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  1. I've experienced that.... asthma attack that nearly killed me. Thank God for albuterol.
  2. other one

    9a. Babylon.

    I'm not so sure that Trump should be included in with the rest..... his differences has stirred up a huge rebellion within the deep state which is what you are speaking of. I haven't seen him as part of it..... yet anyway. And he was enticed to run by several members of the military that was considering having to overthrow the government to stop what Obama and his troops were doing to both the world and the country... Going to make the next few years very interesting to live through.
  3. I don't see how anyone can live by the law their entire lives and never break a single one... once you do that you are condemned for there is nowhere to do any sacrifices for forgiveness of anything….
  4. other one

    9a. Babylon.

    A lot of the funding we send them is sent back in purchasing weapons. We are really supporting out military industrial complex.... Some goes to the folks trying to set up a global government to be run by the UN in the long run.... basically our deep state that people talk about has that as a major goal.... and why so many of them are trying to get rid of our President for he does not want a global government but for us to keep our sovereignty here where it should be. But very little of our foreign aid goes to the people who really need it. That's why after a hundred years of ripping wealth out of our nation, the world is still full of poor destitute people.
  5. Yes there are Angels around today.... and there are many stories about strange happenings where a person comes out of nowhere to help people then just disappears.... we can't know who is and who is not an angel in the world today.... They apparently look a lot like us....
  6. and to top it all of I'm allergic to most of the pollen LoL
  7. I think much of the media industry is trying to get us to accept this as normal life... I would think you should either get used to it or find something else to entertain yourself.... it's definitely not good from my point of view, but not much on the USA Network TV is these days. I'm not familiar with UK tv so I really don't know what else you might want to watch.... personally I spend time on Netflix watching movies or Youtube catching just about anything one cares to watch..
  8. something posted here long ago that I thought was interesting.
  9. I've had trouble with Asthma for the last 50 years or so... it can be frightening at times but with the medications available now it's not so bad. I also smoked for a long time. Stopped a bit over 35 years ago and it actually got worse when I stopped. Allergy shots helped me a lot because I am allergic to just about everything they test for... Presently on Symbicort and Albuterol for emergencies. Symbicort for the COPD that the cigarette smoking caused... I've lost some of my lung capacity but overall still can manage a 95% oxygen level most of the time. Mainly, daily, it affects me swimming more than anything else. I did have to stop mowing the lawn about ten years ago.
  10. I agree we should not forget.... and good riddance....
  11. let us hope there are no orphans involved.... but in case there are, keep the Jawz out... Our last invasion was two adults and sex small ones....
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