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  1. Estrella

    To charge or not to charge.....

    Well, reality check: The world do not function the same way now as it was during Jesus time, or maybe it was similar but now it is way more complicated. Everything involves money, of course, the service the preacher does (preaching / spreading the Gospel) alone should be done out of reverance for God and not due to the amount he is being paid. But i believe it is only fair, or rather practical that certain amount is collected for travel expenses, accomodation or other administrative arrangements. You see, in the midst of doing anything or going anywhere now, you have to go through some form of system where it involves certain monetary funding. And in the journey of it all, we dont just deal with believers alone but non believers too, so it's not like these preachers would be exempted just because they are traveling to preach the Gospel. So i see nothing wrong with love offering or collections, PROVIDED, the money is used for the good of the church or to do God's work. I believe where money is concerned, there should also be transparency on how the collected or raised money is used to avoid unnecessary accusations of financial scandals, as we already see happening in some churches. The LOVE of money is the root of all evils. Not money itself...if one is a good steward of it.
  2. Estrella

    Who Do You Look Forward to Meeting?

    My furbaby, Messi and to know what exactly has happened to him that one fateful day. Only God knows the answer.. sorry not really a who.
  3. Estrella

    Beware of the Catholic Church!

    Sadly, the sexual abuse n church scandals arent only happening in catholic churches, but even in prominent churches from protestant denominations e.g. evangelical churches, even if the cases are smaller in numbers compared to what we read here.
  4. Estrella

    'Apologiz-ing' (1 Pet. 3:15) to Muslims and Islam

    Ahh noted on the above, shiny. Sorry bout that. Well usually, the norm here would be everythg would be mentioned here in the thread itself. PMing yes would be helpful too.
  5. Estrella

    'Apologiz-ing' (1 Pet. 3:15) to Muslims and Islam

    I had to laugh. 😂
  6. Estrella

    'Apologiz-ing' (1 Pet. 3:15) to Muslims and Islam

    Forgive shiny guys, he or she is new here so probably didnt realise the font. This is the effect of copy n paste from one source to here sometimes. Btw, i think my eyes got bigger now. 😂
  7. Estrella

    Hello am new

  8. Estrella

    Shiny Gospel Shoes here ...

    Oh my. It worked for me! It's okay, do not fear, Super Steve is here! Haha sorry Steve, just for humor.
  9. Estrella

    Shiny Gospel Shoes here ...

    Haha. No, when you click edit, you can urm delete the link by clicking backspace if you are on keyboard or the "x" symbol on keypad if on mobile. Just simply place the cursor on near the video. If you still cant, then no problem a mod, usually Steve_S , will remove it for you...at no charge lol. God bless.
  10. Estrella


    I understand. Truly. Praying for you sister.
  11. Estrella

    Shiny Gospel Shoes here ...

    Thank you, shiny!
  12. Estrella

    Shiny Gospel Shoes here ...

    You can just click on edit message n remove it rocky.
  13. I have Poppy from the movie"trolls" singing in my head now. Lol This song indeed has truth in it. In Singapore, and perhaps true everywhere else, almost everyone, even kids have phone stuck on their faces.... sound of silence.. even as i type now...silence....
  14. Estrella

    "Even There" Zemer Levav ( From Psalm 139)

    How comforting...❤ Praise God!
  15. Estrella

    I will change your name ...

    Amazing! Tq for sharing.