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  1. Okay, now that I know this detail (child not born), before I became a teacher, I was a lawyer, so,I’m also going to give you some perspective from a lawyer’s point of view. The greatest joy and fulfillment I had being a lawyer were the times clients came to me wanting to adopt a child. I was able to assist many families adopt biracial babies from California through this agency I worked with. In addition, I was able to assist some families adopt locally without having to reach out to California. In every case, the joy of the adopting parents, who were unable to have children of their own, was something to behold. For years many of them would drop me a line with a photo and show me the result of my work through the courts. Very satisfying for all parties involved. I can’t speak for the gals who gave up their child, but I’m sure many of them did it for the same reasons you are contemplating....the welfare of the child and to give the baby what they perceive to be a better chance to succeed in life. They really were not prepared for this responsibility. In addition, my BEST FRIENDS, were unable to conceive and adopted and to see the joy that baby has brought them these past 30 years.....just priceless. Adoption is a good thing and often the best course for all parties. If there were no adoptions, do you think God just doesn’t want these desperate couples to just be just.....childless for life? So let’s look at this through all perspectives: adopting family......totally grateful ( it’s not their fault they can’t have their own). So enthusiastic to be parents. Both prepared and hopeful to be able to be parents. biological mom....selfless by not aborting the baby and by also putting baby’s need first, especially believing she is not able to meet this need on her own ....and that honestly, this was not planned properly. Someday down the road, you may be in a better position to be a responsible parent and will be given this opportunity that you will be much better prepared for. baby.....to be in a home where there is stability and love and yes, financial freedom is a good thing. This baby will only know he is loved ...... There is a lot to think about sweetie, but I applaud you for putting the baby’s needs first, and not your own. I also am praying that you seek out other people who possess specific wisdom for these matters like people who Ayin jade mentioned (Crisis Pregnancy Center), and that God would give you wisdom to think this all out and to have His peace no matter what you decide.
  2. I agree with what Willa said. God looks at the HEART so if your heart is truly in the right place (welfare of your child) and you are being honest with yourself that you are really doing this for the child and not because the child is an inconvenience, then I don’t see why God would be mad? But, I really don’t have all the facts and shouldn’t be speaking for Him. BUT...... there are so many government programs, Federal and County. Welfare being most obvious will help assist single women to help pay for normal household expenses and include child care, food (food stamps), your education, and just help you live. Of course, there are churches out there who also budget for needy people....that may be another resource. This is about the best I could do with such limited knowledge of your situation.
  3. You never cease to amaze me with your powerful thoughts put on paper for us to read! I am glad you are drawing closer to God through your pain, but when I finish writing my thought I’m getting on my knees for you.......🙏🏻 Love you bunches, spock
  4. For you were lost, but now, is found! Welcome back young one. What you wrote took a lot of courage and humility. I’m sure Father God is very pleased seeing this.....
  5. Thank you, thank you very much! (Said in my Elvis voice) im here to wash my brothers’ and sisters’ feet too....just like Messish did!
  6. Immediate thought to reading this.....I doubt you would ever here that Proverbs you cited above here referenced in many of today’s health, WEALTH, and prosperity churches. (Sorry about that.....every so often I just say What is immediately on my mind without measuring my words.)
  7. You mention the “strong delusion” that awaits the earth dwellers.....I have been looking at this long and hard for many years.....it still don’t feel any wiser for it. Lol My current thinking is that it is tied to the revealing of the antichrist a few verses above the part where God brings this delusion, so I’m thinking it has something to do with God “Helping” these earth dwellers to believe in whatever verbiage the AC is spouting off to promote his authority. I know many watchers today believe this delusion will be tied to aliens, so perhaps that is the message the AC is using for the disappearance of the believers. “Aliens did it!” Just thinking out loud....
  8. Awesome! Glad to hear, especially the part of the jail ministry. My wife was born in Louisville so we have visited several times and I used to visit relatives in Lexington when much younger, but those are two bigger cities, not small towns. That is my knowledge of KY. Just so I am clear on what you said, you believe the scripture teaches unredeemed man (save the evil trinity) are not tortured forever in hell , but their life (soul) has an ending point. Is that correct? By the way, I see this strongly supported in the word too.
  9. I’m like you....love beautiful rain.....as long as I’m not scheduled to go golfing or play tennis at that time. Sorry for being selfish here but I really look forward to my exercise time too.
  10. Of course the messages were to those specific churches, but we all know, to have any real relevance one would have to go much much deeper to see the complete significance. Each of those 7 churches represent ALL churches of all time and I believe God threw us a bonus....they each primarily represent a period of time chronologically...beginning with Ephesus being the church immediately after the resurrection and ending with Laodicea, the last church, “primarily” representing the present age. As a side note, many scholars believe this represents the time frame from about 1750-1900 where many great revivals took place led by Moody, Finney, Wesley, and Whitefield, and William Carey (India, China, etc). And guess what else happened during this time frame? America gained its Independence from Great Britain. Interesting, don’t you think? For those interested, many scholars believe the RCC church is clearly shown in the Church of Thyatira, and that that period pretty much covers the Dark Ages, 606-1520. All kinds of horrible atrocities were in that period as you probably know...Crusades and Inquisitions just to name a few. But of course, the RCC really got started with Constantine in 312. The Church of Pergamos probably covers a period of 312-606. Disclaimer: None of these time periods are etched in stone, but are merely guidelines for your consideration. Now that shows me (again) how awesome our God is to make the message to those 7 churches so real to every believer of all time and all places.
  11. Great thread....thank you for posting this my Sister.,
  12. I’m sorry to say brother, this is not one of your better posts. You can be assured ALL churches were covered in Rev 2/3. Otherwise the messages would be INCOMPLETE. Our God is much wiser than that.....you know!
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