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  1. Jehovah's Witnesses is a cult. It is not simply a different religion or just a false teaching group. It is a cult. It meets the criteria to be categorised as a cult. Cults have enormous power over their members and can tear apart families. I don't blame countries for being worried / concerned about cults.
  2. Well I often like learning about other countries .. so if someone tells me 'feel free to ask' perhaps they might sometimes get more questions then they might have expected perhaps? lol sorry! I am not sure where to start - but if I may ask about languages.... what languages do school-children in Sweden usually learn in school? I am guessing Swedish and maybe English.... but was wondering about other languages such as German or French etc? Also - is Swedish similar to other languages such as Finnish or Norwegian etc? Or is it very different than any other language? Also - is it hard for english-speaking folk to learn Swedish? Is the grammar etc very different? Ok that is already a lot of questions [sorry again!] - But thank you for letting me ask in your thread
  3. The show 'Pioneer Woman' is shown on Food Network in one or more parts of Asia.... I am wondering whether or not this particular episode was shown there .. and if so whether it might have caused offence?
  4. Just a small note. If I am not mistaken.. the person was detained after he had asked for money from the family to secure the pastor's release. The public does not know yet whether or not the person was actually involved in the kidnapping.. or whether he was merely a con-man or something.. trying to extort money from the family.... This is not known yet. Just a small note that's all. The public has been urged not to speculate about the case. Thanks.
  5. A recent news article. Please note article has video which might possibly show what happened. http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/03/06/taken-in-40-seconds-kidnapping-had-military-precision/
  6. Asian pastor still missing almost 3 weeks after being taken http://www.thesundaily.my/news/2167240 ps - Please note that this OP/ thread is just meant as an fyi / info thread... and is not meant as a debate thread .... Please consider this OP simply as a note stuck on a notice board or something ..and nothing more. I would like to ask my fellow worthy members to please kindly refrain from using this thread to slam anyone or any people group.. or to insult anyone.. or to make any derogatory or rude remarks etc.... about anyone or anything. Please please respect my wishes about this thread. There is a reason I ask. And it is not simply to be troublesome. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.
  7. hi Brother Thanks very much for explaining I am wondering if perhaps either the definition of the terms democracy and republic ..might have changed over time..? or if the terms might have a partly different meaning in many countries outside the USA.... In my country [and I think many other countries too].. the term democracy is currently used to refer to representative democracies too [i.e. countries where people vote in elections to elect representatives.. to pass laws etc on their behalf]. Also if I am not mistaken.. outside the usa - the term republic is often used for countries which don't have a monarch etc. For example - Australia, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia - all have elections.... But while Singapore and Indonesia are called Republics.... Japan and Australia are not called republics because they have a monarch as head of state.... Anyways sorry for my off topic post. But wanted to thank you for taking the time and trouble to explain to me. Much appreciated!
  8. hi Logan I think it might sometimes depend on which english language a person is using .... i.e if the person is using American English.... or if they are using other english languages such as UK English.... For example .... if I am not mistaken there are at least two [or more?] different types of democracy - for example direct democracy and representative democracy.... If I am not mistaken.. UK english {and Australian english etc too} .. would often consider both direct democracy and representative democracy as being types of democracies..... Not just 'direct democracy' only.... On the other hand... I am not sure whether or not American English only defines 'direct democracy' as being a democracy ? For the term republic there is also possibly a difference between UK english and American english. If I am not mistaken for UK English etc .. the term republic is often used for countries which don't have monarchy etc as a ruler or a head of state etc.... Or in other words it might possibly be the presence or lack of a monarchy etc.. which might be a main way to determine whether or not a country is called a republic? For American English the definition.. or emphasis.. seems a bit different? http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/republic?a=british Sorry just wanted to give a different viewpoint. Thanks.
  9. Yes it is a crime. But unfortunately in the past there have been many cases of people from western countries going to some asian countries such as Cambodia.. and committing such crimes.. It might not always be easy .. to be able to tell who are coming into a country as genuine tourists / expatriates etc.... and those who are just using that as a 'cover' in order to try to harm children. So a question that might arise is.... that since some westerners have been coming to asia to harm children.. therefore should ALL westerners be banned including Christians? Personally I don't think that is the solution. Sorry again if my post is off topic. But just wanted to explain my earlier post. The point that I was / am trying to make.. is that not only do such crimes happen in countries around the world... but also that it doesn't just happen in one direction..... i.e. That it is not just about non-westerners going to western countries and committing crimes against women / children there.... but it is also about westerners going to non-western countries and also committing such crimes.... It is both directions.... And it is BOTH wrong. Once again sorry if my post is off topic. Truly no offence intended to anyone. Just a different point of view that's all. Thank you everyone for your patience. Thanks.
  10. It also happens in western countries and committed by westerners in foreign countries. An example is one or more countries in southeast asia. So a question might arise whether or not Asian countries should ban people from western countries including Christians? I don't think banning all westerners is the solution.. but perhaps more background checks could be done by some asian countries on foreigners entering their country? Just a thought. Thanks. Sorry not meaning to derail thread. But just giving a different point of view. Thanks again.
  11. I am thinking perhaps it might be helpful for there to be a list showing the number of people arrested in the USA for terrorism related crimes.. which shows ALL countries.... {assuming that it is not confidential or something} I am curious whether or not there might be other countries who might also have the same number or even more.. of its citizens {or former citizens} .. arrested by authorities in the USA .. compared to some of the countries on the visa ban list.. ? Sorry just wondering that's all. I hope it is ok to ask. Thanks. ps - edited to make sentences clearer etc. Thanks.
  12. hi Thanks very much for explaining I can understand the USA wanting to implement an immediate temporary freeze on new visa applications and those still in process.. while the USA upgrades its vetting system.... But what is a bit difficult for me to fully understand is why there was also a sudden ban even on those with pre-existing valid visas.... If the concern was that terrorists might quickly rush to apply for visas.. that would have been difficult for them to do if there had been an immediate freeze on new visa applications.... So I don't fully understand why there also needed to be a sudden ban even on those who already had pre-existing valid visas.. especially since some or many people with valid visas.. live / work / study inside the USA? ........Well unless the USA had specific or credible evidence / info that there were terrorists who already obtained valid visas but that they were still outside the USA at that time? However if there was no such evidence / info.... to suddenly ban / penalise innocent people.. would seem a bit harsh? I have no idea what evidence the USA government did or did not have though.... So this is just some personal thoughts and viewpoint. No offence intended to anyone. Thanks for your patience with me.
  13. ok thanks Well I am not Arab Christian - so I can't speak for them. But if I may give a hypothetical example about english speaking Christians? If sometime in the future.. if say Christians in a foreign country {such as France for example} decided to import the english word 'God' into their language there.. but decided to modify the meaning of the word so that it refers soley to mormonism only .... And if an english-speaking Christian who also speaks that language .. for example perhaps a Christian in Quebec Canada .. were to go to a french Christian website and read the posts there.... and saw fellow Christians saying things like... 'God is.... [bad word]' 'God is.... [insult word]' I am wondering how would that Christian feel to see that written in such a general way - about a word that he/she uses in their own bible even in John3:16? Especially if it is not made clear that the insult sentence was not referring to the God of the Bible? I am thinking wouldn't many english speaking Christians possibly feel a bit sad or hurt.. if they see their fellow Christians saying nasty things about the word God? The same word that english speaking Christians use when they call out to the Lord? I dunno. Just my personal thoughts that's all. Perhaps I am mistaken. Thanks for your patience.
  14. I am sorry - but I don't know which post you are referring to? Thanks.