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Found 8 results

  1. I am so bored and lonely. I have such trouble finding anyone I can relate to. I'm really grateful for my relationship with the Lord. I almost feel guilty for wanting humans to connect with.
  2. Im at the point I just want to give up. Theres no way anyone can survive being a christian alone people are social creatures and those social connectioms help us to weather life's storms. I've tried at church , joined groups and just be apart of things, introduce myself to people, invite people out.( volunteered).I even do this at work. But nothing comes of it And it put me in a state of depressiom because i have no one to share my feelings and thoughts with. I had online friends but i feel im always in their life until things look up for them and they for gwt about me.. Thats happened numerous times... Idk... The loneliness is driving me nearly to suicide becahse there's no end to it.. I try to be personable and i get rejected i dont fit in at church( been to 3. 1 was hurt in a bad way, 2nd too small and people set in their ways, 3rd too big and im just a face in the crowd) or in the world ( coworkers smoke, drink , are drama filled and messy) Its even more painful when God is incredibly silent, not speaking or guiding..just incredibly quiet and not really answering prayers.. Idk its to the point i just pray for others because i dont believe or trust God will help me. Seeing as Ive been praying for simple things, like just a christian friend..for years and it hasnt been met .. The only solace I have is art...it calms me and helps with my depression, However due to it..it kept me from drawing and painting for a long time... But now i feel well enough to paint again.
  3. Shalom to all my dear sisters and brothers, One of our sisters is going through a very difficult battle. She is from Europe was trapped by lies and told to come to USA to testify in a trial all expenses paid by the detective. She is a single mom whom was the bread winner for both her mother and her daughter although she made a very mediocre living she was serving in her local church. At the airport on her first trip ever to USA the inspector and investigators changed faces and arrested her as an accomplice when she was told originally to only be a witness. Its now 5 years in a maximum security prison, she has endured mental, emotional ,sexual abuse behind bars along with inhuman treatment and total breach of all human rights. Her court appointed attorneys have been negligent if not careless of helping her. She has gone through a hunger strike but was told that she would be fed by force, then was isolated and dehydrated by her strike ;was thentransferred to a hospital and finally ended the strike in hope to be extradited back home where she can find justice which she has not found in USA what others call American dream for her is an American nightmare. I can feel her despair in our last communication she is feeling abandoned by all with little communication with her young daughter,church or mother due to low funds(working in prison pays her 17$ a month as a full time job) and calling home cost 1$ a minute and she must also purchase hygiene and communcate by mail and e-mail all with 17$ Prayers are urgently needed she needs a real attorney a king Cyrus, she needs God's intervention please share any revelation or answer God puts on your heart. Her name is Helen. Thank you. God Bless.
  4. Hi everyone, I don't want to go into a long thing here and seem like I'm complaining, and because honestly I'm tired of crying about this. And I'm also tired of people saying to be happy in your singleness (truth be told it's incredibly annoying sometimes). I am happy, but I'm lonely, and longing to meet that guy who I'll marry someday.
  5. Hi! I transfered into a new school last August. I’m currenlty a junior. I’m used to moving because I’ve had to change schools and houses a lot, so it’s nothing new. At my old school I had friends and finally felt like a found a place for me after moving so much. I felt welcomed and comfortable. But here, there isn’t many people who look like me and I feel like I don’t belong. All the kids are super rich and my family barely makes it. I feel so bad comparing myself to them because it shows I’m ungrateful and I’m really working on that because I know God blesses me so much. But my insecurity just keeps showing up. I’ve made a couple friends but i still fail to get out there. My anxiety gets in my way and I unfortunately care too much of what people think. To get to the point, my bff who transferred in with me is transfering and this week is her last. I’m devatsed as she was my only real friend in my grade. The new semester just started and the most uncomfortable class I’m in, I had with her. But now since she leaving, I’m panicking. I’ve been crying all day because I feel so lonely. I’ve prayed about this to God, but I just don’t know what to do. Please pray for me. I’m really scared I don’t know what’s to come and I’m just so lonely.
  6. People are so tired of me not being able to be happy again after my husband (soon to be ex) victimized my kids and went to prison for a long time. I did all the right things then... turned him in, got us out of homelessness, pulled myself into working, got the kids in some therapy (they need more, but I'm out of time in our schedules.)... bought us a trailer home so it would be affordable living... And now, it's 18 months later and I'm worse than ever. I see my life as completely spent with no hope for the future. Almost 39, overweight, never been pretty or well liked, lost all my friends that were from my old life, work all the time, clean all the time, take care of kids all the time, bills, house issues, car issues, errands, homework, health issues, etc.... Every day is the same... day in, day out. There is very little of my life I can enjoy. I mean, I'm thankful I have a job that I can handle. I'm thankful that I managed to get us some kind of housing that isn't horrible. I'm thankful my kids are getting better slowly. I'm thankful they are around. But I miss wife-hood. I miss being in the passenger seat on long rides instead of the only adult in the car. I miss giving my heart and my emotions to my spouse. I miss contented times watching a movie and my feet casually propped on some one's lap. My love language is touch and time. I have no one to give me these things. I mean, I hug my kids and spend time with them, but that is me ministering to them. I know God is supposed to be enough for me, but at the same time, He is the one that created us man and woman and designed the desire in me to be a helpmate and wife. I'm really lonely, and that's not something that God is answering me about. I really want hugs and tender touches to tell me everything is going to be OK. I want some one to encourage me and hold me. This is the most devastating thing I've been through in my life and the very person I would have turned to and cried in their arms is the monster who abused us. There is no one else to get comfort from. I'm not getting it from the Holy Spirit ((I'm sure this is where folks interject that I must be blocking the spirit and be closed to His comfort.)) When I'm at church, I'm very social. I laugh and joke and visit with many of the older folk and the ladies. People keep telling me how wonderful I'm doing and how proud they are. However, I can't worship anymore. I can't answer personal questions about how I'm doing. I can easily still fall to a million pieces or run and hide for a while in a quiet room because inside, I still picture walking in front of a bus, driving into an oncoming train, jumping off bridges, and seeing what it would be like to start cutting. I know I wont, because I don't have a choice. I have children. I don't resent them... but I do feel like I don't have options or choices. I simply MUST continue and I think I do resent that. It's like a person with a horrible, debilitating, painful, fatal disease. I think some of them get to the point where all they want is some kind of end to their pain. But I don't have that option. I HAVE to keep living whether I want to or not. There is no help, no counselling, no medicines, nothing that I can get to help me. The real decision is in my heart. Can I accept this life I now live and stop dwelling in this self pity and self loathing I'm wrapped up in, or can I not? Can I be content and trust God and be OK with this new life, or will I always see him now as a bully that squashes us like stepping on ants? It's a plumb line. A final choice... acceptance of my lot in life or the desire to rise up against what I've always believed in and live a little. This constant loneliness, it's eating at me. I am awake right now, wishing I had some one to cuddle... to talk to... to watch tv with... to tell about my day. Some one that would listen to me talk about the kids, the home, the church, the neighbors... my dreams... There's no one. And there are probably not any dreams left to share anyway.
  7. I'm a young woman in my early twenties with high-functioning autism. I've been raised in a Christian family who loves me very much, and I've been a Christian for five years. But those last five years have not been good to me. For most of my life, anyway, I've been very lonely. I don't have great social skills and am very shy. I also suffer from chronic fatigue. I've tried to make friends as an adult but they've never gone anywhere. Now that I'm really lonely, I also struggle with sexual temptation. I've never been in a relationship, viewed porn, or even had sex. But I'm tired of trying to be a "good Christian girl." I've also in recent months have had thoughts of suicide. I guess I just want attention, but I don't even feel worthy of that.
  8. Praising God for anyone who is brave enough to be my pm friend. ( I say this because I realize that a chronically ill person can come across as rather boring. I don't exactly have any adventures to tell. lol. And I have discovered that not that many care to hear about anyone else's suffering. It does not exactly make for upbeat or exciting chat topics.) But I do love Jesus and all of you. Being an invalid gets lonely. I know it is hard for the healthier, bustling folks to imagine what being cooped up from day to day would feel like. But receiving a pm or a scripture of encouragement are things that really keep me going... So this praise report is to proclaim how grateful I am to each of you who have done the above over the years. And to all out there who have recently made yourself available to me and granted me permission for me to pm you. I intend to take you up on it. lol. Anyway, sincere brethren and pm pals are among my most treasured blessings. Glory to our generous God!
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