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  1. discipline(orderliness) is definitely important, especially in the faith, but i am not here to play teacher or master - after all, this is a christian internet forum for civilized dialogue, and i am here to witness to the truth and let others also do it btw, there have already been 10 pages in this thread and i still don't see anybody giving a good answer to the OP questions Blessings
  2. i already have teachers - the true Lord God and His Saints Blessings
  3. we could at least (try to) explain the truth, and the truth is that if we practice the faith righteously and persevere with it, we will reap success - after all, whoever managed to reap success is the one who started and persevered in seeking success (Matthew 7:7-12) Scripture should be interpreted properly, not just metaphorically why not also "Spiritual people look for signs but disdain wisdom!"?! - after all, it sounds plausible from the perspective of the fact that we have to seek the true God and His righteousness rather than to just seek wisdom (Matthew 6:31-34, 1 Corinthians 8:1-8) - let's say there may be a greatest wisdom which is not the truth/righteousness of the true God (therefore what kind of wisdom may it be?!) of course i don't mean that there is no true wisdom, nor that gentiles are sinful only because they seek wisdom there is a whole teaching which says that the world of human(666) spirituality/religiosity is inclined to commit (great) spiritual lawlessness (Revelation 13:1-18) - its spiritual servants and religious worshipers are inclined to present and set up themselves as first in the Kingdom of God, but usually deceive themselves and commit (great) spiritual lawlessness (Revelation 17-18) - regardless of how they call themselves - even if they call themselves christians (Matthew 7:13-29, John 1:10-13, John 14:15-21, John 14:30-31, John 17:14-26, 1 Corinthians 1:20-21, 1 Corinthians 2:12-13) i don't say that one person or another is not of the ancestry of which they really are, but what if someone calling himself or being called a doctor is of greatest ancestry but doesn't cure/heal the sick?! - if his patients only die in his hands, how can/does his ancestry make him a true doctor?! - what would Jesus be if He didn't save people perfectly?! - He wouldn't be better than many clerics and worshipers/followers of the then jews' religion and not only, and there wouldn't be such a perfect salvation for so many people - not to mention that not a few of those clerics didn't even regard their neighbors (that needed salvation) as patients but even condemned them here is how descent/ancestry is not what resolves the problem, because there are countless humans/souls needing salvation now, and there is no way for the true God to make any kind of non-salvation/destruction (be) most important, but it is clear that He (as the system Administrator and Provider of life) has had to stress the importance of the very effective salvation - therefore some people said "let's call things by their real names", because is the true God nonsensical to call non-salvation/destruction "salvation"?! - let's say if He called evil "good" and good "evil", wouldn't the "darkness" use that to cause "death" to as many humans as possible?! so it is clear that every person has their specific ancestry anyway, but what saves humankind is what really saves humans effectively and it is also what is really useful - after all, the true God is rational and therefore it is quite normal that He set righteous standards for practice of religious faith or spiritual/religious activity on the basis of maximum efficiency as to the common good (because He is not alone in the universe, but there is also "darkness" which tries to cause "death", and we humans have turned out to be between Him and the "darkness") Blessings
  4. yes, there had been real situations/cases (occurred/happened in real built-up areas) recorded in Scripture but it is also a fact that there are a lot of ancient cities which are if not spiritual things, at least used as embodiments of spiritual things in Scripture - here is an example: Revelation 11:8 (KJV) "their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." as it had been said in previous posts, Scripture is, first of all, written spiritual explanation for spiritual things 1 Corinthians 2:12-14 (AKJV) "we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Ghost teaches; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." also, real situations/cases are presented in Scripture to serve as examples of spiritual things Romans 15:4 (AKJV) "whatever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope." Blessings
  5. i haven't meant that the word "jew(s)" only means religious person(s) wherever it is found in Scripture - interpreting the biblical words properly is a matter of having revelation from the true Lord God and/or thinking right enough on things - there are many polysemantic scriptural words, and whether the ones who read Scripture will understand exactly which of the meanings of such a word is(are) the correct one(s) in a relevant verse depends more or less on them - after all, if any person decided, began and has continued to practice religious faith, he or she is the one who has thus already taken the responsibility to deal with their spiritual obligations as well as for what they (will) do as religious worshipers/spiritual servants, because has the true God forced any person to practice religious faith?! what is useful in Scripture is precisely the revelation concerning spiritual things, because, as the Lord Jesus says in John 4:22 and Matthew 24:27, salvation comes through the spiritual servants and religious worshipers who practice the faith righteously, which is why we have to seek/find the truth about spiritual things as well as to conform with it, while things such as geopolitics, genealogy, urbanization, economics, etc. could be useful mainly for life in this world (which is fleeting) (btw, some religious worshipers, such as hindus, even have instructions, as part of their scriptures and religion, on how exactly to have sex - as if the world has not always been full of information about such things anyway) - after all, the faith should not be turned into/used as a means of non-salvation/destruction for humans/souls Blessings
  6. why must we say or do something to offend people at all?! - let's not mix scriptural terms with modern linguistic means of expression - if any meaning of a scriptural word cannot be found in the hitherto prevailing dictionaries, then let's not claim it has no such meaning; if anything is not known, certain or proven to us, then let's not claim we are (fully) aware of that thing - do you think we gain from lying against the truth?! and what is so essential in the literal difference between jewish and non-jewish?! - i don't remember science ever speaking of two or more homo species living nowadays on this planet (for example, homo sapiens and homo neanderthalensis) do you see anything about genetic differences somewhere in Scripture?! here you again mix scriptural terms with non-scriptural (where) do you see races mattering in Scripture?! - Scripture is written spiritual explanation for spiritual things, not an encyclopedia of science of human races is God only a God of some people/souls?!, isn't He the God of all humans/souls?! so do you think God takes care only of some people?! - if He is the system Administrator and Provider of life for the whole infinite universe, then how can He speaks most about earthly things concerning one relatively small nation (in the literal sense)?! what is so important in (literally) one relatively small nation inheriting a relatively small land on this planet especially when billions of humans and souls need salvation now?! - if i say that i and my family have moved to a new deluxe house, will this benefit the billions of suffering children and people in general?!, and won't many philanthropic people be unimpressed by my private luxurious things?! Jesus says: "salvation is from the Jews"(John 4:22), so it is evident that being a jew means working for overall salvation, not just having fun in private property what may happen if a house needs many supporting beams but you build it only with one?! - it may collapse, why?!, because there are some laws (let's say physical laws) with which we have to conform if we really want there to be no bad or fatal accidents; and as we have to be careful about many things in this life, so the religious worshipers have to be careful not to commit spiritual lawlessness, because spiritual lawlessness is the only thing, which gives the "darkness" a chance to enter, settle down and act in the world to the detriment of all humankind - in fact, spiritual lawlessness is the cause and source of all other iniquities and evils in general i don't neglect that fact, but do you realize that in Scripture "jews" are, first of all, people who are deeply and systematically religious, "gentiles" — irreligious people or people who are religious too slightly to be called "jews", "greeks" — philosophers, especially theistic ones, "pharisees" — clerics of some religion, especially temple clerics, etc. without regard to race, nationality, affiliation, and so on - Scripture is full of such terms (that have universal meanings - because has the true God given any person a chance to commit lawlessness?!) btw, if anyone is offended by the truth, then it is certain that person is affected by a demonic spirit of touchiness/susceptibility Blessings
  7. What is God like?

    why must a spirit necessarily look like something?! - let's say a spirit may be an entity/being on an universal scale, maybe not necessarily in presence, power, might and compass (because God may not allow it for security reasons - let's say some spirit is demonic), but at least in potential God is perfectly insensible/imperceptible just as one system Administrator and Provider of life (for the whole universe) should be would it be appropriate for the (ordinary) users of one internet forum to have to see and deal with all system instructions of the forum at system level?! - not of course, because they are to use its user-friendly interface; so it would not be appropriate for the users of life(humans) to have to see all system mechanisms and operations while living their lives (did you ever watch "matrix" the movie) - if we were able to see God, then we would see ourselves being a kind of puppets in the hands of a giant puppeteer on an universal scale - in fact, some holy people had known that they are something like puppets in the universe that feeling of being alone without God is called spirit of despair - i have also had it at times - sometimes the religious worshiper has to brake the ice for further progress on the spiritual path - for example, i do something new/radical, pray with thoroughness, get angry at demons (crying out with a loud voice), stress the importance of some truth/fact, preach something important to certain people, etc. - it is important to seek/find exactly what the (real) problem is Blessings
  8. what's the (essential) difference between jews and gentiles if not e.g. the fact that jews are religious, while gentiles — irreligious or not so religious?! does Scripture profess racism?!, if Scripture said that one man is godly only if his descent is jewish, or if it divided people into races/descents, wouldn't it thus be racially discriminatory and devoid of essential meaning and fair/just attitude/treatment?! for example, does the fact that one tribe is considered consisting of murderous cannibals mean that no one else or no person of another tribe/nation can commit murder(s)?! so do you think that God forgot, missed or failed giving His Prophets/Scribes to wrote in Scripture that not only jewish but also gentile people must not break/violate His law/commandments?!, because where He talks about jews in Scripture, He says not a few things about what they should and shouldn't do - has He said it only to people of jewish descent?! Matthew 13:37 (CSB) "what I say to you, I say to everyone: Be alert!" why not one word with different meaning in different context?!, why necessarily every word with only one meaning everywhere?! Blessings
  9. be more open and clear - for example, pipirip said something about "former muslim" and hearing/listening to his testimony on youtube without it being clear who exactly is that person and what it has to do with the topic if a gentile practices religious faith deeply and systematically, isn't he or she spiritual/religious like a jew?! let's remember what the origin of this concept and term is the one who has become eponymous of the word "jew" is Judah (one of the twelve sons of Jacob) let's remember that Judah was the first one who introduced a strict religious system of religious rules for the worship and service of God, and then all israelites practicing the faith deeply and systematically were called "jews", i.e. the scriptural word "jew" means a person who practices religious faith deeply and systematically and where are and aren't they grafted in?! let's say if a gentile is harmless enough, albeit completely irreligious, must they necessarily be deprived of their part/share of the tree of life?! - how does one harmless soul threaten the other souls in Heaven/Paradise?! Blessings
  10. Why does God require faith

    God doesn't punish people for not being religious/occult (in fact, no commandment of the biblical God says "you shall practice religious faith") - the divine mechanism of the eternal circle (called "God" in some biblical verses, which is actually a process of struggle between the "Light" and the "darkness") punishes souls for having caused evil to their neighbor/townsman/cohabitant - for example, if angels of satan cause evil to some person (who may not even know where the evil befalling them comes from), the soul of each of them will inevitably be that person (i.e. the victim of their wickedness) in next/future eternities(cycles of eternity) and will inevitably suffer in exactly the same way their victim suffered, because the soul of each of them will be the same person to whom they caused evil - in the course of something like constant re-projection of the same movie in which actors are alternated as to their roles (you know, one destiny for all according to the perfect justice in the vicious circle of being in one universe with indestructible "darkness" which doesn't allow there to be indefinitely lasting life in Paradise throughout the infinity of time) - from this perspective we are something like directors of the movie of our lives so the ones who cause evil to others should seriously think about whether it is really worth it - especially the ones who commit spiritual lawlessness, albeit in the form of (ostensibly) sacred religion - 'cause God cannot change what is constant (just as the law of mathematical subtraction, addition and multiplication is constant and universal) Glory be to the One Who created everything good and Who can save us all to eternal life! Blessings
  11. Satan's existence

    i don't see satan serving the true God in Job - if the one who asked satan whether he noticed Job and told him words about Job (which ultimately/subsequently resulted in satan causing death to many people, including (to) the children of Job) was the true God, then He would be responsible for sin and death - i believe there is a manifestation of the divine that is hierarchically between the true God and the devil - Jesus calls that phenomenon "the judge" in Matthew 5:25 - a kind of god with a negative character that in essence is the highest manifestation of the "darkness" Job 1:12 (NASB) "Then the LORD said to Satan, "Behold, all that he has is in your power, only do not put forth your hand on him." So Satan departed from the presence of the LORD." the words in red are words of the negative god judge, the words in bright blue are words of the true God, though (only) one divine voice might have been heard - as it is said in the following verse: Ezekiel 43:2 (NASB) "His voice was like the sound of many waters;" in fact, the "darkness" had manifested with greater power before the establishment/enactment of the New Covenant, which is why Jehovah(the God of the old testament) is seen to have been aggressive and merciless not a few times unlike the Lord of the New Testament Blessings
  12. Satan's existence

    the only source of information (about God and spiritual things) i trust most is the One Who is really the true Lord God - as for other sources, i don't trust even myself (just like that) - many years ago i went in for theology, but ultimately i found that on balance i had understood and achieved almost nothing from theology - i began to understand His truth and Scripture as well as to have abilities to witness to His truth only after i started and persevered (for a long enough time) in practicing the faith righteously in Him (without boasting about anything of myself, now thanks to Him i am a true witness to His Word, not a vain theologian like i was before) btw, i have seen you speak nonsense in the forum dozens of times - at least you were very hasty to write and slow to think properly - what's the matter with you? Blessings
  13. Satan's existence

    unfortunately, most religious worshipers that i have met in this life speculated like you i.e. they have not given a reasonable explanation and beat around the bush Blessings
  14. Satan's existence

    does the One Who is really the true God cause evil to humans/souls e.g. by creating evil things that cause them evil?! - what sense would it make if He caused evil to humans/souls when He is the system Administrator and Provider of life Who has to provide them with abundant and eternal life, not to betray them and cause them death?! if He was the One Who caused evil to humans/souls from the very beginning, then He would be responsible for all evils that have ever befallen humans/souls and thus guilty of sin and causation of death - wouldn't He thus be the greatest sinner in the universe?!, and how would He thus be able to say things such as "don't hurt your neighbor, but be perfect like Me" if He hurt people/souls?! Blessings
  15. Satan's existence

    how does satan do the will of the true God if he is inherently, constantly and invariably evil?! Blessings