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  1. Pray that my wife Linda gains weight, that confusion, brain fog, feelings of not being herself cease and that she has mental clarity. Pray that her anger towards me abates and that we have an amicable supportive relationship.
  2. I have a dental appointment tomorrow for some potentially costly dental work- a cleaning, extraction, crown- if the dentist is willing to do it. I may have used up my dental insurance for the year already. It may be potentially costly and they may not want to do the work for other reasons. Please pray.
  3. I have a dental appointment tomorrow morning that is expected to cost at least a few thousand dollars. I need to pay up front and my dental insurance will later pay a portion, I expect. Pray that costs are kept down. I plan to retire in a few months and my disposable income will decrease dramatically.
  4. Please pray that my wife's intense pain subsides. She has been having intense pain on her right side and neck and has gastrointestinal problems. She did an enema a little while ago to relieve the pain but although somewhat better it still continues.
  5. Please pray for reconciliation with my wife. She becomes physically ill when we fight and it is difficult to avoid conflict with her. I anticipate difficulty going into work tomorrow because she will want me to stay home and take care of her and I am under pressure from my job. If I stay home she will argue viciously. Pray that she sleeps well without nightmares and increases in strength.
  6. Please pray for my supervisor's daughter, Grace, who is very ill. My supervisor has taken 3 days off from work so far to care for her.
  7. The situation is very tense.Please continue to pray. She is now having panic attacks. She also pressed something called a bite guard, used to prevent her from grinding her teeth against the inside of her mouth causing a bleeding gash.
  8. Thank you very much for your prayers. Dr3032 I don't believe it is ulcers and I have prayed for you as well. Please continue to keep Linda in prayer as she is again feeling ill tonight. Pray that her nightmares stop.
  9. Pray that my wife Linda's pain ceases. She is now in pain when she eats a small amount. I have to work tomorrow and I am under great pressure. She may want me to stay home and take care of her. Please pray.
  10. My wife is being seen now. Pray that her weight has increased or at least has remained stable.
  11. Thank you for your prayers.
  12. Please continue to pray. My wife, Linda, continued to have vertigo and I had to leave work for an hour to help her. We are not able to pray together because although not baptized she believes the Jehovah's Witnesses are the true religion. The medical appointment is tomorrow at 2:30 Eastern Time. Pray that the right services and treatment is set up. I had some friction with my supervisor at work yesterday because I am not completing enough work and because of my wife's phone calls.
  13. Please pray that my wife Linda sleeps well, nightmares end, her vertigo and pain stop, she becomes physically stronger and gains weight. She has a medical appointment on Thursday. Please pray that she receives the assistance she needs. She prevents me from speaking to her doctors.
  14. I need wisdom regarding my wife's health. I need to go to work but she is in pain, experiencing vertigo, weakness, nightmares, at times crawling, insulting me. She is refusing to go to the hospital or doctor.
  15. Please pray that my wife's (Linda) pain ceases, that she sleeps without nightmares and that she regains her physical strength. Pray that she is saved and that she is released from Satan's grip.
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