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  1. Leah, I truly loved reading your post here this morning. I am a young adult and am not yet married, and I have to say I am inspired by the wonderful messages in this. Lord willing I hope to one day have a Godly marriage and experience these blessings along with being a diligent daughter of God, providing my best to my future husband daily. Thank you for this post. Audrey
  2. True, it is best to read and listen to the teachings in the bible when I am in doubt. I can't rely on online articles that may not be credible. Thank you.
  3. From the findings I have researched there is definitely a strong history of Pagan themes involving the worshipping of trees, and such that is intermingled into what we know as worldly "Christmas". I am still researching this topic as I truly want to celebrate the Godliness in Christmas and Christ's birth. I'd like to know more about this topic if anyone would like to study it with me. My takeaway so far is this; Jesus was born unto this earth, and that surely should be celebrated. We may not know the exact date He was born, but we know that He WAS. I do not worship Christmas trees. I do not worship Santa Claus or elves or make offerings to a tree. The intention to praise God and Jesus and the sincerity of heart when celebrating Jesus' birth is the defining factor here. Where does our heart lie in this matter? God can be at the center of every celebration whether you choose to celebrate simply by prayer and pondering God's love for us, or you delight in the beauty of snowfall, beautiful twinkling light displays, joyful holy music, and being with family. are all very comforting parts of Christmas celebrations. Grateful hearts and minds for the blessing of Jesus. It should all be for Him and about Him. Audrey
  4. Pleased to meet you too Star!
  5. Thank you so much Skyward! What a warm welcome, and greeting. The Lord is GOOD in so many ways and I am blessed to be here and try to praise him in every way I can with fellowship, prayer, and scripture study! Hope to get to know you more and see you in the chats or around!
  6. Haha! I am glad to be here, such warm friendly welcomes! Thank you!
  7. Justin, How do you enjoy being in Wales? Yes I loved traveling, but right now I will probably travel a little less now that I am in schooling. Afterwards I hope to travel a lot more.
  8. Hi Ella, I am new here as well. Hoping to meet some great friends on here. How are you? Audrey
  9. Thank you Wingnut, nice to meet you.
  10. Thanks so much Justin. Nice to meet you.
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