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Found 9 results

  1. Before i write this Thread's simple message, i wanted to again encourage you, all of you, to go to your local Gym and sign up. Many people use "Planet Fitness", but, whatever, no matter which, find one, and use it. Your phone book, or just looking on the Web for Gyms in your CITY or TOWN, will give you several options, i would predict.. What age should you start? If you are 16 and over, then go to a gym. Use a cane? Have issues walking? Need someone to watch your dog? Go to a gym. A gym is a fountain of youth waiting for all, reader. It'll change your life for the better if you will go and be consistent about it. IN 2 weeks, or less, you'll feel very comfortable going, as you'll see the same people......etc, etc, etc. IN less then 2 months, you'll begin to truly realize why im telling you to go. In 6 months, and until a year, you'll be saying to yourself. "why did i never do this"... "I feel SO GOOD !!!!! " AND IT only gets better.....Try it. You'll see. ---------- So, i wrote a fairly detailed Thread yesterday "Eternal Security <> Salvation", and i hope you were able to read it and become even more secure in your Redemption if you already are, and if you are not, i hope that Thread and most of my Threads will help you to have a new understanding, a true understanding regarding God's Love poured out on you as an Eternal Redemption, thru the BLOOD of Christ. If you did read it yesterday, thank you, and i want to supplement it now with this Thread. And you can recall from the previous Thread's topic...... that Jesus will never leave you. Which explains WHY "Christ in you IS YOUR HOPE OF GLORY"..... And "hope of glory" means, you are going to heaven, expect this, look for this, and be happy about it. (HOPE). "Glory" is eternity with God with Christ.. Its everything that you will encounter after you are either Raptured or you die. And its all GOOD, and so good is it, that it has not even entered into your imagination, what God has prepared for those who love Him who are justified by Christ's blood. As i was driving to the Gym this morning, i was thinking about teaching the simplicity of salvation, as this is not always taught in a way that allows it to be seen in its simplicity. Now, ive taught the Grace of God all over the world, to people of many different cultures.... French, Asian, Russian, Muslim......etc.. And so, i learned that for Salvation to be understood as Jesus would want, for the benefit of the hearer, i need to be clear. --------------------------------------------------------------------- So here is a clear understanding of becoming saved.. Lets say, You are not saved. This means you are not joined to God and His Family and to Christ. The barrier is your Sin. Your sin has made you UNRIGHTEOUS..... So, Salvation is God's method of making you Righteous. Thats it. Thats all it is... You have no righteousness and so, you can't be joined to a Righteous God, whose name is HOLY. So, you have a prob. How do you get the righteousness that you need so that you can be a part of God's righteous family? And this is where all ideas and false theology and "religion" bite the dust and die. See there is nothing you can do, of yourself, to become righteous or STAY righteous. You can't of yourself do either. God knows this, so, He provided His very own Righteousness for you, as "the gift of Salvation", "the gift of Righteousness". The main difference between an unbeliever and a believer is that the believer has been given God's righteousness, as a gift. God righteousness, functions as a completed righteousness. Its all of it given to you, at once, and its sealed unto you, into you, and on you, until your day of redemption. (When you meet Jesus). God's righteousness Its Jesus on The Cross saying , "it is finished", and proving this is TRUTH by walking out of His Tomb....ALIVE. All of this is defined by and as GRACE. Grace, God's Grace, defines all of it. God's Grace, is Jesus. God's Grace is GOD making you Righteous. And the Righteousness He Gives you, comes from Jesus... who IS your Righteousness. Jesus is your Righteousness. If you are born again, then you have Jesus's Righteousness in place of your unrighteousness. Being "in Christ" means you are BECOME the Righteousness of Christ. This happened because God MADE YOU RIGHTEOUS when you FIRST BELIEVED. And in fact, you are exactly the same Righteousness as Christ, right now, and forever, if you are born again. Being SAVED, means you have Jesus in your heart, and in your Body. And Jesus said He will never leave you..... Being Redeemed means you have Jesus's Righteousness, in place of your unrighteousness. God dying as Jesus on the Cross is how God accomplished this for you. Jesus's sacrifice of Himself for you on the Cross, is how His Righteousness is given.... God then takes this Righteousness and offers it as "For God so loved the world, that He GAVE"..... And everyone who will call on the Name of Jesus, believing in their heart the Gospel, ... God sees each heart that does this, accepts this faith AS Righteousness, and He then takes The very righteousness of Himself, which is Christ's righteousness, and (imputes) GIVES IT TO YOU, and it becomes you. You as the "new creation in Christ" is you becoming God's very righteousness. "Christ in you", is what causes it, and you being "in Christ" is the result. And then it gets even better. Thats right, it gets even better. ..... First lets look at some words that actually mean "Grace", which actually mean "Jesus". Understand that Jesus is Grace. God's Grace IS Jesus... Jesus is Salvation. Jesus is Righteousness. Jesus is the Blood Atonement. Jesus is Redemption... Jesus is Eternal Life So, if you have Him inside you, if you are born again, then you have all those inside you, also. = Hallelujah !! .... And because Jesus said He will NEVER LEAVE YOU, then all of those concepts, that are your "Christ in you" reality..... are also never Going to leave you. Not ever. Simplified ?? = Because Jesus will never leave you, then Redemption, Eternal Life, The Blood Atonement, Justification, Sanctification, also will NEVER LEAVE YOU. So, do you see how God's Grace just keeps getting better and better? All of that is in you, because Jesus, who will never leave you, is in you. ------------------------------------------------- And here is the icing. Here is the pièce de résistance........ Philippians 1:6 """"Being confident of this very thing, that God which hath begun your Salvation in you will Himself perform it, until the day of Jesus Christ"" Saint......Notice this verse carefully, as its a Gold Mine in a universe of Glorious Hallelujah's . This verse is one of the greatest verses in the bible, maybe the greatest verse in the New Testament, outside of "God is Love and For God so loved that He gave, Jesus." This verse is telling you something, very very very important. Seal it in your heart. Deeply. Its telling you, that you can have Confidence in the reality, and the truth, regarding the FACT that God HIMSELF who started your Salvation, (made you Righteous) is Himself Going to Complete it for you..... until you meet Jesus. So what is the simple understanding of this verse? It means that God's salvation, that is given to YOU as a Gift, is all in His hands to complete for you, and He promises He will. It means that YOU DONT COMPLETE IT....... He DOES !! What you do, is try to please God with your life, that is your Discipleship, but that is not your Salvation. Your salvation is for God to complete, after Christ has become "Christ in you". Do you want the Koine Greek, and the Ghetto version, understanding? Do you want it right across the plate so that you can give it your best swing? Saint, this verse means, that God created HIS Salvation, that you dont control. A Grace, that you dont maintain. A Redemption that you dont supervise. Its simply means that God created His righteous merciful GRACE that saved you, so that you can't mess it up after it does. And that is why you can't lose your salvation. Its because God who started it, is the Same God who will finish it FOR YOU. Not you. Him. Philippians 1:6 This verse is simply teaching that The God who saved you, will Himself, keep you saved..... And as the verse tells you, you are to have CONFIDENCE IN GOD to do it. B
  2. Here is a simple Thread concerning ONE always confused "lightning rod" topic(s).....3.) "What is blasphemy of the HS">. along with 1.) OSAS, and 2.) "losing salvation". And the lack of understanding about these 3 really defines the distinction between legalists, and the born again. It also exposes the level of New Testament understanding a believer or non, actually has understood, regarding The Blood Atonement and Redemption and Grace. The fact is... if you are not saved, or if you are saved but are religious..(Legalist) OR.... if you are very self righteous in both cases, then this comes to light very brightly regarding how you will react on Threads that deal with those 3 topics. Here is something to know... If you are a deep student of the word of God, then you are a deep student of Paul, of His epistles, = deep student of the Grace of God. If you are not a deep student of the word, you will not be familiar with Paul's teaching (Doctrine), and that is why you will have such an issue with understanding that Grace has replaced "works", and that is why so many argue endlessly on Christian Forums, trying to prove that the Grace of God is only as good as you are... regarding you "staying saved". Now think about that, and God give you light., if you are one of the many who is trying to keep yourself saved by your lifestyle. --------------------------------------- Ok, Blasphemy of the HS.. One way to think of it, is simply.... the act of being an obstacle between a person and them finding the Lord or being born again. In other words, if you or if anyone somehow creates a situation where someone would be blocked from their pursuit of Salvation. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. And example would be an Atheist online, on a forum, telling people that God is a myth, Jesus is not risen, and Christianity is a hoax. If you are over 50, and you remember Peter Jennings, former anchor of ABC News, or Christopher Hitchens, a famous European Political Analyst... Well, just before both of them died, they decided to pursue , in public, the idea that Jesus is a myth, and Christianity is a Hoax. And they both died not long after they decide to preach this message of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. So, its like i tell atheists on forums that are not Christian Forums.. I tell them that until they can prove that God does not exist, then its best to stand back from the pulpit where they are preaching their unbelief against God, in public, as God has shorter patience for this, ive noticed over the years. "God is not mocked". "it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God".......and that is a fact, regarding God who is Love. The best state of mind and mouth an unbeliever can have, is to think..."well, until i can prove that God does not exist, i will keep an open mind and a closed mouth regarding preaching my unbelief in public. I personally, have zero patience and zero tolerance for anyone who claims the names of Jesus, and goes on Christian forums and tries to talk people out of their salvation, by lying to them. And the lie is to tell a born again believer that they can stop being born again, if they behave badly, or dont have enough obedience, works....commandment keeping....etc. This really galls me, and fires up my Righteous indignation to the MAX , because its a so called "christian" doing the devil's work, on a Christian forum, and this should not be allowed, and i do my best to stomp on it, because its so harmful in its effect on weak Christians who are not grounded in Grace, and fall prey to these mind blinded workers of deceit. See, i dont think any of you have ever actually tried to help someone who believes they have lost their salvation, because some heretic idiot convinced them, usually by twisting verses in Hebrews, to cause this mental breakdown. And i mean its a mental breakdown that many born again have and are having., thinking they are lost and going to hell, panicked, living in dreadful FEAR....Dysfunctional human beings....ruined...... when if fact they are saved and are going to heaven. Ive seen the devastation of real Christians that is caused by this work of the devil, using a so called "Christian" to achieve it. And once you have seen this, you'll be a lot more anti-sensitive to these devils who hang out on forums like this one, then you are now. Real Christian Forums, should have zero tolerance for these heretics. ZERO. Their should be a statement of Faith that says....""We do not allow members to harass and try to confuse other members regarding the heresy defined as " losing your salvation". This is not tolerated. If you are discovered to be doing it, you will be warned once. If you persist, you will be permanently banned. "" ==================================== Ok, back to the teaching.... Now, when we want to understand what Jesus is talking about when He is talking to the religious leaders, of His day, about their blasphemy, then you have to stop right there, and see that this is a specific moment, with Jesus himself being accused of doing His works by the power of the Devil. So, ask yourself.... who isn't doing this, is who this verse does NOT apply to ???? That would be everyone who was not there at that time. Now why would what these Pharisees were saying to and about Jesus, "not be forgiven now or in the world to come".. and this is KEY.. If you can see this, then you will have a lot of light regarding something very simple that applies across the board to any and all Christ Rejectors.. Understand that this sin that they were committing by accusing the Lord of being the Devil's tool....... It isnt this specific sin that Jesus is referring to that would damn them that day, or "In the world to come"... So, what is the sin that Jesus is actually talking about, that is their damnation, as it is the damnation of all who commit it? Its the sin of rejecting Christ as Savior. Its the sin of dying unsaved. Its Jesus explaining...."If you do not believe that I AM the messiah, then you will die IN YOUR SIN(s)". (Unforgiven)... And this is explained technically and literally in John 3:36, where it says that you dont have to be dead to be damned, and that the judgment of God against your sin, is currently IN PLACE, regarding anybody and everyone who is not born again and is of the age of accountability. See a person who is damned, is judged by God as damned, and this is happening as long as they are rejecting Christ, which means, RIGHT NOW....The only thing that changes, is that the final end result is given to them for their Christ Rejection, after they die. = Hell, then the Lake of Fire. That is the eternal end result of Christ Rejection, that IS Damnation, that was already their's when they were alive, living and breathing as Christ rejectors. So, in the case of these Pharisees, their damnation, was not their accusation, but it was their Christ Rejection...(in this world and in the world to come) ......same as it is for anyone who is lost, and is not a Believer in Yeshua. So, they were blaspheming against the Lord, and against the HS< but this is just sin..........However, their damnation, that Christ is pronouncing against them, is based on their Rejection of Him......Their Unbelief, as its this that is causing their words. (Heart Unbelief) So, their words are a reflection of their unbelief, and its their unbelief that has them under God's judgment. John 3:36 So, if you are born again. you can't undo your salvation, because its not yours to undo... It is God's who did it for you, because its HIS, that Jesus earned and Gives. Salvation is not of you, or me.. We dont do it. We can't save ourselves, and we can't keep ourselves saved. Salvation is what GOD DID, its a Finished Work, through Christ, that He APPLIES TO YOU and ME. = Forgiveness of all sin..... No longer holding us accountable for them, in eternity, and does not impute them to us now. Romans 4:8 We are SINLESS, as if we never sinned, in God's perspective, because He has given us the Righteousness of Christ, and given our sin to Jesus, our sin bearer, who died for them all. And a born again person says....>"but what about this sin".......and the answer is always the same no matter the sin, ... Final Answer:) Jesus died for that one, and all the rest. Every sin, all sinning, has already been paid for by Jesus's sacrifice on the Cross, = His death. "but what if i".... = ALREADY Paid for, on the Cross. "but what if i".. = ALREADY Paid for, on the Cross. "but what about this sin, its a fancy one, its rare".... = ALREADY PAID FOR, ON THE CROSS. "SIN", ALL OF IT... has been dealt with on the Cross, and you are now a SAINT of God, a Child of God, and this for eternity, even tho you are not perfect. See, Jesus IS perfect, and His sacrifice was perfect, and God accepted His sacrifice, to accept you because of it. God does not accept you because of YOU.....WHO ARE YOU? Who am I? Understand.....God ONLY accepted you, and accepts you still, and always will, if you are born again, = because of the Cross. The blood and death of Jesus <> ALONE<> made you acceptable to God and keeps you acceptable to God.
  3. Hello Reader Thanks for taking the time to read this Thread. This threads topic will be for me, a slight departure, as im a teacher that is trained in Pauline Theology and am an evangelist by "call", so, 99% of what i show you, is going to be related to Salvation, or to Paul's specific doctrines for the Church. So, Typically i dont speak much about the Old Testament, or about The Revelation. However, recent discussion with a person here has decided for me that i should post a nice simple and clear Thread about one subject in The Revelation, so that you can see it clearly. Generally, as i said, im going to stick to Pauline Theology, and happily so. The other reason I dont really spend a lot of time teaching The Revelation, is because if you put 100 Theologians in a room, all discussing this part of the New Testament, and you left them in there 100 yrs...... At the end of the 100 yrs, they still would not agree with each other, regarding all its content. Thats a fact. So, i prefer to stay where the ground is solid, the rabbit trails are covered with clarity, and the truth is not enamored in symbolism, and the main subject is the Cross. Thats what works for me, the best. Now i need you to think about this. I need you to realize that the central teaching of the New Testament is the subject of Righteousness. Jesus came to give it, and if you die without it, that's an eternal problem that you can't solve. Sometimes i teach and state that the Lake of Fire will be burning the unbelievers, for as long as God lives. And that is both harsh and true. What keeps it from being cruel, is the fact that anyone who end up there, chose this for themselves. They made a fully informed freewill decision to reject Christ, freely. Never will a person stand before God, who has heard the Gospel while on the earth, say to the Almighty, that its His fault that they end up in the Lake of Fire. After all, what more can God do to get you into His family then let His Son die to get you into it? So, if you, reader, end up standing before God as a Christ Rejector, you did so after reading what i just told you. So, you have no excuse, and you already knew to Trust Christ as your Savior before you ever read what i just said. Right? Lets be REAL.....thanks. Now, Saint, when you have your revelation right, when you have rightly divided the word correctly, through the Holy Spirt, then the New Testament will function together in perfect sense. In other words, when you have the right Light, then there will be no contradiction found in the New Testament. And when you are being taught by someone who is full of Light, then what they teach, will not contradict PAUL. Got that? And this is one of the main ways you discern who is lying to you, vs who is teaching you what agrees with Paul. And how much does this matter? It is the only thing that matters when you are learning the New Testament, and when you are being taught by someone. If your teacher does not align themselves with Paul's theology of the Grace of God, as an unearned GIFT, and similar........then RUN. Remember that. Remember that Paul makes the Cross OF EFFECT< and a heretic tries to make the Cross of Christ of NON-Effect., of NO Effect, regarding keeping you saved. I just used a magnifying glass on the heretics for you. So, cutting to the chase. All teaching regarding any subject in the New Testament, has to perfectly align with what Paul teachers, regarding any subject he teaches. If it doesn't then it heresy and the teacher is a heretic. So, if you want to protect yourself from a heretic, then you have to have the tool to do so. The Tool, is Paul and his Doctrine. If you know it, then you can spot a heretic in about the blink of an eye. Ok, lets look at a phrase in The Revelation and filter it through Paul's doctrine so that we dont end up in the land of confused heresy. Now if you study Paul's epistles, then you are familiar with "justification by faith" Alone. Notice that word "alone"? It is the word that separates the real believers and the "one true church" from the heretics and all their denominations. That word "alone" as indicated by the phrase "Justification by faith", simply and absolutey means that JESUS ALONE saved you and keeps you saved. And once you get this, once you see this, then all the heretics who try to make you pay for your own salvation, by telling you that you will "Lose it" if you dont complete their list, or if you dont twist a scripture as they do.......You are permanently delivered from them.... and that is a big part of my ministry. Its to protect REAL BELIEVERS from them, by getting you to the place in your understanding of The Grace of God where you can see them clearly, and recognize them instantly. ------------ ------------------------ Now lets get to this verse. Its this. Revelations 3:5 "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life" Now, look at the reason a name wont be blotted out of the book of life... "he that OVERCOMETH". So, who is this... Its this person... 1 John 5:5 """""Who is he that overcometh , but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?""" And who is this? This is all the born again.... see the "believeth that Jesus is the Son of God"? That's YOU, thats ME, thats all the born again. That is "he that OVERCOMETH"< in that verse about the BOOK. So, if you don't want to be the one whose name is blotted out of the book of LIFE, then be the overcomer who has TRUSTED IN CHRIST". Be BORN AGAIN. BE SAVED. OR, if you want to have your name blotted out of the book of LIFE, all you have to do is be a CHRIST REJECTOR,. and die. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now, let me give you the real teaching on this "Book of Life" so that the heretics can't fool you. You've seen that the believer in Christ is not blotted out of the book of Life. And that is the main thing you need to see. But what about this book? Ok, this is deeper water, and has to do with the foreknowledge of God. The foreknowledge of God, is God's ability to know all things, and that includes your thought and the intention of your motives, and it also means that God knows what is going to happen before it happens. This is foreknowledge. or, the knowledge of all things= be-FOR- it happens. The Lambs Book Of Life....what is it? Well, its a real book. And this book contains the name of every one who ever existed or will exist. You, me, Moses, Hitler, Adam, Eve, Donald Trump, and all the yet to be born. Its a "book of Life" that contains the names of all who will ever "be". As this is the foreknowledge of God, knowing all the names of all, and they are written down, "before the foundations of the world" in this BOOK. God also knew, "before the foundations of the world" that Jesus would be needed to come and die for your sin. So, all of this is known by God, before it was even HERE. The Book was in existence, before Mankind was created. Now, what about that blotting out.. A name is blotted out of that Book of Life. Recently a member here, who does not believe that Jesus Keeps You Saved, chose the "book of life" verse, to try to prove that a born again Christian can end up in hell with Christ in them. As you can see, this verse has nothing to so with the idea that you can lose your salvation. So, again....the book of life, is the FOREKNOWLEDGE of God, regarding the names of all who will ever exist, before they were born....all names of all ever created, written in this book. And remember what you do to get you name blotted out? = You dont BELIEVE, In Christ. So, each Christ Rejecter, has their name in the book before they are born, and their name is blotted out, because they died in UNBELIEF. I would offer the opinion that their name is blotted out before they die, because God already knew they would die a Christ Rejector. (Foreknowledge). So, that is how that Book Of Life works. Don't be one of those who gets blotted out. Be a Believer. Trust in Christ.. Keep your name in that Book. Choose Heaven, not hell. <B><
  4. I awoken because I felt something bad was or is happening/happened and my dog was peeing after he pooped on the motels carpet. At that moment; feelings in which go against my very being started come forth and afterwards I had mourned in remorsed & prayed. I came on my phone to see if the wifi was on to write a testimony unto you all of Satans works. He tried to tempt me into temptation. Be weary Brothren & Sistren in these trial days. He tests us all and sees all before it happens and waits to see our results. STAND FIRM AND RAISE YOUR HAND TO SATAN AND CAST HIM OUT INTO THE COLD COMING WINTER WITH LOVE, PATIENCE, AND KINDNESS WITH BLIND FAITH IN OUR LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, AMEN!
  5. Yes. I would love Jesus anyway. How about you? My love is unconditional. Or I at least want it to be. I am practising unconditional love. Jesus comes from a place of unconditional love and he is in heaven (and here all over the earth as the Holy Spirit) and in heaven there is only unconditional love. I believe you must come from a place of unconditional love yourself, before you can enter heaven. I don´t think you can enter heaven if you have sin in you. Sin is not allowed in heaven. So I believe you must come from a place of unconditional love in order to enter heaven. How can you become unconditionally loving? By following Jesus. Jesus is the way of truth and unconditional love that leads eternal life in heaven. Follom him. He is the way. "I am the way." - Jesus (John 14:6) Thoughts? EDIT: oh, I noticed this is the "seekers lounge"... Maybe this post doesn´t belong here. Sorry!
  6. From The Voice Of The Martyrs.... In Muslim nations today, speaking on a religious subject considered to be contrary to Islam can mean death. Ironically, Muslim worshipers face a death penalty themselves. The Bible teaches that the penalty for sin is spiritual death. Apart from Christ, everyone faces eternal death. Thankfully, however, Christ has paid the death penalty for all who believe, even Muslims. Jesus Christ took our place at the hand of the executioner by being crucified on a cross. His death enables us to have eternal life with God in heaven. Thank God today that your death sentence has been commuted and that you have been pardoned. And pray for those in Muslim nations who may kill Christians on earth, but without Christ, face their own eternal death. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23 (New International Version) Any (Kind) Thoughts? “You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike. If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:43-48 (New Living Translation) ~ Love, The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them. Numbers 6:24-27 (King James Bible) Your Brother Joe
  7. As we enter the month of peace, I can't help but wonder if it will be one of our last. Cities in the US are burning, innocent people are being attacked, and the lawless and envious are spreading hatred and chaos throughout the nation. Elsewhere, in the Middle East and Northern Africa, radical islamists are viciously killing anyone and everyone that stands up to them. In South America, a steady stream of poison is being produced and distributed throughout the world. The ultra wealthy, not happy with their current fortunes, continue to devise newer and more cunning ways to steal from the people. Evil forces are removing peace from the world and turning us against each other by creating countless moral dilemmas for us to bicker over. So, we do what we've always done. We pray for peace. Casting Crowns' remake of this song is absolutely beautiful! "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" lyrics (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), 1867) I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Their old familiar carols play, And wild and sweet the words repeat Of peace on earth, good will to men. I thought how, as the day had come, The belfries of all Christendom Had rolled along the unbroken song Of peace on earth, good will to men. And in despair I bowed my head: "There is no peace on earth," I said, "For hate is strong and mocks the song Of peace on earth, good will to men." Then pealed the bells more loud and deep: "God is not dead, nor doth he sleep; The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, With peace on earth, good will to men." Till, ringing singing, on its way, The world revolved from night to day, A voice, a chime, a chant sublime, Of peace on earth, good will to men!
  8. Cedar2326


    Hello My Name is Joe. I am currently in my last week of being a high school freshmen. I go to a very small school, of which there are only 32 kids in the high school. Last Friday, the teacher in charge of detention was handing out detention notices to everyone who had received detention. I did not receive a slip and I personally spent five minutes talking to ensure myself that I had not received detention. He promised me that I was not on the list. Then, the next morning I got an email from him saying he had lied and that I did have detention. Now on the last day of school, I have to go to detention after school ends. I have detention for the stupidest reason, too. Out of the 250 days I went to school this entire year, I walked in a minute late on three of those days. That is enough to get me detention. My school is apparently "Christian", but the teachers literally act like the spawn of the devil. They are always yelling at me, always assigning me extra work, always riding me, always ridiculing me, and always telling me I'm worthless and hurting my feelings. I hear that in detention it is ten times worse. The thing about it is that during parent teacher conferences all of the teachers act like angels and they are super nice to the parents, telling them that we are all wonderful students, so my parents have never believed me when I told them what terrible people were in charge of my education. Finally, I just ended up completely revolting against my parents and enrolled in a new school next year without their consent, because I have a life to live. But all of these teachers are SO bad and hurtful to me, and I literally hate them for treating me like a bag of scum. In 4 days, these people will no longer have jurisdiction over me, and I want revenge. I want to tell them how horrible they were. I want to wring their necks. I'm having such a hard time just leaving them be and forgetting they existed, because, although it's terrible, I literally want them dead. I'm not overreacting, I would not be surprised if they were demons hypnotizing all of the parents to send their children here. In my anger, I've sort of started a student revolt, taking a third of the high school with me this year, and another half after next year. But how can I control my anger against these freaks? How can I show them that their wrong? How do I resist the urge to stinkin shoot them?!?! I am not an angry person, but I have been abused so badly, I can't imagine what God wants me to do with this situation. HELP!!!!
  9. Hi, I wanted to post this in the prayer requests section, but as a newbie I found that I'm not able to post there, so here it is. This is long but I would appreciate anyone who reads and prays, as its a longtime ongoing situation which has affected many and I can't stand it anymore. There are these two guys who are absolutely deluded in thinking God has chosen either of them for me as my life partner. They are always posting prayer requests online, calling me their gf, wife, fiancee, even a divorced woman or a single mother (I'm NONE of these things). They attach all sorts of untrue disorders to my name, even say horrendous things like that I was sexually abused or that I'm with an abusive guy (all untrue). They wanna bring me down to their level. They daily beg Christians on prayer sites for God to fix me up with them, writing lies about me and even my future spouse. It makes my blood boil. For all I know they might even be on this site, spreading their false stories here. These losers and their lies negatively affect my walk with God. The anger their actions cause also interferes with my prayer life. On numerous occasions, it has led to disastrous events and heartache for both me and others during times when I was to be spiritually focused and pray. These two are supposedly Christians, but for the last 12 years or more (even after becoming saved) they have continually told lies, and massive ones at that. Several years ago, one even lied to me through their sibling that he had died, in order to see my reaction. If not God, for that very reason alone I could've despised the pack of them for life, let alone like them! They have told many other such similar huge lies in the past, yet I still gave them a number of chances as brothers/friends, purely out of sisterly affection (which I no longer have), and then 'cause of our God-given spiritual connection (which I want to break), and then simply for God. The only reason I haven't entirely broken off connection w/ them till recently was, first, God placing them under my spiritual care (reaching out to them before they were saved), then second, He gave them as spiritual brothers in my life. But instead of thanking God for this mercy alone (the kindness I was willing to show and forgiveness I was willing to give), they actually have the nerve to presume they can be my future husband. I have told them over and over that they're not - even if it were naturally my own choice I would never pick them. On top of that, God has already revealed His choice for me, and spoken clearly a number of times, the most recent time being the most clearest for me. While He had spoken to me regarding my future spouse in the past, I had not been entirely sure due to something I couldn't accept between us. But a few weeks ago, He made it even clearer for me whom He has chosen for me (which is NEITHER of the idiots). Now I know it 100%. However, not only do the two losers not respect my preference or even GOD'S WILL, they think they can beg their way into anything and any relationship they want. They want God to FORCE me to love them, regardless of how they say otherwise (that is basically the case, since it is impossible for me to like them and I have communicated this to them a dozens of times). They think they have some sort of special claims on me. I say: By what right?! They think this simply 'cause I once lavished all my attention and affection (much of it was confused w/ sympathy, apart from God's love) on them, almost a decade ago. And this as a Christian sister more than anything. That was 'cause God put it in my heart to reach out to them spiritually (just as He did for me w/ many others), and I was trying to help them. I did go overboard in doing this, but it was largely due to the lies they told. They took on someone else's identity. They were virtually always pretending to die the next day. They had so many, many tragedies in their life. As someone who cared for their spiritual welfare and lives, and with my passion for reaching the lost and helping lost teens, of course I would easily be led astray into excessive feelings and actions. I would never have had those if they had been truthful. So whatever the feelings I temporarily once had and their exact nature, the source of them wasn't right. Most of all, if I had known back then what shameless liars and complete fools they are, of course I wouldn't have wanted them even as friends. Apart from God, I would hate their guts for life. Furthermore, after declaring I'd break all ties w/ them (due to some other lies and juvenile behaviour of theirs), I have never given them ANY signs of encouragement or hope for the last 7 years or so. I did nothing to mislead them. We haven't even had much contact (they not once contacted me on their own; I did 'cause God led me to, at times, mostly for spiritual reasons). Yet all along they have built on their hope of winning my love and obtaining me. It's unbelievably pathetic and sick. After all the destruction their lies and immature behaviour caused in my life and other ppl related, they have the AUDACITY to think I can like, even love, them. This is what I can't stand the most of all. As Christians they continually tell lies, never repent (if they truly did, they wouldn't tell lies), tell more lies, make up stories which are insulting to me (and my future husband by association), and when I get rightly angry, they think I'm overreacting. They think I'm in the wrong, not them. So many Christians pray for them, believing the lies in their daily prayer requests and other posts online. They post these like everywhere! After telling them off countless times, I gave up and tried ignoring them (which was hard knowing what they do behind my back). But they did this even in the places I go to (where I discovered many years ago and was going to first) and kept on doing this disgusting thing even in my sight! Knowing at times that I was reading, and at other times that I could be. That's another reason I totally dislike them. They refuse to grant me even my smallest request or respect even my smallest wish. Yet claim to "love" me. It's disgusting. They're like, in a sense: "I don't care about your feelings, wishes, or even thoughts of me. I only care about my own. Whether you like and want it or not, I want what I think I must have. So regardless of anything else, I'm gonna beg God till He gives you to me. If necessary, I must be happy at the cost of your unhappiness. But I assure you, despite all this, I totally love you and am in love with you" ! Hell will freeze over before I like either of the them in my life. Esp. w/ one of them, I'd rather take a bullet to my brain. They're the dumbest jerks I've ever met. I truly wish them gone from my life, but unfortunately God has given these stupid guys as spiritual brothers (which is the ONLY kind of relationship He's meant for us). This is such a pain. They are such a pain, that I wish for God to remove. Please pray God would teach them a lesson. They totally need it. They refuse to see how their deceitful words and actions are ruining their own lives and have caused much ruin in others' (incl. mine). They refuse to take responsibility by confessing and speaking the truth and trying to make amends. At the very least, not lying anymore. They continue with their unacceptable behaviour, yet hope and ask for many blessings from God (!). Not even just little but asks for MUCH. Apparently, any Bible teaching they've had is lost on them. They clearly dont know that regardless of how much they ask, God won't bless them when they're asking out of selfishness, greed, disobedience, and great sin in their life. I'd call it a big sin which leads to real death for others (ppl in and out of my life, incl. an old friend), and so much suffering and heartache for myself and others related. Moreover, which continually arouses anger in me, putting a stumbling block in my path and creates disturbance in my life. Though lying isn't their only sin. I've explained this spiritual truth to them, but as with anything else I say which is not to their liking - they won't listen. They only wanna hear what they wanna hear. They're such stubborn stupid pigs (- I've never said this to anyone else in my life). They need to know that God takes their sins seriously. That God means business, and that He won't let them get away with this always. In fact, He's not even now, with nothing going right for esp. one of them. They continue to live in sin, esp. with the sin of lying (not just sometimes like others - as Christians, these guys do all the time!) yet expect God to help and bless. And when He doesnt, when things continually get tough, they're apt to blame Him. Esp. one of the them. He does nothing but beg God. Then when God doesn't improve his situation and grants his desires, he rages instead of recognising that his problems are due to his and others' disobedience. He fails to see these as signs of God's displeasure, and that any possibly help God withholds from him (as at this time) is due to his completely wrong spiritual state. They dont even know me yet believe themselve to be in love w/ me. I've explained this to them also. If they knew me, they'd realise that I'd not in a life of a thousand years span would like somebody that hindered me in prayer and so kept me from praying for my friend at a crucial time, which resulted in her suicide (which could have been prevented. God had indicated I pray, but I was in such turmoil and grief, I didn't fully realise this till afterwards). Even if their actions played a large part in unintentionally allowing her death, through the effects of their lies on me - the lies were intentional. And they have not owned up to it to this day. Even after hearing this recently, they still refused to come clean and own their lies. They refuse to give me the truth surrounding the issues and events that had troubled me so, thus leading to failure in prayer and my friend's death. That is just one example of all the harm they caused in my life. Even IF there had been no other reason, this reason ALONE would be enough for me to never be able to accept them as "more than a friend" in this life. As I said, even if it were my choice, apart from God's will, I wouldn't. If not for God, I wouldn't have wanted to accept them even as a friend (which I don't, now), after their continual infuriating behaviour. Yet it isn't just one reason; there's like a hundred reasons why I dislike them. Instead of admitting their wrongs and taking their part of the responsibility, just as I have before God and others, they tried to dump the whole thing on me by accusing me of accusing them. They even labelled me with psychological problems, mental disorders and spiritual issues. They added even more to their lies. For so many reasons, esp. several very strong ones, I don't and don't want to and can't and won't ever like these lying pair in my life. The thought of them as a future spouse is a laugh. They know about the endless anger they've caused me (which affects even my physical health), that they've caused nothing but HARM in my life, yet they dare hope to remain in it and be beside me for life. To cause whose death?! Im so glad, am so so relieved, that God hasnt chosen either of them as my future spouse (despite them hoping and endlessing begging). Or else, I would've wanted to die and would've chosen to become a nun. I would even take my life, if not for hell. If they knew me, they would've given up long before, even before I revealed about my future spouse. Which I did, specially, for their own sake, when I hadn't told neone else - to save them many hours of waste in uselessly begging God (besides another reason of past truths I wanted from them). Much as I loathed them and have many reasons to, I did not want them to waste their life the same way they made me waste mine by lying, and making me pray for things that didnt need prayer at all. Cause it was made up. So I made the exception of telling them, yet they only used this knowledge to insult not only me (as if that's not bad enuf) but also my future spouse too, now, by refusing to acknowledge any possibility of him being God's choice for me. When he IS. And saying unbelievably outrageous things like that my future spouse stole me from them and he ruined my life, etc (NOT true. They dont even know who he is!), when it's THEM who ruined my life. If not for their lies, I wouldn't have made the choices I did, some of which, esp. one of which, led to a great mistake on my future spouse's part and resulted in so much heartache for us these few years. Due to the two liars, we've had an obstacle b/ween us these last few years, esp. 'cause of my idealistic nature. Despite my feelings, it was hard for me to accept him. We went through so much pain 'cause of it. All the pain we went through is largely because of these liars. For THIS reason alone, also, I could hate their guts. And I currently do - since they keep deliberately doing wrong despite knowing how it vexes me. Instead of feeling any rightful shame, they merely rejoice in anything that comes between me and my future spouse. They want me miserable so they can be happy. THEY make me miserable yet they insist on being in my life - and even that not just as a brother or friend but MORE, thus the conclusion. I dont want them even as a brother or friend. They are completely unworthy. They're nothing like a brother. To me, they've been anything but. They're spiritual brothers in name only. It isn't the fact that they dont know me and so, in truth, not loving me that's the matter. I DONT want them to know me and even love me for real. Thank goodness they don't. But they don't believe it themselves. Even apart from God's choice for me, there are several other guys (special brothers) in my life all of whom I'd much prefer to the deceitful pair. THEY, on the other hand, know me and love me as friends (some more) for real. They bring me joy and are my greatest comfort in life, after God. They listen, respect my wishes, and treat me as a sister from God. They are ten times more decent, ten times more honest, ten times more loyal, ten times more spiritually learned and are much closer to my ideals than the liars. The liars, on the contrary, not to mention being far, far from it, don't even know my high ideals. If they knew me, they would know that this is another reason that on its own cancels any possibility of their wish coming true. That is how much they dont know me. They dont know my dreams, my likes and dislikes (they should know it's them), my secret joys and suffering, my troubles, what I value and I love, my good and bad memories, my entire past, my truer personality and character, and my spiritual ability most of all. If they knew the last, they would have accepted my word on the spot, that God has revealed His will to me. Which I have checked with him more than once, and which He has confirmed several times already. On top of insulting me in all other things, incl my relationship with my future spouse, they disbelieve and so insult my spiritual relationship with God also. My good brothers, on the other hand, know all those things about me. They also accept my spiritual authority over them, given by God, as a sister in Christ. They (some of them) are willing to sacrifice for me - instead of hoping that I will make sacrifices for them, unlike some loser who hopes and prays for God to make the girl he (supposedly) likes fall for him and "be willing to make sacrifices for him". Probably hoping she'd want to give up riches and live in rags for him, and suffer not only mentally and emotionally from just "being w/ him" (emphasised cause the very thought of it disgusts even as an ideal) but also physically and financially due to hardship. What irresponsible and despicable thinking, not to mention way of speaking. Ive never heard a more disgusting thing in my life. YOU pray to be able to sacrifice for the one you love, not the other way around! This would be ANOTHER reason enough on its own for me to never accept such a low thinking jerk as anything more in my life. Did I say a hundred reasons? Make that a bazillion. My brothers were and are willing to make sacrifices for me, one even giving up something he loved doing. The idiotic liars, however, were not even willing to do something as simple as telling me the truth about the past (which relates to MY past). 'Cause of what it costs them. Simply this: embarrassment on their part and possible loss of my favour. Well, they totally lost it just by holding back from me the truth that's unquestionably important to me. They lost my favour by trying to save it. They can't make even that one small sacrifice, yet hope for me to make huge ones for them. It would be the sacrifice of my LIFE, if I had to accept one of them as a spouse. These guys are so completely muddled, perverse and shameless. May God have mercy on me and keep these idiots far from my life for the rest of my life. I have been put thru so much suffering 'cause of them and their atrocious lies. Please, pray. (Esp. pray that no more people, related to me or not, would suffer disasters in their lives as a consequence of these two's lies and actions and my reaction to them, i.e. being knocked down spiritually and failing to pray.) .
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