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  1. The story about the birthday is not reality concerning this scripture. I've checked it on three programs and asked an acquaintance who worked at JPL if they were correct. The Rev scripture has never happened before.
  2. It's still the weekend here and I've read all the last posts... and now I am last.
  3. That is the way the Rothschild family has basically controlled most of the world for a long time.
  4. Unfortunate but needed.
  5. Fortunately for you, we can all express our opinions here. Unfortunately for you, that doesn't necessarily mean that thought is right. So, we wait till the end of this year and see what happens.. BTW Genesis tells us that the stars are there for signs.....I guess we can wait till December or so and finish our discussion.
  6. Not sure if this was a terrorist attack or just a very drunk person.
  7. So do you.... up on a pee break, getting last and back to bed
  8. Like anything, there are people who have allergic reactions to anything. I had a distant cousin that died from a reaction to penicillin. That doesn't mean everyone else should not use penicillin.
  9. I believe that beast is thrown into the lake of fire.... don't see how that could be Islam.
  10. Actually we do....... then we give it to the Federal Reserve Bank and they loan our money back to us... And LOL no that does not involve common sense in any way...
  11. Not like now. When Turkey was the caliphate thing, they kind of took care of themselves.... till after WWII when the west divided up things where they would be in constant conflict. Then we took out our tyrant dictators and left them to the worst of Islam and their internal wars.
  12. I've been taking the shots for 50 years and so far it's working...... and I spent nearly 40 years in and out of hundreds of offices working for Xerox and I don't remember ever having the flu.... other problems from smoking, but not the flu.
  13. it appears to me that JaniceR's post answered that question pretty well. just in case you missed it or hadn't got to it yet...
  14. if you study economics one finds that it takes a certain amount of money in circulation for any economic system to work. As the population of a country grows it takes more money flowing in the system for people to have the money to work, get paid and spend what they make..... and if they save some of thier money, it takes more out of circulation and sooner or later a country does not have enough money in circulation for the economy to be workable. That was the problem in both the US and England in the early 30's There just wasn't enough gold to be able to back the amount of money in circulation for our economy to work...... so we dumped it. If we did go back to the gold standard gold would be so high almost none of us would be able to afford any. not much would have changed over the course of history had we stayed on the gold standard.
  15. I'm last and btw beer is not nasty, my doctor prescribes it for som kidney problems