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  1. My concerns about this current case.. is not only about this particular case.... but also about any cases in the future where people might be killed .. including Christians.... - Governments in different countries can sometimes have different issues which they consider as a threat to national security.. For example in some countries asking for democracy might be considered as a threat to national security.. In some countries Christians sharing the gospel might be considered a national security threat.. etc.. If the Usa and other countries say that whatever a government might do to its own citizens on its own soil.. is none of their business.. then what about situations where Christians are imprisoned or killed? Please please understand that I am not trying to be rude. I am just looking at this issue from a different perspective I think. Thank you. ps. Whether the Usa or other countries want to intervene or not in this particular situation.. is up to them.. But if that is going to be a general principle that things in other countries are always none of the Usa etc business.. then perhaps such a principle might also be applied in future in situations where it is Christians who are being killed or imprisoned..? Or perhaps be viewed as a double standard if it is not similarly applied.. Again this is just some general thoughts from a different perspective. Truly not meant as any offence. Thank you again.
  2. A problem with that.. (besides murder being a sin.. and the suffering that it causes to victims families and friends).. is that it might embolden the governments of other countries that they might get away with murdering civilans such as dissidents etc.. especially if they are considered a close ally of the USA.. or spend a lot of money to the USA .. Also.. the next time something like this happens in any country.. it might not necessarily be a journalist.. but it could even be say a Christian who is killed because he or she was accused of evangelism etc.. If that happens than the USA might no longer be able to speak out against it very much.. or especially act against that country .. because it might be considered as having lost the moral ground to do so.. And if the USA did try to speak out or especially act against such countries for such killing .. it might be viewed as simply hypocrisy or a double standard .. Sorry Other One.. just some general thoughts that's all. Truly no offence intended brother. Thank you.
  3. just_abc

    The stupidity of Scientists

    With regards to 'Todays scientists' supposedly believing that mankind came from monkeys.. I am guessing the OP post is not refering to many.. perhaps even the vast majority.. of scientists in my country? Wondering. Because in countries such as mine the vast majority of the general population do not believe that humans came from monkeys .. including many or most scientists here.... Thanks.
  4. Perhaps or perhaps not.... I don't know. But if the USA says it wants to go ahead with selling arms to Saudi Arabia because the USA wants money or jobs.. and does not even temporarily put arms sales on hold as Germany has possibly just done.... I am wondering could that possibly send a message to the rest of the world that the USA cares more about getting money than about human lives.. as long as the humans are not americans? Sorry for my rather blunt question. Truly truly no offence intended to you brother. But just puzzled? Thanks.
  5. just_abc


    many many gentle hugs to you jadey hang in there sis.
  6. just_abc

    Makes NO Sense!

    I came across this BBC website article. Perhaps the info might help. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-pacific-26544554 Thanks
  7. Thanks for explaining brother. And yes I agree that from the statistics the total number of refugees admitted has been reduced. Therefore the number of Christians.. the actual number of people.. is less than in the recent year/s beforehand. Thanks again for explaining. I was just puzzled a bit :)
  8. hi other one I am a bit curious.. If I may ask.. how do you feel it is misleading? Sorry brother.. I hope you don't mind my asking. I was wondering. Thanks.
  9. hi I came across this snopes article. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/brett-kavanaugh-foreclosure-accuser-parents/ Thanks
  10. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    I think this is a very important point. For me personally it is an issue I feel strongly about. Perhaps because of the history of churches etc. in my own country.
  11. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    - deleted by poster
  12. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    hi Gary Thanks very much for explaining.
  13. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    Ok thanks very much. If I may ask another question.. I am guessing in this thread the term 'indigenous' is refering to citizenship and not ethnicity/people group ? i.e the term 'indigenous pastors' in this thread is refering to all pastors who are citizens of a particular country.. and not only to those who are from indigenous people groups? I am asking partly because in countries like mine there are indigenous people groups .. as well as those whose ancestors immigrated to this country.. So depending on the context..the term 'indigenous' might refer to those who are from indigenous people groups (for example like the Sioux or Navajo etc in the USA).. and not necessarily to all citizens. So thanks very much for explaining. And thanks again for your patience :)
  14. just_abc

    Indigenous Missionaries/Pastors

    hi I hope it is ok to ask.. but what does the term indigenous missionaries mean? does it mean Christians from one people group / ethnicity /culture.. sharing the gospel with non-Christians from a different people group / ethnicity / culture.. in their same country? .. Or does it mean all people from a country doing ministry work there such as evangelists etc.. regardless of whether the people mostly being reached out to are from their same ethnicity / people group.. or a different one? Sorry I hope my question makes some sense lol. I usually think of the term 'missionary' as people from one country going to a different country etc. So am a bit wondering what the exact term definition is. Thanks for your patience
  15. just_abc

    Honor Killing: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

    Just a small note. If I am not mistaken.. honour killings are generally unheard of or virtually unheard of among muslims in countries such as Malaysia. Malaysia [and Indonesia etc ] are in southeast asia.. and not in the middle east or south asia. Just a small note thats all. Thanks.