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  1. No it is all fresh water and at Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma. and yes the snake did eat that fish. He/she did drag it over where I couldn't get pictures of the end.
  2. some of the interesting things we find fishingg That last picture is of a fish I actually caught He was so small that he couldn't get the hook all the way into his mouth, but the curveed hook was stuck in it's mouth with the point still outside.... and he fought like a tiger all the time I was getting him/her unstuck.... I hope he grew up into something really big. The next to the last one I'll just leave for you to ponder on, but it was the awesomest thing to watch
  3. how many people around the Clinton's have died mysteriously and only us nutty conspiracy people track and watch it...
  4. no I don't mind at all.
  5. I intend to share what you wrote in the other post with other people and I need to know if you wrote it and if you did can I share it...
  6. LoL or you could take the bible for what it says..... it's a vision in the sky..... and planet/star alignment to give us some time period for when the rest of the paragraph is going to happen....
  7. Hazzard, did you write this or get it from somewhere else? It is pretty well thought out.
  8. http://www.actmemphis.org/Reliance-of-the-Traveller2_complete.pdf if you would like a copy of it......
  9. goodness, I got really busy yesterday and you guys have twirled poor Lady Last around so much she was dizzy when i picked her up and she threw up on my shoulder. Give her a rest here.
  10. With those defensive missiles there Russia is concerned we might attack them and they would not be able to retalliate with thier ground stationed ICBM's.... and they do have a valid point for we could do that.... Since I don't even trust our government and considering the way we have acted over the period of time since WWII, I don't think I can blame them for not trusting us. We are not the squeaky clean government that people seem to think we are.... and our military agenda's are not driven for the best interests of the American People, they are more in tune with the globalists that have many different names over the years.
  11. don't you all realize that the Cuban missile crisis was really over the defensive missiles we had in Turkey at the time.... Russia put the missiles in Cuba but only agreed to remove them when we Kennedy secretly agreed to remove the defensive missiles.
  12. Robins.
  13. there is nothing wrong with you disagreeing with it, but who are you that you can tell them that they are wrong?
  14. Which Bible, they don't all say the same thing, and we can't even agree to that.... Do we get someone to tell us which Bible we read also.... Most of my old testament is from the Septuagint, or would you declare that no good.
  15. LoL and for the past decade or so I've watch people read and comment on the same piece of scripture and have different ideas of what it says and what it means.....