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  1. other one

    Question about angels

    the angels need salvation as much as we do.... however it is not available for them... We will be judging them when this time is over so if we wanted to give them a break I guess we could....
  2. other one

    Pub Theology

    Sooooo true.
  3. other one

    Pub Theology

    Probably...…. doubt...… hummmmmmm…. sounds kind of like the resistance.....
  4. I think I'd have to disagree with that on many things that I have posted here that have been declared a conspiracy theory...… seems like just about anything that some here disagree with gets that name tagged to it.... The CIA uses that term when they don't want people snooping around the things they are doing..... also DARPA.
  5. other one

    Saving Topics from Deletion

    it would be ok if they were just locked.
  6. LoL, you are assuming that they don't exist...…. and even knowing that the devil is doing his thing to take over the world and keep what he has, some can't believe when others point out what he's doing..... And I find that remarkable.
  7. other one

    Sci-Fi Movies

    you should be able go google it and watch for free.
  8. other one

    A purpose for Satan and mankind's fall

    Well, we are told that we will judge angels...… God made us not capable of doing that by not knowing good from evil..... Satan himself was responsible for Adam and Eve eating the fruit... thus making humans capable of judging them..... I do think God did that just to be a just God... And since the angels rebelled against him he can also see which of us will not follow their mistake and let us be available for things we can't even imagine in the new world....
  9. other one

    The Grave, Visit or Not ?

    Personally I don't feel the need to go to the grave site. I have pictures of my parents and grand parents and look through them often... sometimes I have a little one way chat with them and express my appreciation for their input into my life...… don't suppose they can hear but it makes me feel better about life and can remember some really good times.
  10. other one

    VERY Strange!

    I think the bird is a hawk..... we do still use black hawk helicopters.
  11. other one

    Sci-Fi Movies

    surely there's no one who hasn't seen this movie LoL.
  12. other one

    Mom needs to retire

    probably way too late for these kids. You'd have to tie them up and use a baseball bat to get their attention.
  13. other one

    The Mystery of the Mark

    no one is going to be tricked or accidentally take the mark of the beast.... all one has to do is to be saved and have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. It should only be of use to people who are not believers.... when the time comes we will know. When the time comes it will upset our lives in really big ways and to decide wrong prior to the time it could have negative effects on our lives for no good reason.
  14. other one

    The Mystery of the Mark

    when someone tells you to worship someone/something or they will cut your head off, you will know that it's the beast that some call the antichrist..... it will be obvious.... until then we can speculate all over the place...