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  1. Please Pray for Pastor Tommy

    Update. Pastor Tommy is renting a local movie theater on Sundays and beginning his own Church. To say he needs ongoing prayer is an understatement. Thank you for the prayers. I do recall a pastor who under similar circumstances left his denomination, took over the pastorate of a small, failing non-denominational Church with only 25 members left... this was 1965 and he was Pastor Chuck Smith founder of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa California the birthplace of the Calvary Chapel Movement worldwide. Food for thought. God is able.
  2. Please Pray for Pastor Tommy

    Without knowing more of the details, it sounds like a political difference between him and the elders. They fired with the option to quit. At least it was no moral failure. But I fault these elders with not making a lot more detail other than he resigned we accepted.

    And you clearly think you know more than you do.

    Time itself is no accurate measure of how long the earth has been here. It dilates. The greater a gravity well (for example) the slower time passes. And my guess is where there is an upwelling of space itself time goes much faster. If our solar system passed close to a gravity well much larger than our sun, for another example, our time though appearing normal would pass much more slowly. Relative to us? Evolutionists claim the Earth is billions of years old, but they cannot prove their claim. If memory serves (I have not argued this in some time) radio carbon dating measuring the decay of certain isotopes is the most accurate dating method... but it only works on certain materials and is only good for some 5000 years past. The rest is mathematical conjecture. Best to rely on someone who was there and saw the events of history from the beginning of Earth to now. We can consult his eyewitness testimony in the Bible.
  5. My ministry it seems is getting blue in the face trying to get believers to abandon the traditions of men which nullify the Word of God (Mark 7:13) and are the hallmark of the Church Organization... to return to Holy Spirit led doctrines as HE interprets from the Bible HE wrote (2 Peter 1:20-21) and return to being the Church Organism HE shepherds (eliminating all divisions overnight). We see almost daily the pratfalls of doing things man's way (which is the devil's way). Even in the best of congregations we orbit around the Old Testament division between clergy and laity... so we can lead as worldly a life as possible... and pass all the burden on to the "professional" Christians. Revelation 1:6, Revelation 5:10, and 1 Peter 2:3-9 teach we are a kingdom of priests (everyone of us) echoing the Lord's intent in Exodus 19:6 (which was blown in Exodus 32 necessitating the division from then on in the Old Testament). Then we hamstring the leaders by expecting only positive sermons, and omitting negative Bible passages. And to make matters worse, we put them up on a pedestal of expectation and moral requirements we would never put on ourselves. And when one falls from grace... our hopes are dashed. ← the culprits in most cases. Next time you see your overworked underappreciated pastor or spiritual leader ask them if and how you can help them! It's the least you can do.
  6. He has already been prayed for here (several months ago he almost died and your prayers for his healing were heard and answered). Today, after our long hiatus (typically watching Joel Osteen after a long week in our life... long story) we attended church. The crowd was thin and gloom hung over the place like a storm cloud. Several Deacons / Elders stood together to make the announcement that "Pastor Tommy tendered his resignation late yesterday afternoon. And they accepted it." Nothing else was said. A fill in pastor did his best at this last minute sermon. The music director was able to lead three or four songs but was obviously in shock and grief. Not knowing what the deal is, I believe we should pray for Pastor Tommy and his family no matter what the deal turns out to be. The Church suffered loss several years back in the previous pastor's departure over a congregational split (the pastor a very good man of God was dealt a nasty blow at the end of his spotless career in the pulpit by some very mixed up congregants ← which I know personally to be true). Pastor Tommy who took up the reigns after a year and a half of interim pastorate status was supposed to be the youthful breath of fresh air. So the non-mixed up congregants need prayer too! And the mixed up ones... they fall under the Fiddler on the Roof category in my prayers: "May the Lord bless and keep them... far away from me and mine." Whatever happened, whatever happened, fallen natured Christian human beings (which includes us all) are hurting. God bless you.
  7. Please Pray for me

    Thank you. Please join me in prayer in a thread I am starting today in this category.
  8. Please Pray for me

    Thank you. We often presume we can handle so much more than we actually can. Please pray also that we are delivered from anything that could easily get out of hand. My chest is feeling much better. Again, thank you and God bless you!!!
  9. The spirit of the anti-Christ

    This is all of life, my friend.
  10. Please Pray for me

    Thank you all. The symptoms are waning. God bless!
  11. Please Pray for me

    ← USN big fan and respecter of the Corp! Semper fi!
  12. Good Friday is Pagan.

    The thing that was "good" about it was for three hours Satan had God up on a pole (so to speak). Think about the imagery of the Roman Catholics is the suffering of Christ and usually on a staff with him writhing on the cross he is nailed to. Yes it is good that he sacrificed his life to save us paying for our sins. But to dwell on this with almost sheer delight is evil it is satanic it is gloating in the lowest hell. If we de-Romanized many traditions and teachings it is amazing how much more accurate the word of God is and obvious how much Christianity has been overrun by Roman Imperial Catholicism.
  13. Good Friday is Pagan.

    Amen. That's only if you take God at his word rather than man, or more specifically Satan.
  14. Please Pray for me

    Thank you for the prayers. It comes and goes. And may also be a symptom of my type II diabetes. Still not out of the woods (had a flare up this years ago and it went away) I pray this will do likewise. Come Lord Jesus.
  15. Please Pray for me

    I've been having some chest pains again. Years ago a Doctor assessed it as a nerve pinch on the rib cage that mimics heart trouble. I pray that's all it is. Please pray. Thank you! God bless!