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  1. Justice_League

    White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    I wouldn’t know. I’m not a Scientologist and have never really studied many of their positions on anything. I do know that just because someone has a PhD behind their name doesn’t automatically mean that their words and opinions represent the truth. Even if they did, I definitely wouldn’t trust the opinion of someone who had never met and evaluated their patient in person. The fact that they would even try to make a diagnosis under those circumstances renders that PhD pretty meaningless in my eyes.
  2. Justice_League

    White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Actually this is incredibly false. With the greater focus on mental/behavioral health that we have in place in our health system today- now more than ever, primary care docs are attuned to pick up on the subtle signs of a mental health problem. If one was suspected, a patient would be referred to the appropriate specialist. Obviously Trump wasn’t, so what’s your concern?
  3. Justice_League

    White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Yes, absolutely! It is absolute MALPRACTICE for a “mental health professional” to presume to diagnose ANYONE without even having evaluated them in person. This is purely opinion and nothing else. Miss muffet, would you like a government appointed “mental health professional” to come into your home and decide whether or not you are fit to live your life as you are currently, against your will? Keep in mind that this “professional”, if they do not agree with your opinions or methods, despite the attestation of your personal physician that you are mentally sound, could state that you are a danger to yourself and your family and recommend that you be removed from your current circumstances. How’s that for personal liberty?
  4. Justice_League

    White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Who is “THEY”? Do you think that every person’s destiny or future should be decided by whom the worldly ivy league institutions have deemed “mental health professionals”?
  5. Justice_League

    White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    And who exactly is that who is “qualified”? Which mental health ...professionals.... are you referring to?
  6. Justice_League

    White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Many worldly “psychologists” or “psychiatrists” are full of worldly you-know-what.... and you should know that. What value would their opinions add to anything in this discussion?
  7. Justice_League

    White House doctor: Trump in 'excellent health'

    Are you qualified to evaluate his need for mental health missmuffet... or for that matter... ANYONE’S mental heath or need for a mental health eval??
  8. Justice_League

    family issues feeling alone in this

    Hi Lily, I do know how you feel on some level. I’ve had to distance myself from my family as well due to those relationships being toxic and emotionally abusive. My mother in particular claims to be a very strong Christian but she is actually an extremely unhealthy person who isolates herself from the rest of the world. Many of these types will play the martyr/victim role and will always try to twist everything back onto others... That can be one of the hardest parts to deal with. Satan’s influence can take on many forms. I’m glad that you have been able to distance yourself from what sounds like a really unhealthy situation and that you’ve been able to find godly friends and support to surround yourself with. I know that the holidays can be an especially hard time when you’re dealing with family estrangement... I know it is for me. I usually have to battle with feeling like there is something wrong with me for not getting together with them during the holidays, especially if I’m having to explain myself to strangers who don’t really understand the situation. But most people will never understand what that really feels like unless they have experienced it in their own lives. Family doesn’t have to be blood if those people don’t treat you like the valuable individual you are. God provides and can bring true love and family into our lives through other means. God bless!
  9. Why anyone would care about Miley Cyrus’ opinion on this issue I’ll never know... She’s just virtue signaling for props from the rest of her Hollywood/show biz buddies. They’re all so self-absorbed and attention-starved that they’re just clamoring to be the hot political commentator of the moment.
  10. Just disgusting. Doesn’t take very long for the rest of the Hollywood lemmings to follow suit.
  11. I pray that each of the souls whose lives on earth were ended so suddenly are dining now in eternal peace with the Lord in heaven and that He would ease the suffering of those left to deal with the aftermath of this horrifying evil act here on earth... I think that those who are making comments about guns being the problem here should offer some concrete ideas about how they think gun control would help - and which SPECIFIC rules surrounding gun ownership would keep tragedies like this from happening in the future. I guess it’s also unfortunate for those who are anti-gun that this tragedy illustrates EXACTLY why it is a good thing for the good guys to have guns too. The hero who apprehended the shooter was a civilian with his own legally owned gun and I heard that it has also been confirmed that he is member of the NRA and a certified NRA firearms instructor. If this citizen had been restricted from legally and responsibly owning his firearm, how many more lives would that evil maniac have taken before the cops were able to catch up with him?
  12. Justice_League

    Toxic relationship with parent

    Hi Amy, Thank you for your kind words and I’m sorry to hear about your own struggles with your father. Dealing with someone who is manipulative can be especially difficult because it can cause so much self-doubt. I know it does for me. God bless.
  13. Justice_League

    Toxic relationship with parent

    Hi GandalfTheWise, Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it. That's really well said. I like your username
  14. Justice_League

    What our your thoughts on smoking

    Disagree. And no, it’s not. But thanks for the input.