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  1. Praise Jesus..
  2. Hi HF Awesome stuff..The clouds Look a bit like letters..kinda like a page of words almost!? Great little place You have there..Praise Jesus.. God Bless
  3. Wow!! there is sooo much..But great exercise i guess..And Bear looks so tiny in the photo..Really puts things into perspective.. God Bless
  4. That's funny
  5. Messiah
  6. A Christian with Australian accent (me) reads Psalm 1...praise Jesus
  7. Haha just saw this very funny thanks Shelly God bless you
  8. Aaaaugh!! Crocodile!!!
  9. Hi Abby-Joy This is amazing..Praise he LORD...Looks almost like another world..kinda like a science fiction book cover...Is that the lawn You have to mow? God bless
  10. Nice day for it..Praise Jesus