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  1. GENERATION: 11.4 γενεάa, ᾶς f: people living at the same time and belonging to the same reproductive age-class—‘those of the same time, those of the same generation.’ ἐκζητηθήσεται ἀπὸ τῆς γενεᾶς ταύτης ‘the people of this generation will be punished’ Lk 11:51. The expression ‘the people of this generation’ may also be expressed as ‘the people living now’ or ‘the people of this time.’ Successive generations may be spoken of as ‘groups of people who live one after the other’ or ‘successions of parents and children.’ Louw, Johannes P., and Eugene Albert Nida. Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament: based on semantic domains 1996 : 119. Print.
  2. Absolutely! "Surely I am coming quickly" does not mean 2,000 + years into the future, but QUICKLY! Jesus returned to judge the harlot Israel by using the Romans, and to do away with all the wicked Jews that had up to that time been persecuting and killing His true Israel (a people of faith in their Messiah). All you have to do read what Jesus CLEARLY said in Mat. 23:34-38, in some of His parable that were meant for unbelieving Israel (Mat. 22:1-14) and then read 1 Thes. 2:14-16 as a follow up. Then read your history (the Jewish-Roman wars that took place in AD 66-70)
  3. Where does it say that Jesus was talking about the end of the world and where is the context of what He was saying to His own DISCIPLES??? Your understanding of these scriptures are totally irrelevant to Jesus' disciples since all of the things Jesus said to them was nothing but mere information that applied to no one in particular except for a far, far, far future generation that probably hasn't been born yet. Think about it before you respond please. By the way, "this generation" means it was it says, not what you would like it to mean. This generation means 'THIS GENERATION"!!! Not 2,000 plus years into the future.
  4. I'm dead serious. Prove that the book of Revelation was written for a futuristic people that probably haven't been born yet. If that is the case, this book has been nothing but a joke for the last 2,000 years since no one can interpret it correctly because it cannot be proven.
  5. Start by proving that the book of Revelation is a book for the future. Chapter and verse will end the discussion.
  6. What you posted is nothing but your personal opinions. Prove with chapter and verse that the book of Revelation was written to an unknown people of the far, far future. Thanks,
  7. There is nothing in the book of Revelation that points to a future age. You need to start reading the other 65 books ad understand why Jesus came and what He accomplished. Leave Revelation alone and stop playing the guru game of a future age. What you posted above is embarrassing.
  8. There is no extreme views from my part. Actually, I believe I have an understanding of the scriptures which makes a lot more sense than most because is 100% Christ centered and Christ glorifying. I don't go for what's popular or worse, just because 90% of the church believes God is a God of the future and will accomplish what He hasn't accomplished yet. I believe that the Lord accomplished all things just as the OT prophesied and now, (not in the future), He sits on the throne of Glory as the final and eternal descendant of David the king. One last note, you cannot isolate one verse of Revelation and give it your own personal meaning. Chapters and verses are not inspired. Chapters were created in 1,100 AD while verses came about 300 years thereafter. Chapters and verses are helpful in finding passages in the Bible, but such divisions have often obscured the meaning of Scripture by breaking sentences in the middle or by separating thoughts that should be joined together. If you want to learn what Revelation means or at least have a better understanding, you need to read the book about 100 times and get a picture in your head as to why it was written to seven churches of the first century, look at the history of those days and try to understand what the churches understood as the prophecies were given to them in picture language.
  9. Totally ridiculous. The book of Revelation is not about the Pope or some sort of sinister idiot that most Christians are waiting for. The book of Revelation was strictly written for the 7 churches of Asia Minor. Nothing spooky about that. Revelation is a book that deals with the judgment of harlot Israel and all the false Jews that rejected the Lord; it is about the end of the old covenant, and the supremacy of Christ over all creation.
  10. Who is talking about oneness here? God is one God revealed in three distinct persons. The Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God. God the Father cannot be God without God the Son and God the Spirit. God the Son cannot be God without God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. God the Holy Spirit cannot be God without God the Father and God the Son. The Father cannot reign without the Son and the Spirit. Did you know that there is only one throne in heaven? This is Christianity 101. By the way, our original discussion had to do with dispensationalism. I say it again, this doctrine is false from the get-go. Do you care to debate me on the unbiblical teachings of dispensationalism?
  11. Have you forgotten that Jesus is God and that God has revealed Himself in three distinct persons? If Jesus is not reigning, God is not reigning because Jesus is God.
  12. You don't see Jesus reigning in heaven? He is Lord of all (Eph. 1:20-22, Mat. 28:18, Heb. 1:3). Perhaps you need a refreshment course on the epistles of Paul and the book of Hebrews where Jesus who is God reigns forever.
  13. What makes you think that the tribulation that Matthew 24 was talking about in the first century, has to do with a far future fulfillment of 2,000 years later? I find it very odd that most Christians don't know how to read or interpret the scriptures correctly.
  14. Yes, go ahead and moderate your scriptures. None of what you claim is found in the scriptures. God does not dwell on earth, but in heaven (Isa. 66:1). Jesus is GOD.
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