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  1. other one

    Advice needed

    For what it's worth I agree with wingnut in that she really needs professional help. If the Holy Spirit leads you to, you might be a sounding board for someone to talk to, but it would be very easy in her vulnerably condition to reattach herself to you and if it isn't possible for a relationship to grow into something, you might accidentally push her over the edge.... She needs a friend to talk things out with, but unless you want to chance ruining your relation with your present GF you should let someone else be that sounding board for her..... ultimately she has to work things out for herself. If she can trust her doctor that would be the best way, but if she can't put her trust in him she needs someone..... but not someone to build a girl/boy relationship with but someone more like a brother who can just listen and make suggestions.... if you could fill that in her life you probably could help her, but your GF might not agree with you doing that.... it could actually be better if your Girl Friend could fill that need in your Ex's life. That would be the best for all three of you. If your Ex is not a Christian it is even more difficult.... Also if you do get involved and she goes over the edge and kills herself, it could do serious harm to you yourself.... so approach the situation only after a lot of prayer and let the Holy Spirit lead you.....
  2. If a husband loves his wife with the intensity that Jesus loved the Church, why in the world would the wife not be submissive to her husband.... when the husband does not love his wife as Jesus did the Church I think she can just tell him to stick it in his ear when disagreements come up....
  3. Ps 31:6 6 I hate those who regard vain idols; But I trust in the Lord. NASB
  4. other one

    When was the last time you changed your mind?

    if a person has serious asthma they should be very careful of eating raw honey made locally.... depending on what the bees have been eating you can have a serious reaction to it. We were vacationing in Phoenix several years ago when I was served honey that had been gathered locally.... It closed up my air passages so much I would have died had I not had my inhaler. Had to use it nearly 20 times over a 5 minute time period to stay open.... I started carrying my epi pen on me for the rest of the trip. I didn't start having asthma trouble seriously until I stopped smoking.... really weird.... Obviously I changed my mind about eating honey that I don't know where it came from..... when we buy raw honey I always try it at home with an epi pen close by.. BTW ArtsLady…. since I came here 15 years ago I have changed my mind about many things regarding both religion and life in general... Some of it was from some of the people here, and a lot of it was when I got computer programs that let me look through the Bible in Hebrew and Greek... Also finding the Septuagint old testament. But I think the best thing about Worthy is that I have had to gather information and really understand why I believe what I believe.
  5. other one

    When was the last time you changed your mind?

    red cedar is 90% of the problem.
  6. So, what do they have the actual authority to do about any of it.....
  7. I really don't think that is a good idea. Those chips have been known to cause cancer in some animals.
  8. I can only tell you what I think I would do..... I would tell the friend that invited you the whole thing you are experiencing and ask them for some help.... if no help comes, I would just find another place to worship... Unless you are really being driven by the Holy Spirit to fix the church I would leave..... and if I was being instructed by the Holy Spirit I'd be open to everyone there and either let it fix itself or get asked to leave..... and I have been in that position in the past.
  9. other one


    I use facebook to keep in touch with about 50 people that I spent about ten years visiting with like here at worthy when ProphectNewsWatchForums shut down. We have a closed group that only invited members can see. I also have about 30 news sites I have selected that pop up on my news feed and it keeps me from searching all over the net finding things..... I spend about half as much time there as I do here on Worthy reading all through what you guys and gals are fretting over... LoL and speaking of LoL I also see some really good jokes...
  10. other one

    Don´t play fps video games

    I would not tag the sin thing to the games, but it is very unhealthy psychologically to spend a lot of time playing them.... Stimulates very similar to drugs and porn and is easy to get addicted to the high for most habitual players. And then there are those people who graduate to not being able to separate the game from reality to peek up their addiction.
  11. other one

    When was the last time you changed your mind?

    did that last month when I got my biannual bronchitis infection that needed Amox. to cure..... Late April and late October I get sick every year...
  12. there is a person who filed an affidavit that he personally saw staff members filling out blank ballots and when he brought it to the attention of the management he was fired on the spot and told to not come back. I don't think we have heard the last of this. The lady in charge was elected to the post and can't just be fired for incompetence..... she has broken several state laws this go around and maybe they will press charges against her and force her out of the position.... I heard the President has sent a legal team to Florida to check on possibilities.
  13. because it takes more than a majority to pass most things in the senate.... while they do have the majority, they don't have the 60 votes to bring things to the floor for a vote.... so they really don't have full control of the Senate.
  14. it may be time to call out the dalicks.
  15. other one

    When was the last time you changed your mind?

    you will get tired of being old by the time you get to be 70 or so and decide you don't want to be old any more.... (voice of experience)… I'll look forward to reading you and see if you make the mind change in 15 years or so..... then I'll be 86 and maybe old by that time. LoL