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    What ever my Father places in my heart at the start of new mercies each morning... in effort to unbind my heart from self; forming me in the image of His Son for use in His Glory...

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  1. don't you have drowning lessons to go to
  2. I got mounds of bumps … does that make mumps
  3. A man must draw a line somewhere
  4. It is that God answers to no one and His decision is final for all eternity... this generates the beginning of wisdom that seeks His way, truth and life in all matters in all places throughout all time....
  5. Ye must be born again... then you will have The Teacher, The Holy Spirit, and the Scriptures will be your daily food...
  6. It has been decided long long ago in a far far away place that noob is
  7. I didn't see anywhere on my resume guinea pig did ya turn your a/c on for your bugs
  8. Oh Yeah whalish tree we know your fish food miss Jonetta
  9. izzy your tires about to pop... Last is and always will be Noobified
  10. anyone else want to challenge the great noob and his last
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