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  1. it's my understanding that the general public in Venezuela would give much to have their guns back...
  2. Somewhere between 22 and 61 .... depending on the attributes, attitude and spiritual condition of the girl.
  3. it appears that the number of non believers are growing in the US...
  4. I wouldn't call that person a nationalist.... he says he more relates to the Chinese Communist way of life. The guy is very messed up in the head. banning guns is really not going to help the situation, they will just use other weapons.... In China it is common to use knives and sometimes they kill over 20 or so.... Cain didn't have a gun. Guns are the weapon of choice in the US for murder, but it's just because it is easier to use..... if you ban guns altogether, there is no reason to think the murders won't still happen. There are ways to kill large numbers of people besides guns but that's not a subject that needs to be discussed here.... a gun is a tool, same as a hammer or a knife or sword. The problem here is an evil heart. and there is no way to legislate that away.
  5. welcome.... just a note all posts in the US News and US Politics have to be approved for everyone.... it seems that even after many years here not all of us have learned to be civil when it comes to politics....
  6. it's kind of like computers, two weeks after you buy a system it's outdated. I bought a "Nightowl" system several years ago, and they actually got a felony conviction on the theft of one of my generators... Then a year later I decided to change out all the camera's for some new higher resolution cameras. My system is not the least expensive nor the most.... it is my personal experience that the cameras they sell with the system are of lower quality than those you would get buying them individually. Also you have to decide whether you have a hardwired or wireless.... and the way your house is laid out would make a difference. It's also a matter of whether it is tied into a monitored security system like ADT or a stand alone.... and if you use the stand alone you need to make sure that the system emails you pictures quickly for chances are if you're broken into they will steal your dvr and what camera's they can get to. I personally have a system that emails me pictures as soon as the camera's pick up any motion and records about 30 seconds of video from that camera. I don't know of the differences in brand names, but the 12 volt power supplies on the cheaper camera's will not hold up if you replace the camera with a new one without changing to a higher output power supply. If you can it is best to visit someone who has camera's and just see if theirs fits your needs... I would say though that after we got the felony conviction on the dude that took my generator, it seems the word went out and no one even comes on the property any longer. I occasionally leave my garage door open and the lights on when I get busy and stop for a nap and the wife doesn't wake me up till midnight.... so far no one has bothered anything.... but I do have the house and yard lit up at night so anyone can see who's messing around the house. LED lights are very economical to use.
  7. it might have been...… but I would want to know what the muslim was doing there to feel sorry for him/her. If he/she was just trying to understand Christians, I would agree with you. I don't want to sound like I have a big problem with Muslims, for I really don't..... but I do have a huge problem with Islam. Muslims are just misguided folks that need Jesus same as I did/do......
  8. you are setting yourself up for some real heartache as Islam continues to overtake our country.
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