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  1. Baptism of man is of no use, and no "certain act" can withhold one from Christ! Grace is a free gift, to each believer, with no church or man being able to pass this gift from God to anyone.
  2. I'm with you on this Oo, I think it is a very good idea to figure out why we believe what we have been taught, and how it being printed in a textbook does not equal proof. Also, laughing at someone does not prove they are wrong.
  3. (Romans 5:12) "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:" So, we have no death before Adam, and scripture provides Jesus genealogy back to Adam, how is YEC so ludicrous? Also, as all modern "scientific" methods used to date the earth have been proven to be, at best, unreliable, how do you have more faith in fallen man's science, than the actual Word of God? Science proves, then later this proven science is corrected on an ongoing basis to account for what it didn't take into account at the time. The Word of God is eternal, never changing.
  4. Friend, Matthew chapter 6 seems to disagree with you. You have a choice. Go with your "experience", or what you have seen, or trust God at his Word, which has been written down for us. Though He may slay us, the heart of the matter is your heart, and my heart, Satan wants us to look at this worldly material gain, to pry us away from that which is greater. Settle for Satan's offering, or trust God has something better, far greater than what you see as "winning". What you describe as winning, I can only see as settling for something inferior. Do you want to settle?
  5. What if, in all our knowledge, intellect and wisdom we believe we have, we judge God falsely and don't understand what true blessing is? You want what, more material "blessings"? What if God has blessed you more above all those you rail against, yet your too blind to see it? Who are we to judge God, who gives rain to all: Matthew 5:45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Why go to the Father for temporary things, when He offers eternal things, Himself? Do you want the temporal crumbs alone? is that winning? God's perspective is so much greater than ours.
  6. How do you equate prophets with pastors? While it is nice to say things that make one feel good, the Truth can only come from scripture, not what we reason God should do. Many successful people have nothing to do with God.
  7. Hey Onelight, if this pertains to me thats ok, as I recognize I have not read through the whole thread. I usually do before commenting but I've fallen behind on reading lately lol. Sorry!
  8. And when and who ever stopped women from spreading the good news?
  9. While we know that God never changes, our feelings and even our circumstances will. When I am lost, or God seems silent, I am reminded of the passage where it says David encouraged himself in the Lord.
  10. I am not churchmouse, yet I wonder if it occurred to you, your post on the workers of the harvest, seems to be just that? As workers of the harvest have nothing to do with headship.
  11. As for workers of the harvest, they be male and female, sure, yet I am not sure that throws out the headship argument. These are two separate issues.
  12. The grass is always greener on the other side, only thing is, its not, and nobody believes it until they get over there and see it for themselves. Wisdom does cry out from every street corner, and chasing all that is temporary leaves one empty, and dead inside. Let the living Word of God show you the meaning of your life, and refuse to listen to the lies of the world. The kingdom of God is at hand, at your very hand, yet you continue to dream about being an earthly winner, wanting only someone to tickle your ears with words you have predetermined are the only ones you will listen to. Listen to Truth, the lies you seek will devour you. As always I pray for you, God bless
  13. a bible study

    I don't have scripture to contribute, but I found this extremely interesting. The point about being asked if your a christian was met with hostility. How can fruit of the Spirit be hostile to that question? Now, there is more than one way to ask if your a christian, such as the accuser implying that you can't be one, but it is usually easy to tell if it is accusing or genuine caring. So I guess I could react with hostility if someone were too treat me as if Christ could not forgive me. As Willa brought up, as a "bondservant of the Lord Jesus Christ", I should, however, crucify that hostile spirit in me, though I have some, I have more to go. It does still hurt to be accused.
  14. In addition to Shiloh's contributing post that I have never seen rebutted, I literally read 7 days of creation, followed by genealogy all the way to Jesus. Which puzzles me how you would say "the most literal interpretation", when its not literal at all, its adding what is not there? And then again there is the fact that God did not build upon death, as Enoob pointed out.
  15. why

    Yes, hurtful in a way I could never understand, therefore we must be ever more considerate of those who are sensitive, and while the church I attend is carefully considerate of those who are hurting on days like today, I'd imagine some never give it a second thought. I've seen how many times I've been wrong because I lacked understanding, then when I hear their story i can understand its more than just being "sad".