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  1. Background: Feudalism has ever been a dominating authority of the society since the beginning. Poverty and deprivation from the unachievable material has always been a great hindrance in human growth. Poor people had always been and will ever be suffering from such discrimination because a poor man has to scratch only for his living such as food, clothing and house. But the presence of the worst situation is the embodiment of a good outcome. The same will be described in the below paragraphs which will depict how poverty is facing discrimination and how the good is reflecting its role to overcome this devastating scenario of the society. Introduction: We are going to reveal the secret of survival of poor families who are trying to pass the time but can never be able to flourish their desire to live freely as they wish to. Following is a real story of the survival of poor humanity which can hardly try to make both ends meet. They can only live like slaves but they can never think of being master as if it’s a sin for them. Life of a brick kiln worker Scenario 1: A Brick kiln worker can never live his/her life with his/her will. They are kept as slaves rather I should dare to say that they are imprisoned in dungeons where they can never ask for their need even. They have to accept whatever has been thrown to them in the state of destitution which is not enough even to energize them to work for the upcoming hectic day ahead. But they have no choice or the right to ask for their right. Their master (a so called feudal lord) offer them debts for their living. Once they have accepted the debt, it will be a curse for them forever and ever. It will never come to an end till their death but even its interest will continue from generation to generation. They are burdened too much against lowest wages. So they can never be able to educate their offspring because their master is never willing to grow their children’s cognitive abilities. He knows the power of education and believes that if the child of their slaves got educated he/she will be empowered to fight against them for their right. When the generation to generation is kept in darkness only for their own sake or interest like slavery and misuse of young girls and boys even, they think that this is only life they spending. They are bound in a confined space. They don’t know the beauty of the world around them. Their cognitive development/grow stops. Their slavery does not allow them to think out of the box. They think that this is the only world for them. When their cognitive development is stopped and they are kept to think only for daily living, they can never be able to think something creative or fruitful for them and the society as well. I would like to add a quotation from Aristotle to explain what I mean to say: “Full excellence can be realized by the mature male adult of the upper class, not by women or children or barbarians or salaried persons or manual workers (or mechanics) for whom Aristotle did not allow to give voting rights” Covert Story of Brick Kiln workers’ families This is covert story of a small population within the premises of brick kiln, whose owner is Allah Wasaya – a Muslim owner, located Qasuri Bhatta, Kana Kachha. The population is consisted of two mixed religion families i.e. Muslim and Christian. Following is the segregated breakup of families: The Christian families living at the site are suffering from a lot of problems which have been mentioned above. But I will give a brief touch of the current circumstances of these specific families again to understand more clearly so that something must be done for their development and cognitive growth. Most of the population is illiterate and don’t have any opportunity to advance themselves for their brighter future rather I would say they are captivated in such a poor condition that they are unable to think for their free life using the democratic right which nature has endowed them with. During a discussion with those people, it has been observed that living far from the urban area they are deprived off the basic services like medical facilities for their corporal survival, spiritual guidance for their rational development and educational institutes for their cognitive growth. There is not hospital nearby due to which sometimes the patient has to suffer fatal diseases e.g. black lung cancer even death caused by inadequate timely medical aid. Even no pastor visits at site. People arrange prayer gatherings collectively without any spiritual supervisory guidance. There is no school nearby to educate their children so that they develop their upcoming generations to get rid of this miserable life. Life of a brick kiln worker Scenario 2 D ue to conservative thinking caused by illiteracy, people neither want to educate themselves nor to their next generation. They have stereotyped ideas that that they can never be a respectable citizen of the country. When they have to earn money, there is no need of education. There was a time when Brick Kiln owners, using their authoritative approach, did not allow any worker to educate his children but now Government has taken strict action against them. And now they don’t create any hindrance in the matter. Many NGOs have also worked to upgrade such families to live a handy life. They have opened many schools at their sites for easy approach to educational institutes. Even they offer incentives for their families for educating their children but of no use. People don’t prefer education because they think that when a child is taken from their family to educate they lose one of their earning hands. Their income gets lessened. Moreover they have a fixed thinking that their children cannot get a chance to have strong footing in society even after they are educated. They say that education never pays. They can get debts/loan on interest from their lords (owner of brick kiln) for miscellaneous ceremonies which no one can offer. These are some materialistic wishes they fulfill by their masters. That’s why they never prefer education to labor. Conclusion: Keeping in view the above study of miscellaneous cases in different scenarios, I have concluded that it is a hard nut to crack to bring the people out of their conservative thinking which have been stuffed in their DNA. They had been oppressed since a long period by giving them debts/loan on interest which they return from generation to generation but it never comes to an end. So this succession of painful episodes abstains them from thinking beyond their living. They believe that they have been born to obey their masters and this exercise continues till their death. Their evolution process has stopped. A lot of work is needed to bring them out of this situation. This may take at one generation’s effort. Recommendation: To get them out of the box more work is required for their remedial cure. If they may be brought out of that environment they may change their thinking. In His services Shaleem
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