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  1. Sorry, but there are over a dozen verses telling us that God the father is on the throne and Jesus rose to sit at His right hand. Therefore it was the Father on the throne, not the Son. This vision was to show John that at the time, Jesus was STILL ON EARTH. Question: does this verse contradict when Moses saw God? Does it contradict when Isaiah saw God? Does it contradict when Ezekiel saw God? We know that ALL scripture is truth, so how do you reconcile these? How can the Father's throne be so far exalted above - when Jesus went to sit and His right hand? Are you using human imagination here? By the way, it does not sound like a vision: " And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God. "
  2. China is part of the `Kings of the East.` Maybe and maybe NOT: they could be the kings and troops of all the "stan" nations in the east. Thinking it is China is only a guess. includes all the principalities of that area. Maybe, but maybe not. Since Islam is going to figure much in the endtime scenario, I think it is all the Muslim nations East of the River. Two hundred million troops Marilyn, can we PLEASE follow the scriptures? The 200 millions comes at the 6th trumpet, in the first half of the week - NOT at Armageddon. Anyway, the chances are GREAT that the 200 million horsemen are ANGELS. (Rev. 9:15-16) Right, at the 6th trumpet in the first half of the week. Thank you. NOT at Armageddon. consequent deployment to Armageddon MYTH: the 200 million are in the first half of the week. John gives us NO NUMBER for the Kings of the East.
  3. Marilyn, can we PLEASE follow the scriptures instead of human imagination? Stephen SAW both the Father and the Son. Where was Jesus in Rev. 4? Why did John not see Him at the right hand of the FAther? What was God's purpose in showing this vision with Jesus apparently absent?
  4. I agree: an earthquake opened the graves in preparation, then when Jesus rose, He raised up the some of the Old Testament saints. But are these "the elders" seen in the throne room? As you have pointed out, it seems they cannot be. I can only suggest God can do anything in a vision that might not be reality. Agreed: when Christ arose, He took the SPIRITS of those held captive in Hades to heaven. ONLY those whom He rose from their graves as seen in Matthew 27 got resurrection bodies. Even that is a guess for John does not tell us.
  5. You posted that scripture, but your text does not answer the question: WHERE was Jesus a moment before this? Scriptures show us He was ON EARTH. I think you don't believe these scriptures.
  6. That is simply not true. I backed up everything I said from scripture. For example, in Rev. 4 you all know John saw the Father on the throne but did not see the Son at the right hand of the Father. You all know by now that angels conducted a search for one worthy to take the book and open the seals, but that search ended in failure and John wrote "no man was found." You all know the scripture in chapter 5 where suddenly Jesus appeared in the throne room where He was not the moment before: as a lamb having been slain. And then just as He had promised the disciples, He sent the Holy Spirit down as soon as He ascended. You wish to make this future ( I don't know what date you would choose) but I submit that from the scriptures God is showing us that Jesus took the book from the Father as soon as He ascended. I think the problem is, many people read these verses with preconceived glasses on. They simply cannot believe that there was a time when Jesus Christ was NOT worthy to take the book.
  7. It is OK that you don't see things as I see them. But I wonder, why have you not attempted to answer the Questions Jesus asked ME? If your theory is correct, you should have an answer to all three questions. Yet, you have refrained.
  8. This expression is about someone from a farm, so far back in the hills they know nothing of city life. But as the truck carrying farm produce enters the city, a rider falls off. He is pretty much lost. I had written: "When you finally figure out WHY Jesus was not qualified or found worthy to take the book, then perhaps you will understand the TIME when He was not found worthy. " Your answer was: "Jesus has been and will always be WORTHY, WORTHY, WORTHY." Yes, OF COURSE Jesus is "worthy" but that was not our discussion. We were discussing worthy to take the book and open the seals. Now I have a question for you: if "no man was found worthy "in heaven," "on earth" and "under the earth," but as you said "Jesus is worthy worthy worthy," then WHERE WAS JESUS at the time of this search?
  9. Yes, after being gone from the throne room for around 32 years, He finally resumed His place in the throne room.
  10. Hi Wingnut! You propose a very interesting problem. I can only guess at an answer, for John gives us no clues: these all may be Old Testament saints still in their spirit form. Or, perhaps God raised them sometime and did not tell us. I am convinced they are of the Adamic race, but that is about all we can know about them. Do you have an answer that fits the scriptures?
  11. Where is China in Bible Prophecy? The beastly powers of Dan. 7 DO NOT resemble the empires of the past You are disagreeing with MOST of the bible commentators. You are also disagreeing with one of the greatest resourses ever on earth: GOOGLE: " The Lion of Babylon is an ancient Babylonian symbol. The Lion of Babylon symbolically represented the King of Babylon " " The Lion of Babylon is an ancient Babylonian symbol. " Wikipedia In other words, you are vastly outnumbered in your theory. In this case I will go with the commentators. You can be wrong if you choose to be. Now you say that the 4th beast is like the legs The 4th Beast had IRON teeth: I am convinced God included iron here to resemble the iron legs of the image. Every beast in chapter 7 has something that resembles a part of the image. You can deny it all you want. You are greatly outnumbered here. Here is what I wrote: " the 4th beast that was made to resemble the iron legs of Rome." As you know, both chapters include the word IRON. Only the 4th beast had TEETH of iron. Look, you can imagine the 4th beast is Great Britain and the US, and you can be raptured with that belief - but you will not hold it for long once you are in heaven. I semi-agree with you: Iran is certainly a part of the Eze. 38 Army, because she is part of the Beast's kingdom. This great hord will descend on Israel AT THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. Your verse then proves nothing. Armageddon ENDS man's fight with God: God wins. I am saying that Iran will be a part of the Beast's 7 nations. (Remember, there were ten and he will take out three?) You have Islam right but you have not accounted for the rest of the world Prophecy in general is not concerned with "the rest of the world." Often the rest of the world is included in the one word, "islands." (Isa. 11:11) In other words, prophecy is mostly about ISRAEL. I really don't assume people are ignorant. I assume they can learn.
  12. It is a theory, but does it really fit this verse? 12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time. To me this speaks more of humans than demonic spirits. Thanks for answering!
  13. As I have said OVER AND OVER, God DID show John things that came hereafter. God did just exactly what He said He was going to do. So what if God left out that He would begin the vision in John's past? MOST of what John saw is still future to us!
  14. I agree here. Good. I have read several web sites that attempt to prove that Gog and Magog are in Turkey. They have convinced me.
  15. Marilyn, where in the world have you been? Is this time for that proverbial turnip truck? Jesus came to earth to become MAN! (though He was still very much a part of the godhead.) John tells us in a covert way that ONLY A MAN could be qualified to take the book and open the seals. Can you see it now? For all of "time" up to 2 BC or so, God was NOT man. He BECAME man by being born of a virgin. John further covertly tells us that only a man who can CONQUER DEATH (of His own power) could qualify to take the book and open the seals. Can you see it now? Jesus was NOT qualified as a preincarnate God. He was NOT qualified as the SON of God walking the earth. He was still not qualified after He died for our sins. No, He had to "prevail" over death first before He was qualified. In other words, Jesus FINALLY was qualified to take the book and open the seals AFTER He rose from the dead. BTW The Lord was and is in the GODHEAD, that is why no man was found in the big search And the GODHEAD is BEYOND all created realms. No, you are miles from the truth. You amaze me! GOD took on human flesh - and became a man. People could TOUCH Him! (Imagine touching God!) "no man was found" simply because of TIME: Jesus had NOT YET risen from the dead. But after that first search John watched ending in failure, the angels started another search, and over that time, Jesus rose from the dead - so THEN was found worthy.
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