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  1. hi I came across this snopes article. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/brett-kavanaugh-foreclosure-accuser-parents/ Thanks
  2. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    I think this is a very important point. For me personally it is an issue I feel strongly about. Perhaps because of the history of churches etc. in my own country.
  3. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    - deleted by poster
  4. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    hi Gary Thanks very much for explaining.
  5. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    Ok thanks very much. If I may ask another question.. I am guessing in this thread the term 'indigenous' is refering to citizenship and not ethnicity/people group ? i.e the term 'indigenous pastors' in this thread is refering to all pastors who are citizens of a particular country.. and not only to those who are from indigenous people groups? I am asking partly because in countries like mine there are indigenous people groups .. as well as those whose ancestors immigrated to this country.. So depending on the context..the term 'indigenous' might refer to those who are from indigenous people groups (for example like the Sioux or Navajo etc in the USA).. and not necessarily to all citizens. So thanks very much for explaining. And thanks again for your patience :)
  6. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    hi I hope it is ok to ask.. but what does the term indigenous missionaries mean? does it mean Christians from one people group / ethnicity /culture.. sharing the gospel with non-Christians from a different people group / ethnicity / culture.. in their same country? .. Or does it mean all people from a country doing ministry work there such as evangelists etc.. regardless of whether the people mostly being reached out to are from their same ethnicity / people group.. or a different one? Sorry I hope my question makes some sense lol. I usually think of the term 'missionary' as people from one country going to a different country etc. So am a bit wondering what the exact term definition is. Thanks for your patience
  7. just_abc

    Honor Killing: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

    Just a small note. If I am not mistaken.. honour killings are generally unheard of or virtually unheard of among muslims in countries such as Malaysia. Malaysia [and Indonesia etc ] are in southeast asia.. and not in the middle east or south asia. Just a small note thats all. Thanks.
  8. just_abc

    My mother needs all your prayers... sadly!

    hi Patmen sorry to hear about your mother's health issues. That is tough. I am not a doctor.. but I too think perhaps it might be good if she could see a doctor? This is a medical website link that I came across. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/edema/symptoms-causes/syc-20366493?p=1 Perhaps the swelling might be caused by something very mild ..or perhaps it might be her medications ..or perhaps it might be something else.. like heart or kidney or liver..? So might be good to check it out perhaps.. just in case? Just a thought that's all. Take care ok? And welcome back to worthy!
  9. just_abc

    NM Muslim Compound Destroyed by Authorities

    I don't know much about this news story.... but I am wondering if it might have been a cult or something along that lines. For example like the 'sky kingdom cult ' in Malaysia many years ago (sometimes called the 'teapot cult').... but with different ideology perhaps? Just wondering.
  10. just_abc

    Muslim Child Gang Rapes

    I agree that nowhere in Christianity is that ok. But if you live in countries where the majority of the population are non-Christians.. where perhaps some people might not have even heard the gospel message .. then their understanding of who Christians are might be from observing the Christians around them.. or from what they see on tv or news reports etc. So if this is an impression of what at least one person who claimed to be Christian was like ... it is sad
  11. just_abc

    Muslim Child Gang Rapes

    Perhaps our perspectives might be a bit different because we are from different parts of the world ? I dunno. To me the situation seems partly like two sides of the same coin.... The 'coin' or basic issue I am refering to.. is of people from one part of the world.. travelling to another part of the world.. and abusing women or children there.... On one side of the coin are people from western countries travelling to non-western countries and abusing women or children there.... On the other side of the coin are people from non-western countries travelling to western countries and abusing women or children there. (There are also other sides of the coin such as people from non-western countries travelling to other non-western countries and abusing people there.... Or perhaps even people from western countries travelling to other western countries and commiting abuse there..) To me it is wrong on all sides of the coin. That is what I was trying to say.
  12. just_abc

    Muslim Child Gang Rapes

    Unfortunately yes there are foreigners who travel to some countries in asia or elsewhere.. and prey on children etc there.. It is wrong and it is heartbreaking.. In my own country.. one of the biggest known paedophilia situation (by 'one of the biggest' I mean in terms of number of victims).. was committed by a Protestant 'Christian' guy from a western nation. As a Christian from a country where Christians are just a minority of the population.. it breaks my heart that this is what someone who calls himself 'Christian' did.... How is a situation like this supposed to show folk in my country that Christians are any different than anyone else? Please please understand that i am not trying to downplay or excuse abuse by any side.... The point I am trying to make.. is just that abuse is happening in both directions.. It is wrong for non-westerners to go to western countries.. and abuse women or children there.. But it is also wrong for westerners (and non-westerners) to go to non-western countries and abuse women or children there. It is wrong in BOTH directions.... And it is heartbreaking in both directions.. Just my opinions. No offence intended truly. Thank you.
  13. just_abc

    Prayer welcomed

    heartbroken.. jadey - thanks for letting folk know
  14. just_abc

    The First Sitting President from Kenya: Seriously!

    um.. I am wondering if perhaps they might have been using the British english etc definition of the term democracy (and republic).. rather then the american english definitions? Because the definition / usage of those terms in many english languages can be different then american english. For example.. if I am not mistaken.. in British english.. the term democracy includes both direct democracy.. and indirect democracy.... Not just direct democracy alone. Just some general thoughts. No offence intended brother. Thanks.
  15. just_abc

    The First Sitting President from Kenya: Seriously!

    - different countries can have different rules regarding citizenship. If the former american president was born in the usa to a kenyan father.. I think that would mean he likely had dual nationality both american and kenyan citizenship for most of his childhood (or at least since 12 december 1963 perhaps.. not sure about before that).. possibly until he was 22 years old.... but might have automatically lost kenyan citizenship when he turned 23 years old if he had not renounced american citizenship etc by then... ? Just wondering.... I think citizenship issues can be interesting but also sometimes confusing perhaps.. because different countries can sometimes have very different rules..