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    What ever my Father places in my heart at the start of new mercies each morning... in effort to unbind my heart from self; forming me in the image of His Son for use in His Glory...

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  1. go to your room they said …. so I did....
  2. I think you both have lost all your banana leaves ….
  3. Put my palms together for some applause ...
  4. does everybody smell that... it's enoob last blooming
  5. Last is all I will ever be 👍 it’s only right proper 👀
  6. well then there is no exception
  7. Well that would make you a weeble as they toddle but don't fall down ... you see youngen were old and you have no idea the realities we are now in
  8. so very true … we have played together as the children of God … it doesn't get any better than that
  9. better yet comes peek a boo … as you must consider my child like state
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