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  1. Where did all the folks disappear to who were arguing so much in favor of the Trump/Russia collusion theory? Weren't there quite a few on this board? You don't hear much from them lately...
  2. They have a good reason to be nervous... Project Veritas sure didn't help to soothe any of their anxieties!
  3. Heard this today... was just going to post something and you beat me to it! I have to say, it's not that I'm at all surprised... but it is somewhat vindicating to hear it admitted on tape...
  4. No, I don't think it is a step in the right direction. If this thing doesn't get untangled now, my guess is that we're all headed straight towards single payor.
  5. Good for them for standing strong... I know I can always count on Cruz to do so. I also think this bill still represents far too much government control over our healthcare.
  6. Oh how very true, on so many levels! Can we get this memo out to CNN?
  7. When the federal government is responsible for the handouts it's all just nameless and faceless. If people had to rely on actual charity from their neighbors they would have to see that the money they're being given is being taken directly out of other people's families' mouths, and maybe feel some sense of personal accountability. I can't tell you how many times I've been in the grocery line behind someone using an EBT card, and they have a nicer phone and car than I could ever afford....
  8. Oh good grief... She sounds like quite the delusional narcissist.
  9. I agree... though there's plenty of laziness and outright abuse of the system too. But I think it can help break a cycle in some cases... I feel for the children who have been brought up in households where hard work wasn't valued or modeled for them.
  10. I've actually thought this as well. There are irreconcilable differences between those who still believe in personal liberty and freedom, and those who want a socialistic and ultimately, tyrannical, America.
  11. http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/06/13_alabama_counties_had_85_per.html 85%! That is a pretty staggering number!
  12. You have denied the complete lack of any evidence of any crime that has been committed so far, and continue to demand that the search go on. How many years shall we search for? Indefinitely until something to prove your point turns up?
  13. I often wonder what else this special council might uncover regarding the Russians' attempts to interfere with the election.... How much did the Obama admin know about it at the time, and did they take any appropriate action? If the special council uncovers evidence that the Obama admin was intentionally trying to conceal information about this, will we find out about it? Or will it all be swept under the rug?
  14. Can we clarify exactly what the evidence of wrong doing is?