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  1. Why anyone would care about Miley Cyrus’ opinion on this issue I’ll never know... She’s just virtue signaling for props from the rest of her Hollywood/show biz buddies. They’re all so self-absorbed and attention-starved that they’re just clamoring to be the hot political commentator of the moment.
  2. Just disgusting. Doesn’t take very long for the rest of the Hollywood lemmings to follow suit.
  3. I pray that each of the souls whose lives on earth were ended so suddenly are dining now in eternal peace with the Lord in heaven and that He would ease the suffering of those left to deal with the aftermath of this horrifying evil act here on earth... I think that those who are making comments about guns being the problem here should offer some concrete ideas about how they think gun control would help - and which SPECIFIC rules surrounding gun ownership would keep tragedies like this from happening in the future. I guess it’s also unfortunate for those who are anti-gun that this tragedy illustrates EXACTLY why it is a good thing for the good guys to have guns too. The hero who apprehended the shooter was a civilian with his own legally owned gun and I heard that it has also been confirmed that he is member of the NRA and a certified NRA firearms instructor. If this citizen had been restricted from legally and responsibly owning his firearm, how many more lives would that evil maniac have taken before the cops were able to catch up with him?
  4. Toxic relationship with parent

    Hi Amy, Thank you for your kind words and I’m sorry to hear about your own struggles with your father. Dealing with someone who is manipulative can be especially difficult because it can cause so much self-doubt. I know it does for me. God bless.
  5. Toxic relationship with parent

    Hi GandalfTheWise, Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it. That's really well said. I like your username
  6. What our your thoughts on smoking

    Disagree. And no, it’s not. But thanks for the input.
  7. What our your thoughts on smoking

    Nope. But thanks for your input.
  8. Hi there, I’m curious if anyone here has had to deal with an estranged relationship with their parents? Have you ever gotten to the point where the relationship was too dysfunctional and toxic to go on? The Lord says we must forgive, but are we under any obligation to continue a relationship with a parent when they bring toxic negativity into your life? I have attempted to bring up problems and challenges with the parent on multiple occasions, to no avail. I think the worst part is that this parent in question believes themselves to be a very strong Christian and also has a martyr-like attitude, to the point where they honestly believe that they have done no wrong and are completely unwilling and unable to examine their own faults. The other unfortunate thing is that this parent has become somewhat of a recluse to the outside world, and doesn’t really have any connection to any outside sources that might provide any sort of counter or challenge to their point of view or faults either. My parent is not part of any church and does not really even have any real-life friends (besides other Christians they converse with on the internet and message boards who do not have any way of really knowing who my parent is and what they are like). In short, my parent has completely excluded and shut out anyone from their life who might challenge them in regards to their attitude, and created a false world to live in, in which 1) they are always right and good 2) they are always the victim, and 3) anyone who disagrees with them is in the wrong and is blocked out of their life. I’m hoping to get some input, primarily from others who come from dysfunctional family backgrounds... if anyone might have any to offer. Thanks for reading and God bless.
  9. What our your thoughts on smoking

    Actually, I made no statement of judgment towards her. Judgment vs. discernment. There is a difference between being self-righteously judgmental in regards to another person’s sin, and using discernment in regards to moral right vs. wrong and what God’s word has to say about it. I explained why I believe her stance to be incorrect, and put forth some probing questions which I hope would lead her to examine the Word and her own beliefs about judging the behavior of otbers when we are all sinners.
  10. Can you pass a third grade test?

    I got 100%... 3rd grade must have been a good year for me.
  11. What our your thoughts on smoking

    The scripture is pretty clear to me. Why would you want to hold on so tightly to the idea that you have a right to cast judgment upon others? You admitted yourself that you are a smoker. So by your logic, it is not permissible for you to cast judgment upon another smoker. However, it is permissible for you to cast judgment upon a glutton, a drinker of coffee or alcohol, or some other type of sinner? If you truly accept the fact that you yourself are a sinner, then what right could you possibly feel in your heart to cast judgement upon others for any of their sins - regardless of the details of the particular sin?
  12. What our your thoughts on smoking

    I see that you have no other defense for your stance on the issue. Sadly this is what happens when things get a little bit too real! I would sincerely urge you to deeply re-examine God's word on this issue and your own attitude towards judgment of others.
  13. What our your thoughts on smoking

    No, actually. Nothing from what you have posted says anything about when and what sort of judgment of another Christian is permissible. It simply points out when judgment is not permissible. Maybe we could write up a list of which sins you feel that you personally have not committed- that way you'll have a running list of which sins you are allowed to judge other Christians for? All of this is to say that maybe you should just leave the judgments to God.
  14. What our your thoughts on smoking

    I do not see where any of this says that you have the right to judge another person for their sin.