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  1. When people say that person was out of his/her mind one thinks automatically they aren't real and something has control of them. Aliens are the falling angels who converse with those empty inside. Hence out of their mind because if your mind is indeed stayed on him you have perfect peace. I've always said no demon alien ghost need not to bother me unless he has scared some drug dealer kingpin out of all his money-cash and brought it too me to use for the Kingdom of YHWH-God. I do believe we have had and captured something and that something is not from this world. I stay prayed up.
  2. You are correct Christians sadly practice pagan concepts knowingly or not and are slow to change that bad habit. None of the trappings associated with the pagan Easter has one biblical connotation you can hang your hat on, its simply traditional follow the leader-misguided one.
  3. I understand your dilemma trust me I do, that is why I was always attracted to Seven day Adventist because they got it right, Saturday our known day. That's when I worship with them that day only.
  4. Passover fell on a Wednesday in 31ad, the year of Jesus' crucifixion. Thursday was an annual Sabbath, the first Holy Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Jesus was buried just before sunset on Wednesday afternoon, and was in the tomb Wednesday night, Thursday, Thursday night, Friday, Friday night, and Saturday—three days and three nights, just as He promised. He was resurrected just before sunset on Saturday afternoon, exactly 72 hours after His burial. On Sunday morning, when the women came at dawn to embalm His body, He was already gone. They did not see the resurrection; they saw an empty tomb, and were told by an angel that He had risen just as He said He would.
  5. Turkey, Russia and China will get their just do to them a smackdown from YHWH-God shortly.....
  6. Sadly being a Christian in Hollywood today is like working in a neutron bomb factory with dynamite strapped to your lips.... yes he needs to be lifted up along with the silent and scared ones as well.
  7. I'm simply just going to pray for him period.
  8. Healing is but one request away.
  9. Apprenticeship is the answer for the millions of underemployed AA young men and women throughout cities nationwide. However that reality can only come true once they drop the democratic mantra mindset and seek the help being offered now by the programs out there and Trumps vision to help inner cities. Have to put politics aside and concentrate on a job!
  10. Trump is not a polished already knowing how to test-te-lie politician who has had conversations with others that amount to double talk and cleaver deception. Having that kind of in my opinion, good shortfall, its obvious they are not use to someone like him in office calling out their business usual hypocrisy. And let us be honest trump refused to come on his show long ago had he did he wouldn't have a problem with him.
  11. I think this man sealed his fate when he said he felt someone warm and tingly running down his legs after his god Obama spoke. He went from journalist/commentator to buffoon instantly and showed he has no sense what so ever.
  12. He did what he had to do and based on the scowl's on their faces his message was received loud and clear, give him props for his message being on point.
  13. I'm neither shocked or surprised by this because worldwide the devil has a campaign of abortion-murder being the only way out when you leave Christ out of the equation completely and he has managed to infiltrate the church-body of Christ with his message sadly. Planned parenthood is just one of many death factories worldwide.
  14. Abuse, are you kidding me? Speaking towards her mental issues is not abuse but the truth! How can you be for terrorist and rational the exact same time? She knows Islam is her ticket to power under Sharia law something her and Clinton support here in America eventually.
  15. California has successfully left my mind and attention span long ago the term "far out" is not a stretch to describe that state and their mentality there!
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