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  1. My deepest condolences to you, Pat.
  2. Estrella

    Preventing Deleted Threads

    I saw it coming anyway lol.
  3. Estrella


    Congrats n praise the Lord!
  4. Estrella

    My Video Not Approved?

    Hopefully I am not seeing triple.....
  5. Estrella

    My Video Not Approved?

    Oh is it? Im not sure either. Thought ive seen some thread re-editted when they wanted to delete it later but cant. But the thread had replies already. Perhaps like what you have said, you could delete it coz no one had commented yet. Her other duplicate posts has no reply. Hopefully she could delete them then.
  6. Estrella

    My Video Not Approved?

    Lol. Cant delete thread i think..but can edit and state reason. I hv pmed her too. Im sure she'd edit them once she gets my pm. Or perhaps she's could contact the mods then.
  7. Estrella

    My Video Not Approved?

    No i suppose there is an error on her connection that probably made her click submit 3 times, causing her post to appear thrice. Hopefully she reads this post.
  8. Estrella

    My Video Not Approved?

    Debp, just wondering if u realised your post of this topic appeared three times lol.
  9. I almost thought Christianity Today lol. It's a good thing Walla clarified.
  10. I guess Dearborn topic died and it is now resting in peace. 😂😂😂
  11. Estrella


    Pray he will appear here soon.
  12. Estrella

    Alan Jackson

    I am currently listening to this. Yeah, i had listened to few country songs as a child (thanks to my dad). I have also been listening to more country songs recently and i love how Alan Jackson sings these Gospel songs. I feel like a country woman in the lion city. Haha. Pretty sure most of you know Alan Jackson. May all of you be blessed by this sharing.
  13. Estrella

    Praise Report

    What a BIG smile you have... lol
  14. Estrella

    Praise Report

    Praise God and i pray for complete healing for your son, in Jesus Name.
  15. Estrella

    Anyone from UK ?

    Oh, we have another Sojourner! Welcome. I am from Malaysia but living in Singapore. I know @Steve B is from the UK. Dont know / remember any other that's currently existing now.