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  1. common let's go! This place has gone to the goats
  2. cause I is.....
  3. what amazes me is all the applicants after this comment ... now what does that communicate to the readers 1. were all ugly 2. we have a lot of ugly people here 3. they don't read the fine print 4. they are not last
  4. chin up, head down, feet apart, hands out prayers up.... and I'm keeping last
  5. I can be ugly if I want too just like last cause I want to
  6. I just noticed you were married in the 3rd grade you must of been from a very progressive family! @shel
  7. I is
  8. Look Bonnies fallen to pieces over firecrackers
  9. Last only likes ugly people ... I is cause I is
  10. Bottom line for me Scripture is given to test the spirits... tongues evades the use of Scripture to determine the spirit!
  11. Houston I had a problem
  12. I have 4- Corel 2017 suite, corel paintshop pro x9, power point 2016, design cad 3d max v23. Each have little nuances that a particular thing is desired and they handle it fast ... I use screen capture to transport quickly from one to the next in certain effects I wish to produce The photo above took me about 5 min to produce... I like it cause a picture is worth 1000 words and I am real talkative
  13. He know enoob and Pat's trigger happy....