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  1. Do you think Jesus was teaching them about the rapture. Look at the questions they asked him?
  2. The Light is very confusing. I know it’s late here and I’m tired but his last post to me “use your logic Mr Spock” seemed pretty incoherent. Maybe I’m just tired........ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. You still didn’t show me 7years =tribulation. you did show me 3.5 years is wrath and I guess you infer the first 3.5 years is tribulation. Either way, you only show 3.5 years of tribulation. By the way, I agree with you God’s people don’t experience his wrath but have been experiencing tribulation for 2000 years since Christ left the house.
  4. Don’t drive and text at the same time. Remember.....HANDS FREE BROTHER!
  5. I agree with M. When she said Jesus does not have a body of flesh, although you both agreed his body is now immortal and incorruptible (glorified). “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.”
  6. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet (still analyzing and pondering) as to the timing of the trumpet judgments. Presently I believe 1-4 is in first half; 5-7 in second half. Not sure though....wondering if all 7 follow the AOD.
  7. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet (still analyzing and pondering) as to the timing of the trumpet judgments. Presently I believe 1-4 is in first half; 5-7 in second half. Not sure though....wondering if all 7 follow the AOD.
  8. Well, how come Rev only talks about 3.5 years of trouble and not 7? And, do you really believe Israel will be in much tribulation the first 3.5 after the peace treaty that allows for them to rebuild their temple and resume sacrices?
  9. I don’t know if this is pertinent to what you asked Saved, but I did find this when researching about this bird fossil that was found.... The Archaeopteryx fossil was herald by evolutionists as a significant transitional missing link. The fossil was discovered in a limestone quarry in southern Germany in 1861 and has been debated ever since. The dinosaur creature appears to be a reptile with bird characteristics of wings and feathers. It had the skeleton of a small dinosaur with a tail, fingers with claws on the leading edge of the wing, and teeth in the jaws. The owners of the property discovered six fossils of which only two had feathers. This inconsistency smells of fraud from the beginning. Upon close examination the feathers appear to be identical to modern chicken feathers. The Archaeopteryx (ar key op ter icks) fossils with feathers have now been declared forgeries by scientists. "Allegedly, thin layers of cement were spread on two fossils of a chicken-size dinosaur, called Compsognathus. Bird feathers were then imprinted into the wet cement" according to Dr. Walt Brown. This example would not have proven evolution even if the feathers had not been forgeries. Finding a few species with characteristics similar to two other species does not prove a link. There should be millions or billions of transitional links if evolution were true, not simply a few. Again, i apologize if this information is not relevant to the discussion or if it is not even accurate. I don’t know if scientists actually do now consider this evidence to be a sham just because it is reported in this article. I do know it has nothing to do with warm or cold blooded.......
  10. I’m perplexed, so I’d appreciate any word of knowledge here (scientific knowledge of course). If the dinosaurs lived on Earth between 200-65 million years ago, why are most of the alleged fossil bones found very near the surface of the earth? I mean, we usually have to dig pretty far down to get oil, right? And oil comes from dead plants and animals, right? So, if these dead plants and animals are very far down under the earth’s surface, why are all these alleged dinosaur bones from 200-65 million years ago so close to the surface and why aren’t they way down there as well? Thanks, spock
  11. Is the tribulation 3.5 years or 7 years? Show me through scripture. The book of Revelation I do not believe says the Trib is 7 years.
  12. Greetings my brother RH, I have a question for you. Do you believe Jesus was giving his disciples a lesson about the rapture in the Olivet Discourse (Matt 24-25)? They asked him two questions (some believe three) , was one of them about when the rapture will be? If you answer yes to any of those questions, has Jesus ever taught the rapture to them before this? If so, would you mind sharing the book, chapter, and verse because I must have missed it. Thanks, spock
  13. Pretty cool stories. The first one made me chuckle.... a man getting saved in his final year at Seminary college. I guess he was just going through the motions (probably happens a lot) until BAM! .....a let there be light moment ......I’m glad for him.
  14. Up until I read that book I never even imagined Christ could possibly return to earth in my lifetime. It boggles my mind to even try to imagine a world here on earth where even the animals could be at peace with mankind. And of course I will finally be cured of my fear of snakes. Yikes!
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