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  1. How Do I Contact a Staff Member? - WCF

    Posts in Fellowship Hall don't count on your total counts.. A decision made many many years ago.....
  2. Where can i adopt a lamb as a pet?

    A little story behind my avatar... I took that picture at Yellowstone standing about 10 feet from that huge thing. you can't really tell in that cropped photo but the thing was huge. About 15 minutes later while watching a grizzly bear a ranger mentioned to me that he had seen me taking the picture and told me that I should not do that it was dangerous. The buffalo was laying right beside the road and I was standing by the car with the door open. I told him I was right beside the car and thought I could get to safety before he got up.. Ranger said yes if he had got angry with me I would have shut the door just before he hooked his horns under or through the door and rolled our little Aveo over in the bar ditch..... then he would have stood there for hours waiting for me to get out of the car... I thought he was just stretching things to make a point until last year when we witnessed two big bulls get into a serious fight.... I saw them pick each other and toss each other in the air..... he could have easily rolled our car over in a ditch. Gave me a healthy respect for the power of these magnificent beasts..... Much stronger than cattle.
  3. test post

    no just wanting to know if I could do something....
  4. Where can i adopt a lamb as a pet?

    I can testify to them being dangerous..... a cousin of mine was active in rodeo things and was pretty good at taking steers down and tying their feet. I saw him loose 25 bucks to his girl friend's father betting him he could bulldog one of his rams...... after trying for about 10 minutes he finally made the ram mad and it took three of us to pull the ram off of him.... was the funniest thing. It had him down with his feet on each side of him and every time my cousin would move the ram would give him a good healthy butt in the stomach and/or chest.
  5. I think you are going to find that problem in most places and most subjects..... People tend not to want to spend the time to understand complex things that take time to gather all the information to understand one's stand on things. It's not that people are not intelligent enough to understand, but they just won't take the time to get all the information to do so.
  6. WorthyNews:US job openings soar to record high of 6.3 million

    I've been 50% disabled legally since 1968, but I had jobs the whole time... We have about 59 million people who are on SSI, of some sort, spending my retirement money that I paid in my whole life... I find it very hard to believe that we have that many people who can't work at all considering the problems I had my entire career with Xerox and still managed to get up every day and go to work.
  7. Putin has been good for Russia.....
  8. Suicide

    I would think you should be a lot more concerned about spending eternity in hell than cutting your throat....
  9. talking to someone in a coma

    I agree Ayin. We were with mom and dad when they died and was holding their hands and talking to them...... with mom, I stroked her hand and talked with her for sometime after she stopped breathing and her heart stopped... I don't know how long she could hear me but I didn't want to leave her alone for a bit of time just in case.
  10. they have good reason to dislike her...... Putin's last election we tried our best to see that he did not get elected and when he did win, Hillary as Secretary of State and the CIA made such a fuss about their election practices it caused riots in the streets.... Hillary sent Victoria Nuland and several CIA people over to Ukraine and fomented the overthrow of that government which has caused Russia huge problems..... The eastern half of Ukraine is inhabited with Russian speaking people and Russia is keeping them from being abused..... Crimea is about 90% ethnically Russian and speaks Russian and did not want to become part of Ukraine and held an election to take themselves back to Russia where they had been in the past Crimea has the only warm water port Russia has close to their location, and we talked Ukraine into not renewing their lease on that port which would have made it impossible for them to have any power at all over the Black Sea which they consider being about the same as the Gulf of Mexico..... We were planning on moving the NATO fleet to that port in place of the Russian Navy. Russia has great reasons to hate the Clintons and considering everything should be no surprise they would do what they could to interfere... and considering Obama sending people and about $300,000 dollars to Israel to try and defeat Netanyahu..... and all the governments we have overthrown in the Middle East and Central and South America. we really have no right to condemn them.
  11. 9/23/17 Review

    Just thinking that we really should recall what was supposed to happen on that date before we declare it non reality.... I heard so many different things that was supposed to happen that it's rather confusing.... Same was with the Mayan Calendar...... people injected so many things into that, that the Mayans never said that it pretty much concealed everything that may have been real. Even the Y2K thing that everyone poopoos was not real..... the company I worked for spent millions of dollars so that the Y2K would not be the disaster that was talked about. Though it was hyped as going to happen the real problem is that the MSM didn't really tell you how much people did to make it a nothing thing.
  12. Stephen Hawking, famed physicist, dead at 76

    I really do think we should let Jesus do the judging here..... He knows much more about Steven than any of us could ever dream of.
  13. Stephen Hawking, famed physicist, dead at 76

    very interesting person and life.. I do hope he came to Jesus in those final moments.102.