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  1. What happened to Teditis??

    I've been here since 2003 and I think I've said most of what I need to say..... over and over and over again. Do you have any idea of how many Sabbath and 10 commandments and trinity threads that those of us who have been here that long have participated in. Sometimes one just has to back away from it. When one has a little different walk in life it gets a little tiresome to be called unchristian from those experiences and one needs to back off or get personal.... some of us choose not to get too personal and just slow our posts down a lot. When I first came here I read every post that was put up.... one tends to migrate to different parts of the board and see the same subjects come up all the time and it gets boring.... and people drift away. People come here with some hew idea and when others don't go along with it they get frustrated and leave, and then there are a few that just came by to stir up conflicts and when they are stopped they go away... Many reasons why people drift off from the board. I would imagine that the constant conflict that seems to be present here adds to the pressure to come or go..... Then some of us don't leave because God won't let them go.....
  2. that would give them 4 senators and I'm not sure I could agree with that.
  3. the chemical industry that makes the gasses... kind of like forcing out the use of generic drugs....
  4. Christian views on Trump

    LoL, considering how the media twists every little thing he does as horrible, can you imagine what they would do with a tax return the size of the Presidents...... he'd be a fool to release them.
  5. How Did You Get Into Cats?

    I'm rebuilding the file system on a new computer and have no idea where I put the pictures of the cats we have had.... maybe post them when I get settled into the new box.
  6. How Did You Get Into Cats?

    I got my wife a cat just before we got married..... that would have been going on 48 years ago... We have had several cats over the years.... some great, some average and some not so good. We travel a lot now and have decided not to get another cat until we slow our travels a bit. It's expensive to put up a cat while gone and we usually can't take them with us. This is the background screen on my computer.
  7. I would think that just as likely someone in Japan and Hawaii understand how unprepared most people are.... I do hope that at least people take heed and do some thinking about what they are going to do if/when it is real. Panicking isn't a good reaction to an attack.
  8. interestingly, Japan had a false alert today..... tells me that something is going on....
  9. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    I don't normally take a lot of flower pictures, but this one was special a few years ago..... It's growing in a parking area overview sight on the side of the road in southern New Mexico. It's just out in the middle of the area and we must have seen a half dozen cars drive across the parking area and go out of their way not to run over the little thing..... Two others stopped and got out of their cars and took pictures. I was impressed with the tenacity of the flower and with the care of just normal people to let it live.
  10. It actually shows how woefully unprepared we are for that kind of attack from any number of countries.
  11. Which one is better to buy, Apple or PC

    Unless your old computer is a 32 bit, why don't you just load one of the unix operating systems on the computer you have?
  12. Q

    cute, but way off the subject.
  13. What is the best anti-virus?

    I surf the dark web and have for several years checking up on Islamic jihadi's and what the deep state Anonymous researching group is doing to help President Trump in spreading information and researching what's going on so we are not totally shocked when it all comes out in the open. I have not had any problems with anything with the exception that there are several sites that Eset refuses to let you go to (for out own goods).