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  1. JohnD

    How Do I warn Others?

    We should warn others even if the end is not for another thousand years since we all live only 100 years at best or we could die from any number of causes any day. Then eternity.
  2. JohnD

    How Do I warn Others?

    Until the Jewish Temple is rebuilt, we are not in the 70th Week of Daniel (the end time).
  3. JohnD

    The wives of Adam's sons.

    Good points.
  4. JohnD

    Evidence VS. Proof

    2 Peter 1:20-21 The correct ladder to heaven and how to climb it beginning at rung one. As opposed to climbing the wrong ladder to judgment day Matthew 7:21-23.
  5. JohnD

    What's Missing from Apologetics?

    The term apologetics is better defined as dissertation. A defense of the faith / systematic theology = why you believe what you believe. Christian apologetics is no more about apologizing (saying one is sorry) than an elephant's trunk is about packing with luggage. I would agree however there is a need for more contriteness among believers than there is. But it has nothing at all to do with the term apologetics.
  6. Hypothetical scenarios do make good points... but when Jesus returns to Earth TV will cease to exist. Tee hee (couldn't resist).
  7. Yeppers. And this is whee the Kaaba got it's 360 gods and temples before Mohammed smashed them and slew their priests for the "monotheistic" al ylah (the moon god).
  8. JohnD

    Abortion and the seared conscience

    The root of the abortion problem is we have a fornication problem. Eliminate fornication and 99 % of abortion will not exist. Judeo-Christian marriage has been mocked and driven asunder long before homosexual marriage came on the scene. Heterosexuals (Christians among them) have sinned against marriage with adultery in marriage, fornication before marriage, encouraging and indulging is lustful behavior (of both genders).... divorce and remarriage (serial monogamy)... and the ultimate result of all this evil is the slaughter of the most innocent human beings in or near their mother's womb.
  9. JohnD

    Abortion and the seared conscience

    The health of the mother and rape are arguments often used to justify all abortion. And to be perfectly honest, I don't know what side I would actually come down on given the legitimate claims of these situations. Most women I know would take the risk that God will keep them well, or that the medical profession gets it wrong sometimes (and they do). And as far as rape goes... part of what makes rape so heinous is that a woman can be impregnated by the rapist (adding that ruination to ruination). I believe the death penalty was once the law of the land for the rapist (if memory serves).
  10. JohnD

    Abortion and the seared conscience

    That being said, women have had (and men who forced women to have) an abortion can be forgiven. Abortion is not the unpardonable sin. And often those who have done this did not realize at the time they were murdering their own child. The lies they were told by the humanists or even the lies they told themselves... and they can be among the most hurting people on Earth. They need the love of Christ (through us). I believe we should be mindful of them when we make these pronouncements that Abortion is murder... but add: God can forgive and heal!
  11. JohnD

    Abortion and the seared conscience

    Women have a miraculous ability in child bearing. They can do what no man has ever done. People are so quick to equalize every one and every thing... when in fact we are unique in our own ways as individuals and as a gender. We are of equal worth, but we are not one and the same. My hat is off to women who bear the next generation of children as a ministry of God in its own right. And this miraculous ability to gestate a human life / human lives blows my mind. There is no doubt in anyone's mind when it is a desired pregnancy that what the woman carries is a human life. And that life should be accorded the sanctity that all human life is. A woman's choice whether to carry to term should be made before sex (when she runs the risk of being impregnated).
  12. I'm listening to "on the run" by Pink Floyd as I am reading this... LOL Time... what a concept. Dr. Russell Stannard does interesting blurbs about science (time is one of them). Time is more or less the intervals of the ongoing present we call now. Ever forward. We measure this and call it time. We think of the overall passing as time. But like the old Rock band Chicago used to say... "Does anybody really know what time it is?" Yeah... I'm a hippie from the original 70's Show... (below: me at 16). Hard to believe that was 42 years ago... Anyway, what is tricky is our perception of time. Time is faster at higher altitudes (not so much that we would notice) but it is a proven fact time is slowed down by gravity and the closer it is to a gravity well the slower it goes. Some argue this is but an affect on the things we use to measure time... but relativity would argue against that point. I personally believe (which means nothing more than it satisfies me) that our perception of time quickens with age because we are reeling in the years, stowing away the time... things are no longer only a few years ago in our memory but decades ago... we've settled into our ruts (routines) quite well and what used to seem like forever (like getting through the work day as a youth) now seems like hardly any time at all... and add a few days of that hardly any time at all and before you know it, it seems like the weeks go... Thursday, Friday Saturday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday... Just a mention... there is a reference in Matthew 24 about the days being shortened otherwise no flesh would be left alive... but I rather think it has to do with the Lord's patience than speeding time up. There is the long day of Joshua where the Lord made a day of battle last longer than normal... and IMHO that was when the orbit of the Earth was changed from a 360 day year to the present 365.25 day year to accommodate the Israeli victory.
  13. In his overall sovereignty, God has given us free will (so we could have the option to choose him). This presents variables in the scheme of things. Romans 8:28 put another way indicates that God is the Great Orchestrator of all things... his ultimate will to prevail (Acts 15:18). So... omniscience is God knowing all things past, present, future, and all the variables created by the limited sovereignty God gave men and angels. So God must have known (from all eternity) who would and who would not believe. Known to God are all who would believe.
  14. JohnD

    Torah Torah Torah

    The Law of Moses The Law of Christ Fresh debate anyone?