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  1. Here's a thought.... wonder how many Comey emails were on Hillary's server??
  2. The important part is that the FBI is supposed to have policy and procedure in place to protect US citizens who might end up being surveilled "incidentally". Their identities are not only supposed to be masked, but the information -if truly incidental - is supposed to be expunged entirely from the record. From what I understand so far of the Trump surveillance situation not only was the incidental information not scrubbed from the record... but identities of multiple US citizens were revealed... and on top of that all of this information was widely distributed amongst government departments. We're talking about multiple felonies committed here.... and now we're hearing that these reports included personal information about Trump's family too? I don't know about you, but I think some of Comey's responses have sounded extremely shady in all of this. I don't know if anyone here is a Mark Levin fan, but his ability to basically piece together all of the liberal media's "reporting" (with no real proof or sources I might add) on the supposed Trump/Russia links over the last few months and turn it right back on them was absolutely brilliant! I think it's largely thanks to him that this has gone under more severe scrutiny. It will be HUGE if they are able to prove that those in the Obama admin abused US intelligence agencies to influence a US election and further their own political agenda, although I don't know why anyone would be very surprised. The Obama admin doesn't seem to have had much respect for the democratic electoral process, as proven by their involvement in Isreal's election...
  3. What if I told you... that 100% of illegal immigrants are criminals?
  4. God is the only one qualified to judge. You presume to take His job into your own hands?
  5. You sound like a rather judgmental person missmuffet.
  6. Uhhh you mean Star Wars?
  7. We are not inherently worthy... That is the beauty of His grace.
  8. Hello, newbie here... Hoping to read/participate in some great discussions! Thank you and God bless, JL
  9. Those are some great guidelines... Thank you.
  10. I am new here... Thanks for the welcome!
  11. Hello, I am also new! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  12. Hello! I am new here... Thanks for the info!