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  1. Glad i provide the comic relief as last
  2. Hey Dak I watch some secular shows and movies and youttbe videos and such with wisdom as you said.....God specifically showed me hoe secular music canhirt me my relationship withbHim. Its an individual choice based on Gods will.
  3. Hey I have this issue but I have made great gains. First I do not suggest listening to worldly music again. It may sound nice but it can take ur focus off the Lord. Why bother listening to something that may not glorify Him or His Kingdom. Do I know some secular songs sure i do its any store I go in. Sometimes people i minister to are playing things....to me i get enough of it that way.....i dont need it my playlist. Also i I feel that this is the attitude God is calling me to have concerning secular songs. Ask God about this. Does your church have a teaching on this? If not seek Gods opinion about it. But Wallas point is strong. I dont always use Christian music as a way to fight that battle I use the word. I tell myself that I have the mind of Christ, i combat the message in the song with the message of the word. Sometimes i just choose any scripture. Its a battle for your mind. We have control over our thoughts. It may take time and it may be annoying.... .....I HAVE BEEN THERE....but God came through and it happens way less.
  4. Hi, i agree with Dak He said it pretty well so im not going to say the same thign in my own words. BUT I will share that I struggle with the same thing. I never had a great family and I realized that God put me in a fabulous church where I can have a family. But i soon realized that He doesn't want us depending on people for our needs. He wants us depending on Him. So these are some steps I take. BTW im a social being and love being around others and when I have a problem i so badly want to tell my friends and seek their advice. God has corrected me many times that this is not His way. So first i tell everything to the Lord FIRST and I leave out no details. If someone or people are having a convo about something but I havent talked to the Lord yet I listen take mental notes.....and I bring my issues and the possible solutions to Him and I pray and trust that He would lead me in the way should go. If its not an issue its just a happy thing guess what I still tell Him FIRST and I praise Him for how He was in it and worked it out. Or how cool or whatever happy thing im feeling. WHY first bc when i had a best friend she was the always the FIRST person to know anything. Jesus calls us friend so I treat Him like my bestie cuz He is my bestie. Also like in a bestie relationship some things are not to be shared its just between you and the Lord. It makes it special when the two of you have things only you and Him know about. LASTLY telling Him first honors Him and shows Him you value His feelings and thoughts over peoples. I have watched God do some pretty amazing things based on convos only He and I knew about. The second thing I do is journal the conversations and what I think God is speaking to my heart and with scriptures any specific scriptures He is speaking to me. I ponder those scriptures ask Him questions about what He means how it applies ect. Third I expectantly wait. I personally do this by listening intently to conversations, sermons, the like to see how God will answer me. Or I watch for something He is going to do to. Or i start doing what the Word says and wait for it to change me. This really makes it exciting and as Dak pointed out recieving from God takes time and im going to add practicing being in a deeper love relationship with Him. God has asked me..... if there was no one on the planet just Him and I would He be enough...or would I long for people or other things? Now imma keep it funky fresh at first I said no i want to have and lsited the stuff. At that time personal relationships of quality was on top of the list . I told Him help me get to that place bc in heaven its all about You. I want less things and more of Him but its a journey and He is still helping me with this.
  5. Ive served up a great big helping of last
  6. Red hots get your red hots LAST
  7. I had a good laugh last. ....goodnight family.
  8. You are precious to me too Paul and everyone on this thread Well someone didn't visit this thread yet that makes me sad.
  9. Yes sir papa Patriot Me and last will leave u alone she feels i consoling after that scolding
  10. Last has left u alone Btw prophilied is when someone does not prophesy the truth
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