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  1. It is really OK. If you don't believe in an abode or home for you in heaven, I doubt if Jesus will build you one. In fact, if you don't believe He is coming first FOR His bride, I doubt if you will even hear the trumpet. Jesus is coming for those who are expecting His coming. The bride will be there for 7 plus years. We will have a place to call "home" there. Jesus went to build them for us. There are many personal testimonies of believers who have seen these mansions. It is only your loss if you don't read them. In fact, there are multiplied millions of believers there NOW in spirit form. Do you imagine they sleep or rest on a cloud?
  2. There is no reason to go on. You just make up theory and then try and make it fit. It is clear you still don't recognize what happens at the 6th seal as the fulfillment of Isaiah 2 and Joel 2. How sad.
  3. In fact, that is EXACTLY what it says. The Day of the Lord WILL come on the whole word. Revelation tells us this. But the fact is, Jesus went to heaven to build us houses, and when we are THERE, we will not be HERE on the world. So it is an ESCAPE God has planned. In fact, the rapture IS God's escape plan. Now, every coin has two sides: the other side of this coin is the devil's plan. He is sure, if he can get believers left behind at the pretrib rapture, he will be able to break them down with hardship, and cause them to take the mark and be doomed. That is his plan. So he is going all out in these days days to pull people away from a pretrib rapture belief, so they will be left behind. Of course, for those left behind, IF they deny the mark and lose their head, they will see their mansions far far into the future. But for those who are expecting His coming soon, they will escape what is coming, just exactly as Luke tells us.
  4. That particular translation comes from the Alexandrian manuscript. It is not the same as the majority text. I will go with the KJV here, thank you. It follows the majority texts. For the readers: ask yourself WHERE Jesus went after He ascended: it is where He went to prepare our homes.
  5. Commentators frequently give us a hint of what the church has believed down through the centuries. Of course they are not always right, and don't always agree with one another. And on prophecy scripture, most are WAY behind the revelation knowledge available today. However, some theories of today are SO FAR from Bible reality and what has been believed over the centuries that a quick check of the commentators could allow the readers to immediately detect these wild theories and dismiss them for what they are: too wild to fit any scriptures taken in context. No escape? Thy telling that to Luke and to the Holy Spirit who caused Luke to write. Readers, note carefully what Luke has written: Luke 21:36:(English Majority Text from Byzantine Majority text) Watch therefore, praying always that you may be counted worthy to escape everything that is about to happen, and to stand before the Son of Man." I understand that preconceived glasses prevent people from believing this verse, but it is true anyway: there IS an escape. Both the Holy Spirit and Luke knew it then, and millions know it now. "What makes this generation exempt? No one has ever said anyone is exempt from the typical tribulation that comes to all believers (but worse for many born in Middle East nations). However, this is a moot question because in this generataion will come the Day of the Lord - a time unlike any time in the past, where God will judge the nations of the world, with His poured out wrath. And Luke is telling us there IS an escape from this time on earth. And Paul confirms this by telling us that God will set no appointments for us with this time of wrath. 1 Peter 4:12 That was clearly about the days Peter lived. It has nothing to do with the future, when God's wrath is poured out. What they lived through was Satan's hatred for the human race - what all believers face. Revelation 13:9-10 Is specifically about those forced to live through those days of GT in which God has made a way of escape, because they missed it. Readers take note: some will NOT be found worthy to escape. Are YOU praying to be found worthy? It is scripture! It is truth! Romans 8:18 Paul is not talking about the Day of the Lord time, but rather the current church age.
  6. No, I don't mean the 24 elders. Surely you know that those who trust in the Old Covenant are very well versed in it. Many could quote these "day of the Lord" passages by heart. Therefore, when this great earthquake hits, very well described by Isaiah in chapter 2, they will see this prophecy being fulfilled. Then when they see the signs in the sun and moon, they will have no doubt at all. They know the prophecy in Joel 2 very well too. It is then very apparent that they will know and you still don't. As John and Isaiah 2 show us, the Day of the Lord will begin with a great earthquake. Then will be the sign in the sun and moon: the sun will turn dark, and the moon will appear blood red. When these signs are seen with a great earthquake, all that know scripture will know the DAY has come. Sadly, those will preconceived glasses won't understand. God most certainly will be exalted in that day, but the exalted God will still give the Beast his 42 months of authority. Don't doubt this! It is scripture!
  7. Just making it to heaven is going to be beyond our wildest imagination. But we will need a place to call "home" there. That is not materialistic. It is just truth. God chose not to show John any mansions. But at that time, 95 AD, perhaps very few were built. By verse 23 God had changed the subject. Many translations show a change in verse 15 with a new heading. Some show verse 7 with a new heading. Therefore it is not a false assumption. It is the word of God. If we allowed 5th graders to read this passage - those that had been unchurched - my guess is that 100% would take it to mean houses to live in. What you are saying is indeed truth, but that is not what this passage is about. You are imagining that from other passages. This passage is about housing in heaven. If you wish to ignore all the present day evidence of these homes (of which there is much), that is on you. Thrones are not houses and houses are not thrones. Neither is judging related to homes. Sorry, but your preconceived glasses are in the way of you taking this passage for its simplest meaning.
  8. You are just showing us you know less about the Old Testament scriptures on the Day of the Lord than these people that make the statement. For example, have you ever read Isaiah 2? It is VERY clear that what happens at the 6th seal is fulfilling Isaiah 2, and THEY KNEW IT! Apparently you don't.
  9. No where in scripture has anyone seen their "mansions" No where in Revelation do you see anyone in their splended trillon dollar mansion. Relying on hearsy that is outside of scripture....is NOT scripture. No, it is not scripture. I never said it was. But when personal testimony (such as Acts records Paul saying) lines up with scripture, why not believe it? Could Paul find Old Testament scripture such as being knocked of his horse and a light so bright he was blinded? I think not. But he told his story anyway. Jesus went to build us mansions. If you don't believe that, my guess is, He will not build you one. Many people have seen these mansions. I believe they exist, but because of scripture and because of these personal testimonies. No it doesnt. Please stick to context, to claim that John 14:2 is referring to going to heaven live in mansions with diamond door knobs to remove this verse from its context. Yes, it does. If you can't see it, that is on you, not the rest of the Body of Christ. It is very clearly stated that Jesus went back to heaven to build abodes, or houses for us. It is not a difficult scripture to understand, unless one has thick preconceived glasses on. This is not really the intent of the Author: The context was Jesus telling the disciples that He was going to die. They were saddened by this. Someone's heading is "Jesus comforts His disciples." 14:1 “Do not let your heart be troubled (afraid, cowardly). Believe [confidently] in God and trust in Him, [have faith, hold on to it, rely on it, keep going and] believe also in Me. 2 In My Father’s house are many dwelling places. If it were not so, I would have told you, because I am going there to prepare a place for you. 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back again and I will take you to Myself, so that where I am you may be also. He, Jesus is going back to heaven. That too is context. He is going back to His Father. His father's house has many dwelling places. That too is context: houses, abodes, dwelling places, rooms, mansions. These are words provided by translators. Young's literal uses "mansions." All of the first translations into English use these same words. Why then do you find it so hard to believe? You expect the readers to believe you and ignore all the translators? After Jesus tells about the many dwelling places there, then He said that He is going to prepare MORE place for them - the disciples. So He is talking about HIM being in HIS FATHER's house. that too is context. Finally, after this He tells them that if He goes, He will return and take them unto Himself - that where He is (I AM) there you may be. Since the entire context has been about His Father's house, that is where they are expecting Him to take them. Millions of believers read it this way. David Guzik Commentary: d. Many mansions: In light of the ancient Greek, "mansions" is better translated "dwelling places." The noun mone (connected to the verb meno, "stay" or "remain") means "a place to stay." But in light of God's character, it is better to translate it mansions. Whatever dwelling place God has for us in heaven, it will be as glorious as a mansion. e. To receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also: The entire focus of heaven is being reunited with Jesus. Heaven is heaven not because of streets of gold, or pearly gates, or even the presence of angels. Heaven is heaven because Jesus is there. i. Take comfort; even as He prepares a place for us, He prepares us for that place. Another verse where the similar and root word is used: Mat 10:11 And into whatsoever city or town ye shall enter, enquire who in it is worthy; and there abide G3306 till ye go thence. John is talking about a place to stay. Therefore a house or an abode is a good idea of the meaning. However, when GOD builds the house, what should we expect? A shack? A tiny cabin? I think not. Not a God that uses Gold for walkways. Except that is really not the subject or contest of this scripture. The CONTEXT of John 14 is heaven. I am truly sorry if you don't see that. But then, if you wish to remain behind on earth, I really believe God will allow that. He does not go against our will. My friend, we HAVE TO go by the text. There was no "coming" back then. The "hour of trial" is far more likely to be the days of great tribulation in our future than anything in their immediate future. The New Jerusalem was certainly not to be seen back then. Again, we must follow both the words and the context. The context was around 95 AD but this is a book of prophecy. Do you doubt that it was around 95 AD when John sent these words to the 7 churches? Would not that be the context? Yes it is, relying on fleets of imaginations, extra biblical hearsy and ripping scripture out of context is not how one handles scripture. CLEARLY these words about His coming and the New Jerusalem are words of prophecy. So then are the words about the "hour of trial." I am not "making up rules." I am just understanding the intent of the author by taking His words at face value. I stand by what I said: the only reason you criticize is simply your belief system is far off from main stream so you think what I write is imagination. The pretrib rapture is not imagination. It is based solidly on scripture.
  10. Maybe God has not built a mansion for you. I know he has for others, for some have been allowed to SEE their own mansion. Others have been allowed to see other people's mansions. Scripture tells us He went to heaven to build houses, homes or abodes for us. However, when God builds something, it will be very special indeed. I fully expect that one diamond doorknob will be large enough were it on earth it could buy much of the state of Texas! It is simply not my fault that you don't believe simple scriptures. Now, abut Psalms 27: I only said "It is a perfect picture of the pretrib rapture." Of course if you deny a pretrib rapture, Ps. 27 won't appear to you as a perfect picture of the rapture. Now for the churches: God had a message that shows up for EVERY church: " 29He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." (or something very close to this) God had another message that shows up for some churches: " To him that overcometh.." Then for each church where this is found, they get something for being an overcomer. For example, to the Laodiceans John wrote, "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne." Here are all of them: 1…will I give to eat of the tree of life 2…shall not be hurt of the second death 3…will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone 4…and keepeth my works unto the end—will I give power over the nations…and I will give him the morning star 5…shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life 6…will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God 7…will I grant to sit with me in my throne Does this mean that those from the other churches WON'T get to sit on God's throne? Not at all, I think any believer that overcomes will get everything on this list. However, each church had something specific written to them, for they were all different. Next, you have accused me of taking the Philidaelphia out of its historical context: 7And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth. 8I know thy works; behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it; for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My word, and hast not denied My name. 9Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. 10Because thou hast kept the word of My patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. 11Behold, I come quickly; hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. 12Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go no more out; and I will write upon him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from My God; and I will write upon him My new name. Let's examine this: 11Behold, I come quickly; Did He come in their lifetime? No. Has He come since? No! His coming is still future to us today. Therefore THIS phrase has a future application, does it not? Why then criticize me for taking the phrase just before this as a future application? "and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from My God" Did the Holy City come down in their age? You know it did not. It is yet future to us today and will not take place until after the millennial reign of Christ. Why then criticize me for taking another part of this passage as future? If this "hour of temptation" is not future to us today, they by all means show us what John meant. David Guzik Commentary: i. Most Bible scholars see this hour of trial as a prophetic reference to the Messianic woes, the Great Tribulation, which precede Jesus' earthly kingdom. Jesus promises to keep these Christians from that hour of trial. d. To test those who dwell on the earth: The test is directed against those who dwell on the earth. This phrase is used nine times in the Book of Revelation, and it speaks of those who are not saved in Jesus. Revelation 17:8 makes the term synonymous with the lost: And those who dwell on the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world. This test is for unbelievers, not Christians. i. Those who dwell on the earth "refers not to believers but to unbelievers who are objects of God's wrath" throughout Revelation. (Johnson) Therefore I don't think your criticism was justified. Whose view then is really warped? I have scripture solidly on my side.
  11. For the readers sake, let's look: Sorry, my friend, but I don't claim that. In fact, John, backed by the Holy Spirit claims this. 12And I beheld, when He had opened the sixth seal and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood; 13And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every slave {bondman}, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains, 16And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; 17For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? Like I said, John, through the Holy Spirit tells us the day of His wrath begins. Where? At the 6th seal.
  12. That is a theory, but it will be proved wrong. OF COURSE there can be more than one "last trump." Every year at the feast of trumpets there is a "last trump" that ends the feast. The series of trumpets in Revelation also has a "last" but John did not call it last, but 7th. Paul certainly did not have the 7th trumpet on his mind: John had not even seen any trumpet judgments when Paul wrote. Do you imagine that God will send angels to collect all trumpets from the earth, and then remove the memory of trumpets from all minds, and then prevent any trumpet from ever being created again - all so that the 7th trumpet is Revelation will truly be the "last" ever? It is very easy to imagine there are trumpets in heaven, and that someone will sound a trumpet during the Millennial reign. But if there is a series of trumpets, someone could call the end one the last one and not mean the last one ever, only the last OF THAT SERIES.
  13. My point still stands: most of those whose hearts ARE circumcised will believe Luke 21:36 and will escape those days of great tribulation that are coming.
  14. Actually, there are much fewer metaphors than some here think. You are mistaken on your entire idea of "enduring" the days of GT Jesus spoke of. You are ignoring what HE SAID about this time: that the saints WILL BE overcome. In truth, this is the only verse anyone left behind any saint can have true bible faith in, for it is for this season of time. (I am speaking of Gentiles not living in Israel.) Go back and read what Jesus said: the fleeing will be for those living in Judea - and even they will barely have time. The blood on the doorposts certainly worked back then. Don't count on it working during the days of GT. Saints will be overcome. That is His Word on this issue. And for sure, "overcome" is not a metaphor.
  15. Sorry, must have caught something from wingnut.