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  1. Just figured I'd let you know . My Dad's not doing good , he was put on hospice and is in a hospital bed now for good. He really is not eating , still drinking fluids , but it's not good . Steve my brother was there today and he really didn't know who he was , and isn't really talking much. Different than my mother Dad is going the route Ernie my Step Dad went Stopped eating then went on hospice , no more walking , then it wasn't much longer after that he passed. So I hope my Dad gets better This is from my brother in law from last night. His mom passed away at the beginning of December from Alzheimer's and dementia, so it's been a rough month for him and my sister so if you guys could pray I know they would appreciate it tha is!
  2. Here is the latest update, it's most likely his friend won't get the puppies back so he is going to start looking at the local animal shelters
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    My dad

    So tonight I was browsing through facebook and found an article someone wrote about my dad being a teacher and raising 2 special needs girls with my mom, they have been married over 30 yrs and have gone through so much with my sister and I. There is a picture of me in the article with my mom, dad, and sister please enjoy the article. https://nj-teachers.com/teachers-of-nj-teach-them-that-they-belong-a-teacher-reflects-on-raising-two-special-olympians/
  4. One of my really good friends was supposed to get a puppy last week, but before he could, the lady who he was supposed to get the puppy from, her sisters showed up at her house unannounced the one night and took of with 3 of the puppies instead of kittens like they had originally intended. The lady and her sisters don't get along at all. Please pray the lady will be able to find out where they were taken and stuff so that my friend can get his puppy he was promised. His name is Drew, he is like an older protective brother to me and should not have to go through this. What makes it worse is the dog who had the puppies happens to be a purebred, so that makes them worth a lot, our guess is that the ladies took the puppies just so they could make money off of them. Please pray for the situation to be resolved thank you
  5. A few weeks ago I borrowed a biography from our church library about a couple by the names of John and Betty Stam, they were missionaries to China and were murdered for their faith, as I read it I couldn't help but be reminded of the verse in the bible, "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11 I love reading biographies and I always enjoy seeing the plans that God had and still has for each individual and I for one cannot wait to see what he has planned for my future with my husband Sean.
  6. Last week I lost my engagement ring, please please pray that I found it, and also my uncle is having triple bypass surgery tomorrow morning so please pray for a speedy recovery
  7. Hey all thanks for the prayers, as it turns out, they definitely ruled out the stroke but she did need to have a double bypass surgery done and is on the road to recovery!
  8. yesterday morning I got a call from my grandma, a really good and dear friend of ours from her church is in the hospital, she had a heart attack and stroke at the same time. When I talked to my grandma she sounded really upset. I have known this lady most of my life. Please please pray for her, her name is Mrs. Moyer, wonderful piano player and she was partly my inspiration for playing the piano! Thank you all please pray like u have never prayed before!
  9. On Friday my boyfriend called my dad and asked his permission to ask me to marry him. Both of us have special needs. So please pray for our families as we have alot to decide about the future and me and Sean's relationship. Pray especially for me as I am nervous, scared, and excited about what the future might hold. Thanks everyone
  10. My mom is calling my dr today to see if she can get them to give me a referral I need for my nephrologist because of my insurance change since I am no longer on my parent's insurance. I called my primary dr yesterday but they wouldn't give me the referral, so please pray God intervenes in all this. We also found out this morning that a gentleman who used to go to our church died of a massive heart attack this morning. Thank you all!
  11. When I was 20 yrs old, my family went through a rough patch with my older sister. She met a guy online who claimed to be a Christian and he flew from Florida to meet us, seemed like a nice guy, my sis was 22 almost 23 at that time. A few months later she went to Florida to meet his family and we got a call a few days later that they had eloped. Never in my life had I felt so hurt, angry and sad all at the same time. Let me just say, I prayed for her and her husband a lot, and things settled down there for a bit. A few months later we got another phone call, this time it was from my sister's ex husband saying he was sending her home permanently, and against I was angry, hurt and sad. This time it was because of Katy and her coming home, it is now 2015 and my sis has moved on. She went to college for 3 yrs, got her diploma and is now in a relationship with a guy who just asked Jesus into his heart, can God still work miracles? Yes he can
  12. I grew up in a little town called Northumberland PA in a quaint little neighborhood where everyone new each other. Growing up, I attended church every week and our weekly prayer meetings. My church was my second family to me, and they were always praying for me and my sister. Growing up, I had to deal with a lot of health issues, that still go on today. As a girl I grew up going to a Christian school and for the most part I enjoyed it, one of the health problems I grew up with was hearing problems and it got harder when I entered 5-6th grade, I was laughed at alot because of my hearing, but God in his great faithfulness and love helped me get through it. When I was 14 yrs old, my dad got a new job and we ended up moving to NJ. It was here where I dealt with my first double health issue, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and the day after found out I needed my tonsils taken out. God really helped me get through all it through prayers of my church family, I thank God for both my church families, even though I don't get to PA often as I would like, my thoughts and prayers are always with everyone I know who lives in PA. I juxt turned 27 last week, and God has really blessed me this past year, I a. Now in a relationship with my childhood friend Sean and he is the love of my life, and I couldn't be more happy with where my life is now.
  13. Last Friday night I had the most fantastic experience, I attended a church in PA that did a musical based on Chronicles of Narnia, the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. From the minute we walked in to the very end it was an experience I'll never forget. One of my dad's old students did the role of Mr. Beaver amd he was fantastic, in fact they all were absolutely fantastic, from the main characters to the ensemble. They all came together for one purpose and that was to spread the message of Christ. I got to chat with the gentleman who played aslan after the show and he said that God gets all the credit, and I agree with him 100% The part that has always struck me is when Aslan sacrifices himself for Edmund, to me that completely represents what Christ did for all of us, and of how he defeated death so that we can all have everlasting life with him.
  14. Welcome to Worthy Crochet, do u crochet in real life?
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