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  1. Reviews of Worthy Christian Forums

    Not sure if you think quoting me with ...this..cancels what i said?..cuz it don't..
  2. Reviews of Worthy Christian Forums

    A generic apology..she met a woman of God my wife Kwik and vomited on her with her hateful infectives..she NEVER apologised personally for the lies and slander.. she sounds sweet as honey but is bitter in the belly..personally i believe nothing that gushes from her mouth..NOTHING..
  3. Genders in the spiritual world

    Hi Zoltan nice to meet you..i like your question..thank you In John chapter 8 Jesus refers satan as the father of lies..i think when it comes to spiritual feminine that is the church and may even be reserved for the church..but not certain.. God bless
  4. Yay us..
  5. All Love in Christ...
  6. I actually edited that bit out.. in retrospect i thought it would upset you ..but it seems you quoted me before i edited it...I am a bit protective of Kwik at times and when people say She is upset when i know she isn't i like to correct the slur regardless of who says it....i feel when i said you take things personally it was the enemy speaking and was not of God so i edited it out asap..God bless
  7. Hi 1to3 Kwik is not upset...Kwik is elaborating so You could understand a little more clearly... Also to add to what Kwik said...Kwik had been paying the lady who stole the deed cash to pay condo fees..the lady kept the cash so the condo fees banked up and they got a lawyer to recover them... We could have sought her to be criminally charged but we forgave her and payed a settlement of something like $2900 usd... Ha! The enemy stole that money so we had to pay it again..on top of that we had to pay lawyers and condo fees and the mortgage had skyrocketed and we had to pay that.. the lady has now resurfaced..we dont want her to be held accountable by God for any of this..Our forgiving Love is greater than the enemy in her..sometimes we need to pay for our sins here rather than suffer eternal fire..sometimes the forgiveness in our hearts is sufficient...Please Lord deliver her from chains and bondage Glory to God
  8. Praise God for this opportunity to glorify his name
  9. It is actually being open minded and willing to listen and shows that she's not being restricted by pride God bless

    Yeah cuz it's not really the cake but the thought that counts...Right!?
  11. Please Pray for Logan

    Joining others in prayer..Glorify Your Name Father this day..
  12. Hi Phoenix777 It is really sad that when a minister is mentioned people will come out and bad mouth them because they have heard this or that.....Actually David Jeremiah is a man of God...and as such is under constant attack by the enemy...There is a spirit of gossip and rumor here...He was invited to pray for Trump...being a man of God and a man filled with Love he went...also invited were other ministers ...This in no way aligns Pastor David Jeremiah with them..The enemy started this rumor and some listen to the enemy and people before they listen to the Holy Spirit of Truth...Best to not listen to gossip but judge for yourself.. God bless
  13. Hi Phoenix777 Like a couple of others i also think you would like David Jeremiah God bless You

    Happy Birthday Abby...Yaaaaay!! God bless You on this extra special day Praise Jesus
  15. "HELLO" Brothers & Sisters

    Hi Annette....Good reading...I like the South African accent..and often listen to bible audio and i think it would be great to have a South African reader... God bless You