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  1. “Nor was there anyone to rescue” (Dan. 8:4) Naqdi: Psalm 83 War, “Come, they say, let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” (Ps. 83:4 NIV 1984) Naqdi: He [the ram] did as he pleased (Dan. 8:4) Naqdi, as all other IRGC soldiers and officers are devoted to the notion of spreading Iran’s Revolution all over the Muslim nations. I wrote about this in chapter 10 of Daniel Revisited. This is why Naqdi said, An Exaggeration There is one thing Naqdi said that was beyond what he himself will do: That will not happen until the Antichrist’s armies surround Jerusalem and enter the Temple area in the middle of the seventieth week. The flag of the “Islamic Revolution” will be different as well. Conclusion It is amazing to me that here we see yet another IRGC commander or spokesman speaking plainly of the Second Signpost. The Second Signpost is coming more and more into plain sight. Yet, the world and even the church does not see it. This is why the Second Signpost will be a true black swan event, not seen by the world at large, and yet you bet people will say it was obvious after it happened. Only those who are paying attention to the details in Bible prophecy (e.g. Dan. 8:17, 19) can see it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We know from Dan. 8 that Iran will first invade the middle east, second Turkey will crush Iran, and finally this new Turkish empire will be split into these four Kingdoms, four kingdoms of “bronze”. It is only at this final point that Revelation’s horses can ride because that is when the “mountains of bronze” are formed. This then gives us a rough timetable for the release of the four horses as “close” to the 70th Week, and after the Iranian invasion and after Turkey’s counterattack of Iran and after the division of Turkey into 4 sub-nations. Because none of these events have happened yet, we can surmise that none of the seals have opened yet as well. These events are all yet future. This must be farther in the future than you think, probably around Newton's 2065 figure for the "End of the Age"*. I say this, because Iran doesn't have a big enough army yet to fullfil the army in Revelation after the Euphrates dries up. Even China couldn't march an army that large even if they wanted to. Now if Pakistan allied with Iran, they could conceivably launch an army 200 million strong in a few more generations (generation ~ 20 years). * I wouldn't take this too seriously, everyone who tried to forecast the end of the Age from Revelation and Daniel has failed in the past. An army of 200 million soldiers is easy to defeat: Just launch a few well-placed nukes and viola, the largest army in the history of the world goes bye-bye.
  2. There are two "Witnesses" in the Book of Revelation who prophesy and do miracles during the tribulation.
  3. The word translated "Sorcerer" in the New Testament is "Pharmakeu" which means "Drug Addict", and the Book of Revelation says they go to the lake of fire.
  4. Allow me to add that from what I see concerning these stories, it is basically nonsense, which is probably why there isn't much about them in the canon. Nevertheless, the point stands that the authors were not talking about Dinosaurs when they mentioned this in Job and the Psalms.
  5. The Ancient Hebrews were never entirely monotheistic, even Moses called God "The God of Gods", as did the Angel when speaking to Daniel. Now it is interesting that two of these names "Behemoth" and "Leviathan" appear in the Bible, but they are never fully described in any of the books of the Bible. These descriptions that doe exist in the book of Job are sometimes incorrectly associated with Dinosaurs. That is not what these beings are. The Ancient Hebrews believed in several "Primal Deities" including a triplicate: "Behemoth, Leviathan, and Zu". It is these beings that the God in the Book of Job is referring to, when he states that He created them "with man". If you don't believe this, you can search Wikipedia for it, and there are encyclopedia articles explaining this in their text. These beings are again sometimes used by Young Earth Creationists to argue that Dinosaurs co-existed with the Antedeluvians and Noah, which is actually wrong and ridiculous. Behemoth, Leviathan, and Zu are stated to have been created before the Universe itself, so they are in a sense "timeless" beings created by God, in the same sense as the Angel in the Book of Revelation stating that there shall be "time no more". The Bible mentions these beings and gives brief, vague descriptions of two of them, but it is not clear to the modern reader that these are actually primal deities known to the Hebrews. The Hebrew reader would have known what he was talking about, whereas a modern reader, acquainted only with Monotheism, attempts to associate them with Dinosaurs, which as stated is wrong and ridiculous. The real God did not literally create the Earth at the same time as the rest of the Universe. The Earth is close to 1/3rd the age of the rest of the Universe, so there have been life forms and spirit beings greatly pre-dating the Earth in the history of the Universe. Some of them we are acquainted with, such as the Angels and Demons*, but some of them we are not. The Universe is such a large place that we will never know everything about it in this lifetime....and it may not be relevant to our lives in the Resurrection either. The Point of this post is to rebut the claim that these two (of the three) beings are dinosaurs. They are not dinosaurs, they are spirit beings, primal deities, created by "The God of Gods". While I am here, I may as well talk about the subject of Hell. The Bible states that Hell was created for the Devil and his Angels. At the place I used to work, there was an atheist who argued that Hell could not be a real place, because humans didn't exist throughout most of the history of the Universe, but this is not what the Bible says Hell was created for. Hell was created for the devil and his angels, and by being a rebel against God, unbelievers get counted as angels of the Devil. So anyway, since Hell was created for the Devil and his angels, then it can be older than man and can be older than the Earth. Also, I am not saying that anyone should worship these beings, that would be blasphemy. I'm just saying the Hebrew roots show that these beings mentioned in the Psalms and in Job are NOT dinosaurs.
  6. Atheists only believe in what they can touch with their hands and see with their eyes. They can't accept a God who is beyond time, because if they posit the existence of God, then they would be consenting to God's rule over all reality and to God's morality. They cannot accept God's morality, so they substitute their own version of facts and their own version of morality. Anyway, Jesus told the parable of the tares and the wheat, and he says the tares were sown by the enemy. Thus the tares are not meant to be saved, the tares are predestinated to be punished in hell fire. Jesus did not send the Disciples out to evangelize goats; He sent them to evangelize the lost sheep. The goats are unsavable. The sheep are savable.
  7. Yeah, just to give an example, Jimmy Swaggart sells study bibles for around $50 to $100 each, and claims they make it easier to read the Bible. I actually have one of the New Testaments which was actually given to me by Gabriel Swaggart, and I read some of the Gospel of Matthew and got sick of the text of the Bible always being interrupted by Swaggarts' oppinion. Now at least Gabriel gave away several of the Bibles at the youth conference one day, but that was not the norm. Normally they sell these things for about 2 or 3 times the price of an ordinary Giant Print reference Bible. But what does the Bible say about this? 1 John 2: 20-29 says we don't need a teacher to tell us how to read scripture or learn anything from God, because the Anointing from the Holy Spirit is sufficient to teach us all things. Teachers still have their place, but it's supposed to be an individual walking relationship with God, not a bunch of drones in a church congregation following a "king" or "queen".
  8. There are commandments in the Law of Moses against human sacrifice and "passing through the fire", so why do you think God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his Son? By mentioning 2 Timothy 3:16, you are making an "Appeal to authority" fallacy, or rather Paul was making a fallacy, and you are quoting Paul making a fallacy. As for the wind, I got that passage mixed up with something from Exodus. However, it doesnt' matter which direction the wind blows; Wind would not dry up a world wide flood 15 cubits above Mt. Everest.
  9. 3 John 1: 11. Beloved follow not that which is evil, but thtat which is good. He that doeth good is of God, but he that doeth evil hath not seen God. Jesus said, "Not everyone will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but He that doeth the will of the Father..."
  10. The short answer is there is no one rule that works: Every dream is unique. Whenever you have a dream you think might be from the LORD, ask people about it and see whether anyone can help interpret it. Pray about it. That's really all there is to do with it.
  11. The Cross and the Resurrection are what saves and sanctifies a believer, not the workds. If you have the Cross of Christ right in your life, then you will automatically do good works and avoid evil works. The focus of the dream seems to be the Cross of Christ, and this bodes well, as Paul taught in Romans 6, 7 and 8. You would do well to read this passage of scripture. Jesus left your side in the dream, but he is still present with you through the Holy Spirit, which is in Christ...."for the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death."
  12. Read these passages, as they explain what the Holy Spirit does for the Believer. John 15:26-27, John 16: 12-16. 1 John 2: 20-29. The Holy Spirit will show you the future (does this quite often with me, usually relating to something personal or a natural disaster). The Holy Spirit will teach you ALL truth, not just some truth. The Holy Spirit will give you the inheritance of Christ, because he says that the Comforter will take of Christs and give it to you. Paul said the same thing using the picture of an adopted son receiving inheritance with the natural Son. The Holy Spirit MAY sometimes give you commandments that are difficult to discern. For example, The Holy Spirit commanded the prophet Hoseah to buy a harlot off the auction block and marry her.
  13. I have a youtube video which addresses a related topic, the "Anointing" and what its purpose is, but I don't know which sub-forum I'm allowed to post youtube links to. If someone would direct me to this again? I would be grateful and post the link.
  14. What makes you think that? God has said, "Behold, I do a new thing..." Is. 43:19.
  15. Maybe because there are a lot of pastors of different intentions who write books and make teaching CDs on the subject, and then sell them for money.
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