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  1. I get to be the 100'th poster.....
  2. my tree has lights.... had lights when I bought it... and I do have a light or two that isn't as bright as the others.... cheap lights I guess.... I should have a picture of it somewhere.... mine looks a lot like this one:::: Oh well.... back to seriousness now..
  3. only food I know I'm allergic to is onions.... so I pick french-fries.
  4. I fry it in butter and make sandwiches out of it use it instead of ground beef in meatloaf..... And I've been known to just cut off a big chunk of the bacon flavored kind and have it for a snack. Take a bite eat a potato chip....
  5. even in homes??? do you all have a serious child abuse problem???
  6. God gave mankind the basic command of go forth and multiply and fill the earth.... well we have done that.... and he did not make mandatory for everyone to do that as I remember the scripture. When he was saying that either in Adam's day and the days of Noah, there were very few people on earth... Well those things have changed... one has to take into consideration while we are reading the Bible what is being said, and when, and to whom it is being written for.... not everything written in the Bible is meant for everyone on earth today.... When we do try and put things into that situation it makes for some problems in understanding the word. Not everyone on earth was meant to have and raise children ….
  7. can people who are not scribd members see that article?? And it is really long...
  8. I don't think it was Adam that said that..... Adam popped off and God said Hey Whoa man...… God named her as a woman to remind us forever that Adam was a ….. well I shouldn't say that here... LoL
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