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  1. survived a suicide attempt

    I can feel it
  2. survived a suicide attempt

    You are truly a blessing
  3. survived a suicide attempt

    Thank you so much!
  4. survived a suicide attempt

    Pray that I stay sober....I relapsed two days ago. I promised myself, God, and my probation officer I would not do that. I'm so ashamed and bummed!
  5. Irritating Pearls

    A pearl is formed through an irritant In the clam or oyster. It keeps moving the irritant around until it becomes a smooth pearl. Perhaps that irritant, annoyance, and suffering in your life is to produce that pearl of great price. In the gospel, the pearl of great price, is compared to the kingdom of God, something a person sells everything they have to obtain. Wisdom is also described as a pearl (and a female.) With a clam, suffering produces the Pearl in it's heart. Perhaps suffering in your life is what is producing pearls in your heart that you most treasure? Jesus was a member of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire treasured pearls above almost everything else. Maybe the fruit of your suffering is producing what you want to treasure the most? Any thoughts?
  6. survived a suicide attempt

    I'm fortunate and blessed to have a prayer warrior like you on my side
  7. Can God rescue a soul from hell?

    I never once said everyone is saved. I believe there are non Christians who don't know they are rejecting the truth. God takes that into account. I'm saying there is the possibility that some people will be evangelized after death. The Bible does not say this is impossible. That's all I'm saying. I said God can rescue a soul from hell. That doesn't mean he will.
  8. survived a suicide attempt

    I'm doing well and lucky to be alive and in your prayers.
  9. Why does God require faith

    Thanks for your kindness... I can tell you are a good Christian. It's nice to meet you
  10. Why does God require faith

    Thanks... I hope and pray that I always do God's will. Please pray that I do God's Will and be his diligent obedient servant
  11. Why does God require faith

    I'm doing well. Thanks for asking. I just am not pleased with how people paint a picture of God that drives people away
  12. Why does God require faith

    The rich man was asking for Abraham to give him water. Abraham was not able to do it. If God wanted to, nothing is impossible with God. Are you trying to say it's impossible for God to do anything. I've given you the word. Scripture says all things are possible with God
  13. Why does God require faith

    How about "ask anything of the father in my name and it will be done for you". Where does God promise that a dead person when resurrected can't repent before Judgement and have Jesus as a defense attorney?
  14. Why does God require faith

    I live in Minneapolis and attend church
  15. Why does God require faith

    Many Jews were tortured to death in concentration camps I'm reading about. Those Jews did not know Jesus as their lord and savior. So after being tortured mercilessly day after day and dying , they just have to deal with worst torture in Hell .got it!