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  1. survived a suicide attempt

    Today is a struggle for me. But I think it is a struggle that will make me stronger.
  2. survived a suicide attempt

    I'm blessed
  3. survived a suicide attempt

    It is a blessing!
  4. Pope

    Not true, Jesus gave his followers the ability to forgive sins when he breathed on them the Holy Spirit and said "receive the Holy Spirit , those whose sins you forgive are forgiven those whose sins you retain are retained." And Catholics do not worship the priest or Pope as their savior.
  5. survived a suicide attempt

    Better. It's just difficult this time of year for me when the Sun starts shining less and it starts getting cold. I might also be homeless for a while.
  6. survived a suicide attempt

    Thank you for helping me! As Christ says in Matthew 25, what you do for the least of his people you do for him.
  7. Was Satan's fall part of God's plan?

    I can't tell you how many times I've heard Christians tell me that the fall of Satan was never part of God's plan... That simply doesn't make sense. It is biblical that God knows what happens in the future. God knows before he makes an angel if it's going to rebel against him. God knows before he makes an angel if it's going to be faithful to him. He could just choose not to make the angels that will rebel and only make the angels that will be faithful to him. The only other conclusion is that Satan's rebellion and fall was part of God's plan... The question is why? Perhaps it glorifies God more to have an enemy to triumph over ?
  8. survived a suicide attempt

    I'm lucky to have you on my side. God bless you!
  9. Pope

    Catholics aren't Romanites by the way. Romanites are fossil resins...be careful when you misuse words...it harms your credibility
  10. survived a suicide attempt

    Not bad... just seeking God and enlightenment
  11. survived a suicide attempt

  12. Pope

    Also, romanite [roh-muh-nahyt] noun a fossil resin similar to amber, used for jewelry.
  13. The Mark - Economical or Ecumenical?

    We have free will, but that will is weakened by our inclinations. For instance, the Antichrist is inclined to be the Antichrist. It is his destiny. He doesn't choose his inclinations anymore than someone chooses to like ice cream or not. Mary was destined to be the Mother of God. She wasn't afflicted with the same inclinations as the Antichrist because she had a different destiny. John the Baptist was destined to live off locusts, wild honey, live in the wilderness, and be beheaded for God. His inclinations lead him to behave that way. Neither them or the Antichrist choose the inclinations that lead to their destiny.
  14. Pope

    The Church never preached that we are saved by works. The Church teaches we are saved by grace. You destroyed your credibility You really ought to learn what you are talking about before judging and condemning others. I've been to plenty of Catholic masses. They read from the Gospels at every Mass. They follow the same Gospel as you. I'm not Catholic but like to pray in Catholic Churches and sometimes attend Mass. A Catholic could argue that you follow another Gospel when you preach the erroneous teaching that a belief must be found in the Bible to be true.
  15. Pope

    You should not be their judge. Sorry, that's not what the Bible says. Romans 10:9 ► New International Version If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Catholics believe what is necessary for salvation. Regarding graven images, that commandment was for ancient Israelites...there is nothing in the New Testament that says Christians can't have images or that we have to follow the old law.