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  1. Cady

    What Will We Look Like In Heaven?

    I never even questioned if I would look different. God made us the way we are so we should be just the way he wanted us.
  2. Cady

    I'm New and am a little confused...

    Welcome Brianna! Just reply to a couple of the people here and you should have your 3 posts. That's just to basically show you are a real person and not a bot. The more you get involved the faster those prerequisites will go away.
  3. Cady

    Any Weird Tastes?

    Chocolate is comfort food and yes, it can make almost anything taste better. Wish I had some right now. It might even aid recovery from nightmares.
  4. Cady

    Any Weird Tastes?

    I am very happy to see you post here. I am really hoping we can gain enough teens to make the Youth Lounge flourish again. Cady
  5. Cady

    Any Weird Tastes?

    Is there fish on the pizza too?
  6. Cady

    Any Weird Tastes?

    I know the posts here are old but there are no more current ones and the idea is to try to revive the Youth Lounge and get it active again. There seem to be only a few teens here. Cady
  7. Cady

    Any Weird Tastes?

    fried peanut butter and banana sandwich with marshmallow creme
  8. Cady

    Is This Forum Still Active?

    Hello Eragon My name is Cady and I am new here too. I just joined on August 24 so I missed your post by 4 days and it took until today to gain access to the Youth Lounge to answer it. I would also like very much to revive this place. The teens here are few but I think we can turn this place around and make it thrive. I intend to do my part to make this happen. I do hope you come back and see that you are not alone here. Let's make this place active again! I hope the rest of you all return again too. It has months since the rest of you posted but I still have hope you will return too. Cady