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  1. other one

    Not on Facebook?

    Worthy does not have private groups.... much of the things we share with old friends on FaceBook I would not want to post here for the entire world to be able to see..... I don't post publically on FaceBook, but unless we use PM's that is the case here..... And in case you think it doesn't matter, I have received death threats from some of the things I've posted here about Islam..... not the case with FaceBook since I stopped posting publically. Facebook is what you want to make it... but I would suggest people choose their friends wisely, just as in the real world.
  2. other one


  3. other one

    President Trump

    So did hitler
  4. other one

    President Trump

    Good grief do you listen to anything besides CNN and MSNBC? **shakes head and walks away**
  5. other one

    President Trump

    I find it very bothersome that you take up the authority of deciding who is and isn't a Christian....
  6. other one

    Prayer for God to get rid of the demons

    Just find a group to go to and be with and talk to when you get out of the rehab center..... a short stay in the rehab center will help you get over the physical dependence, but the mental one needs to be addressed also..... a good AA group will help..... three of my friends still attend meetings ten years after they stopped and are doing fine.... the other killed himself last year. My brother in Law attends meeting once a week and he had made some very good friends there and they share and help each other.... it works.
  7. other one

    President Trump

    You should stop watching CNN and maybe try CBN to keep up with the spiritual things going on within the White House, and with the President...… And remember, he is not our Pastor, he is our President... don't expect him to be a pastor in that position. He is dealing with the darkest powers on earth and he is only human so give him a break..... and pray for him.
  8. other one

    Prayer for God to get rid of the demons

    4 of my 5 closest friends in High School and College were chemically dependent Alcoholics..... In my career working in thousands of offices across the country, I don't think I know anyone who has not used the AA format to stop drinking. Be that in the AA program or detox places that follow up with the AA format. You are not going to get rid of your demons until you get rid of Alcohol. I can't say that I had to do that, but everyone tells me that it is easier to stop drinking than is to stop smoking and I did do that. It just depends on how much you want it. I can ask God to visit you as he did me with the Cigarettes if you want..... but I can assure you if he does, you won't like it
  9. other one

    President Trump

    King David was an adulterous murderer. Moses was a murderer. Gideon was a coward, Noah was a drunk who slept in the nude, Abraham let other men walk off with his wife on two occasions not telling them she was his wife, Sarah let Abraham sleep with another woman then hated her for it, Isaac lied about Rebecca being his wife out of fear. The people God uses for his workings does not have to be a perfect Christian..... nor does someone who professes Christ have to live by your ideas.... and I certainly hope you are not holding things the President did prior to him really coming to Jesus against him....
  10. other one

    President Trump

    When did Donald Trump ever claim to speak for God?
  11. other one

    Not on Facebook?

    interestingly, I don't have any friends who share their personal things or their posts with the public. I do have/did have a different account that discussed Islam openly, but after getting a couple of death threats a week I decided to drop it...… you can do things on facebook that is dangerous, but it doesn't have to be..... facebook is simply a tool that you can use to bring people and ideas together. I do have a couple of friends that I do like greatly that share the things they do during the week, but 90% of it is more like what we do here at worthy.... discuss things going on in the world...… and as far as time, I have spent much more time on Worthy than I have facebook not counting the past three months. Not everyone is an airhead millennial that just uses FB to share their daily lives.... and to treat all of us as that is simply not right to do. Right now I am writing you and listening to the Hagman Report that I got the URL from a friend who posted it on my news feed for they knew I'd be interested in it.
  12. other one

    Not on Facebook?

  13. other one

    Genesis 6:3

    keep in mind that when God was speaking this Noah was alive..... Adam had been dead a bit over 100 years when Noah was born so I don't see how he could have been referring to Adam the individual man. Adam in the Hebrew language can refer to a single individual or mankind as a whole if I understand what the Lexicons say. Following the general time flow of the whole chapter it makes more sense that the verse is talking about giving Noah 120 years to build the ark.
  14. other one


    not many people would agree with me here, but it is my opinion that Jesus is the old testament mosaic God Yahweh as it is told by John that he was in the form of god before he incarnated. He used the term I AM as his name to Moses, and he used the term to the Jews who were speaking of Abraham..... and when he was in the garden and asked who the mob was looking for in the Greek text, he replied I AM and they all fell to the ground...…. We do not know the Father's name and didn't know much of anything about the Father until Jesus came and introduced Him to us. Like I said, not too many people would agree with that, but...… we'll see how it goes when Jesus comes back.