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  1. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    We have been blessed by such wonderful sisters and brothers who pray for us! When you are young, the things you could face in later life don't matter much. Or at least they don't enter your mind much. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, or even today. Every moment we live and have a life together is a gift from the Lord. But we also live under the delusion that we have lots of time. As Christians we hope we will live forever, at first. Then that hope becomes belief. Then it becomes knowing; as we grow in faith and trust in God. But I have to say many of the Eastern religions do a better job of letting go of this world than most Christians I know (myself included). If we do not cling to loved ones here, we concern ourselves about them being in Heaven and will we see them or even know them... We should concern ourselves with people being in Heaven (more than we have been) and especially loved ones. Meaning evangelism should be our number one goal in all our endeavors. But I see only failure in the wake my life has left behind. ← Most of it while "serving the Lord" through apologetics and witness outreaches that yielded zero results (at least to my knowledge). I'm not trying to start a pity party here. I am just soberly aware of the extent God had to lower his standards to save people like me. And in the end, all we can do is trust Him. Anything else we do just messes things us. I have put a fleece out before the Lord many times with regard to walking away from the "ministry" I was in only to realize one day that it was it was a nothing more than a calling I gave myself. And that my writing scripts could and would reach more people who I could influence and even teach about what I learned in the years of Bible study and to show them the simplicity that is Christ (and not the big bug-a-boo they have been told by humanity... and sadly the Church). The compromise I mentioned was not a moral one. It was a short cut of sorts. Being contacted by a person in the business who my beloved had one of those wifely premonitions about, so I cut the ties with them (though it felt like a real gateway to success). Hence the temptation not to cut the ties or to try to reestablish them. The Lord also made it clear that I do not need them. But you all know how unsure our little minds can be about such things. Please pray for my faith and to remind myself how blessed I already am (which I have been more aware of lately) that even if nothing ever comes of my writing or efforts to change the world for Christ, I have lived and loved and gone very far in him and in the 38 years and many more (of marriage) with my Beloved Bride. We did not go the traditional way of rearing a family or even of staying put in a single home or town or State. I have been a Wandering Gentile my whole life never owning an inch of real estate. Seeing the world, as it were, was my reason for choosing the Navy as the service to serve in. It was how I met my wife, marching in the 4th of July parade in New York City 1980. She was a face in the crowd of hundreds of thousands that were along the parade route. I was a 19 year old sailor that was on top of the world. She saw me in formation and followed me for two miles to give me a note. We were married the following Christmas day in a side chapel at the Christian Community Church just a few blocks from the Empire State Building. In those days, I wanted to change the world and I wanted to be the toast of Broadway. I had always had a penchant for skyscraper metropolises, but a particular place in my heart for the Big Apple. This was my first time there. But meeting the woman who would become my Bride made all that go away. She was a TV talk show host from Texas who came to Manhattan two years before we met to audition for the local version of Good Morning America (Good Morning New York) but didn't get the job. So in typical fashion for her she stayed on easily landing executive secretary jobs (I know what they like to be called) to be able to experience the City see the sites take in the shows eat at world renown restaurants etc. She was in many ways the toast of Manhattan with millionaires proposing to her. But she chose a broke kid sailor to fall in love with (one who had lots of issues and growing up to do). In many ways, all these years later, I pray the Lord's blessing for unexpected money or success to be able to do the things for her I never seemed to be able to afford (when we had the money and good credit the interest rates were too high or the home I tried to buy her was sold out from under us). She was always gracious about these things. And she always made every place we lived in a home. Part of it was we did move so much and it takes money to uproot and move (money that could have been saved for down payments etc). But we have also had experiences and done things we would have missed if we'd have stayed in Podunk, USA to be able to buy a house. Choice and exchange I suppose. It also occurs to me these things are also worldly pursuits for security. And our only security is in the Lord. I've always been a good provider. Check that. The Lord has blessed us with good opportunities to be a provider for my family and I have been a most willing servant. And I thank him for the opportunities and blessings. He gets the glory. I only meant I have gladly assumed the position of primary provider in the household and that we have not lived hand-to-mouth (thank the Lord). And I know I come across as a whiny brat at times with my incessant requests for prayer. But I know the power of prayer, and that it is a means for fellowshipping with the Spirit of God and that we are to enter into that fellowship with intercessory prayer as well as with seeking him as our only personal source of everything. I don't know why I've yammered on this morning rousing early before a long work day and night. ← #Thankful! But I feel urged by the Holy Spirit. If that makes sense. Please continue to pray for my Beloved and I. God knows all the details. And always pray for the peace of Jerusalem the salvation of God's people Israel. Even if you aren't particularly fond of them (as most appear not to be) [sigh], because (if for no other reason) God wants it so much! And the more we align or will with his the more we are in tune with the reason we even exist at all. And it pleases him. Be blessed!
  2. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    Thank you all for the love you show in praying for my Beloved Bride and I! God bless you one and all!!!
  3. JohnD

    When did the Church begin

    The ekklesia (the gathered / called out) began with Abraham* (Hebrews 11). Before the cross it was on credit (ahead of the actual purchase price being paid by Christ on the cross). After the cross it is by credit (after the actual purchase price was paid on the cross by Christ). God accredits the righteousness of Christ into our accounts with him through faith. * Before Abraham, those who lived by faith were more or less individuals who did so. But the "church" the gathering (assembly / group) a specific people began with father Abraham. And since then the covenants changed.
  4. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    Thank you!!!
  5. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    Thank you for your ongoing prayers! I am just past at a bit of a crossroads, having already taken decidedly moral steps in my "new career" as a writer... which I certainly do not regret, but which may delay or even squash my success. Better not to succeed than to succeed under compromise or deception. What good is success the world over if you cannot live with yourself? Still, I am only human (and most of us know what stinkers they are LOL) so please pray I do not have what I call buyer's remorse... where the anxiety comes after making the right decision about all the things you are now missing out on... In those old angel and devil on the shoulder images (the older folks here will know what I'm talking about... usually in cartoons and usually little versions of the host) it was always about the temptation in the beginning. Never the remorse after the temptation has passed and a decision made... hmph. Please pray for old JohnD. Thank you! And please keep my Beloved Bride in your prayers. Her wrist is still a problem (and energy over all), I just pray it's [ONLY] being vintage. Thank You! God bless.
  6. JohnD

    Tree of Life

    Eating from the tree of life in this fallen condition would be a ticket to eternal damnation. This is why A&E were banished from Eden and an angel with a flaming sword dispatched to guard it. I imagine it was killed off, or uprooted and taken to heaven very shortly afterwards.
  7. JohnD

    Feeling internally conflicted

    If you ever were a Christian, you never stopped being one. Christians can do just about anything stupid, even deny there is a God... in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. Christians can become cultists, blaspheme, you name it. But because through faith in Christ Jesus they gave their life to God... God is not letting go. If we stray too far, 1 Corinthians 5:5 assures us on the one hand that he will take us out before we could somehow lose our salvation. On the other hand it's quite scary that he will turn us over to the arch enemy to accomplish this. "Turn such a one over to satan for the destruction of the body so the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord." People can "give up" on God for any number of reasons. Lust, self pity, peer pressure, ignorance (falling prey to the bullying of the scientific community and the mass media as well as the education system). All these outlets preach a blind faith religion (atheism) that goes against the facts with bullying tactics. I came to Christ as a kindergarten student. Lost my way as a teenager (including submitting to homosexual abuse by a 40 year old "friend of the family" for 2 years because I was looking for a father figure after my dad passed away). I tried New Age, I tried Baptist Seminary, Roman Catholicism, etc. Then I found the truth. All the things I mentioned (plus more in everyone's individual case) clouds truth, confounds people, causes them to chase around in circles... anything but do what we are here to do: come to Christ and help others to do the same.
  8. I've thought about this topic many times. Often wondered if we'd all be in Heaven or even in the same place in heaven. If heaven is anything like that. I mean, what if heaven is a progression like time on Earth is? I never knew my great great grand parents because we weren't here on Earth at the same time. Could heaven be dimensionally diverse? Say my father who died in 1972 is decades ahead of me in the progression / advancement of eternity... Again, I have given this some thought. How can it be heaven if we are so wrapped up in our loved ones that we won't [be] in heaven until they arrive (if we depart first)? What if they never make it to heaven? Would that be our hell? Loved ones who didn't make it to the eternal kingdom? And at the same time I cannot imagine God giving us a memory wipe like C3PO in Star Wars Episode III... Loved ones? What loved ones? The only thing I concluded that would solve the whole thing is in heaven the love of God and our love for him will be so intense nothing else makes any difference. If a loved one did not love Jesus, our love for Jesus will be so strong that we will at least be able to live with their choice. From a human POV sounds bloody awful. From God's perspective... Somethings are not for our feeble minds to wrap around... not until we are made perfect at least. Just my opinion.
  9. To the OP: Festive celebrations are a-okay with God, I feel certain. So long as we don't kid ourselves or others about religious connotations. I once fretted over a Christmas tree being in a Church or flags etc. Then I realized I was sanctifying a meeting hall rather than using the opportunity to teach others that Christ never really was in Christmas (sorry bumper sticker makers).
  10. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    Update. My chest pains are all but gone. Thank you for the prayers!!! My Beloved has nerve pain from shingles and volunteer work at the SPCA is very therapeutic for her... it is also strenuous on her... she's not the spring chicken anymore but you can't tell her that the way she cleans cages, empties critter pools, walks all the dogs 6 days a week sometimes. Today she has a severely strained wrist (dogs pulling on leash). I guess along with prayer for her healing maybe some prayer to gear down a little to accommodate being a vintage gal. LOL Thank you!
  11. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    Thank you. And no, I don't feel anything in particular pressing in the Spirit. Eternity is only a heartbeat away for all of us every day. But the signs are not in place for anything major that I am aware of.
  12. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    Thank you. Guess we've all been on the verge for about 2k years now.
  13. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    Thank you one and all for keeping us in your prayers. Please keep my Beloved in your prayers. She is an angel in the truest sense of the word. Thank you!
  14. JohnD

    I need serious help

    I understand, with something so eternally important as this, you want to be sure. You don't want a lot of opinions and conjecture. So rest assured in the Word of God. 1 Corinthians 5:5 (AV) 5 To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. If anyone who is already a believer comes near to any sin that could jeopardize their salvation, God will arrange to have you taken out of this life before that could happen. In other words, our eternal life is truly in the hands of the Father and the Son: John 10:27–29 (AV) 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. Rest assured in God's Word.
  15. JohnD

    Please pray for me

    To make the right choices using his wisdom (over my own) and to be delivered from any unforeseen dilemmas / evil. I have been feeling unsettled in spirit lately and I do not know why. In the past this is how the Holy Spirit gave me warnings something was about to happen no matter how calm life otherwise seemed to be. Oh, and please pray for my chest pains to subside. That and my eyes are wonky with allergies and both could be complications of my type II diabetes. And (now that I am again at the well, LOL) prayer for my beloved Bride would be most appreciated! Thank you!