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  1. thank you for such merciful encouragement.
  2. Very Good point. I can't argue with this statement. Just so frustrated and tired. but you make a lot of good points in your post. As with the others, I will prayerfully consider what you have shared. Thank you for taking the time to post.
  3. Those verses are not talking about the 12. most should work. But there are positions that don't work but devote themselves to God and his work full time. But how did the 12 work if they were full-time prayer and ministry? Most should work but there are full-time ministry positions. For Instance, Is Jesus our example? What 9-5 job did Jesus have during his ministry? What 9-5 position did Moses have when he was in service to the Lord? What about Elijah? What about Jeremiah? There are certain positions of ministry that the Lord can put you in that are full-time.
  4. Satan can do nothing that God doesn't allow. The story of Job proves that. I'm not saying God did it. I'm saying God could have told Satan he couldn't touch me and then he wouldn't have been able to. I want to know how is it fair for some to never know what a real problem is while others suffer endlessly. I'm not angry, and I'm not responding in anger. You want to leave the convo, then I'm sorry to see you go. If you have already worked out all this for your life, then praise God. I haven't. So forgive me but I want this put to bed in my life. Once and for all. Which is why I'm here. See I believe Satan holds power over us when we keep things in the dark. So I choose to bring all this out here, with the hope that maybe I can finally get closure over all this.
  5. I've had dreams my whole life. So I find it a little ironic you would say, Joseph in the bible ( also happens to be my name ). He has come to me in dreams. Showed me I would minister. Showed me he had a wife for me. showed me many things. Sometimes the past and the pain just become so hard to bear. It's like I'm buried in a casket 6 feet under. I scream and scream yet nobody hears me. Sometimes it is just so hard to wait on him. Sometimes I wonder why he didn't love me enough to spare me all the pain. Thanks for the talk. God bless
  6. Ok, then how do you get in on God's favor?
  7. When I was a kid I was sexually abused. Then I developed Bipolar in my early teens. Had it 3 years before God healed me, Dr's say remission. in 25 years I've never had a relapse. during the time I was bipolar when I was walking down the street, I could hear people call me weird and a freak. this was the parents by the way. I won't get into the things the neighborhood kids were doing to me. Around the time I was healed, The Pastor and elders mocked me in front of the entire church over a disagreement over doctrine. So I left the church ( never really had a relationship with God ) and went into satanism. I figure I don't even need to go into how that turned out. about this time I turn 21 and went to drink with one of the few " friends " I thought I had, and he got me so drunk I could not walk then raped me. Later I had to prostitute myself to have a little money because I couldn't get a job. Another time when I was homeless I was trying to go to sleep outside and it was snowing. I remember begging God to kill me so maybe I would stop shivering. I've been diagnosed with cancer. Lost my kids. Had my wife cheat on me then leave me after I took her charges and mine on myself so she wouldn't go to prison. when I was in prison for committing Armed Robbery ( for trying to get money to buy food and diapers for my 1-year-old at the time ) I died. I should have drunk myself to death. Should have overdosed on drugs. While in prison is when I realized Jesus is real. That there is a difference between just saying a prayer and having a relationship with him. It was there in prison I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior. But I ask you exactly what about my life is fair? what is fair about the pain and betrayal and hurt that has followed me all of my life? Why me? How is it fair for some to be rich and never have a real problem in their life, while I and people like me suffer almost endlessly? How is it not showing favor? What do I have to do for God to show me that favor so I won't have to be alone and hurt all the time? How can you tell me it is fair?
  8. maybe, but it's still showing favor to do something for one and not for another
  9. Then will he do for another everything he did for Israel?
  10. Most should work but there are some ministry positions that are full time. You have never explained the verse I quoted. It clearly says that the 12 should not work but devote themselves to pray and ministry only. You can't get around that.
  11. Maybe I would be more accurate by saying favor. Favor 1. approval, support, or liking for someone or something.
  12. Just because it comes with responsibility does not mean that it isn't favoritism!
  13. I don't think it's very tricky. I think God clearly has favorites. I thank you for your answer but nothing about that response changes my thoughts any.
  14. God does work that way. What has he given to any other Nation that even remotely compares to what he has done for Israel? How does God not Show favoritism to some? Face to face relationship with Moses, and who else? Nobody will have the wealth Solomon did why? How can you say God doesn't show favoritism especially with the verse I posted?
  15. I disagree. If I gave one of my children 1 million dollars and gave the other the leftover change in my pocket, would I have not shown favoritism? Isn't that what God has done? Doesn't the verse below state God show's favoritism? Exodus 33:19 And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.