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  1. Update. P.J. is doing better. We are still keeping a watchful eye on her. Thank you for your prayers! God bless!
  2. She is our Munchkin kitty about 8 years old having difficulty going to the bathroom (blood) we used to care for a llama some years back that died of these kinds of complications. Thank you for praying.
  3. Simply put, legalism is bringing the Law into Grace.
  4. To a certain degree (and that only temporarily) we can legislate morality. But the only way to have permanent success in this regard is to win the heart one person at a time. Same with witnessing truth / eternity to the lost. You never force anyone into the Kingdom nor brow beat them. You have to win them convince them, love them into the Kingdom one soul at a time.
  5. Um, among atheists, cultists, homosexuals, etc. I have been called many times the most respectful Christian they ever met. I once told an atheist I respect his choice not to believe in God. Because God does (respect his choice). Choice is what we're all here to do isn't it? Anyway, I agree mocking or persecuting anyone is NOT the way to lovingly lead them to the Savior.
  6. If only they had no souls. But hell is a real place where the souls of the lost will go. I understand the recoiling away from those who disbelieve God, hate him,, mock him, blaspheme him... but we are to share the love of Christ with them despite all this. In my apologetics days I witnessed to several atheists. To my knowledge none came to Christ... but they might have since I last saw them. I was more of a planter of the seeds of doubt in their field of assured atheism... One in particular I gave a book written by Dr. A.E. Wilder Smith (former atheist). He returned it mostly unread but appreciated the sentiment. I also gave him an ipad to listen to (he being a hard rock lover like me) with old Glass Harp tunes featuring Phil Keaggy. LOL He handed it back... "This is JESUS music!" he said. I said, "Did you like the rock music?" He had to admit it was pretty good. And it is. I am especially fond of Phil Keaggy's work. The thing is, there comes a time when you walk away from naysayers but don't give up on them. If nothing else pray for them. They all need Jesus the same way we did.
  7. What IS The Sacrifice of Praise? ... the least we can do.
  8. God especially listens to, IMHO, women who pray for their families. He built in women a greater sense of family and home (which is why women are the nesters so to speak). I know for a fact that both my grandmothers prayers for their families were answered with all their grandchildren believing in Christ Jesus and sparing us many horrific things that happen to folks that we sometimes ask why it didn't happen to us? Our beloved blessed grandmother's prayers. Mothers too as in your case. Father I pray you hear this mother's prayer!
  9. I am so sorry for your loss. Pet love is IMHO some of the purest love we will know on this Earth aside from the love of God. About God's judgment for sex sins... I have wondered that myself if for any of our sins that God allows our loved ones to suffer to try to get us to stop sinning. I think of David and Bathsheba and how he judged himself when he judged the man in the parable the prophet Nathan told him about stealing a poor man's lamb. The man deserves to pay fourfold, David said. "You are the man." Nathan told David who fell on his face before God in repentance and confession. Read Psalm 51. But it did cost him fourfold in life. His loved ones... Amnon raped his half sister Tamar (David's children) Absalom (Tamar's brother) slew Amnon. Eventually Absalom tried to overthrow and kill his father and was himself killed. And the fourth was the child of David and Bathsheba that died after being born. Am I saying this is what happened to you, shortangel? No! I'm saying it [could be] and that is reason enough to stop sinning (especially addictive sins which sex sin is the worst) 1 Corinthians 6 and 7 It's not going to be easy. For any of us to stop or avoid in this sex saturated world we live in. But I pray the LORD JESUS comfort you in your time of sorrow. I know it hurts when innocent lambs die and especially IF [note I said IF] it was over something we have done or did not do... and I pray even more that he strengthens you and guides you and protects you from whatever sin plagues you.
  10. Get medical treatment as soon as you can. Try not to panic. There are over the counter kits that can soften the wax to wash out with a syringe / bulb rubber thing (forget what they are called) If you have one... sterilize it with warm water and alcohol and then with warm but not hot water try syringing out that ear over a sink. It may work, but you may have jammed it in there pretty bad. Again, Doctors have tools and techniques to remove the most stubborn wax. And be careful with the dizziness that you don't tumble over or drive into something. LORD, please heal / bless them.
  11. LORD please comfort these and all who go through traumatic and horrific experiences at the hands of fallen sinful people. Bless them. And help those who are not put in these kinds of life changing experiences to realize how blessed they are. Amen.
  12. Pave the path of this noble effort of this young mother in a miraculous way with focus, and awareness, and strength, and everything just meshing together to make this possible and to go well. Amen.
  13. JohnD


    Open the doors and the arms of loving people who can shelter and nurture this dear lady, O Master. Provide for her and solve all the circumstances that led up to these circumstances. You know he details. That's all that matters. Be glorified, Lord Jesus.
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