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    Card making..Scrap bookmaking...sewing...adult colouring books reading cork work gospel music and my number one is God's word..i love the Bible

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  1. Hello Jim from Wales UK be full of the joy of the Lord he is your strength
  2. Welcome to worthy hope you will be happy here
  3. Thank you Honey
  4. Thank you I really value your love and prayers love Maggie
  5. I need two replacement heart valves and a third needs to be patched I don't want to die please pray for me
  6. Welcome to worthy hope you will be happy here
  7. Welcome to worthy David
  8. Its wonderful to be lifted up in our spirit may joy always fill your heart in bright and cloudy days
  9. Hello welcome to worthy ...hope you will be happy here
  10. Hello welcome to the forum
  11. Hi

    Welcome may you find all the answers you are looking for and may your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ grow stronger and stronger
  12. Welcome to the forum I hope you will be content here and find lasting peace in Christ Jesus
  13. Yes I am on a journey from earth to heaven as long as I am alive here I am flesh soul and and spirit when I put off this body my spirit will go to the Lord as long I'm in this body I am prone to sin P
  14. Everyday is a day to praise the Lord for us sick people depend on the Lord day by day I love the Lord with All my heart and look up to him for all my needs desires I give him all praise honour and glory for everything a
  15. God bless you and I hope you will be happy here its a good place to talk