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  1. Thanks, Frances... My dear sister in the Lord to ask for prayers during my grieving process... Nevertheless, I still miss my mother and sometimes I feel lost in life without a purpose... After, being a caregiver for over 14 years... it is understandable? I also want to thank... all my brothers and sisters in the Lord who have prayed for me! I am surprised by all your love for me... Because, I always felt rejected in life by others...Etc! Nevertheless, our Lord and Savior, Jesus-Christ was with me... Praise the Lord! I prayed and the Holy Spirit in me... told me to be a more active user on Worthy Christian Forums on my spare time and help my brothers and sisters in the Lord and even (non-believers) with my (somewhat) knowledge of the Word of God... My way to give back toward our Heavenly Father... Amen! I have a lots of things to say and the Holy Spirit in me gave me the courage and awakening to write down articles on WCF pushing the limits concerning everything in life and about our several point of views concerning the Word of God... Amen! See yah around... my brother's and sister's in the Lord... God Bless! 😇
  2. Hi Everyone, I prayed many hours on this topic towards our Heavenly Father and I was inspired by the Holy Spirit in me to reduce my digital imprint on the Internet! So many stories in the news about the many failures of security on diverse social networks certainly helped with my decision too! In short, this will be my last testimony and post on Worthy Christian Forums. So, let’s not begin (on the contrary) …finish this one! I am pretty sure that some of you are shocked by my decision and many of my family members, friends and co-workers too! Some were insulted with my decision… well, if they cannot call me on the old landlines or send me a e-mail instead of using any communication apps… they are not really my friends or loving family members! So, I deleted most of my accounts on the Internet… Only remaining is an (unnamed) account for my mobile device and here on Worthy Christian Forums! That’s enough for me... LOL! I am beginning to have regrets of reconnecting to the Internet after being off the web for 20 years… not kidding! Nothing but rejection, bullying and intimation on diverse social networks… etc! I could have avoided all those problems in my life without the Internet! Well, this stops here and now… I am even detoxing myself from the addiction of my mobile device. Always on it… even since I purchased it and really only living in the virtual world instead of the real world… Basically, we are losing our humanity… when, we are trying to save the planet… How ironic! To be (brutally) honest, this is a truly blessed Christian website! Nevertheless, the whole thing is not secure or private… Maybe, there are no ads… Nevertheless, there are no options in our profile to put private settings on diverse areas on this website/forum like any other social networks! Any visitor of Worthy Christian Forums can see our profile and even share with strangers all our content anywhere on the Internet… a little bit disturbing! This website should have the options to purchase a (premium subscription) with private settings on our profile... etc! Even add a vetting process to avoid… unwanted troublemakers with a signed statement based on the five fundamentals of the Christian Faith! Here they are… The virgin birth. The deity of Christ. The blood atonement of Christ upon the Cross. The bodily resurrection. The second coming. To me… if, someone does not believe in these five fundamentals of Christianity… In short, may Almighty God forgive all their sins… enough said! Regardless, I will remain an active user only on Worthy Chat! It is (somewhat) the only private and secure section on here…sadly! I will show-up from time to time and chat with my closest friends and acquaintances… if, I don't get banned from writing my last (brutally) honest testimony about the Internet and Worthy Christian Forums! By the time... this last testimony will be posted. My profile will be re-edited and most of my recent content on Worthy Christian Forums will be too… for security purposes! Your brother in Christ, PATMEN
  3. Very true... my dear brother in the Lord... God Bless! *Now, my state of mind has changed and my Faith in the Lord is stronger than ever... Amen! That is why I have removed this post... It is not me anymore... Praise the Lord!
  4. Thanks, my sister in the Lord for your kind words... Amen! I appreciate all your positive feedback... etc! I didn't realize that I was so loved by some of my brothers and sisters in the Lord on this truly blessed Christian Website on the Internet... Praise the Lord!
  5. Thanks, R.Hartono and welcome to Worthy... See you soon on Worthy Chat... God Bless!
  6. Thanks... the Holy Spirit certainly inspired your heart my dear brother in the Lord to write this truly worthy reply on my testimony... Praise the Lord!
  7. It is good to see you back too... my friend and brother in the Lord... I didn't see you moderating or being on Worthy Chat ever since I came back to be a active member of this truly blessed Christian Website on the Internet... Amen!
  8. Thanks, for your support and kind words my dear sister in the Lord... God Bless!
  10. Hi, Welcome to WCF... It is quite simple my sister in the Lord... It is (like) FaceBook for Christians... LOL I hope you will enjoy our fellowship with Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior on this truly blessed Christian Website on the Internet! See you on Worthy Chat... soon! Yours truly, PATMEN
  14. PATMEN

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    Hi, Inspiring words in your welcoming message... I hope you will enjoy our fellowship with Jesus-Christ, our Lord and Savior, on this truly blessed Christian Website on the Internet... God Bless and see you on Worthy Chat! Yours truly, PATMEN
  15. Hi, Playing for your friend to be at peace with his heart and mind... Amen! Yours truly, PATMEN
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