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  1. Thanks Jangles. And well, that's what happen when you have a gun-free zone, it never works, criminals don't care, and thus law abiding gun owners are forbidden to act in time. People should learn.
  2. The question is, is the festival a gun-free zone? California hates guns.
  3. ... but let's hope and pray this country get a reprieve from God, and do have a return to freedom and justice for all.
  4. HI thomas, and others, When it comes to be "reasonable", I think we need to define what is being reasonable, "Being reasonable" is probably at its peak in modern law enforcement systems, where everything should be proved by evidences that can be "logically" and materially quantified and are "indisputable". But converting to Christianity should always be considered a miraculous event, because as Jesus said, he chose us. And we can't prove Jesus existed and that he was whom he declared himself to be, the Son of God, in the ways the modern law enforcement systems require. So I think we should try to be reasonable as much as we can, when preaching to others, but never worry about not being reasonable enough, because how much or what kind of being reasonable is enough or reasonable? There is no answers, ultimately speaking. If the ultimate reason is something on which everyone in this world would agree, then there is no ultimate reason. Because, for now, nothing in this world is agreed by everyone. So that's why it's called the Christian faith, not the Christian reason. Hope I am making myself clear. Thanks.
  5. God the Father is the final Judge. Jesus pleads for believers at the final Judgement.
  6. Focus on "... believe on his name...", His name is Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, Saviour of the world... so you don't have to be perfect to stay saved, once you receive him, you become the sons of God, and that means eternal security.
  7. LeeGreenForest Maybe you should take a look at John 1:12, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: " This verse helps me greatly on convincing myself that I'm saved forever, i.e. eternal security.
  8. thanks for your two cents, Thomas, But on many occasions people are unable to leave, they need Abraham or Moses ,,, a deliverer. I know Hitler was elected by democratic votes, more precisely NSDAP party was elected as the majority party in the German parliament, and thus Hitler as its party head, became the Chancellor, I studied history, ww2 history is interesting and Germany and its culture and history are interesting. Thanks for the pdf, I've been trying to study the German language, this give me opportunity to use my dictionary and maybe learn some German words! What's amazing was, the other day I was watching a German ads, and I had one sentence completely understood by me, and my german language skills are very close to zero, it felt amazing.
  9. glad to see you made it, baddo
  10. God bless you baddo and may He deliver you and us all from troubles
  11. Well I took a look at that topic, I don't like the Crusade, but it's not useless. So I guess your conclusion maybe non-believers and believers together brought tyranny onto themselves? But what about Abraham gone to save his brother Lot in Sodom? Abraham debated with God on sparing the city of Sodom for a certain number of righteous people in it. (GEN 18:23 And Abraham drew near, and said, Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked?) Well God in the end did destroy Sodom, but got Abraham and Lot a way out of it. So I believe there are good and righteous people in Venezuela, iran, china, north Korea,and historically, Nazis Germany, Bolsheviks Russia, imperial Japan... and they suffered or died in them. (in contrast to Abraham and Lot) What should believers who are under tyranny/evil rule do, to secure the blessing and mercy God showed unto Lot?
  12. True. Also true. Even for true believers, we are weak in the flesh, and things could easily got out of hand, into a spiralling mess. I don't like the robbing, pillaging, rape and murders in the Crusade, but Christendom might be snuffed out by Islam if it wasn't for the Crusade, from a secular/historical view.
  13. Hi, sherri welcome and I'm new here too. I'm in here , hoping, through discussion with believers, to find out what's God's plan for me exactly.
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