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  1. After studying many bible topics for over 40 years and now being 76 years old, God has been gracious enough to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth, and all the important things to me in my faith that have been fantastically answered, and I find myself at total peace and contentment after all the years of being criticized and persecuted. I praise God He allowed that in my life so far. So many trials, disappointments, mistakes and failures, yet Gods kindness was overwhelming and gracious even during my deepest sins, but I never gave up trying to be like Him the best I could. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now all the drama is gone for now, and His verses have come to life. "Your latter days will be greater than your former days". -------------------------- "Though your beginning was insignificant, yet your end will increase". -------------------------- "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test me now in this", says the Lord of hosts, "if I will not open for you the widows of heaven, and pour out for you a blessing until there is no more room. I have gone through my home and 2 sheds and given things away, and yet there is still no room in my sheds or my home for any more Christmas presents or birthday presents - PRAUSE GOD. He has been faithful to His word. I am more than amply supplied for and have no need. Live your life for Christ and His plans for you, and as you get older and experience His wonderful grace, the aging process will more and more become a gift hard to appreciate enough. In my younger years I didn't do drugs, or alcohol, or smoke or over eat and be glutonous. Especially in my later years I have eatin well, except for a periodic "OREO God says my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit so I took that to heart and cared for my body because God says it doesn't belong to me any more. My body is His and I honor Hid commands to care for it properly. Because of that I have no physical issues, and take no medication for my body. My doctor says I have the body and health of a 30 year old man. Heart rate and blood pressure is better than perfect. Now I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor in Christ. He is my all in all - Thank you Jesus.
  2. GreyJay my brother Thank you for tour words. This topic has been a 4 year study, and absolutely love the conclusion the Holy Spirit helped me come to. Way beyond what I would have ever been able to achieve on my own. At 76 years of age, and over 40 years of study, my understanding of being predestined works beautifully for me, as it is for me in complete harmony with the rest of God's word for me. Thank you for your response. God bless you as you continue in your search of the truth - Dave
  3. I have noticed over the years that people have a hard time believing more than one verse on a subject, and so reject the completeness of an ideal that is supported by other scriptures.. So what you end up with is churches divided because they couldn't find harmony in all the verses that supported each other or meant the same thing. I see that continually. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why does God have to predestine people to hell, because He predestined some to eternal life. The very act of rejecting God by choice is being SELF-PREDESTINED TO HELL BECAUSE IT WAS FREE-WILL OR CHOICE to take Gods offer or reject it - Free-will.. Even though God in His eternal knowledge knows the choices believers and non-believers both will make, God doesn't have to get involved in the choices because He has known the outcome for eternity. Predestined simply means - we chose GOD through Christ, and so because of His eternal knowledge of our choice, he chooses us back, or receives our choice.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If we are not predestined it's because we refused Gods offer of Christ, and so through the same free will, we chose to not be predestined and go to hell. So, both sides have complete free-will, the difference is in the choices made and Gods fore-ordained knowledge of both. I hope that helps
  4. Thank you all for your heart felt replies .
  5. GreyJay I like your anecdotal observations . Maybe it would help to hear why one of us here believe in predestination and how it affects our life and how we live from that perspective. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For me, none of the churches I ever attended believed in "Predestination" and yes as you shared, it can be a pretty devisive topic, which in itself is a sin, as above all else here on earth we are to "LOVE" our brothers and sisters, because that's how we are known by God and those around us. Many churches have real problems with Godly love in any form. Even though the churches I attended didn't believe in predestination in any form, In my personal bible studies and research I started finding other words synanomous to predestination which in context mean the same. I found 347 verses that speak od predestination, destined, ordained, appointed, foreknew, chosen, called, called out, God's elect, God's remnant, and the few. Because over a period of time I noticed that there were things done and taught in all the churches I attended that were not in harmony with God's word, that bothered me. The things I saw and heard continued and made me question if I had made a mistake not only in the church I was attending, but I started to question one doctrine after another, and their beliefs woven into their faith. After 4 years of study on just this one topic, it was clear to me that no matter what churches taught or believed, the doctrine of predestination was true and very clear. Absolutely no doubt or confusion on that topic for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The affect it has on me to be predestined, causes me to continually focus on my personal growth as a representative of Christ, not only encourages me, but gives me a new piece of information to give people who I'm witnessing to. I can tell them that my being in their life could be a calling on their heart to claim Jesus as their savior, because from the beginning of time, and maybe before, God had chosen them to be His own, if they were to choose Him as their own. Personally chosen by God - the creator of all we see and even don't see. I would have loved to hear someone say that to me before I became a believer. For me that's a real heart grabber to know I was in God's heart and He wanted me to be His own. I love knowing that now, and that it gives me the courage to speak up for Him, even when faced with being criticized or persecuted. I could say more but I think this is sufficient for the time being. In Christ's heart with much love - Dave
  6. God does allow us free will, but has always known what our choice will be - Pretty cool. He doesn't condemn anyone to hell, because in 2nd Peter 3:9, "The lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.".
  7. I too believe in.... PREDESTINATION BEING APPOINTED FOREKNEW GOD'S ELECT GODS REMNANT GODS "FEW" All words synonamous with each other having the same meaning. Together all these words are mentioned 347 times in the bible in this "CONTEXT". Maybe God is trying to tell us something - Maybe we should listen???
  8. So true TAMPERED WITH . There is such a richness in this study that shows One of Gods huge plans, to bring the chosen few of the Israelite believers back into the fold as still Gods CHOSEN. ABSOLUTELY love this topic. Yes I am a gentile but absolutely know by Gods word of Gods continuing Great love for those CHOSEN FIRST.
  9. I will do that, and I love your quote by George Santayana - SO TRUE
  10. HOORAY I am so glad you posted this topic, as so few even know these verses exist, or anything about the context that affects us to this day. Praise God and BLESS YOU . I have studied this topic for over 4 years and I hope this topic gets deeper as there is so much information to help all of our faith grow. God's blessings on you - Dave
  11. ReneeLW my wonderful sister in Christ. Jesus said to Peter get the behind me satan spoken in love, but sounds horrible. As we all know, love comes in many forms for the betterment of the receiver. I was never mean or called you names and was very concerned for you and still am. I'm sorry you heard anything but love and concern from me. - Dave
  12. I realize this thread will get buried in no time like most of the threads here, but I felt a need to say this before everyone goes on doing same-0-same-o. God through Paul, teaches us especially in nearly all of 2nd Corinthians on the topic of UNITY IN THE BODY OF CHRIST, which by the way I have never heard a message on in any church in over 40 years of church going . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I know that discussing Gods word is absolutely necessary for our growth and have no problem with that, but GOD GAVE US BOUNDRIES to interact with each other, and discuss our faith and His word. God calls it LOVE!! We as Christians , GOD SAYS, are known by the love we have for one another, but somehow, at least here many times, that seems to be an idea that is not taken seriously or even considered as a part of our salvation. It doesn't seem to scare us to berate a brother or sister because we think we are already saved and so we can act any way we want and God will still love us and call us home - OH REALLY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So we beat each other up with differing verses to prove a point, but seem to forget that GOD IS NOT A GOD OF CONFUSION, and that the word of God was written in HARMONY, for HARMONY in the body, and HARMONY with every word in the bible. THERE ARE NO CONTRADICTIONS or OPPOSING VIEWS in the bible, but we seem to forget, or never consider HARMONY and UNITY, and we use Gods word like it will justify every opinion, no matter how differing opinions oppose each other, and love and unity in the Spirit are never considered because too many people get caught up in trying to prove THEIR POINT with sometimes hugely drawn out postings trying to validate their beliefs, instead of coming together in love to seek out God's truth in a spirit of love and consideration for HARMONY IN CHRIST. Did God create the bible so we could beat each other up with it and oppose each other in our ego's arrogance, and almost fanatical desire to be RIGHT. One of God's main themes in the New Testament is LOVE, Unity, kindness, patience, long suffering ( Read 1st Corinthians 13 - The love chapter). I also understand that we are to be defenders and contenders of the faith, and some even called to be apologists, but again, there are boundaries set by God how to carry out those gifts given to us by God for the BETTERMENT OF ALL MANKIND, not to be used to try and destroy a brother or sisters faithfor your own sake. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE - I HAVE A REQUEST! Consider the love you should have for each other, and the same kindness for others, that God has lavished on each of us when your posting. LOVE IS NOT AN OPTION and is directly connected to SALVAION - YOUR SALVATION, so please be kind to one another. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This has been posted with a great deal of love for all here in the body of Christ, and my prayer is it's taken as seriously as God see's it. IT'S A TERRIFYING THING TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE LIVING GOD - Dave
  13. If any of you went beyond studying just the bible and added studying church history, and bible history, from the churches beginning, you'd be shocked to find how little of the original church teaching and true salvation understanding is left. Is church really even church anymore?? I'll leave it up to each of you to go further on your own if you wish. So much of Gods truth has been twisted, eliminated or just ignored, it's scary . I didn't add any verses to support my statement because too many here like to get into a war using scriptures and I'm not into that, as God's word say's not to "wrangle" over His word. God bless you all as you continue becoming more like Christ - Dave
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