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  1. Seizures

  2. Drs App & Benefit App

  3. Prayers for my health

  4. The Joy of God's Timing.

    Hello , welcome to Worthy

    Oh kwik , I like most on Worthy , have nothing but respect and love for you , our sister in Christ , who is always there , welcoming , praying and when we need it gently rebuking . Your posts and prayers are filled with so much knowledge , Christian wisdom and genuine agape love . I'm so sorry you've been hurt , your testimony is full of such pain , but such faith , you've overcome so much and you will overcome this . I wish I was more eloquent , I'm not , I just know that because you have spoken words given you by the Holy spirit , I and probably everyone on Worthy has been blessed and come to a better relationship with our Saviour , because of the love you've poured out on the WCF. Kwik , it is an honour to pray for you , God bless you dear , praying.
  6. Newbie here

    Hi , welcome to Worthy , this is a great site , with many wise and loving Christians , a great chat room , you'll enjoy Worthy
  7. salt

    Sorry omega , I tried to answer a query , that's why I asked admin to remove my post if I overstepped . Haven't a clue how to move posts , I respect and love Worthy and would not knowingly give wrong information , just wanted to help ' broken ' , prayed , and remembered an old deliverence ministry , omega I didn't ask you not to remove my post , crumbs , if I do the wrong thing I want my post moved fast , knowing your sense of humour mega , your probably thinking of removing this one , not a problem , thanks mega ,
  8. Update & New Blog

    Miss Kayley , our God's shoulders are very broad and strong , many of us have been angry with him and blamed him for every bad thing , and still he loves and cares for us , it's all a part of our growing relationship with our Saviour . God bless you dear
  9. Praises for the ladies

    Praise God ,
  10. God's love

    Amen , Praise God
  11. Prayers for my Mother

  12. salt

    I don't know where you got the salt reference , as a Christian you with the holy spirit can pray a protection on your home , ask the Lord to show you any evil or occult items in your home , get rid of them , if you can . I've volunteered in op shops for many years , and you'd be surprised how many people bring in items or books etc saying " they feel weird or not right and they have to get rid of them " . Ask our Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you , and to cleanse your home and all within it , ask that the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ cover the home and all within it , then thank God for his love and grace . Admin if I've overstepped please delete , this is coming from a deliverence ministry I was involved with many years ago ( Methodist )
  13. I feel sick.

  14. Hello all

    Hi , welcome to Worthy
  15. The Gospel of Jesus

    Hello , welcome to Worthy