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  1. For the record, I do not like returning personal attacks for personal attack. But do you really believe that you are advancing anything by doing so? Is this the only way to get it through to you, that YOU don't like to be insulted, any more than I like to be! Stick to the subject of the thread.
  2. Typical ad hominem when you frustrate a Queen James worshiper!
  3. That's off topic. But you can assume its the devil's translation.
  4. And you would have no problem with a Roman Catholic idol worshiper translating for you?
  5. I am far from ignorant on the issue. In fact, I would wage that my knowledge of the issue from both sides far exceeds yours! But as I have stated earlier, I have to get to your level because you believe that is where truth is.
  6. So, moral and good Christian men put the homosexuals name on it. Thanks for correcting me! As for the homosexual teacher, no, she would no be right. Her job would be to teach English. The same however, they had Latin "scholars" on the King James translator panel; how much Popery has influenced that translation!
  7. You certainly need a mirror! You have never looked into King James to see! That settles that, doesn't it! He deserves to be attacked and exposed!
  8. And put his homosexual name on it! You see, you don't have the least knowledge of the sexual preferences for all the translators of the King James, now do you! I probably had an English teacher who was a lesbian; that had no affect on whether she could teach English.
  9. Have you studied King James?
  10. And why is that? Because no one was allowed to produce anything in England for that long! This is an absurd argument, for the Greek has been the inspired "game in town" for 2000 years!
  11. I love how I have been vindicated on this Forum! As long as I was irrational with King James Only logic, you had no answers because you respected the irrationality of it. As I have stated before, if you are so lazy that you cannot look for yourself, I am not going to do the homework for you! The assertion that Queen James was "peculiar" in his manners towards men existed in his day, and is not a recent invention. The largest cause of the debate is because in 1600, you did not speak of such things as we do today. Further on, in puritanical America, they would not use the word "sex' openly, and certainly not homosexuality. The "motivation" behind the claims is historical. Just because it is used for debate on versions, is because of the personal attacks from the King James Only people who have no better argument than to attack Westcott and Hort.
  12. They have all been answered. If what you say is true, then the King James cannot be a legitimate Bible.
  13. Apparently He does, because I have not seen a King James Only person ever converted by kind words on this Forum.
  14. Kwik, it is not retaliation, but debate. It is intended to reveal the logic and methods used, and to seek truth. People are predictable in that the way they grasp "truth," it is revealed by how they defend something. If they believe that a version is true because of ___________, then they respect that approach. If they illogical, and equally illogical counterpoint is a valid argument to their minds. If they are snarky, they respect snarkiness. If ad hominems are evidence of truth, then argue in ad hominems. Sometimes people do not understand how irrational or wrong their approach is, until they are met with it from an opposing position. The bottom line is, people argue in the way they believe that truth is to be found. That is why I was hoping for more King James only people than moderates to engage. I understand your statement that people should see the love of Christ. I would also suggest that it equally important for readers not to think that all Christians are irrational, dismissive of facts, and are vindictive. An empty and misplaced faith is ever open to criticism. It is important for people to see truth as it is important for them to see love; for there is no virtue in believing a lie.
  15. How many will never look at anything but the one under King Jameth? All these other versions add an "s" to "always," trying to change the Word of God!