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  1. So when do we stop calling these people Christians, and start calling them what they really are??
  2. I'm old enough that this culture today is many generations after me. I watched in the 60's in SoCal, the drug introduction, and then it really spread in the 70's. Every since then each generation became less opposed to the usage and the impact it had on peoples health, and that is was a gateway to heavier more dangerous drugs, Today, as well as in the past, people seem to be in denial as to the affect it not only has on the individual but families and even unborn children. It's like even Christians are looking for ways to justify the use by lying to themselves, believing it and then suffering the irreversible consequences. I wonder how long before ABORTIONS are finally legal nationwide, and Christians begin murdering their unborn children with all the proper justifications, denials and complete approval and support of the church. I can just see the writing on the wall as marijuana becomes a gateway of sin to all kinds atrosities and denials of the faith in the churches that more and more are introducing all kinds of abominations into mainline faiths. Mark my words in 20 years as the snowball of sin rolls faster and faster downhill, that the sin revolution in the church will escalate as more and more of sin is accepted in the churches. Over eating, over drinking, and mental health are at an all time high and the horrid affects of illegal and now many legal prescription mind altering drugs are destroying lives even today. We are destroying ourselves at a faster rate than anytime in history. It's a living nightmare that will make life unbearable in the future. For some it already is for those already suffering the terrible consequences. In the 60's when drugs started becoming more popular there were many predicting that this would become a growing problem in all of our society, and would eventually be the downfall of our country as it even crept in the lives of high government officials. as time goes by, there will be suffering like this country has never seen before. I think future generations will be inheriting simply unbearable conditions because their forefathers were blinded to what they were handing to the those in the decades to come. I don't think you have seen anything yet.
  3. Hi ReneelW No problem being off topic. Great questions , and I'm sorry that your having to deal with these issues. To me, TRUST is one of the foundational principles of the physical church on every corner, along with MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF LOVE that Christianity and the church was founded on. I have seen many times in many churches and experienced myself several times the devisiveness and hatefulness that church leaders in particular , can rain down on tenderhearted Christ loving members of their church, and some times even damage them and their faith, and drive them away. It was heartbreaking to see, and devastating to experience. In any relationship, trust is a huge issue and should never be betrayed for any reason. NO ONE is to blame for the leaderships failing, but the leadership, and THEY WILL ANSWER FOR IT. God in His word says that sin in the church is to be exposed and brought into the light, so it can be dealt with - never hidden as you say they are trying to do, and trying to protect someone who needs to be dealt with in a Godly, but firm way as the bible says, God's word is very clear on that. When we have close friends in a church, it's hard when they leave or we have to leave, but you may find yourself, as I did, finding another church full of love and compassion and a truly honest desire there to serve you and all the congregation in love and respect. I'll pray for you, not just today, but for weeks to come for your widom and for guidance from the Holy Spirit.
  4. Hi ReneelW I see where you are coming from. I thought you were saying that Christianity should be kept as uncomplicated as possible. Christianity is very complicated and as you know needs to be gone over and over to understand it properly. The words we read in the bible today were translated into several languages before it got to modern day English for SIMPLICITY of understanding, but in that translation we can easily read what we have now and mis-apply words and meaning, that's why you see people here, including myself going back to the ORIGINAL languages the bible was originally written in , GREEK for New Testament, and HEBREW for Old Testament, to see what the writers intentions were and the words actually meaning as it could have been different, and usually is in many circumstances. When I quote HEBREW or GREEK, I'm not showing off or trying to be smarter than anyone, I just want to understand what the original writers were actually saying. That particular word SIMPLICITY in the GREEK is haploos. It's actually a word with a beautiful meaning and very appropriately describes Christ, in the GREEK, but not even close in your translation or my bible or any I've read. SIMPLICITY here in it's context means - In Christ personality there is no ulterior motives or double motives like the serpent had. It describes Christ's heart of faithfulness toward others and that it is manifested in His helpfulness and giving assistance in His being benevolent. It is HIs faithful benevolence out of Godly motivation in His singleness of heart that is His motivation, as is the Fathers, as an example to us how we should live to honor God in the world around us- FABULOUS . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this verse, Paul compares the dangers of false teachers invading the Corinthian church to Eve's deception by satan. Paul feared the Corinthians, like Eve, would fall prey to satanic lies and have their minds corrupted. The tragic result would be their abandonment of their SIMPLE (Singelness of heart to Christ) devotion to Christ and their destruction as believers. I hope this helps and adds new appreciation for the life Christ lived - Dave
  5. unworthyservant, I have enjoyed your post in several of the different topics until now. This statement of yours about being facetious, unless I'm reading it wrong, doesn't have a place here given the seriousness of the topic, and the purpose of the forum. We all love to joke around and have fun, but being that you didn't say that at the end of your post, or shortly after, you lead people down a dishonest path, and I don't see that being appropriate here. I don't think any of us are dismal faced douagers without a sense of humor, but I think you need to consider your intentions for all our sakes before you post again. I love you and look forward to more topics and posts from you - Dave
  6. Right on. Very, very well said. I just love it . Nothing like hearing the truth from another believer who is living their words of faith in peace and love.
  7. A true Christian doesn't overthink the faith he is commanded to grow in. To me there is no such thing as a Christianity of simplicity. As time passes, Christianity becomes not only more complicated, but more challenging as the Holy Spirit continues to convict us of things or sins in our life that needs to change. I love the complicated texture of my walk with Christ. It helps my faith to grow and makes me feel more alive and real in the faith and committments I have made to Christ, and the exciting future I have to look forward to, knowing I will continue to grow and become more like Christ. It's an incredibly life to be living knowing that it is more real than all the rest of life and has icredible purpose above anything else on earth, and we have the undeserved gift of being able to share all we know with others so God can give them not only a better life now, but an afterlife beyond what we can possibly imagine.
  8. Well, I have the same problem calling myself a "Christian" as opposed to calling myself a "follower of Christ". For me for many ,many decades I have seen the unbearable treatment "Christian TYPES" force on others, believers and non-believers. It's just horrid what I've seen and heard countless times from mostly leadership people who everyone trusted, and then they betrayed people in the harshest most cruel ways imaginable- IT BREAKS MY HEART TO EVEN TALK ABOUT IT or bring it back to memory. What is even sadder is that these CHRISTIAN TYPES have not only betrayed their church, but they have also betrayed their God by daring to even claim His Sons name. I've seen and heard non-Christians berated and condemned that they were going to hell in the most unimaginable display of pure satanic dominium over the CHRISTIAN TYPE. It was shocking to see someone's spirit crushed like that. I will never call myself a Christian again, after 42 years, as I don't want anyone to ever connect me to a such a false abomination to God that the "church" and "Christianity" has become, and is even becoming worse worldwide as each day passes. I have been sold out to God for 42 years, and gone to church for 42 years, and raised my children in the church through their high school years, and now I regret it and wish there would have been something more real that truly reflected the love of Christ and His true teachings. But now I see the false church for myself as a foreshadowing to greater things in the future beyond even the false church who has betrayed Christ and His teachings, and leading people by the millions to destruction. God says there is a remnant who He has called out to know the truth, and live it out each day in the quietness of their hearts and lives, bringing true, unselfish love into the lives of strangers and other true believers. I'll take that any day over what I have experienced in the past. I'd rather be one of the remnant if God would allow me to.
  9. I modified your post to focus on a comment you made at the end of your post. "People "Arbitrarily" have forsaken the Sabbath". In my experience in many different venues, the people are "Taught" to disregard the law and the Sabbath as they are no longer applicable or biblical., which we know isn't true. All the best to you unworthyservant in Christ's name - Dave
  10. The act isn't and shouldn't be the point. The point is WHAT"S GOING ON IN YOUR MIND AT THE TIME. Are we betraying God's word or are we satisfying a need in a Godly way. What we think about is what can lead us to sin. Therefore we should guard our thoughts and minds and focus on Godly things. God's word says we are to take every thought into submission. We all know the verses that teach us to control our thoughts. Why do we act like we're in Christianity 101??? This is not about rules and regulations (LEGALISM ), this is about how you live for God and with GOD from your heart. We are to live everything through our love for our SAVIOR including the God GIVEN act of masturbation. A Godly release to be used with the right HEART condition. Do you think God turns His back while you satisfy yourself. He not only see's you do this every time, but knows exactly why and the thoughts you use to "GET OFF".
  11. I totally agree with you ReenelW. It's also taught the same thing on many men's forums. The men are so adamant about this that they beat their wives into emotional submission. Sadly, the Church today, as the Jews did, continue to violate the meaning of God's word in the application of legalism instead of LOVE. The intent of the scripture was to the wife, not the husband, and never meant that a husband had the right to demand sex or anything else from his wife. The whole idea of marriage is LOVE, and that the husband is to protect his wife in LOVE and be willing to die for her as Christ died for His Bride the church. Legalism runs ramped in our churches and Christian homes today with husbands dominating the marriage with God's word as a weapon against his wife and sometimes the children There is no room left in his heart for love of God or his wife. She becomes a tool who should act immediately to his every whim. We as husbands are told to love our wives, but not only is love lost in the marriage today, but a bigger problem is that love has been replaced by legalism in todays church. If you want to call it that. Like the Jewish leaders of old betrayed God's word given to them, the leaders in todays churches repeat history and drastically betray Gods word and teach all kinds of heresy and underlying hatefulness by pitting our brothers and sisters against one another, instead of drawing then closer to each other in love and respect for one another and for God.
  12. Hi there unworthyservant . I did read your entire post, and if you don't mind, I'd like to give you a bit of a different understanding on all these verses from Jesus from Matthew 5:17 - 44. All in context together. Matthew 5:22 is actually taken out of context in your commentary, because it's the first of 6 times that Jesus said, "You have heard it said, but I say", all 6 verses Jesus was using to validate Matthew 5:17 "I did not come to abolish the law or the Prophets, I did not come to abolish, but to FULFILL", which in Greek, the word FULFILL is translated PLEERO,PLEROSO, PLEROSIS, and PLEROO. All these can be found in a biblical Greek thesaurus, and are all from the same synonymous root word meaning To AMPLIFY, TO EXHALT, TO MAKE GREATER, AND TO MAGNIFY, TO INCREASE IN IMPORTANC, not just bring to completion or an end as many teach. To me this is one of Jesus most important dialogues because His purpose here was to take what the Jewish leaders had redefined as the meaning of the 10 commandments, and violated God's original intent of honoring all 10 FROM THE HEART, and turned them into legalistic letters of the law instead of from living by the Spirit of the 10 commandment from the heart. Actually, this all started back in Isaiah 42:21 where is was prophesied that Jesus would come to set all this straight. Isaiah 42:21 says, "The LORD was pleased for HIS (JESUS) righteousness sake, to make the law GREAT and GLORIOUS or HONORABLE in some translations. In the Hebrew language the word Great is GADAL and the word glorious or honorable is the Hebrew word ADAR which both mean TO AMPLIFY, TO EXHALT, TO MAKE GREATER, and to MAGNIFY, TO INCREASE IN IMPORTANCE. Sound familiar?? Anyway, what is it that I'm trying to make a point about? The 10 commandments had become a list of rules and regulations, do's and don'ts, just like a lot of churches do today, because they still don't get it - they have no heart or love. In the New testament the Jewish people who were trying to pass that on to the gentile Christians, so besides the other reasons we know about for Jesus coming, He was here to REDEFINE the 10 commandments as commands that we are to live from the heart, in a greater way than was originally given. YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID, BUT I SAY, YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID, BUT I SAY, YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID, BUT I SAY, YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID, BUT I SAY, YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID, BUT I SAY, 6 YOU HAVE HEARD IT SAID, BUT I SAY. 6 TIMES...He as trying His very best to make a GIGANTIC point here !!!!! Jesus made the 10 commandments GREATER in purpose and action, that's why He said if you love me you will obey my commands. This was the NEW LAW. Without the understanding from Jesus, we would have all been liable to eternal damnation without understanding the concept of GODLY LOVE and how to obey all His laws in LOVE from our hearts Love your God, Love your enemies, love those who hate you, love those who persecute you, love your neighbors, love your brothers and sisters. We are known by the love we (Christians) have for one another. Well, we used to be . It actually wasn't a new teaching at all, but it was new to this latest generation of Jews who were handed down a lie from their predacessors and new to the gentiles who had never heard this teaching before, even though it had been taught in the Old testament, but only to the Jews of ages past. All you have to do is pray for the truth, and the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. I give God all the glory for all these words except the one's I misspelled .. My bad.
  13. I agree !!! It's all about who you are in your heart with God and are you living to Honor and Glorify Him in all that you do ??
  14. As scripture seems to indicate, it's the intent of your heart, balanced against God's word for the truth in our desire to love and honor Christ. To me it's not about rules and regulations, but who you are with Christ in your heart and knowing that "In all things, do to the glory of God". God knows your needs and why your fulfilling them.
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