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  1. hi Footprint (nice name btw ) I am not an expert .. but I think that sometimes it might be difficult to directly translate some things.. literal word for word .. from one language into another unrelated language. For example if I were to translate your worthy name 'Footprint' into my second language.. I would be able to translate it directly..but by using 3 words phrase .. something like "effect base leg". The meaning of that is basically the same as the english word 'footprint'. That is why I can translate it directly.... i.e because term /concept for a footprint already exists in my second language.. However if the term or concept of a footprint did not exist in my second language.. then I would have to find another way to explain what a footprint is.... i.e I might have to explain the meaning of what a footprint is.. even if it meant using more words perhaps. Anyways just some thoughts thats all. I think translation between languages can often be interesting.. but sometimes perhaps a bit frustrating too at times? Just a thought Thanks
  2. Warrior.... I am so sorry brother.... (Amanda thanks for letting us know)
  3. hi If you are interested in asian news.. I am wondering if you have tried some other news channels too.. such as Channel News Asia? It is singaporean. But not sure if it is accessible in Usa though. Just a thought
  4. hi I have a question. Are you asking about a specific country such as the Usa.. Or are you asking about immigration in general i.e any country? Just wondering that's all. And thanks!
  5. Just a note. A recent news article. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/04/04/panel-cops-are-responsible/ Thanks
  6. I think there might need to be a few factors in place before strict gun laws might work better. One is like you mentioned that there aren't guns there in the first place ( or very few /limited numbers.. and with permits required ). But I think that in addition to that ..there would likely need to be a secure border to stop guns from being smuggled in.. (and if possible secure borders with no smuggling in neighbouring countries too and no armed conflict there in those countries etc.... ie so that there are few guns in neighbouring countries too ). I think that countries that are small island nations perhaps might find it easier to not have much gun smuggling.. as long as their borders such as sea borders are secure.... compared to some nations with long land borders ? I am thinking of island countries such as japan and singapore. Perhaps new zealand might go that route.
  7. hi brother I did not click on the link (my apologies). I was basing my question / comment on the quote in the opening post.. i.e about "She opened up her speech with...." That particular phrase quoted (which is a different phrase than the other phrase you refer to).. is often used in prayers etc especially in the begining of some prayers (if I am not mistaken) . It is a very common phrase. So I was kinda surprised to see that specific phrase being called a 'war cry'. Sorry I think perhaps my earlier post might not have been very clear. I was just a bit puzzled that's all. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I was wondering if perhaps the author may have mistakenly mixed up that phrase with something else perhaps? I dunno. Just wondering thats all .. sometimes i just ponder too much maybe lol Thanks again
  9. um a question. If I am not mistaken the phrase quoted in the OP post is a common phrase used in muslim prayers? I am a bit puzzled why it is called a 'war cry' in the quote ? Sorry brother..no offence intended. Just a bit puzzled. Since it is a very common phrase.. especially in the begining of some muslim prayers etc (if I am not mistaken). Thanks very much.
  10. I am guessing small tight curls? * wonders what prize I might get if I guess correctly? hm.... perhaps something that might need boot polish? Just kidding! Or um maybe not! hehe many hugs to you sis
  11. I think it might depend on the particular individual and the particular situation.... The word as used in a Christian context by the Christians in malaysian Borneo etc who have never been muslim.. is not used as a name though.. but as a general term i.e similar to the english word God which is also not a name. There are basically two groups of Christians in this issue I think? One is possibly the vast majority of Christians in places such as malaysian Borneo and possibly Indonesia too.. who have never been muslim but may use a certain word in their Bibles in some languages..but as a general term and not as a name.. The other group ( any converts which you are refering to I think) So the question is do that majority of Christians have to change their language and even their Bibles even though they are not doing anything wrong? Or should there be two different sets of rules for a same language that two groups of Christians use? I think that this is a difficult situation. Though it might not be exactly the same thing..a different example might be how Christians in the Usa handle situations such as english speaking mormons converting and becoming Christians? Mormonism (a cult) also uses the same english language as the Christians .. but their meaning / version is very very different than Christianity. The mormon version of Jesus for example.. is not who He really is. But mormons and even the mormon religion itself uses the same english words as Christians. So I am wondering how do Christians in the Usa handle such as situation? How do they help the new converts who used to be mormons.. to understand better who He really is and not get confused? Even though these new converts might still be using english words? Please please understand that I truly mean no offence. I just am not sure how to explain what I mean. I understand your concerns and I think the situation can be a difficult one. But.. please forgive me for asking this.. but what I don't understand is if english speaking Christians in the Usa and elsewhere don't have to change their language even though mormons use the same english words as Christians.... then why are Christians in places like Indonesia expected to change their language? Why the difference? I don't understand .. ps. I think I will bow out of this thread now as I am still off topic. My apologies to the OP and everyone for being off topic so much in this thread. Thank you for your patience with me!
  12. hi A few thoughts. - Firstly it is not simply 'their' language. Christians speak Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and arabic etc. It is the language of Christians too. - secondly.. As used by malaysian Borneo Christians and Indonesian Christians in their Bibles etc ..it is not used as a name but rather as a general term /title i.e similar to the english word God. That is how it is used by Christians regardless of how any non-Christians may or may not use the same word. (Just as how even if an english speaking hindu uses the same english word as an english speaking Christian.. it does not mean that both are using the word the same way..) - thirdly.. If I am not mistaken.. the majority of Christians in malaysian Borneo and possibly Indonesia too.. who use Bibles in languages which have that term.. were never muslims. It is not confusing to them. A different example might be english speaking mormons in say utah.. who convert and become Christians. Mormonism also uses english words such as God and Jesus. Yet the mormon 'version' is not who the Lord really is. It is not the same as Christianity. So a question one might ask is whether english speaking converts from mormonism to Christianity might initially be confused? And if so does that mean ALL english speaking Christians in the usa need to change their own words or Bibles? Sorry not meaning to cause any offence but was just trying to think of an example to explain what i meant Thanks.
  13. Understood. But that in a sense is my point. i.e both of you were using the english language (I assume) and therefore were using the same english word but meaning very different things / meaning / view etc. It was just the word that happened to look the same.. the meaning was very different.. for you both. An english-speaking Christian might use the english word "God" to refer to the God of the Bible.. But an english speaking hindu or mormon (a cult) etc.. might use that english word to refer to whatever their religious beliefs happen to be.. Just because your colleague was using a similar word to you.. doesn't mean he was refering to the Christian meaning or beliefs.. And just because you were using a similar word to him.. does not mean you were refering to a hindu meaning or beliefs. It was just a word that looked the same that was used. That's all. Not the same meanings.
  14. Vishnu is the specific / personal name of a specific deity.. so it is not used in Bibles. However in at least one or more languages used in southern India.. where the vast majority of those using that language are hindus.. the word used for God in Bibles in that language.. is the same term as hindus and other non-Christians might also use. This is because that particular word is a more general term and not a personal name. This is a normal situation for Bibles in many languages. - so with regards to the arabic / Indonesian word.. the issue is whether or not the word is considered a general term.. or a personal name.. The word is generally used in a Christian context by Christians in malaysian Borneo and Indonesia as a general term and not a personal name. It is used in a Christian context rather similar to how the english word 'God' is used by english speaking Christians. (And the english word 'God' is also not a name) . The Indonesian word came from arabic. The arabic word in turn existed long before a certain religion was founded. The word pre-dates that religion. Christianity also pre-dates that religion. And the word might possibly have been used in a Christian contexts *before* that religion. - so it isn't simply Christians taking a word used by a certain religion.. but possibly the other way around.. With regards to malaysia and Indonesia.. the vast majority of Christians in malaysia and possibly Indonesia too.. have never been muslim. Also the word was used in translating Bible verses since hundreds of years ago.. it is not something new. Sorry for long and off topic post.. but just wanted to explain. My apologies to the OP.
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