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  1. Blessings CBeth...Nice to talk again...It is the flowering stalk from a 'grass tree' very Australian plant..that apparently can live up to 600 years (or so I read.)..here is a picture of one but not the best example of one... Many years ago I made an easel out of the stalks as the wood is quite firm and can also be made into walking sticks...I like to use them to poke around with while Bush walking...God bless and thank you for asking
  2. Hi...yes we know His voice....And He is the provider...Recently The Lord Most High was requiring me to give food to a church I have never attended...as this was on my heart a person gave me $50... He is not God that confuses...Usually it seems God asks at an inconvenient time or so we think😉But as Jesus prayed...Let His will be done......Thank You Lord...Praise and Glory to You... Blessings Just like to add...The person who gave me the $50 was not a Christian si I had the opportunity to give her a Bible and preach Jesus...Glory to God May we all go about our Fathers business in Jesus Name...Amen Michael
  3. Hi welcome to Worthy...I was just reading that verse in Jeremiah and saw your user name when I logged on...Praise Jesus....God bless you
  4. Hi..Whenever I get a chance I like to go for a bush walk...Here is a close up of part of a plant found in Australia that was made through Jesus...(All things were👍😉)...I wonder if any one can guess which plant!? . God bless
  5. Hi 1to3..How difficult it can be to tame the tongue..So easy to see the raging sea and take our eyes off of our Victorious Savior Jesus Christ...I join you in your prayer for you and me both to be closer to Jesus .. As the song goes...Day by Day 3 things I pray...to see thee more clearly...to love thee more dearly to follow thee more nearly day by day... God bless you and have a Glorious and Victorious day with Jesus...
  6. Hi Naominash..Marilyn's advice is sound...When Jesus received so few fish and a few loaves...it simply was not enough..But Jesus gave thanks and and was blessed abundantly... God bless
  7. On My heart and in my prayers...Please Lord God make Your hedge around our dear Brother and Sister and guard their hearts and minds with Your wonderful Peace...We love You Father and ask that You give speedy and safe passage home for Trevor and Marilyn in Jesus Glorious and Victorious Name..Amen
  8. Love You young brother..In prayer
  9. Blessings Lady Kay..Thank you for this post..I think it is very easy to say love the sinner..but to truly experience it by the Holy Spirit Is such a wonderful overpowering experience...Not just words.. God bless
  10. Blessings Cletus always good to read your posts... I think the first miracle of Jesus turning water into wine was more bout symbolism....Moses who represented the 'law' .. first miraculous act was turning water into blood...representing 'death' under law...Jesus turning water into wine represented 'life' and 'celebration' under the new covenant...Thank You Jesus!! God bless
  11. Snow


    God Bless You
  12. Hi Sans Praise Jesus☺
  13. Hi Marilyn...Praise Jesus well said and the sentiment of i dare say most Christians...Our real enemy (satan) would like nothong better than Christians killing each other on this worlds battle foelds... God bless you
  14. Hi praise the Lord... Jesus Jesus JESUS!!😌
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