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  1. hi other one I am guessing that you might be refering to malaysia (or brunei?) .. rather than indonesia? As far as I know.. in Indonesia the term is widely used including by many Christians there.... However in Malaysia there are ongoing court cases regarding the term. Just a small note thats all. Thanks.
  2. Just some personal thoughts. There are many different religious days / celebrations of many different non-Christian religions around the world. And the dates can often vary from year to year because different calendars are often used compared to the 'western' calendar.... So if the date for Resurrection Sunday or Christmas is moved to a different date.... it is very possible that it could fall on the same day as a non-Christian religious day / celebration in Asia or elsewhere in the world. Either on that same year or on a different year. So if the purpose of changing the date of Resurrection Sunday or Christmas.. is so that it doesn't fall on the same day as any non-Christian religious celebration.. that simply might not be possible. Because no matter which day of the year one chooses.. there is the possibility that it could fall on the same day as a non-Christian religious day / celebration somewhere in the world.... So for example if one decides to go ahead and change the dates next year.... and if it happened to fall on the same day as say a hindu religious celebration etc.... does that mean that Christians in Asia and elsewhere around the world are *not* supposed to celebrate the Resurrection Sunday? Simply because it happened to fall on the same day as a non-Christian religious celebration? I am sorry but I don't understand that....? Please understand that I am not saying it is wrong for churches to change the date of celebrating Resurrection Sunday / Christmas.... However if the purpose of changing the dates is because one does not want it to fall on the same date as any non-Christian religious celebration.. changing the dates might not serve such a purpose at all ..because it could simply fall on the same day as a different non-Christian religion's celebration. So why would one need to change the date?
  3. hi Spock Just a few small notes. Firstly ..if I am not mistaken.. there is another day for Resurrection Sunday [Easter]. The Orthodox Church or at least some Orthodox Churches celebrate it on a different date than the Protestant churches and Roman Catholics. I am not sure of the exact date though sorry. Secondly.. in my country.. when I was growing up.. if I am not mistaken the easter bunny stuff was usually not common among churches [though I am not sure if that is changing or not] . However eggs on that day were / are sometimes / often considered or used as a symbol of new life in Christ {i.e. a symbol of new birth or being born again]. So full boiled eggs with the shells dyed in food colouring a pretty colour etc - might be given out by some churches or be used in sunday school etc perhaps. So - at least with regard to chicken eggs - it has been used as a symbol by Christians / churches - at least in my country. Thirdly.. if Christians want to change the day to another date.. that can be done perhaps... But perhaps something to keep in mind is that there are many different cultures and religions around the world with different cultural and religious days and sometimes / often different calendars too [ so the date of a particular cultural or religious day might vary from year to year].... So whichever date in the year that Christians might pick.. there is the possibility that there might also be a non-Christian religious event / day on that particular date.. at some year. So if the purpose of changing the date is simply to avoid it falling on the same day as a non-Christian religious event / day... that could be very difficult or perhaps even not possible. Just some thoughts that's all. No offence intended. Thank you.
  4. Just small updates 1. The person detained by police has been charged for trying to extort money. He is not believed to be involved in the abduction at all. [please note this news link is a few weeks old] https://sg.news.yahoo.com/man-custody-had-no-links-110154132.html 2. More than 50 days after he was taken - the pastor remains missing http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/04/04/church-leaders-unite-in-solidarity-with-pastor-koh/ Just small update - Thanks
  5. I am sorry if my post was offensive in any way. It was just my personal thoughts that's all. Please understand that my issue with the OP post is not about providing birth control training per se.. but rather the impression I got that one of the main issues was about non-Christians having children who might possibly not hear the gospel message.. and that birth control was being suggested as a way to reduce the number of children born to non-Christians *because* it was thought the children might not hear the gospel message.... If the purpose of offering birth control training is meant for such a reason.. I don't think that is a right reason.
  6. hi. A couple of issues to consider perhaps. Firstly sometimes people suddenly find themselves unable to feed their children through no fault of their own.... For example if major floods devastate crops and farmers find themselves suddenly unable to feed their families until the next harvest which could be months away.... Or if war or conflict break out and people have to flee their villages to find safety elsewhere with no means to support themselves. Should people facing such unexpected situations also be told that they need to have 'birth control training' attached to aid? Even though under normal circumstances they would be able to feed their families? Would it give the impression to them that they had done something wrong? Secondly please note that I am generally not against non-abortion birth control {i.e. birth control which does not harm unborn child or embrio etc} - However what is difficult for me to understand is quote such as below. The way to be delivered from hell.. is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.... And it is the responsibility of Christians to share the Good News.. or to be a witness etc. It is not the responsibility or even the right of Christians.. to say or imply that non-Christians need birth control in order to reduce the number of children born to non-Christians parents.. just in case those children do not get to hear the gospel message.... To me that is what the quote in the OP seems to imply. And it is this which I am questioning. I don't agree with this. If I have misunderstood the meaning of the OP - I apologise truly. Thanks for your patience. ps - To the OP.. I apologise if the words in my post was too blunt or harsh. It is not my intention to cause any offence. It is just my personal feeling and opinion. Thank you.
  7. hi Brother I think perhaps one thing to keep in mind is that.... nobody is born a Christian.... To become a Christian a person needs to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. There are many people in the world who don't know Him yet. The responsibility of Christians is to show Him to those who don't know Him.... To be a witness etc. If you are suggesting that Christians try to limit the number of children that non-Christians have.... simply because they are non-Christians.... I am sorry Brother but I don't agree with you.... That is not the what the Great Commission is {to my understanding}. If I have misunderstood your post though - I truly truly apologise. But that was the impression I got. ps - Please note that I am not saying that all non-abortion birth control is wrong. It is the reason given for it that I am questioning. Once again if I have misunderstood your post in any way... I am truly sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
  8. - deleted by poster
  9. Yes. The OP post mentioned about stores having arabic language signs.. And since there are possibly many Arab or middle eastern Christians in the USA even from years ago.. I was wondering if any of those stores might be owned by arab / middle eastern Christians? The point I was trying to make is that the arabic language might not necessarily always mean muslims.. since Christians might also use the language perhaps? Just wondering that's all. No offence intended to anyone. Thanks
  10. I am not American but if I am not mistaken there are many Arab Christians in the USA? I am wondering if some of those stores might be owned by Arab Christians? Sorry just wondering. Thanks.
  11. Yes. Situations such as the recent shooting of the Indian engineer in the USA.. can cause concern outside the USA.. and affect perceptions about the USA.. If the killings continue.. it might cause even Christians to be concerned about sending their children to study in the USA .. if their children have brown colour skin tones.. because of the possibility that their children might be mistaken for muslims and face harassment or possibly even danger in the USA. So yes this is something that does not just affect muslims.
  12. Jehovah's Witnesses is a cult. It is not simply a different religion or just a false teaching group. It is a cult. It meets the criteria to be categorised as a cult. Cults have enormous power over their members and can tear apart families. I don't blame countries for being worried / concerned about cults.
  13. Well I often like learning about other countries .. so if someone tells me 'feel free to ask' perhaps they might sometimes get more questions then they might have expected perhaps? lol sorry! I am not sure where to start - but if I may ask about languages.... what languages do school-children in Sweden usually learn in school? I am guessing Swedish and maybe English.... but was wondering about other languages such as German or French etc? Also - is Swedish similar to other languages such as Finnish or Norwegian etc? Or is it very different than any other language? Also - is it hard for english-speaking folk to learn Swedish? Is the grammar etc very different? Ok that is already a lot of questions [sorry again!] - But thank you for letting me ask in your thread
  14. Just a small note. If I am not mistaken.. the person was detained after he had asked for money from the family to secure the pastor's release. The public does not know yet whether or not the person was actually involved in the kidnapping.. or whether he was merely a con-man or something.. trying to extort money from the family.... This is not known yet. Just a small note that's all. The public has been urged not to speculate about the case. Thanks.