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  1. God still could remove the sinful inclination. Some people are tormented with a chronic desire to commit evil deeds. Others simply don't have the inclination. Only God can remove the evil desire. Those inner demons don't have to be there. God wants them there or he would make them leave
  2. God wanted Satan to be the god of this world for a time. God also handed the world over to him and will hand it over to the Antichrist for three and a half years. God wants it that way. It's obvious.
  3. I explained how God is partially responsible in the same sense that a parent is responsible for letting a roaring lion in the room with their children. God can lock up the lion easily. He knows the lion will harm his children. He lets it happen. There is no falsehood there.
  4. I'm just posting what is obvious. I love God and seek his will without ceasing. For now he wills that Satan roam the earth like a roaring lion and harm the flock. You admitted this. I have not spoken any falsehood.
  5. You said it. "He is allowed to roam the world like a roaring lion." The key word you used is "allowed". If I allow a lion into the same room with my son or daughter, knowing the lion will harm them, I'm partially responsible. God could easily protect his flock from this lion. For now, he wants to allow the lion access to the flock. It is God's will. I'm simply pointing out the obvious.
  6. I was speaking of shackled and cuffed figuratively, meaning he was totally and completely defeated. As God's defeated enemy, God can do with him as he pleases. God doesn't have to let the mass murderer continue harming people. He can protect society from this viscous murderer. God wills that Satan harm, tempt, confuse, steal, kill, and sift people like wheat. If God didn't want it, He could easily EASILY restrain him.
  7. The Devil is a mass murderer that God had completely defeated, cuffed, and shackled on the cross. God let the mass murderer run free and harm more people. Why?
  8. What would you think of a policeman who had a serial killer in handcuffs and shackles and he uncuffed and unshackled him and let him run free, and he killed more people. Would you say that officer is partially responsible for the murders?
  9. Amen! Thank you!
  10. Amen! So true.
  11. I have an analogy as well. If a police man has Ted Bundy handcuffed and in the back seat of his car and He unlocks the cuffs and lets Bundy run free, that cop is partially responsible for the murders that follow. Likewise, the Devil is defeated. God essentially has him cuffed and shackled. The Devil can harm no one unless God gives him permission to. But God gives the devil the freedom to harm people knowing he will do it. If a policeman unshackled and uncuffed an obvious killer and let him run free, and he killed more people, we would say that policeman has blood on his hands. The policeman would be charged with a crime and share some of the responsibility. The same is true with God and Satan. God lets his defeated prisoner run free knowing exactly what he will do and the harm he will cause. God is partially responsible. It is obvious!
  12. Does Satan need God's permission to do what He does or not? Plus,God knew what would become of Lucifer before He ever made him.
  13. Jesus was seen interacting with Moses on mount tabor. The poor man was taken to Abraham's bosom. Abraham was very aware and communicating with the rich man in Hades.
  14. I wanted God and I thought it would help me receive God
  15. Laying on of hands