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  1. georgiamay

    Keep Mom in Prayers!

    Your mother is in my prayers. God bless
  2. georgiamay

    Prayer needed

    Hi Bevy64, You are in my prayers. May god bless you Georgia
  3. georgiamay

    Praise the Lord!

    This is excellent news John! Praise the lord!
  4. georgiamay

    Health issue.

    Hi Andrew! Welcome to Worthy! Everybody I have come across so far on this website have been incredibly sincere and caring! I am sure you will love it! Also, you will be in my prayers. God bless you
  5. georgiamay

    Hello to everyone from WA.

    Hi Andrew! Welcome to Worthy, I am glad you're here! God bless
  6. georgiamay

    Hello from Australia

    Thank you FresnoJoe!
  7. georgiamay

    my sickness

    Hi Jen, I am praying for you. I hope you recover quickly!
  8. georgiamay

    Niece might have cancer (Update from last post)

    Hi MissKaylay, I am praying for your niece. And I will keep you both in my thoughts. God bless
  9. georgiamay

    Greeting from a new member

    Welcome to Worthy Sam!
  10. georgiamay

    Physical connection before marriage

    Thank you all for your thoughts/opinions/experiences. I love learning from other people by listening to their thoughts and what they have been through! I feel like I have a pretty good understand of this topic now. Thank you and god bless you!!
  11. georgiamay

    Please pray for me

    Hi KPaulG, Thank you for checking in! Everything is going great now. I already feel so much better and closer to God. God bless
  12. georgiamay

    Please pray for me

    Thank you for your prayers everyone! From the bottom of my heart I thank you all! And thank you Shane for the verses! They will greatly help me learn!! God bless you all.
  13. Hi everyone, I am quite new here so I hope this post isn't inappropriate! I am just intrigued as to what your thoughts are on physical touch (holding hands, hugs, kissing) before marriage? I am young and am interested in your opinions/thoughts on abstaining. Do you think it is important for a young person to refrain from doing this? I hope this doesn't offend anybody. God bless Georgia
  14. georgiamay

    Post 5 but not pleading the 5th haha

    Welcome Lily! Sending you many blessings