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  1. spaceman

    Sort of new

    Hello Thysia, a bit late in seeing your post. Getting back to Worthy myself. Good to see you again
  2. spaceman

    Should the bible be taken literally?

    A good rule of thumb that I go by is to take the Bible literally to the extent that it can be. If a passage is clearly figurative or using figures of speach, interpret it that way; otherwise take it literally.
  3. spaceman

    Have you read every book in the Bible?

    Yes, I've read it through. I don't know if I could name a single book as my favorite. There are a number of passages from throughout the Bible that are very special.
  4. spaceman

    revaltions 6: 1-17

    Given that the seals (along with the trumpets and bowls) are the judegements of God, is it possible that the first seal represents the anti-christ taking power? Since the Bible says that the rider of this horse has a bow but says nothing about arrows could indicate that he takes power through diplomacy and intrigue as opposed to militarily.
  5. spaceman

    I'm Back

    Woo Hoo Welcome back Tigger, we've missed you
  6. I wonder how much of the money will get where it's intended to go instead of where it's not intended. Just a thought..........
  7. spaceman

    Where would you have been?

    I would have liked to see the ascension of Jesus in Acts 1. And hear the promise that He would return in like manner.
  8. spaceman


    hey Elkie Hope all is going well. I've missed you.
  9. spaceman

    can you guess

    Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't give the cartoonists any ideas..... hhmmm, charging up San Juan Hill on a moose. Would that be a famous T.R. Bull Moose?
  10. spaceman

    1 Corin. 3

    Amen to what glorywatch said. Also, don't forget what it says in James 1 about being a doer of the word and not a hearer only.
  11. spaceman

    Can people see what you can't

    Amen billieagain,
  12. spaceman

    How do we know our bible is right

    But based on the ones that have been fulfilled it would be reasonable to conclude that the ones regarding the second coming will be fulfilled also when the time comes.
  13. spaceman

    Hollywood Stars

    At any rate, anyone who dies without accepting Jesus as Savior will have a tough time of things. That is the saddest part.
  14. spaceman

    How do we know our bible is right

    Keep in mind that the prophet's writings have been totally fulfilled up to this point. That can lead us to the conclusion that God is faithful to perform his word. Also the Gospels and Acts were written by people who had actually witnessed the events they were writing about.
  15. spaceman

    What A Family

    We love you Tigger. You are a very special part of the Worthy Family.