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  1. Quick observation about praying for someone sick and you are not. Your zeal and desire to see a miracle, breakthrough, healing, is just that yours. The sick person has to either match or exceed your desire themselves first because transference of healing power only works when two are of one accord. And lastly often times the person you are praying for wants to go on. So you see whose desire is God going to honor?
  2. A "one way sign" road or street sign says it all. There is but one way to YHWH-God and that's through Mashiyach-Christ.
  3. Jesus said my sheep KNOW my voice and another they will not follow. Your mind is controlled by your Spirit man, tell your Spirit to dominate Gods voice in your life. God will never tell you anything wrong that's how you know its him when it lines up with his word.
  4. Mashiyach-Jesus blew up the ritualistic things we think you must do when he told the thief on the cross when he asked him to remember him in paradise that he would be with him forever there knowing the man didn't receive the right hand of fellowship, never went to any bible class, never was water baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit, never spoke in tongues, never prophesized or gave utterance and a host of other things we think you must do. Now I said all that to say when you pick out a car you decide what you want in it, as a Christian the more you pray and listen to the voice of God the more you learn and grow. Children are to be brought up in the way they should go so when they get older they should not depart from that way. Now your life is an example to a child.
  5. God said he appoints leaders and Kings, last time I checked biblical history he had flawed human beings who had flaws. I don't want perfect I want mature which the biblical definition of perfect is.
  6. Democrats proved to me beyond a shadow of doubt they are current serving the god of this world and their collective behavior demonstrates he has a powerful hold on them! When you rather chase a lie rather than embracing the truth moral decay has set in.
  7. Sad democrats continue to try to make a sandwich with no bread or meat nor condiments. Defintion of insanity being demonstrated by them!
  8. Abortion will be overturned since it was misled by the person who filed it and the courts them misapplied the law.
  9. Supporting him as an AA comes with a high cost of scorn but I'm reminded biblically everyone is not going to like or love you especially if you go against the grain. Sadly the democrats thought ALL AA were in they corner I was never in their corner or a dem always Republican which gives me a double whammy political.
  10. When people say that person was out of his/her mind one thinks automatically they aren't real and something has control of them. Aliens are the falling angels who converse with those empty inside. Hence out of their mind because if your mind is indeed stayed on him you have perfect peace. I've always said no demon alien ghost need not to bother me unless he has scared some drug dealer kingpin out of all his money-cash and brought it too me to use for the Kingdom of YHWH-God. I do believe we have had and captured something and that something is not from this world. I stay prayed up.
  11. You are correct Christians sadly practice pagan concepts knowingly or not and are slow to change that bad habit. None of the trappings associated with the pagan Easter has one biblical connotation you can hang your hat on, its simply traditional follow the leader-misguided one.
  12. I understand your dilemma trust me I do, that is why I was always attracted to Seven day Adventist because they got it right, Saturday our known day. That's when I worship with them that day only.
  13. Passover fell on a Wednesday in 31ad, the year of Jesus' crucifixion. Thursday was an annual Sabbath, the first Holy Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Jesus was buried just before sunset on Wednesday afternoon, and was in the tomb Wednesday night, Thursday, Thursday night, Friday, Friday night, and Saturday—three days and three nights, just as He promised. He was resurrected just before sunset on Saturday afternoon, exactly 72 hours after His burial. On Sunday morning, when the women came at dawn to embalm His body, He was already gone. They did not see the resurrection; they saw an empty tomb, and were told by an angel that He had risen just as He said He would.
  14. Turkey, Russia and China will get their just do to them a smackdown from YHWH-God shortly.....
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