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  1. Introducing my self

    Hi Sans Praise Jesus☺
  2. " Founded A Christian Nation "

    Hi Marilyn...Praise Jesus well said and the sentiment of i dare say most Christians...Our real enemy (satan) would like nothong better than Christians killing each other on this worlds battle foelds... God bless you
  3. Hello from Oregon

    Hi praise the Lord... Jesus Jesus JESUS!!😌
  4. Hi Johny111 Stay focused on the knowledge that God Loves you so very much He sent His Son to be cursed in your place...Have faith and believe God cannot lie.. God bless you
  5. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    Glory Glory God Almighty..
  6. My name is Paul. I'm from Australia.

    Good day mate..:) God bless you..praise Jesus
  7. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    Hey Sister Shel..:).. I dunno!?..smelt okay to me! Lg phone..
  8. Joining here for reasons

    G'day (That is australian for hi!..:) )...Howdy Hope you stay God bless you
  9. Hi Simon Peter denied knowing Jesus 3 times to save himself...Yet still loved Jesus..God knows our heart.. God bless
  10. How to pray the right prayer

    Hi welcome to worthy.. Enter His Courts with Thanksgiving in your heart and offer the sweet aroma of Praise as a daily sacrifice..Praise and glory to God..Jesus Jesus JESUS!!!