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  1. Alternate Answer: I screen all calls.
  2. Not totally. That's true. Smile.
  3. Sin

    Guilt mongering only places the burden of the Old Testament on people who *can* be New Testament believers and therefore free from the Law. But guilt mongers tend to build a following to bilk and to fleece. Tell me, what sin can God not forgive and impute the righteousness of Christ in place of but the sin of unbelief? Pray tell.
  4. Not too shabby.
  5. If only I were 18 again. I hear this all the time when I card customers at Walmart. I tell 'em I wouldn't be 18 again. I was lanky, uncoordinated, insecure, and afraid of girls. I got married a year later and I've been terrified of women ever since. ______________________________________________________________________ Most think it is funny, but I am serious in that my wife broke the code and let me in on what goes on in the female world. Terrified is correct! And guys really don't have a clue. Observing the fairer sex over the last 37 years (of our marriage) everything my beloved bride taught me has been proven true time and time again. I kid around a bit (too much I suppose) but I really did marry THE BEST!!!!!!!! Way up, I married way way up.
  6. Both spouses can attest to this. Spouse A "You never listen to a word I say." Spouse B "You never say a word I want to hear." ← not out loud if you're the husband
  7. ...for about five minutes.
  8. It's always in the last place you look. My response, of course it is. Once you find it, why would you keep looking?
  9. Many times I have been flat broke. But I've never been poor. I am grateful to God who has always provided and always will.
  10. Let's look at the record. God put David on the throne and expected the people to support him. David lied, at the showbread, feigned insanity, was a polygamist, brutally killed his enemies, committed adultery, murdered Bathsheba's loyal husband. God put Moses ahead of Israel. Moses blew the prophetic model striking the rock a second time in anger when God was not angry. He murdered an Egyptian. He tried to worm his way out of going back to Egypt. I say this NOT to malign the mighty men of God (which these and many more were). Rather, aside from Jesus Christ (who alone is sinless), consider God has nothing better in humanity to work with. Get off our pious high horse and looking down the wretched nose we have excused and pray for the man God has placed in harm's way for his sake and ours. SHEESH!
  11. Gamblers count on this, btw. I lost $20 in a game of Tonk holding four Kings in the NAVY @ 1980... best investment I ever made. I am no gambler. Haven't gambled since.
  12. Humility is best displayed when proven wrong publicly about what you knew that you knew that you were right about.
  13. Quite simply Jesus is the pinnacle / fulfillment of Judaism. One way to look at the Old Testament is the LAW (10 Commandments) and the rest is commentary clarification. Jesus is the POINT of it all. The rest is commentary / clarification (New Testament). Once that commentary / clarification was finalized in both Testaments, there is no need for God to continue revealing new scriptures or raising up prophets when the Bible itself is the testimony and standard (measure) to go by. Rejection of God's way is commonplace. It's the human condition since the fall of Adam and Eve. Bahai is merely one of the many ways mankind rejects God's truth. I'd rather get at the truth personally. "...thy Word IS truth!" John 17:17b
  14. How are things now?
  15. Most are unlovable. Yet we do what is right concerning others despite it all. For example forgiving some jerk who doesn't deserve it... because after all, we have been forgiven much... should we not forgive the little? The longer we live the more we see the depravity in others... and in ourselves. And we learn that the polly anna way we once looked at life and humanity has little to do with reality. The many friends.... always being helpful... always being faithful... I am a people person. I am a great public servant and customer servant. I quite often made $100 tips on individual runs in the limousine business. So I know how to be winsome and subservient (which most people eat up). But I learned a long time ago through a series of betrayals that true friends (the real deal / what a friend actually is) are NOT the frequent acquaintances most define as friends. And having hoards of them does not enrich your life. Jesus is the best friend you can have. ← that is what truly enriches your life. Next to that is your spouse. ← that is what truly enriches your life. And next to that is... yourself. ← that is what truly enriches your life. A friend is actually a fiduciary or they are no friend. And this is a two way street by the way. People in general... Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you. Your bread is your time talent treasure the waters are people and the return is blessings from... from... not people! But the Lord who commissions us to do this. The return is his reward. The bread you cast will be devoured by people like piranhas. I hope this casting of my bread helps.