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  1. Ahhhh come on Hawkeye. When a woman is wearing a low cut top with 50% exposure, or a short skirt way above the knees, that is just too much skin being exposed for the average man. You know men are visual! We usually don't lust when everything is covered up. My proof- a study was done somewhere showing 98% of all men don't lust after Islamic women wearing full length burkas. So do us a favor, especially at church and dress NOT to kill! Thank you. Men who just want to worship thank u 2!
  2. Oh, okay. That's all! Btw, this has been a fun thread. I love talking about the softer and more beautiful of Gods creation.
  3. Five hours plus one day. I posted that yesterday.
  4. Thanks. You would love my brother. Cheers
  5. Wayne, whenever in doubt, go back to the most basic evangelistic verse world known - John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life." It is very clear who you are believing on.......J-E-S-U-S! He is the one who died on that cross, not the Father and not the HS. It was Jesus who gave his blood for you to pay the penalty for your sins. Not the Father and not the HS. Quiz in the morning.
  6. Kay, But Sometimes it is THAT obvious.
  7. I'm going to chime in on this one because I hear you brother. When I go visiting my daughter's church (es) I'm sometimes taken back by the dress of some of these young ladies- in church! You make a valid point. A man goes there to worship God and he has to battle satan tempting his thought life because some young gal is scantly clothed. My daughter tells me there is great competition to win a man over so women do what they feel they have to do to show off their ....shall we say, assets. Even in church! If I can toot my wife's horn again, that is what really impressed me about her. She has never wanted to show off what she has, even when she was single and a free agent.
  8. Glad we got on the same page, thanks for your response. I enjoyed reading it. Perfection.....reminds me of something my wife and I said for many years. Jesus never married and had kids because he had to be perfect! This subject (homosexuality) reminds me of an open wound that still hasn't healed yet. My two neighbors are gay yet go to church every Sunday and are even in the church choir. This is a church that obviously does not condemn the behavior. My wife and I love these guys and are glad to have them as neighbors, but we both looked at each other and said, "Which one of us is going to challenge them about their lifestyle being pleasing to God?" My wife said that ain't her job, so it was up to me if I felt so led. Well, guess what? They ended up moving and neither of us ever challenged them. I kept using the excuse, "Who am I to be pointing out someone else's faults when I have my own to deal with?" I hope I didn't let the Lord down. I just didnt believe I had a close enough relationship to go there. Anyhow, Cheers, spock
  9. I don't think we are on the same page here. Here was my previous post: "You missed my point brother. Sure, Jesus paid for our sins, but the behavior is still wrong in Gods sight, and every person who names the name of Christ should flee from such behavior. "Flee immorality..." Back to Spock: Notice the words every person who NAMES THE NAME OF CHRIST means they are a so called Christian. They have heard the Gospel, the good news, and they believe it in. That is what theologians call justification. The Great Commission is spreading the good news that Jesus died for your sins if you receive this gift by faith and repent of your sins. But now we move to the sanctification stage.... Time to clean up your act, repent of sin, and flee the lusts of the flesh. Homosexuality, like stealing, or adultery is wrong and should be rejected. So, maybe I'm missing your point. Of course, every sinner is welcomed by Jesus, but always remember, It is a behavior that should be rejected in the church. The world will do what it wants to do and there is nothing we can do about that. So, what point are you making so we are clear here. It sounds like we are not. When I mentioned what Torah said about homosexuality it was to show how serious God is about this sin that he would even want the guilty party stoned. Of course Jesus died for that sin too, but God still hates the behavior. Do,we agree with that? It is true, he did not say kill those who don't follow my teaching, but he did say REPENT AND SIN NO MORE!
  10. You missed my point brother. Sure, Jesus paid for our sins, but the behavior is still wrong in Gods sight, and every person who names the name of Christ should flee from such behavior. "Flee immorality..." Agree?
  11. Not just any pastor, davida. A SOUTHERN BAPTIST's pastor's wife. (Wink)
  12. Wow davida! Such passion. Me like! Especially these words, "our Lord who is our battle axe will smash any demonic stronghold.....". Go Lord! Just do it! Amen
  13. Great words brother. Thanks for sharing. One point you made is really golden. Much of the world outside of America is very very different. In many cultures, not surprisingly, it is the women who are rising up higher and heeding the call. But don't forget, the women flocked around Jesus during his ministry, so things hasn't changed much. Go girls!
  14. My brother and I had an interesting discussion. (I wonder why Judas didn't want to chime in on his thoughts about the Fatimas apparitions.) Anyhow, my bro absolutely buys into whatever Pope says or some photoshopped photo is selling. He said it makes perfect sense for mother Mary, the great intercessor, (I thought Jesus was that) showing herself all over the world to give hope to the weary of heart (I thought Jesus does that). I told my brother he seriously needs to see a shrink for being so gullible and believing all this horse-dung. I then told him if there was anything at all related to an apparition, it has nothing to do with Mary and more to do with Satan. Needless to say, he is pretty mad at me today. (Maybe that is why Judas didn't want to answer this question....he knew what my response was going to be, and probably Shiloh, yowm, matrix, warrior12, davida, and a host of others.) Anyhow, I forgot to mention for inquiring minds, I did not give my $20 or even $10 for some priest to say a prayer for my dead parents. A shaking my head spock (I may get my wrists slapped for this post)
  15. Thank you for sharing this, Eha. I assume you don't want us to know what country you are from, but I have to be honest, I really enjoy seeing where everybody is from- be it a different state or country. And I really get excited when I see I'm fellowshipping with people other than Americans. Don't get me wrong, I love my country and the people in it, but when I see I'm communicating with an Aussie for example, big smile goes up. Soooooooooooo, if ever you feel led to share your country, I'm all ears. If not, that's cool too. Cheers from southern USA, spock