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  1. I'm pre-the wrath of God. Meaning the rapture happens before the wrath of God is poured out. And I agree, Daniel, that the 70th week is still pending, but not the book of Revelation.
  2. Missmuffet, I'm pre-wrath.
  3. Rick, I believe you hold to the view that the rapture is pre-trib. The rapture actually is pre-trib but not pre-revelation (I mean the book of Revelation). What I mean is that the rapture actually does not come before everything that's written in the Book of Revelation. The rapture definitely doesn't come before the letters (see Rev 1-3). Also it does not come before the first 5 seals. The tribulation doesn't start until after the 6th seal. And by tribulation I mean tribulation by the Antichrist.
  4. First off the 2nd woe is the 6th trumpet not the 2 witnesses. It's clear in Revelation 11 that the Spirit of God was telling John what would happen and that John was not seeing the things happen. So the 2nd woe cannot be the 2 witnesses. Revelation 11:3- And I WILL give power to my 2 witnesses to prophesy 1260 days clothed in sackcloth (emphasis mine). Clearly the Spirit of God was telling John what would happen. Different from where John said "I saw". Secondly, how could the bible say the kingdom of God comes with the 7th trumpet if the Antichrist comes after? It's because of the 2 witnesses. The only way the kingdom of God comes is through man. The kingdom of God came through Moses in the book of Exodus in the land of Egypt, Exodus 7:1. In the new testament, through Jesus (Matt.3:2). Jesus (a man) will rule the kingdom of God. Any questions?
  5. The first 5 seals happen before the rapture. The 6th seal is the rapture. The wrath of God starts after the 6th seal (with the 7 trumpets). There is a pause of the wrath of God after the trumpets though. The 2 witnesses and the antichrist come on the scene during this pause. It will seem God is inactive during the reign of the antichrist. But God will have his agents on the earth- the 2 witnesses. The 2 witnesses will be killed after the period of their service. The wrath of God resumes very soon after the three-and-a-half years of service of the 2 witnesses- the 7 bowls. Questions are welcome.
  6. So missmuffet when do you think the seals will happen? After the beginning of the final 7 years? Has to be before. Because of Rev. 6:12-17. Rev. 6:12-17 is the rapture. The rapture marks the beginning of the final 7 years. So if the 6th seal is the rapture and the rapture marks the beginning of the final 7 years, seals 1 to 5 come before the final 7 years.
  7. The first horse and its rider is the USA and its president respectively. I believe we all know that the new president of the USA is Donald Trump. It has been revealed to me that the 1st seal had been opened since June 2015 when Donald Trump mentioned his desire to run for president (because God knows the future). I don't want anyone to think that the rapture is still far away (sixth seal) because I'm talking about the 1st seal. A similar passage to Revelation 6 is Zechariah 6. In Zechariah 6 the 1st horse is the red one (war, terrorism) and in Revelation the first is the white horse. What this means is that both will occur concurrently. The question is how do we know when any of these periods start or end? This is how- 1st horses of both run concurrently but the white horse runs longer (See Zech. 6: 2, 3). What the white horse actually conquers is the war and terrorism of the red horse. So, the red horse actually ends during the reign of the white horse (in relation to the US). So the length of the time of the red horse is June 2015 to Jan. 20 2017. God told me that the length of the time of the red horse mirrors the time from the giving of this revelation till the rapture. This revelation came sometime in the month of November 2016. The red horse lasts 19 months.
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  13. Hello people. My name is Kenny. I'm new here. Hope to have a blessed time here.