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  1. How can one fully appreciate and understand the New Testament without having seriously studied the foundational scriptures Of the the Tanach / Old Testament? Jesus is constantly addressing and bringing correction to the added aspects of added religious traditions, while we think He is overwriting what the foundational scriptures say. “But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one stroke of a letter of the Law to fail.” Luke 16:17
  2. The Feasts of the Lord which He has given us all are a treasure trove of learning by doing, a hands on approach if you will of what He desires to teach us. Why would I speak in derogatory tones concerning something instituted by God all the while extolling the traditions of man. Jesus warned us of such religious surrogates.
  3. So bearing good fruit is related to being in a lawful state?
  4. Sophie, Praying that you have already begun to find and apply His word for you which you will find in the scriptures. As He gives you the scripture or scripture song to battle the enemy of your soul, I pray you will continue to commune with God in an ongoing relationship where you Will find rest for your soul as you take in His word and apply it. Only God can provide salvation and He has done this through His perfect Lamb Jesus known as Yeshua which literally means “Yah (God)is Salvation”
  5. OSAS was a discussion I had with my dad years ago. I used the scriptures already quoted to question the denominational stance on OSAS my dad held. His reply was that if a person walked away from Jesus, they were never truly saved in the first place. My understanding now is from a covenantal position as marriage represents. YHVH allows for divorce, an annulling of the original covenant based on specific criteria, so it would seem a certain possibility, but not easily or recklessly done on our part but rather a very dramatic breaking of the covenant. All this to say that we can willfully walk away from Him, but He will on His part be always faithful in His covenant relationship with us.
  6. Thank you, looking forward to being a part although I don’t always have a lot to say.
  7. Just trying to post so I can become human and not perceived as a bot. Can’t seem to edit my profile or perhaps that’s is a time requirement. Hope to become a part of this believer conversation. שלום Susan
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