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  1. Is it just me...

    His lens cost about as much as my car.
  2. Is it just me...

  3. We are traveling right now... Too much to type on this tablet or phone. Later.
  4. Is it just me...

    Last I didn't get any pictures, but a good friend in Standpoint I'd. Drove down a bit and posted some photos on my Facebook news feed.
  5. Soros and those he is paying are responsible for most of the violence. He uses that in many countries besides here.
  6. How do you Identify Wolves in Sheep's Clothing?

    How to check for wolves in sheep clothing..... zippers, it's all in the zippers
  7. If that's the case you're just messed over .
  8. Is it just me...

    Yes, she was.
  9. While i dont think this was actually Mary, it shouldn't be fluffed off as nothing. Too many people in high places who do take it serious are making decisions that affect us all, also the billion or so catholics we see and deal with daily.
  10. Is it just me...

    Cool ideas,,, but I'm still last.
  11. Of course I would be willing to die for the Lord; be it from persecution, rapture or just old age... And that leaves me the time to ponder all kinds of things
  12. May be in October.......