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  1. Oh yes.... I've dabbled with these people for years. Actually my invitation was using it's official name of Groom Lake. Using Area 51 or 51 Area will get the attention of those monitoring us. When I worked nights years ago I used to listen to Art Bell's radio show to keep awake when there wasn't anything going on. On the average he had about 6 million listeners at any one time. George Norey took his place when he retired. Show is Coast to Coast. They have been promoting ET's for at least a couple or three decades and wanting full disclosure of our governments interface with them. I got acquainted with some rather off the wall people during those days. We leave messages over Face Book now and then to keep me up with what the ET's are up to... I think that's what bothers me about this gathering.... the promotion was nothing but a joke, however, I know of a lot of people who won't take it that way, and I fear that some of them will meet in the desert and get themselves in trouble.... if nothing else the desert out there can be dangerous besides what DARPA might do to you... That place is where we test really off the wall things and who knows what they have at their disposal. We had a run in with those type of folks in New Mexico about 30 years ago. My wife and I were on our way to Carlsbad Caverns and noticed a rather nice road taking out across the area and we decided to see where it went.... After about 15 miles two blue jeeps came out of nowhere and blocked the road.... Two nice airmen got out of one jeep and walked over to my side of the car and simply said, "You can't be here." I said I understand and by the time I got the car turned around and looked in the mirror they simply vanished... Never did find out where that road went LoL Seriously there is a very large number of people who are convinced that we have alien technology that we back engineer at 51 and some of them have thought that for a very long time. September 20 could possibly turn out to be a very interesting day... My thoughts about the possibilities have changed a bit just writing this post.. But one thing hasn't changed a bit.... you won't find me in that area..... well..... unless I'm abducted by ET's.
  2. It helps to have six big brothers.... though my wife never needed them...
  3. it's 7 PM and still about 95 degrees under our carport 99 earlier.... tomorrow should be 100 We put remote starters on both of our vehicles so if we have to get out we can cool the cars off before we dash out in the heat... My wife has MS and she has a lot of trouble with these temperatures I don't think she could walk a block out in the heat.
  4. I don't know... Bill Clinton gets about a half million dollars for an hour or so talking.
  5. Satan's best tactic is to convince you he doesn't exist. that's the first step in believing there is no god.
  6. well then riddle me this.... Moses and 74 other people of the elders of Israel saw the God if Israel..... the God of Israel is Yahweh/I AM or whatever you want to call him however Jesus told us that no man has ever seen the Father... So tell me how this can be without causing a very serious conflict within the Bible.... Is the Bible mistaken or was Jesus mistaken or is it they are both right and Jesus/Yahweh/I AM is not the Father
  7. The official date is September 20, 2019. That was in my first invitation anyway......
  8. This was started as a joke in the beginning and hopefully people are not seriously going to travel there.... I am sure there may be a few disturbed people who might but not any large numbers...
  9. you need to come and visit what goes on within the USA and not just take what the news organization put out as they are motivated by pushing global government. Our country is not and will never be a socialist country. Your accusations as to what the majority of US citizens do and think are extremely offensive.... just so you will know, the vast majority of people in the USA are nothing like what it promoted in the Main Stream Media. That is the reason Donald John Trump was elected president and will be again next year.
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