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  1. Oak wood If the earth was a flat round um plate.. with the north pole in the centre.. it seems to me that continents etc in the southern hemisphere [especially further south from the equator] would be much further apart from each other.... then they currently are.... For example the distance between Southern Chile and South Africa and New Zealand etc would be much much greater? The time needed to travel between those countries - the distance covered etc - might be greater? A flat earth model with north pole in the centre - would pull apart continents in the south which are across the oceans from each other. I am sorry brother - but I don't think that model is correct. Just my opinion. No offence intended. Thanks.
  2. hi I am not sure what is meant here by conservative or liberal. So this is just a general comment thats all. This is just my personal opinion. But I think it can sometimes / often be good for Christian forums to have balance and possibly diversity too. Please note that I am not refering to things that are against what the Bible says.. or to false teachings etc.. But simply to hear different perspectives / points of view on some other issues. Christians [and non-Christians too] ..have different life experiences... different knowledge on certain things... and sometimes different perspectives too.... I think there is a lot that Christians can learn from one another... if they [we] are willing to listen... and to try to understand why someone might be looking at a certain situation in a different way than we might be. If everyone on this forums was 'cookie cutter' to one another.. and only had one perspective on any situation or issue.... [again please note that I am not refering to supporting things that are against what the Bible says.. but rather to other issues].... if everyone had the exact same perspective all the time on every such situation... How are we supposed to learn from one another? How are we to grow more in our understanding of such situation? Again this is just my personal opinion No offence intended to anyone. Thank you.
  3. Thanks wingnut. That was basically the point I was trying to make. If a crime has happened.. and if it could be types of crimes that around the world has possibly been committed by people of different religions and ethnicities.. [i.e.- throwing acid] .... So then why is one group of people automatically blamed for the crime when it is not yet publically known who the teens are.. or what religion.. if any.. they are? How is this fair or just? Sorry - no offence intended to anyone. Just don't understand. Thanks.
  4. Crimes such as the one mentioned in the OP are the result of sin. Sin is not something that is exclusive to any one people group. People from different ethnicities and religions have committed crimes.
  5. hi sis With respect.. I think you might have misunderstood what I meant. The Indonesian language Bible/s I am refering to are not changing the name of God. They are simply using the word in the arabic / indonesian language similar or almost similar to how english bibles use the word 'God'.... The english word 'God' is also not name - it is like a title or something? If one uses bibles in other languages {i.e. in non-english languages}.... the word that is used in verses such as Genesis 1:1 or John 3:16 ... would often be the word in that particular language and not the english word 'God'. Because the language is not english. That is what I meant. Sorry if I caused any confusion. Thank you for your patience. *edited to add - That when Christians from malaysian Borneo or Indonesia use that word to pray or worship the Lord etc.... it is used similar to how english speaking Christians use the word 'God'. It is like a title or um whatever the correct term is. Thanks.
  6. hi. I hope it is ok for me to ask - but are you refering to illegal gun smuggling? If so.. that is a crime.. I don't think Christians should be supporting such a crime [if any are]. Just my personal thoughts. No offence intended to anyone. Thanks.
  7. hi sis Just wanted to mention that the arabic word for God is also used by Christians in several different languages.... and in Bibles in several languages such as many / most Indonesian language [Bahasa Indonesia] Bibles. So Christians using that term is not something unusual. In english language Bibles one sees the english word God used for example in Genesis 1:1 In Indonesian language Bibles.. one sees the arabic/indonesian word used. It is not something unusual... and it is not something recent / new. However even though both Christians and non-Christians might sometimes use the same word for God in different languages [including the english language].... this does NOT mean that they have the same understanding of who God is.... Just my personal thoughts. No offence intended to anyone. Thanks.
  8. deleted by poster
  9. Sorry if my post is off topic... But I thought Sudan was on the travel ban list? I am guessing that ban would include Christians too? Sorry - no offence intended brother. But was just thinking that perhaps currently many / most of the Sudanese Christians likely would not be allowed to enter the USA? Just wondering. And thanks.
  10. - Firstly please let me apologise in advance. I did not read through the whole OP post as it is very long. I just wanted to say a small note though. In many languages.. including the english language.. both Christians and non-Christians of different religions.. might use the same general word for God in that language.... That does not mean that Christians and non-Christians have the same understanding of who God is.... However they might both use the same word. The arabic word for God is also used by Christians in several different languages and in Bibles in different languages. - I hope that my fellow Christians on worthy would please consider keeping that in mind too. Thank you. Just a small fyi thats all. No offence intended to anyone. Thank you.
  11. hi other one I am guessing that you might be refering to malaysia (or brunei?) .. rather than indonesia? As far as I know.. in Indonesia the term is widely used including by many Christians there.... However in Malaysia there are ongoing court cases regarding the term. Just a small note thats all. Thanks.
  12. Just some personal thoughts. There are many different religious days / celebrations of many different non-Christian religions around the world. And the dates can often vary from year to year because different calendars are often used compared to the 'western' calendar.... So if the date for Resurrection Sunday or Christmas is moved to a different date.... it is very possible that it could fall on the same day as a non-Christian religious day / celebration in Asia or elsewhere in the world. Either on that same year or on a different year. So if the purpose of changing the date of Resurrection Sunday or Christmas.. is so that it doesn't fall on the same day as any non-Christian religious celebration.. that simply might not be possible. Because no matter which day of the year one chooses.. there is the possibility that it could fall on the same day as a non-Christian religious day / celebration somewhere in the world.... So for example if one decides to go ahead and change the dates next year.... and if it happened to fall on the same day as say a hindu religious celebration etc.... does that mean that Christians in Asia and elsewhere around the world are *not* supposed to celebrate the Resurrection Sunday? Simply because it happened to fall on the same day as a non-Christian religious celebration? I am sorry but I don't understand that....? Please understand that I am not saying it is wrong for churches to change the date of celebrating Resurrection Sunday / Christmas.... However if the purpose of changing the dates is because one does not want it to fall on the same date as any non-Christian religious celebration.. changing the dates might not serve such a purpose at all ..because it could simply fall on the same day as a different non-Christian religion's celebration. So why would one need to change the date?
  13. hi Spock Just a few small notes. Firstly ..if I am not mistaken.. there is another day for Resurrection Sunday [Easter]. The Orthodox Church or at least some Orthodox Churches celebrate it on a different date than the Protestant churches and Roman Catholics. I am not sure of the exact date though sorry. Secondly.. in my country.. when I was growing up.. if I am not mistaken the easter bunny stuff was usually not common among churches [though I am not sure if that is changing or not] . However eggs on that day were / are sometimes / often considered or used as a symbol of new life in Christ {i.e. a symbol of new birth or being born again]. So full boiled eggs with the shells dyed in food colouring a pretty colour etc - might be given out by some churches or be used in sunday school etc perhaps. So - at least with regard to chicken eggs - it has been used as a symbol by Christians / churches - at least in my country. Thirdly.. if Christians want to change the day to another date.. that can be done perhaps... But perhaps something to keep in mind is that there are many different cultures and religions around the world with different cultural and religious days and sometimes / often different calendars too [ so the date of a particular cultural or religious day might vary from year to year].... So whichever date in the year that Christians might pick.. there is the possibility that there might also be a non-Christian religious event / day on that particular date.. at some year. So if the purpose of changing the date is simply to avoid it falling on the same day as a non-Christian religious event / day... that could be very difficult or perhaps even not possible. Just some thoughts that's all. No offence intended. Thank you.
  14. Just small updates 1. The person detained by police has been charged for trying to extort money. He is not believed to be involved in the abduction at all. [please note this news link is a few weeks old] https://sg.news.yahoo.com/man-custody-had-no-links-110154132.html 2. More than 50 days after he was taken - the pastor remains missing http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/04/04/church-leaders-unite-in-solidarity-with-pastor-koh/ Just small update - Thanks