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  1. Actually i dont see the point of suing the other woman. If a man wants to be faithful, he would be faithful at all cost. Anyone and anything can come and tempt but a strong tower will never be shaken. Personally, if i was the wife, i would sue the man himself for causing me misery and heartache and yada yada. Nonetheless, adultery just like any other sins are punishable, and so is fornication according to God's Word. Even if it is not carried out legislatively, all those who know God's word would do well by not getting into it. But yes, again, to implement it is not a simple matter. There are many reasons and factors to consider. If we want to lump everything together and punish the offenders indiscrimately, then we would might as well have Syariah or Hudud Law, where adulterers are punished by being stoned to death or thieves have their limbs chopped off. Having said that, if we were to do this then, Jesus wouldn't need to have done what He did on the cross. Do we live under the law or under His grace? Of course obedience to God's Words is no question here. But if we were to punish every sin on earth, i guess, there would be very few people living on earth here right now.
  2. And yes... i see what events are okay to have scouting events alright lol
  3. Seems like the whole world's religious celebrations are right there. My...even i have never heard a lot of these religious festivals lol. From hinduism all the way to bahaism. I am unsure what to even feel about this. Boy's scout has gone universal it seems lol.
  4. Hi Hasan, welcome to worthy. I read that you want to be a Christian and you want to find a Christian woman to leave the country. I would suggest, before you look for a Christian spouse, you first need to establish your relationship with Christ first. Take the time to learn about the basics of the faith here, then slowly maturing yourself into the faith. Finding a Christian spouse in order to leave the country is NOT a solution or a guarantee that your "Christian" life would be happily ever after, if your heart is not right with God first. You need to have the right and genuine intent. And just like what George mentioned, this is not a sole matter of changing a religion to another; from Islam to Christianity. Rather the question would be, who do you want to give your heart to and follow all the days of your life? God bless!
  5. Estrella


    Congrats n praise the Lord!
  6. Hopefully I am not seeing triple.....
  7. Oh is it? Im not sure either. Thought ive seen some thread re-editted when they wanted to delete it later but cant. But the thread had replies already. Perhaps like what you have said, you could delete it coz no one had commented yet. Her other duplicate posts has no reply. Hopefully she could delete them then.
  8. Lol. Cant delete thread i think..but can edit and state reason. I hv pmed her too. Im sure she'd edit them once she gets my pm. Or perhaps she's could contact the mods then.
  9. No i suppose there is an error on her connection that probably made her click submit 3 times, causing her post to appear thrice. Hopefully she reads this post.
  10. Debp, just wondering if u realised your post of this topic appeared three times lol.
  11. I almost thought Christianity Today lol. It's a good thing Walla clarified.
  12. I guess Dearborn topic died and it is now resting in peace. 😂😂😂
  13. Pray he will appear here soon.
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