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  1. And to think that people STILL try to come up with a scientific explanation for wonders like this. The existence of things that look this amazing isn't a fluke.
  2. I'm %110 certain that God has plans for all of us, but we don't always allow Him to work those plans out. We do have free will, and we can use that to either follow God and allow Him to work His plans for our lives, or we can use it to work our own plans independent of what He wants. As for coincidence? I think there are times when Gods plans may are the same as our own, which gives the appearance of coincidence without it actually being so (does that make sense?). I also think that there are times when God will reach down and guide things no matter what we want or do. I guess when you roll all that up, what I'm saying is no, I don't believe in coincidence. I feel that God has plans for us all, but we need to allow Him to reign in our lives to allow the full effect of those plans to come to fruition.
  3. Didn't even notice. I just replied because it was active. Ahh... but we must take every opportunity presented to us to remind the world that Australia is indeed the most beautiful place on earth, and we live there! Right on andy! It is, and we do, so nyer nyer to everyone else.
  4. Didn't even notice. I just replied because it was active.
  5. This is just ridiculous. The NIV version has enough faults already in my opinion, and now they want to change it some more. You can't convince me that this isn't about political correctness and catering to minorities.
  6. Hey lovelife2007, Another Aussie here. There are a few of us, but we tend not to make a fuss over it. We know we come from the best country in the world but we don't make a big deal of it. (just watch out for those banana benders)
  7. This is so true. What ever happened to "Spare the rod and you spoil the child"? They call it "child abuse" now. Yes, they do, and that is the problem in my opinion. How are we supposed to raise kids that have a well grounded sense of respect, for themselves and others; kids that acknowledge, and obey, rules and boundaries; kids that know they have to earn and work for what they want; kids that understand their are consequences for their actions; if we aren't allowed to discipline them? Raising your voice doesn't work. After a certain point, they just ignore you. That and the fact that they soon begin to realise that all you will ever do is raise your voice. I'm not saying that we should become slap-happy whenever our kids do something wrong, because that would certainly be going to extremes. But what is wrong with giving them a smack on the hand when they repeatedly throw something? Or a smack on the bottom if they have really stepped out of line? Call me what you will, but I think that a smack now and then, for the right reasons, is helpful more than harmful.
  8. This is so true. What ever happened to "Spare the rod and you spoil the child"? People are so scared these days of what others will think, and the government is pandering to the politically correct crowds so much, you can't discipline your kids without fear of being prosecuted if someone says something. What is the world coming to? People are carrying on about how "kids these days have no respect, they want everything". Well, it's gotten that way because we aren't allowed to teach them respect the way we were taught. We're practically forced to give them everything they want because you're "infringing on their rights" if you say no to them. Well, stop the planet please, I want to get off.
  9. I just read This particular part of Genesis in three different versions, and it only states "garments of skin" or "tunics of skin". I can't see anywhere a reference to a particular animal.
  10. If this isn't something that starts a flame fest, I don't know what will. Personally, I think doctors and parents are too quick to jump to medicine in order to deal with kids. (Before I get into this, the two sons I refer to in here are from my first marriage, and live primarily with their mother). My oldest son (almost 10) has been diagnosed with ODD AND OCD (Oppositional Conduct Disorder), has a teachers aide at school, a counsellor, etc etc. In my opinion, he is just an angry, confused child who doesn't know how to deal with his emotions. He has been through the separation and divorce of his mother and I, numerous court cases for shared access (custody), his mothers very poor choice of relationship with a sever manic depressive, not too mention his mother also being a very manipulative and vindictive person who fills his head with lies, especially about me (and that is no exaggeration). My second son was diagnosed with ADHD at age four. This is clearly ridiculous, because if you do your homework, you will know that ADHD CANNOT be properly diagnosed before age 6. He was put on all sorts of medication, constantly having the type and dosage changed. He was later diagnosed with mild ODD, which was then disregarded. He was diagnosed with mild Autism last year, which would explain some of his behaviour and mannerisms, but he is still on ADHD meds for reasons I am not too sure about. I get very little say in medical treatment and decisions of the children, and any say I do get is overridden by my ex-wife. The amazing thing is that when they are with us, we have very few, if any, issues. This is because we have very clear rules, and a very structured program during school holidays for the kids. We give them our time, and out attention. This, I believe, is something many parents are failing to do. They are too busy for their kids, and when the kids start to seek attention by disruptive means, they are put on medication. It's a real shame, because it only harms the kids in the long term.
  11. I can remember most of these. And I still do some of them. Does that make me old?
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