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  1. teacher alters the declaration of independence

    While A historical document should not be changed, doesn't man or man kind refer to all humans anyway?
  2. Extremely difficult to reconcile this with the actions of the man responsible for Islam. I know you'll say times were different. So you disregard muhammads teachings?
  3. Same on flat earth as on global earth, south would be away from north.
  4. But if you study the theory, it shows that the compass would continually point to the north pole as you slowly made a large circular path. I've tried to plow a straight line across a large field (before gps), and if you can locate a reference point, it helps. What if the field is completely flat, with no tree in the distance to use as a reference point? I look back, and it was not a straight line that I plowed! What if you get to your reference point, and have to continue on past this point, well you pick another reference point, and it may not be as straight as you thought. Then you get to the woods, I can again attest that you can not walk a straight line in the woods. Or walk around a swamp or river or lake? How do you know you are continuing your straight line once you get across?
  5. NO you DON'T understand!

    Well, I've had people say they understand to me, and while I know they have never been in my shoes, my only thought or feeling was that they were expressing they had some level of caring, so I didn't find it arrogant or insulting. Is everyones hurt so special that they think nobody else has ever hurt as bad as they have? I'm quite confused as to why some are insulted when someone else takes the time and effort to at least show some level of compassion, instead of completely avoiding you because they didn't know what else to say. We all make some level of effort, why judge and condemn that effort to say we care? The result of this would be that nobody would express any level of caring for fear of offending each other, and then everyone would end up as loners instead of just some of us. Kind of sounds like an attack made by the enemy, doesn't it? He wants to divide and separate, and stop people from caring about each other. Stomp on his head, punish the enemy and show you care to more people, even at the risk of saying something they won't appreciate, hold out you hand, offer kind words, don't give in to the enemy and accept defeat, God changes our hearts, we do care, we will speak out and make the effort to understand that other people hurt, and offer whatever words we can muster to say we understand, even if its only in a very small part of understanding, that others hurt, so yeah, maybe you'll never understand how hurt I have been, but just to acknowledge that you understand I hurt is enough, and is definitely more than doing or saying nothing, I will choose to not be offended, and accept any portion of understanding you may or may not have. Who am I to judge whether you understand or not? Even so, why would I want to judge that? You offer words of the fact that you care, that is scriptural. Continue on. Labor on. Do not cease because the enemy attacks, but be ever more outspoken about caring.
  6. While I disagree with you on the shape of the earth, I admire how you relentlessly point out that what I believe or don't believe has no bearing on the truth. The truth is not determined by someone lobbing out an insanity or duh response. This is nice, as you make me think of things differently. I do take issue with a few of your "proofs", and hope to address one you directed at me several pages ago, just not sure how to respond quite yet.
  7. That was too easy, wasn't it? Still, how do you determine that these are literal pillars, instead of describing that God has set the global earth in its place and He maintains everything?
  8. The problem lies in how do you keep walking due east and maintain that you are indeed walking a straight line, and not a circular pattern that the flat earth theorists purport?
  9. Dear Fatima, many times I have said things in my limited understanding that have hurt others unintentionally. Probably at times I am guilty of even intentionally hurting others. Therefore, we must forgive and even overlook harsh words of others at times. While God is Holy, I don't believe He takes any pleasure in anyone separated from Him. That is why He made a way for all to be forgiven. I do hope you will continue to converse with us. You can also block any individuals you do not want to hear from. Bless you,
  10. I'm sorry someone said that too you, it was not me but I grieve to see that written.
  11. It is not how I feel or most all christians that I know feel. I believe God cares about each and every one of us, for He does not desire that any be lost.
  12. Pre-Tribulation Proofs

    Please, you have been round and round this subject with omega. It's your opinion. Not fact. Easy to say- my opinion is . . .
  13. Pre-Tribulation Proofs

    I apologize for stating something you took to be mocking. I don't know what I said to mick? i have watched many here far more intelligent than I debate these scriptures and fail to definitively prove one thing Or another. I will work on an answer since you think this verse is important. If you can prove something I will face it, but little children, love one another!
  14. Pre-Tribulation Proofs

    Yes! Exactly my point! The Word does not say any rapture will occur before the tribulation.
  15. Pre-Tribulation Proofs

    So what is wrong with just stating your opinion as an opinion and not making it sound like people who disagree with you are less than for not being able to read literally like you claim you do? It is condescension. Your opinion may be right. If you need to state it's a fact than you need to prove it. Preferably without condescension