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  1. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Not at all. He did receive the eval.
  2. Again, that is not a biblical argument, just a “what if” statement intended to be inflammatory. Leading to the conclusion that prayer is somehow useless.
  3. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Sounds like an average American.
  4. Under threat of name calling is not a biblical argument. I would classify prayer as the most effective, maybe even the most courageous fight a man could wage.
  5. Much of that link seemed steeped in what I can do. My deliberate consciousness toward God. Important to struggle against the self, less of me, more of Christ, yes. I wonder if it does any good to pursue that struggle, until one first realizes, hears, and surrenders all to the recognition of God literally does all the persuing of us? None of it is attained by our efforts.
  6. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    I guess the guy who evaluated trump face to face is of no importance.
  7. Hey, maybe somebody talked to God because of this!
  8. what would u say here?

    Or one might become a silent monk.
  9. what would u say here?

    If one is to judge and refrain from all impurity, one might never have the opportunity to influence others. All have sinned, and if you look at the sin, you’ll miss the person who needs to know God, and that He cares. All this judging others is a form of self righteousness, which actually does not even exist. You are no better than the next sinner.
  10. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Exactly. It’s usually not even the issues, but the remarks are derogatory of a person.
  11. Christian views on Trump

    Yes! Of course, we are all liars. We have all murdered with our words, all have spoken our minds out of anger, why give anyone a second chance?? Why forgive, trust, or even watch what trump accomplishes behind his rough remarks? Many prefer to hear smooth talkers lead us to ruin, over brash leaders talking common sense.
  12. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Trump was elected. No eval needed. If Americans want to walk further away from God as it did under obama, then Americans will vote in another Obama clone next time. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about mental fitness of those walking contrary to God’s laws?
  13. White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Trump passed with flying colors. Time to get a second opinion. Wow.
  14. Christian views on Trump

    Trump simply brought up the issue, which I noticed some ten years ago. Many employees were told they could not say merry Christmas anymore while working. I noticed the difference, checking out it became rare to hear those two words. The holiday cheerfulness seemed to disappear from those working. Trump emphasized that America does have the right to be Christian and speak about it. There have even been news stories that customers could not purchase ham because the checkout person could not touch it to ring it up, against their beliefs. Slowly, people are feeling they don’t have the right to offend others by simply doing these little things, little things that have always been part of America.