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  1. firestormx

    Gog and Egypt

    will do, thanks
  2. firestormx

    Gog and Egypt

    Could you please speak more of this? 9 wars is a lot. Would just love to know what the 9 wars are you are speaking of.
  3. firestormx


    The same could be said of Paul and the other Apostles when they spoke in tongues but that didn't mean it wasn't real and biblical or them. 1. I think that's why they call it faith. 😛 2.There was no way for Thomas to verify that the other 10 Apostles were telling the truth that Jesus rose from the dead. But they were telling the truth and Thomas was chided by Christ for his lack of faith at simply being told the truth without any evidence. This standard that is being put forth could be used to negate all gifts of the spirit. This to me sounds like the kind of doctrine for people who need everything to make sense to there rational fleshly mind and sometimes the things of God will seem like foolishness to the rational fleshly mind.
  4. firestormx


    Tongues doesn't place a reliance on the sensual but on the Holy Spirit of God. Why? Because the act of speaking in tongues is an act of faith. In Acts 2:4 it says WE speak and the HOLY SPIRIT gives the utterance. We give the sound but the Holy Spirit gives the utterance or words. That can't happen without faith. We control the volume while God controls the words. To speak in tongues is impossible if it's real without a complete dependence on the Holy Spirit of God. Also when Paul said in 1 Cor. 14:5 that Prophecy is preferred unless the biblical tongues are interpreted. It was because God gives the utterance or words in both Prophecy and speaking in tongues. But with speaking in Tongues nobody understands the speaker without an interpretation. If there is an interpretation of the spoken tongues then Prophecy isn't preferred because you have already heard the direct words of God just like in the cases of Biblical prophecy. The word UNLESS is the key word in 1 Cor.14:5. Speaking in Tongues is an act of faith. It is God providing the words just like in the OT when the Spirit of God would come upon a Prophet or king. I know of no other way to say this other than the bible verse of Acts 2:4 We speak as the Holy Spirit gives the utterance.
  5. firestormx

    I Often read of "God Told Me"

    I'm not very surprised you haven't got many direct answers. I am very hesitant to post anything myself. I will try to explain why I'm so hesitant. The bible says man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. That means the living God is speaking right now and we should be able to hear and discern it. Jesus said " my sheep hear my voice and anothers voice they will not follow". Again we should hear and know God's voice and the difference between his voice and any other. To often people have what I like to call the Apostle Thomas mentality or the spirit of Thomas. Jesus appeared to all expect Thomas. Then when Thomas returned the other Apostles told him what had happened and he refused to believe them...Why? Because it had not happened to him. So they couldn't possibly be telling the truth. they had to be mistaken. Which is just a very nice way to call the other 10 Apostles Liars. Why? Because it had not happened to him. He continued not to believe the truth he had been told until it happened to him. Then it was real. But not unless it happened to him. That is the exact mentality most christians have on every subject possible. Speaking in tongues...can't be real, not possible., why? because it hasn't happened to them of course. Miracles and healings....Can't be real, why? because it hasn't happened to them of course. On and on I could go listing about every and any Biblical subject you could bring up. Because most people for all there talk of Loving God and other people are going to absolutely rip apart and destroy anyone who says anything has happened to them from God that They haven't experienced. They will destroy you with glee because it hasn't happened to them so you must be mistaken, a liar and everything false must fill you. However... To your question I guess... When I was young One night as I slept Jesus came to me and we went outside and sat under a tree. He only spoke a few things. Very little was said. He told me he loved me and that he would always be with me and just one other thing. Shortly after that experience I went through one of the most difficult of my life. Only after it was over and I was older did I learn that he spoke nothing but things in the bible to me that night. I tell you the truth. I had no idea until years later he only quoted the bible to me. I have dreams and visions all the time. In the book of Job ( around chapter 33 ) is one of my favorite verses. It goes like this, " The Lord speaks once, Yea twice yet man perceives him not. In a dream in a vision in the night when deep sleep falls upon man". Biblical dreams and visions are God talking to us. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would show us things to come. He didn't say might or maybe. He didn't say just a select few. He said when the Holy Spirit came upon all of them he would show them things to come. But God works by faith and most who claim to be his children just don't believe it's for them. There often isn't a day that goes by that I'm not getting a revelation about a dream or vision or bible verse. It always draws me to more prayer, more of the word of God and deeper understanding of my dependence on Jesus for everything. But there is always the other side of this. People have seemed to take glee causing as much pain and torment in my life as possible. I had a dream once When I was about 18 that they church I grew up in would be pulled off the road to heaven. I told the pastor who mocked me for believing in dreams. I told the other elders of the church who chastise me for being an alarmist because such things could not happen. Then they together one Sunday morning called me out in open church and laughed at me ( literally) and mocked me for what I saw and told everyone not to be a trouble making dreamer like me. I of course left that church. One year later the church split over doctrinal disputes and the few who mocked me were the only ones to stay together. I could go into much more detail but I just don't see any reason to. Jesus is alive. Do you really understand that? Jesus is alive! He is real and Alive and desires nothing more than to have a very real living relationship with each of us. One night I saw Jesus sitting in a chair in a room full of people. Everyone was discussing why so and so was allowed to happen or why hasn't Jesus done anything about this or that. As they debated it with one another I suddenly could hear Jesus thoughts. His thought that I was allowed to hear was. " Why are they discussing and debating with each other only and not coming and talking to me about it"? He was right there in the room. But nobody was talking to him about it, only each other. I hope you find your answer. May the love and peace of GOD fill you Firestormx
  6. firestormx

    Duties of an OT Priest/NT Believer similarities

    While I guess that would be a concern... I'm just trying to learn more about GOD and draw closer to him. I view the bible in part as GOD's revealed will for us. I just thought that if GOD gave instruction for how a temple is to be maintained for his presence to dwell in it in the OT times, then that might have some application to us since GOD now will dwell within all who wholeheartedly seek him and depend on him for there salvation.
  7. firestormx

    Duties of an OT Priest/NT Believer similarities

    Yes, I agree and I apologize. I must not have been clear enough in asking my question. Forgive me. Let me ask this way. If it was a daily duty of an OT priest to give an sin offering to GOD, then should we not daily confess any and all sins to our redeemer. If it was a daily duty of an OT priest to make sure the candles had enough oil so their light might shine, then shouldn't we daily pray in the Holy Spirit so that the light of GOD in us might shine? What were the daily duties of an OT priest in the temple of GOD that might have a spiritual application to us today?
  8. Don't know if I can find the right words to ask my question but here it is. Is there any correlation between the duties in the OT temple priest and a NT believer. A lot of things in the OT were a shadow of what was to come. Temple made of stone by the hands of men to be the dwelling place of GOD was a shadow of the temple made of Flesh and spirit made by God to be his dwelling place. OT oil to NT Holy Spirit. Sacrifice of sin offering of a lamb in the OT was a shadow of the sacrifice of the LAMB of GOD in the NT. The OT sacrifice of sin had to be done in the temple just like the NT sacrifice of Jesus must be applied or done in our bodies/ temple. There are so many things in the OT that were done that was a shadow of the NT. What were the daily duties of the temple priests? What was there daily routine? Is there any correlation between the duties in the OT temple priest and a NT believer. Firestormx
  9. firestormx

    Matt. 5 31-32 One more time...

    Lol, well call me crazy but somehow I don't see fights leading to divorce over the cooking being that far fetched.
  10. firestormx

    Matt. 5 31-32 One more time...

    never heard that one. but I did read that they would divorce over the wife putting to much salt in the food over and over.
  11. firestormx

    Matt. 5 31-32 One more time...

    The Teachers of the Law used the same interpretation of that verse that you posted, so they could divorce for any reason they wanted to. But that is not what it says. It is talking about if one of the marriage partners become unclean in the eyes of God under the law, then they can divorce. Only if uncleanness is found, divorce is allowed. But it was being perverted to allow for any reason. Jesus was exposing their application of that verse for the lie it was and was bring it back to how it was intended all along. That Divorce was permitted only when Uncleanness had been found by God's standard in his Holy word. Going to bed, but if you respond tonight, I will happily respond tomorrow after I get up. God bless you.
  12. firestormx

    Matt. 5 31-32 One more time...

    No, he is not. The phrase above " displeasing to him " comes from a Hebrew word that means uncleanness. It's not saying that if he just randomly decides she displeased him, then he can divorce her but if she becomes unclean in the eyes of the Law.
  13. firestormx

    Matt. 5 31-32 One more time...

    All the Law was given by Moses. That's why it's called the Law of Moses. It doesn't change who the Author of the Law was which is God. The punishment under the Law for teaching falsely or lies in the name of God was Death. If Jesus was teaching that all the teaching about Divorce was null and void then he would have been called a false teacher and stoned to death.
  14. Matthew 5:31-32 (NKJV) “Furthermore it has been said, ‘Whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.’ But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except [a]sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery, and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery. I've been praying and seeking God on the issue of Divorce and remarriage and realized a few things I would like some feedback on. I will try to keep this as short as possible but don't know if I can. Context: Jesus is speaking to Jews about the Law of Moses. If he said anything that contradicted the Law or nullified it, then Jesus would have been stoned to death, Because Jesus was viewed as a man, not as God. Jesus was clarifying how divorce should have been viewed in light of all of scripture. It was impossible for him to nullify divorce completely and not get stoned. Notes: The following things are a list of things NOT apart of a conversation about divorce in most conditions under the Law of Moses. Reasons will be given as to why. Adultery: was not a divorce conversation but a death penalty conversation. Pre-marital sex: Death Penalty conversation Incest: Death penalty conversation Prostitution: Death penalty conversation When the things above happened in the days of the bible people didn't go looking for a divorce. They picked up stones to execute the Death penalty GOD required for committing these sins. These sins are so bad in the eyes of GOD that when they happened it not only ended the marriage but the life of the persons who committed the sin. When people of this day thought of divorce the things above were not reasons or even in there thinking when it comes to divorce because they already had a consequence that allowed them to remarry, the death penalty. Divorce: Almost every possible meaning of fornication already had a consequence under the Law of Moses as you can see above, and it wasn't divorce but the Death penalty. God holds Marriage to be sacred but people were getting divorced for any all reasons the could. Jesus clarifies that if someone wants to get a divorce then the only way it should be allowed is if they committed a sexual sin worthy of death. Because under the law if any of these sins were committed they should be executed anyway. If mercy was shown and they were not executed then divorce was still permissible. Summary: the only allowable reason for divorce and remarriage is if one of the spouses commit a sin worthy of death under the law of Moses. I would enjoy hearing some feedback on this. Thank you for your time. Joseph
  15. firestormx

    The People of the prince to come

    well, I believe the Psalm 83 war must take place first but beyond that, I'm not sure it is locked into one spot in the bible. The link to the article in my op provides a lot of facts I have never heard and was curious if their facts could be refuted. It's long but a good read.