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  1. just_abc

    Urgent Prayer Request

  2. To my Brothers and sisters in Christ Urgent prayer request for someone. Thank you.
  3. just_abc

    Multi-Culturalism: A Failed Policy

    I think the etymology or history of words can be very interesting. Sometimes a word may have additional meanings or definitions added on over time.. Also sometimes a word may have different meanings or usages in different countries perhaps.. or in different english languages.. I am wondering if perhaps the usage or meaning of the word 'multicultural' might be different in the usa compared to my country? I am from a country that is multi ethnic and multi cultural.. It is a part of the identity of my country. ie it is who we are as a country and as a nation.... So if fellow Christians from the usa etc are possibly against the term.. this can be surprising and puzzling to me. Perhaps especially more so since the Body of Christ ..IS.. multicultural. (ie Christians around the world are from different cultures.. not just one culture only) Sorry no offence intended to anyone. Just my personal tnoughts. Thanks.
  4. just_abc

    Immigrating to The Philippines

    um.. if I am not mistaken.. I thought that under current usa laws or regulations (or a court case settlement?).. that the usa government is only allowed to hold children in detention facilities up to 20 days only? .. If so and if the parents are going to be held in detention facilities for several months while waiting for their cases to conclude.. how are their children going to be returned to them? Also with regards to traffickers posing as parents.. I think that is a serious issue.... But I don't understand why a different method can't be used to try to determine if those people claiming to be parents really are the children's parents.. Such as perhaps questioning the older children (such as teenagers).. and doing dna tests on the younger children (such as babies and toddlers etc) ? If I am not mistaken the number of children reportedly removed from their families in a six weeks or more period was maybe over 2300 children? That is an average of less than 400 children per week (if my maths is correct). And some of them would be older children. Even if one wanted to do dna tests on all 400 children including teens.. and not just on the babies etc... samples for dna testing..if stored properly.. can be transported easily.. So they could be sent to different facilities / locations for testing.. or even to other states perhaps. ..There are likely many places in the usa that would have the technical resources or equipment to be able to do a dna test.. even perhaps some universities labs or private sector labs? And dna tests nowadays are much easier or faster.. compared to almost a couple of decades ago. Plus while I don't know what the cost of a dna test is in the usa.. i am guessing it might be less than the cost of hiring someone to look after a baby 24/7.. for up to several months? If so .. i.e. if it does cost less to american taxpayers to do dna tests on the very young children.. rather than having to pay people to look after them for months.. and if it might be less traumatic to families to do so.... then why not just do the dna tests ? Sorry not trying to be rude or anything. Just really puzzled. Because if the reason for taking babies away from their mothers is simply that one is not sure if the adult really is the biological mother as claimed.. there is a simple way one could find out.. and one that perhaps might actually cost less to american taxpayers in the long run? Sorry just puzzled . Not meaning any offence to anyone. Thanks.
  5. just_abc

    Immigrating to The Philippines

    Some / many other countries.. including my own.. also have a problem regarding illegal immigrants entering the country etc.. It is a difficult problem /issue for many countries around the world. If you are refering to the recent family separation policy in the USA.... I think one thing which can be puzzling to many of us outside the USA.. is that in many countries.. babies are often allowed to remain with their mothers even in immigration detention.... So to see or hear of babies being taken away from their mothers.. possibly even in some families seeking asylum.. it can seem very harsh. Sorry just some personal thoughts thats all. No offence intended sis.
  6. just_abc

    Immigrating to The Philippines

    There was outcry. Yes it can be very difficult or even almost impossible for many people.. from many / most developing nations.. to get a visa to visit the USA even though they are genuine tourists.
  7. Question: If it is not known whether or not the adults with the younger children are their parents.. then why not check identification documents such as birth certificates etc.. or even do a dna test? And I am guessing some of the older children would be able to tell the authorities who their parents are? Is the separating of children from their families being carried out even when it is known who their families are? Just wondering. I am not american. But this issue is in international news.
  8. Just a small note As far as I know Bangladesh was a very moderate country. There might be a rise in extremism in recent years though. But I am guessing the vast majority of the population might be still quite moderate? Another thing to perhaps keep in mind is that just because a country is a muslim majority country.. does not automatically mean that everyone in the country is a muslim.... If i am not mistaken the article does not mention the religion of those trying to enter the usa? It is possible that they might all be muslims.. but it could also be possible that there might be some non-muslims too? Just a thought thats all. Especially since the religion of those folk were not mentioned in the article I think? Just some thoughts. Thanks.
  9. just_abc

    We need to be specific about things.

    Christians speaking any language should be able to explain what they mean by their words. - But i guess what I don't understand is why they would need to be questioned in the first place? (well unless there was something to indicate that they might not be refering to Christianity.. or some reason to suspect they might be refering to something else?) To me it is perhaps a bit like if a Christian from Asia were to go to the USA.... and everytime that Christian heard any american Christian use the english word God.. they keep asking the american Christians... 'are you refering to Christianity or are you refering to mormonism?' .... even though they knew that those americans were actually Christians.... To me unless there was a reason to suspect those particular american Christians were not refering to Christianity.... such a situation might seem kinda odd? .. To keep asking any american Christian who simply mentions the english word God.. 'are you refering to Christianity or to mormonism' ? I am not from the USA though.. so I don't know if this the normal way Christians in the states speak with one another. But I don't think I see this very often on worthy? Just wondering. And truly no offence is intended. Thank you.
  10. um.. I think that there are more than just two kinds of 'foreign people'.... Also there are foreign countries or people of foreign countries.. who have helped the USA too in the past.. or tried to.. Sorry just some thoughts that all. No offence intended. Thanks.
  11. just_abc

    We need to be specific about things.

    Yowm and Gandalf - Thanks for taking the time and trouble to try to help me with my earlier question. hi pg I agree that most Christians would usually use the english word God in the middle of an english sentence. But I am wondering about Christians who are speaking other languages such as the Indonesian / Iban / Arabic etc languages. For example if a Christian speaking the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) were to read aloud the words of Genesis 1:1 from many / most reputable widely used Bibles in that language.. how would they be viewed or treated by Christians in the USA? ..Would they be viewed and treated the same way as english speaking Christians would be treated? Or would they be treated differently because of the word used for God in their language? Just something I am wondering thats all. No offence intended to anyone. Thanks.
  12. just_abc

    We need to be specific about things.

    hi - I think you have raised an important point ..i.e that the english word God is also used by non-Christians of different religions etc. The word is not only used by Christians. um..I am wondering though.. unless there is something which indicates the person might be using the term differently.. how often would most english-speaking Christians in the USA be asked by their fellow Christians to clarify what they mean when they use the word God ? Or in other words is it often assumed that if a born-again Christian speaks english and uses the english word God.. that therefore they *must* be refering to the God of the Bible (unless there is something which indicates otherwise) ? - If so.. would a similar assumption be also applied to born-again Christians in the USA speaking other languages such as the Indonesian language or arabic language etc? Or would they be treated differently ? Sorry if my questions are too blunt or anything. Truly no offence intended. I hope it is ok for me to ask here. Thanks very much for your patience. Ps - I apologise for posting on this thread so late.
  13. just_abc

    Tips for Better Forum Communication

    A suggestion for chat but I am guessing might be suitable for forums too : For non-doctrine issues.. for example some current news issues etc.. to keep in mind that sometimes there may be a cultural / societal difference in how something is viewed or percieved .. or sometimes even a difference in language word meaning.... even if both sides are speaking english or using the same word.... Or in other words the internet is an international media.. and sometimes how Christians from one country might view something or the meaning attached to it.. can be different than the view or meaning attached by many Christians in another country. So sometimes it might be helpful to try to understand why fellow Christians in another country might be looking at things differently than Christians in our own countries. Just some thoughts. Thanks.
  14. just_abc

    Shen Yun ??? What was it?

    If I am not mistaken.... Falun Gong / Falun dafa teachings is possibily something like New Age or mysticism.... That is not something Christians should get involved in.... And to me.. I don't think that is something Christians should support either. Sorry.. No offence intended at all. Just my personal opinion that's all. Thanks.
  15. just_abc

    Shen Yun ??? What was it?

    um I have a question.. Is the group linked to the Falun Gong ? The Falun Gong is non-Christian religious belief movement....