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  1. I browse to see if someone is saying something I haven’t heard and it makes a lot of sense. But for now, I feel pretty confident I have the timing of the rapture figured out: Either.... Door A: before the 70th week begins (pre Trib) or Door B: before the abomination of desolation (mid Trib) i will know which one is right when I either see the covenant being confirmed (mid Trib is right) or I see Jesus in the clouds first (pre Trib is right)
  2. Short Answer.....Yes I think even David struggled with such (if I’m reading the Psalms correctly). The bottom line to me is we all still have the stinking flesh to deal with and of course we still have a formidable enemy who is very proactive at trying to make our lives miserable. That is why Jesus taught us to pray, “Lead us not into temptation and protect us from the evil one....” Disclaimer: I know David came before Christ So is technically not a Christian.
  3. The main prewrath rapture timeline has the 6th seal somewhere about 5-6 years into the 70th week. They show the trumpets and bowls in the last 1.5 years. I find this very hard to believe as being accurate. It is certainly debatable as to when God’s wrath begins. It depends on what grammar experts you think is right. Does it begin after 6th seal or does it begin BEFORE 1st seal. I’ve read both sides of this debate regarding how to interpret Rev 6:17....”The great day of their wrath has come....” i completely disagree and find it comical as to how anyone could believe the trumpets are not God’s wrath. Are you kidding me?
  4. By the way, the pre Trib view is ALSO pre wrath. (Rapture before God’s wrath) And Daniel does not say a PEACE TREATY is signed. It says a COVENANT IS BEING CONFIRMED. Very well could be two different things.
  5. I have to agree with brother Doug here and disagree with Andy Woods. The latter believes chapter 8 is about Antiochus E but I don’t see it. “Understand, O son of man, that the vision is for the time of the end.” That seems pretty clear to me...and it was said twice by Gabriel....for a reason. I have a lot of respect for Andy Woods, but I believe this one he got wrong. Doug got it right. This is all about the antichrist and he is from the Seleucus kingdom (north). . No doubt....
  6. Yeah, on the surface, what you said actually makes sense.....I’m still looking into it. What made me question whether the accepted timeline is correct is to me, it doesn’t seem “logical” to put 21 judgments all consecutive in a 7 year period. This made me wonder how the first 3 years could be a time of peace if the 4 horsemen are released immediately after Covenant and rebuilding of temple. Maybe the 1/4 earth doesn’t affect Israel. Not sure.....
  7. 80, You asked, 1. Would God me mad at me if I gave up my baby? I think you’ve gotten plenty of feedback on that one.....but there are always two sides to every coin...so the other side of the coin should not be ignored either...... 2. Would God me mad at me if I didn’t properly take care of this “gift” He gave me? While you are deliberating question one, don’t forget question two. I believe that question needs to be pondered, discussed, and answered just as much. Still praying....... spock
  8. Nice thread starter dh. Looking forward to some stimulating dialogue. Key phrase: “And when he comes he must come for a short space....” This is talking about the 7th king/kingdom. Does this mean his rule is for a short time period? (Short space) I think so. I was thinking the 7th kingdom would be the 10 toes....it says they will be given power for a short time as well. I’m thinking the 10 toes will have power during the first half of Daniels week. And guess what king will be ruling over the 10 toes? The first Beast from the Sea of Rev 13.....we know him as the antichrist. And then in the middle of the week after satan and his angels are kicked out of Heaven by Michael and his friends, there will be an assassination attempt leaving the First Beast mortally wounded..... But before he dies...... Satan now enters the wounded First Beast from the Sea of Rev 13 ( antichrist), this becomes the 8th kingdom, which will rule the second 3.5 years. Thus, the 8th is of the 7th! (Same 10 toes, just a new king ruling over them.....satan )! How did I do? Spock
  9. Wow.....pretty “honest” stuff here 80, BUT...... if I may add, just because your past relationships haven’t e a toy worked out, it doesn’t mean this dooms your future ones. ESPECIALLY with God involved in your life. May I suggest that you Read the book of Ruth for starters. Cheers, spock
  10. Okay, now that I know this detail (child not born), before I became a teacher, I was a lawyer, so,I’m also going to give you some perspective from a lawyer’s point of view. The greatest joy and fulfillment I had being a lawyer were the times clients came to me wanting to adopt a child. I was able to assist many families adopt biracial babies from California through this agency I worked with. In addition, I was able to assist some families adopt locally without having to reach out to California. In every case, the joy of the adopting parents, who were unable to have children of their own, was something to behold. For years many of them would drop me a line with a photo and show me the result of my work through the courts. Very satisfying for all parties involved. I can’t speak for the gals who gave up their child, but I’m sure many of them did it for the same reasons you are contemplating....the welfare of the child and to give the baby what they perceive to be a better chance to succeed in life. They really were not prepared for this responsibility. In addition, my BEST FRIENDS, were unable to conceive and adopted and to see the joy that baby has brought them these past 30 years.....just priceless. Adoption is a good thing and often the best course for all parties. If there were no adoptions, do you think God just doesn’t want these desperate couples to just be just.....childless for life? So let’s look at this through all perspectives: adopting family......totally grateful ( it’s not their fault they can’t have their own). So enthusiastic to be parents. Both prepared and hopeful to be able to be parents. biological mom....selfless by not aborting the baby and by also putting baby’s need first, especially believing she is not able to meet this need on her own ....and that honestly, this was not planned properly. Someday down the road, you may be in a better position to be a responsible parent and will be given this opportunity that you will be much better prepared for. baby.....to be in a home where there is stability and love and yes, financial freedom is a good thing. This baby will only know he is loved ...... There is a lot to think about sweetie, but I applaud you for putting the baby’s needs first, and not your own. I also am praying that you seek out other people who possess specific wisdom for these matters like people who Ayin jade mentioned (Crisis Pregnancy Center), and that God would give you wisdom to think this all out and to have His peace no matter what you decide.
  11. I agree with what Willa said. God looks at the HEART so if your heart is truly in the right place (welfare of your child) and you are being honest with yourself that you are really doing this for the child and not because the child is an inconvenience, then I don’t see why God would be mad? But, I really don’t have all the facts and shouldn’t be speaking for Him. BUT...... there are so many government programs, Federal and County. Welfare being most obvious will help assist single women to help pay for normal household expenses and include child care, food (food stamps), your education, and just help you live. Of course, there are churches out there who also budget for needy people....that may be another resource. This is about the best I could do with such limited knowledge of your situation.
  12. You never cease to amaze me with your powerful thoughts put on paper for us to read! I am glad you are drawing closer to God through your pain, but when I finish writing my thought I’m getting on my knees for you.......🙏🏻 Love you bunches, spock
  13. For you were lost, but now, is found! Welcome back young one. What you wrote took a lot of courage and humility. I’m sure Father God is very pleased seeing this.....
  14. Thank you, thank you very much! (Said in my Elvis voice) im here to wash my brothers’ and sisters’ feet too....just like Messish did!
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