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  1. FollowerOfTheWay

    "Believe in me, or go to hell"

    Thank you everyone, for staying in faith. You are blessed for that. I am still having a hard time staying in faith. I need prayer. That I am writing this to you is evidence of an underlying, dormant faith in me, that is just waiting to be fully expressed in the flesh. I apologize for my non-biblical start-insert.
  2. FollowerOfTheWay

    The constant spiritual battle

    Thank you both very much for your words! Very enlightening!
  3. FollowerOfTheWay

    The constant spiritual battle

    Thank you all for your answers. They gave me a bit of a new perspective. I now understand that one of the most important things is that we focus our attention on Jesus and he will lead us out of our negativities. But I think to have faith can be the very thing that can be a battle, and that can be the most dangerous battle, for what if you lose your faith?
  4. FollowerOfTheWay

    The constant spiritual battle

    Becoming a Christian is not that easy. You step into a spiritual battle, a battle that you were blind to before you came into faith. But now you see it and you want to be spiritually sober and vigilant in the Spirit, so to not be beaten by evil forces and the fleshly tendencies: sin. I don´t think a Christian can ever rest. As long as you are in this fallen body, in this world in which Satan is deceiving everyone, you need to keep battling for your soul. You have the sword of the Truth and the shield of faith. I simply don´t think it is enough to just receive Jesus once and then think it will all turn out for the good automatically (correct me if I am biblically wrong here): I think you also have to choose to be saved in every moment, to choose love and righteousness over sin. For if you don´t, you fall into the grip of sin, and I think that is really not how a Christian should live. This is what I see now, a constant battle, but for an ultimately good reason: to win eternal life. Thoughts? Can a Christian ever rest? Of course, in heaven. But here?
  5. FollowerOfTheWay

    God -Being -Static -Fluid- Evolving

    I think if you reflect on The Word you may get the answer you are looking for. For example, reflect on this verse: "Be still, and know that I am God". I want to reflect with you: "Be still..." what does this mean? To be mentally still? Maybe? "...and know..." maybe means "to experience"... "...that I am God" and God is love (1 John 4:8) And by the way, we have the answer right there in 1 John 4:8 - God is love. And you may continue to reflect on that. Ok, this was just a quick reflection. You may reflect further and deeper. Hope I could help.
  6. FollowerOfTheWay

    Faith surpasses all understanding.

    I have got the insight that faith is far more important than understanding. Understanding has limit, while faith has no limit. Faith surpasses all understanding. I think faith is the thing that you really need. Have for example faith in what Jesus did for you. I think faith in Jesus will protect you from all evil. I believe faith in Jesus can transform your whole life - as like moving a whole mountain. Have faith that anything is possible for God - which I believe is really a key-faith for transformation and miracles in your life. I think having faith in God will allow Him to work in and through you. Have faith. If you have own experiences of how faith has changed your life, you are free to share it here! I am just in the beginning of my journey with Jesus, and I am getting more insights. "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." - Jesus, Matthew 17:20 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6
  7. FollowerOfTheWay

    "Believe in me, or go to hell"

    Very good point!
  8. FollowerOfTheWay

    God gave me the power to forgive!

    1. We have the power of God to forgive ALL sin. Because as born again in Christ we understand where sin comes from and what it causes for those who do not have faith, who are not born again. Thereby we can understand and forgive in God´s power. 2. A non Christian who is trapped in sin, can have very hard to forgive someone when or if they don´t understand the situation. Because their sinful nature is in the way for God´s power of forgiveness to flow through them. So only if you´re a Christian can you truly forgive. God´s power works in your heart and you think in a new way: you are above the sinful way of thinking and can forgive everything. 3. A Christian forgive with the power of God, not of their own power. A non Christian tries very hard to forgive with their own power and can easily fail.
  9. FollowerOfTheWay

    God gave me the power to forgive!

    I mean having God´s power to forgive, not your own.
  10. I start off by saying that I have accepted the gift of salvation, as I can now understand in it in a new light. After having done that, God gave me the power to forgive! Yes, I cannot be angry - like I am above anger - and instead I feel forgiveness towards everything! This is amazing! Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! Do you have the same power, the power to forgive? I want to know if all, or most, Christians are in the same state of consciousness? Now, having accepted the gift of salvation, I don´t know how the rest will turn out for me, with my beliefs and stuffs. I am quite clear about many things - the occultic practises and the occultic realm, New Age, drugs, the world, people... and God´s grace! I believe in the Gospel now, and the Gospel only - I don´t know yet if I want to believe, for example, that the rest who do not believe go to hell for eternity with no exception, or that earth is just 7000 years old... I just want to have the gift of salvation - no other speculation - and to base my life on that gift, so that I might be a light of the world (Matthew 5:14-16).
  11. FollowerOfTheWay

    If God created us perfect...

    Thank you everyone for your appreciation and for the Bible verses which I can now understand on a deeper level! I can now understand something, or at least feel something - God´s unlimited grace. And I want to share this grace with everyone around me, and forgive everyone! I have decided to stick to the spirit of forgiveness forever - and very importantly, knowing that the power of forgiveness stem from God, not from myself (I think)!
  12. If God created us perfect - in His image and likeness - where does our imperfections stem from? From Satan, or our own thoughts? Or from both? Or from what? I believe, that we have somehow lost connection to our perfect nature. What can we do about this? Maybe we just have to accept the gift of salvation - so that we might become re-connected to our perfect nature and to God through Jesus - and then live up to the dictations of Christ? I feel that, when I have accepted the gift of salvation, I no longer want to think or do things that are sinful in nature or things that have a sinful content - for example, action-killer-games on computer. I can even think of a person that I´ve hated, and feel an unconditional forgiveness towards that person. It´s amazing to walk in God´s grace, after having accepted the gift of salvation. Ok, this is just the start - I have just accepted the gift for an hour ago, and now when I think of things that I have had problem with before, I now instead feel unconditional forgiveness towards it. I feel I have changed a bit at a fundamental level. But don´t label me as Christian, not at least yet, as I don´t believe exactly as Christians do regarding other things.
  13. FollowerOfTheWay

    "Believe in me, or go to hell"

    I cannot believe that you go to hell just because of some unbelief.
  14. FollowerOfTheWay

    "Believe in me, or go to hell"

    I am actually thankful for what Jesus did for me, if it´s the truth. I have, at some level, accepted his gift.