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  1. when you read the word "god" in the Bible, what dies it mean in the original language. It's important to know that. Most have a preconceived set of thoughts when we hear or read that word..... but what was the original writers thoughts and the people hearing and reading that word?
  2. it's my understanding from watching Fox News that most of the 22 million that do not have insurance would be because it is thier choice not to have insurance.... Paraphrase: If we don't force people to get insurance, they won't. Not many MSM's will put it that way.
  3. it's a system that Amazon sells e books.... they have special tablets you can buy or free software you can download and read electronic books. There are about 300,000 books that you can download for free... You can loan your books to other people for two weeks if you have purchased them. We have close to 300 books we have purchased over the past years. Some free, some for a dollar, others more. Research books are a bit higher. Problem is you can't loan books to people in other countries. if you have a tablet or phone go to the Google store or the Apple store and download the app for Kindle.... I also read books on my PC with the Kindle software. I also have one of the original Kindle's that has text to speech so it can read me the books if my eyes get tired or we are on a trip..
  4. last from logan SWEET
  5. you are more than welcome to go back over there and celebrate all you want.....
  6. hummmmm, something random...... 37
  7. no they live in Texas and I don't want those people from those countries around them until we have the where with all to check those people out.
  8. I am more concerned with the safety of my grand children there have been exceptions to the travel ban from the beginning....
  9. last
  10. who is a Christian and how do you tell?
  11. and concerning that might I remind people that there are some things in this world that you can't un see..... no matter how much you would like to..... don't go there.
  12. I'm going to pick up last now and take her to breakfast.
  13. it is this kind of action that causes them to write bills that benefit the whole country....
  14. That is dangerous if you don't define what "it" is.