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  1. Well, I think Pope Francis explained it best when he said: "It’s not a banana smoothie, but a transforming encounter with Jesus Christ, here and now." Then maybe you could answer the question posed in my last post. "So my question to who ever would care to answer would be.....If we choose to beleive in God rather than nothing, what are the reasons?
  2. We believe in God or we believe in nothing as the ultimate reality. Why must we believe? We dont have to believe that apples are red. We can see that. We dont have to beleive that water is made up of two parts of hydrogen and one part oxygen. We can establish that by scientific investigation. The answers to questions about Ultimate Reality can be required only by faith. For example, to be happy, we must love and be loved. However, we cannot prove scientifically that others love us. We must beleive it or go thru life without love. We will never be able to put love under a microscope, but we can see that beleiving in love is worthwhile because it enriches our lives. The emptiness of a loveless life and the joy of a loved-filled life demostrate love is real. So it is with faith in God. We cant put God under a microscope. We cant have scientific proof God exists and is the origin of the universe. On the other hand, we cant have scientific proof that nothing is behind the universe because we cant put nothing under a microscope either. We must beleive in God or in nothing. So my question to who ever would care to answer would be.....If we choose to beleive in God rather than nothing, what are the reasons? Fidelibus
  3. Yes, he does support President Trump.
  4. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I am very familiar with this story, There is a Conservative Radio host (Lars Larson) that asked some very interesting questions reguarding this topic. He asked, would a Muslim Butcher shop be required to fill an order of Pork from an non-Muslim patron? Or, would an African American Bakery be required to fill an order of a White Supremacist ordering a cake that promotes the Ku Klux Klan, with say the depiction of the Confederate flag on it? Fidelibus
  5. Asked by her captors if she knew she was in God's grace, St Joan of Arc replied,"If I am not, may it please God to put me in it; if I am, may it please God to keep me there." Grace is favor, the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to His call to become children of God, son's and daughters, partakers of the divine nature and of eternal life. Fidelibus
  6. Thank you One Light and everyone else for your warm welcome. To tell a little about myself, like you, I too am a grandparent of two grandsons, and live in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy outdoor activities such as golf,hunting,fishing, (mainly Steelhead) and friendly competitive shooting with friends. I am a former Protestant (non-Denominational) that converted to Catholicism. I have a great interest in history, mainly World War II, and the Early Church and our Early Church Fathers which was a contributing factor for my converting to the Catholic Church. (Roman Rite) I am looking forward to meeting new friends and engaging in friendly dialog. Again, thanks again to all for your welcome. Have a Blessed Ash Wednesday and Lenten season. Fidelibus
  7. Hello again everyone, being new to this site, can anyone recommend where would be a good place to start posting. Fidelibus
  8. Hello All! I am new to this site and hoping to meet some new people, and having friendly discussions. Fidelibus