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  1. other one

    Post #2

    here is a big fancy post
  2. other one


  3. "belly of the beast skywatch tv trailer" do a bing search of this and pick the 1:49 video on the right side and watch the trailer. Or pick some of the longer interviews where Tom and the others have discussed it...
  4. I just watched a documentary about the beginnings of the US government.. It is a SkywatchTV production called "Belly of the Beast" It is really eye opening.
  5. other one

    What do you do when the world is cruel?

    realize that you were created by God himself within your mother.... you are unique and God loves you because you are yourself.... If other people don't understand that is no reason that you should let it bother you... You are so special that Jesus came here for the purpose of covering your sins and is giving you an opportunity to spend eternity with him... how special is that... Don't let the short sightedness of others get you down for their assessment of you really doesn't matter.... don't base your self worth on others or you end up with them ruling over your life..... and if they are treating you these ways it is not likely they will be spending eternity with you and Jesus. I guess you could say not to stoop to their levels for you don't want to spend eternity with them in hell.
  6. other one

    I would like to apologize

    I'm guessing that you were not by yourself concerning your thoughts about it,,, but it really was tacky. Thanks for posting this, makes one feel much better about us all when we can trust each other to think about what we write and make it right when we go overboard on a subject.... I'm sure the Lord and the rest of us will just let it go.
  7. other one

    Plage of Locust at Meca Muslims holy site

    looks like crickets to me...
  8. other one


    hummmm, true... I was just thinking about my phone.... none of my windows computers have a camera or microphone but it does rat out where I go and what I do... but so does everything on computers....
  9. other one

    Section 8 and food stamps.

    Like I said I am so thankful that I don't live in a place where people cause that kind of thinking.
  10. other one


    it isn't facebook that is listening all the time... Apple and Google through their phone software that you can't get rid of that is listening.
  11. other one

    Help! My boyfriend drinks&idk what 2 do

    4 of the 5 closest friends I had in high school and college had alcohol problems. three of them died from the problem and they destroyed their families in the process. one got his act together joined AA and is doing well. you need to protect yourself.... it is not your job in life to fix him if he is not willing to fix himself... too many times the alcohol using person will destroy the lives around them before they do their own lives. I am assuming he drinks to access or you would not want him to stop.
  12. other one

    Help! My boyfriend drinks&idk what 2 do

    personally I would drop him and go find someone worthy of yourself...… if you are just determined to put up with him, find a Al Anon meeting near you. That is a group that teaches you how to deal with an alcoholic. Sort of AA for the people around alcoholics. Whatever you do don't marry him unless he gets a long term handle on his drinking.
  13. other one

    evacuation Santa Barbara again

    Mud slides are really scary to me.... praying.