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  1. Please pray for my car

    My car started going in reverse and the door flew open and was pressed against a metal post. The door is not fully opening now. Please pray that repairs will not be too costly.
  2. Please pray for my wife, Linda

    Please pray that my wife Linda is well enough for me to go to work tomorrow. Our health insurance is dependent on my job. Although I am 65 and in poor health I am unable to retire because my wife's health insurance is unaffordable if purchased privately.
  3. Please pray

    I have to return to work tomorrow (Monday). Pray that my wife will be at peace and feel well enough for me to return especially with regard to vertigo symptoms. Our health insurance is tied to my job and I just can't walk away from it.
  4. Please pray

    My wife is refusing to sign our joint tax returns. This could lead to eviction as our rent is tied to our tax returns. I have decided to set some limits. She has destroyed property in the past. She is threatening to call my job presumably to get me fired. All of this activity may make her ill as she has been comlplaining of vertigo. Please pray.
  5. Please pray

    My wife,Linda, is complaining that she is now experiencing so much vertigo she can hardly walk. She says this is occurring because I went to church Sunday.She has gone to the emergency room by ambulance a number of times with similar complaints and they discharge her with no serious ailments. I suspect she will not want me to go to work tomorrow and I have an important meeting at 9:30 I can't back out of. She is talking of suicide but I don't see her acting on this. Please continue to pray that I use wise judgement motivated by the Holy Spirit.
  6. Please pray

    The biggest stumbling block now is her refusal to allow me to go to church after 11am tomorrow because my leaving will prevent from sleeping. She feels she needs a lot of rest to go to a dental appt nextFriday. I have only been able to attend church 4 or 5 times during the past year because she has prevented me from attending.
  7. Please pray

    I plan this weekend to lay down some limits with my wife. This could result in violence, her destroying property and the police being called. Please pray for this situation. p
  8. Please pray

    I just noticed a rather large purplish spot on my left side. If there is pain in that area it is rather slight. Please pray.
  9. Please pray for Bill

    A coworker's friend,Bill was unable to breathe and was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. He has a pacemaker and fibrillator. Please pray for his recovery
  10. Please pray

    Please pray for my wife Linda who is experiencing stomach pain, chest pain and vertigo. I expect to come in late tomorrow to work because I will need to take care of my wife. Our health insurance is dependent on my job and my supervisor presses me to work overtime. My wife's situation is chronic. She has frequent nightmares especially when she is ill. I am rarely able to go to church because my attending church causes her to become sick and causes conflict between us. I have no Christian contact.
  11. Please pray]

    Please pray for my wife, Linda, who is experiencing vertigo this evening. I need to leave her in the morning for work as our health insurance depends on my job. I also have a home visit to make in connection with my job. The sidewalk is unshoveled and the porch is caked with ice and I have difficulty walking.
  12. Pray for Debby

    A coworker named Debby was recently diagnosed with cancer. It appears to have matastisized. She states that she has anxiety but no pain. Please pray for her. I don't know if she is saved
  13. Please pray

    Thank you for your prayers. My foot is considerably better. My wife is having gastrointestinal pain and vertigo/ weakness. Please continue to pray.
  14. Please pray

    Please pray that my wife Linda overcomes her vertigo so I can get to work tomorrow. Her medical issues have resulted in my taking off a considerable amount of time from work causing tension with my supervisor. Our income and health insurance are dependent on my job. Also I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my right foot so that at times I have had difficulty walking without holding on to objects for support.
  15. Please pray

    Please pray that I will be able to work without interruption. My wife has been experiencing vertigo, pains in her body, nightmares causing me to take off time from work. This has created friction with my supervisor causing me to fall behind in my work. My wife's name is Linda. Please pray for this situation.