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  1. Allah the Moon god of Arabia.

    Hi Brother In my hypothetical example - I was refering to the normal use of the word 'God' by Christians being discredited. For example in Bibles such as the KJV or Niv etc. If non-english speaking Christians in a foreign country decided to try to use the possible history or origins of the english word 'God' to try and discredit that word - this is something that would affect Christians too.. Because english-speaking Christians also use that word. Thanks.
  2. Allah the Moon god of Arabia.

    The Christian meaning / understanding of who the Creator is .. is very different than non-Christian understanding / meaning .. However my point was only about the language used .. i.e. that the same word... or at least a word spelt the same way.. is used .. by both Christians and non-Christians. For example - the english word 'God' is used by both Christians and non-Christians including cults such as mormonism. This does NOT mean that the Christian understanding/ meaning of the word 'God' is the same as that of cults such as mormonism.... However if the english language is being used.. then both english-speaking Christians and english-speaking mormons might both use a word that is spelt in the same way.... but with very different understandings / meaning of the word.... However - a hypothetical example - if Christians in a far away country decided to try to discredit mormonism by discrediting the english word 'God'.... then they would not only be affecting mormons.. but they would also affect their own fellow Christians who also use the english language word .... They could even potentially end up unintentionally or inadvertantly 'discrediting' not only their fellow Christians but possibly also even most reputable Bibles in the english language.... I don't think such an action is helpful. Sorry no offence intended to anyone- truly. Just wanted to explain. Thanks.
  3. Allah the Moon god of Arabia.

    Please note that the arabic word for God is also used by fellow Christians. The arabic word for God .. [or a transliteration of it] .. is used by Christians in several different languages .. and is also used in Bibles in different languages. For example - When Christians in Indonesia or malaysian Borneo use that term in a Christian context.... they are basically using it similar to how english speaking Christians use the english word 'God'. Just a small note. Thanks.
  4. hi Brother I am sorry to hear you had such a difficult day. I hope tomorrow will be better for you. And I hope you feel better soon too. Best wishes to you. just_abc

    hi Thanks again for clarifying. I was just a bit puzzled by the earlier post thats all. Because the term 'Indians' was used in the same sentence as terms refering to specific religion such as muslims and buddhists. But the term 'Indian' usually refers to nationality.. or race / ethnicity/ culture etc. So I was a bit puzzled why a term usually used for nationality / race / ethnicity / culture etc was used in those sentences.. That's why I asked if you were refering to hindus {i.e. hinduism}. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused in this thread. But thank you again for clarifying. .

    hi Thanks for clarifying.

    Hi Neighbor Thanks very much for your kind words. But actually what I meant was the whole hymn / praise worship song - being sung in more than one language at the same time - in a bilingual service. For example you might be holding a hymnal in your hand and singing in english... and someone nearby might be singing the same song but in a different language - I think your suggestion of using a line or two in different languages is very interesting! And might be a good idea too for churches where I live.

    Neighbor I think your post is an interesting and thought provoking post. In my country many churches might have Western type music or musical instruments - But the language used can sometimes be different .. since there are different languages spoken in my country. Some churches might have different services in different languages etc. But in some churches if there is bilingual church service {i.e. with translation} - sometimes more than one language might be sung in the congregation to the same song at the same time. Hi I am guessing you are refering to Hindus? Sorry I hope you don't mind my asking. There are Indian Christians too. Thanks.
  9. hi Brother Thank you for taking the time and trouble to explain to me. However I am very sorry but I still don't understand? To me .. if I am not mistaken.. the term 'legal immigrant' often refers to someone who has a valid visa etc / permission.. to enter / stay in a country.. and has not broken any of the rules or violated any of the terms or conditions ..for that particular visa etc .. that they had been granted. So a legal immigrant .. who has entered a country legally and is staying legally in that country.. but who is unskilled or does not speak much english.. would still be a legal immigrant and not illegal? If I am not mistaken the proposed USA bill only targets legal immigrants... and / or those wishing to come to the USA as legal immigrants..... not illegals? Sorry for my many questions. I also came across this article on the BBC website which has some details about the proposed USA bill. http://bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40814625 Thanks.
  10. hi Brother I hope it is ok for me to ask. But I am a bit puzzled - how the policy would do that? I thought the policy is going to be targeting legal immigrants and / or those who want to come to the USA legally.. ? Sorry just wondering thats all. I hope it is ok for me to ask. Thank you.
  11. Sharia Law at Phase Three in the USA

    Firstly I did not say I knew nothing. I said I did not know situation in the Usa. I was refering to the questions you were asking me about things such as the muslim brotherhood and the West. Secondly I am not from the Usa. In many cultures in my part of the world it can sometimes be rude to criticise someone publically and possibly cause the person to "lose face" publically. I did not want anyone on worthy to feel picked upon or anything . That is why I just wanted to give a gentle reminder about accuracy -and not criticise anyone. Thirdly if I am comming across as disingenous or rude or anything in the way I write -I am sorry. That is not my intention. I was trying to avoid causing offence or misunderstanding etc to anyone on worthy.. Maybe I am going about that the wrong way? I dont know.
  12. Sharia Law at Phase Three in the USA

    If one of more points in the OP article .. or any other article / thread on the forums..was not accurate.... Then I think that is something Christians .. all Christians .. need to take into account when posting on the internet.... Because the internet is an international media. Both Christians and non-Christians from different parts of the world.. can and sometimes do read... worthyforums.... This is what I am trying to say. I was trying not to cause hurt to anyone here on worthy. So that was why I just posted as a general comment. Forgive me please if I said the wrong thing. I truly dont want to cause any argument with anyone. I was just trying to say to all my brothers and sisters in Christ on worthy - to just please be careful when posting - try to make sure everything is accurate if you can. Thats all. Once again. I am sorry if I said the wrong thing... or said it in the wrong way.
  13. Sharia Law at Phase Three in the USA

    hi sis I am not from the USA. So I don't know what situation in the USA is. My earlier post was just a general comment thats all. About any thread - not specific to this thread .. Thanks.
  14. Sharia Law at Phase Three in the USA

    Just some general thoughts thats all. Not specific to this thread. I think Accuracy is important. Especially for Christians perhaps. Because it can affect credibility. And that in turn can affect one's witness.. and possibly the witness of other Christians too. Just some general thoughts thats all. No offence intended - truly. Thanks.