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  1. Why do you keep putting these smileys? O_o
  2. Ahh no wonder I could only chat with FresnoJoe and 2 Nickles.. Thanks, George! =]
  3. What is your definition of "last"? O_o
  4. I love The Ember Days! My favorite song is Awake:
  5. Woah. I didn't see there was a second page. I don't know most of those business, but I think I already knew Hobby Lobby was religious, but I didn't know Mary Kay was..
  6. That is really weird. I wonder if the guy really believes that he himself is Jesus. I mean does he have any doubts at all? If these people can learn to get a long like that why don't we Christians go make a village in the woods?
  7. *stays clear of the patriot* Last!
  8. Is this topic 'Last post wins' or something?
  9. Does that mean Christians who don't believe that the rapture will occur will not be raptured if it does occur?
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