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  1. Hi , welcome to Worthy
  2. petula

    Hello World!!! <3

    Hi , welcome to Worthy , you will love it here
  3. petula

    Trial By Fire

  4. petula

    New boy on the block

    Hi , welcome to Worthy , this is a wonderful place , full of wise and caring Christians
  5. petula

    a little picture:

    Hello , welcome to Worthy
  6. petula

    Hello, New Here

    Hi, welcome to Worthy
  7. petula

    I need your prayer

  8. petula

    Please pray for jmlusa

  9. petula

    Hi I'm new, alone and lonely

    Hi , welcome to Worthy ,
  10. petula

    Hello brothers and sisters in christ

    Hi , welcome to Worthy
  11. petula

    In danger

    Choose life , you have to choose , you can't sit on the fence anymore if ,the worst thing that could happen to you , happens , what will you have left . God has never left you ,
  12. petula

    Worthy Forum

    Hope it gets fixed
  13. petula

    Prayer for Daughter