOIN IN LIFE🌸🌸 Dearest one ! I pray that you'll have a great weekend ! Be Blessed-Claudia
  15. Hi ! Have said a prayer for God to bless you during the week of skating! I pray for your safety and calmness of spirit . May the Lord fill you with an abundance of energy -to knock the socks off those judges!!🌸