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  1. mat007

    Scared and doubtful

    Could I have made an invitation by "experimenting" if I have some powers? Please, feeling terrible right now. I'm so depressed.
  2. mat007

    Scared and doubtful

    Any other advice?
  3. mat007

    Christian's going to hell

    Believing in the existence of God isn't the only thing that will get you saved. Satan believes in the existence of God, too. He has even talked to Him. You need to accept Jesus in your heart if you want to be saved. That's what a Christian is.
  4. mat007

    Scared and doubtful

    Please, just answer. I need help.
  5. mat007

    Scared and doubtful

    So, there’s no way Satan could actually give me some powers just to opress me and to take me away from God?
  6. mat007

    Scared and doubtful

    I'm pretty sure I don't have any "powers" because I have asked God several times to take everything that's not from Him away from me. And I'm pretty sure He would have done that.
  7. mat007

    Scared and doubtful

    Thanks. Made me feel better. Any different answers?
  8. OCD is attacking me for years. The worst form I have ever had was scrupulosity. It just made me believe that I might be the antichrist. My whole summer was destroyed because of that. Before september, I began having a doubt like "What if I actually am the antichrist and satan gave me some 'powers'?". Just tried to think about that and soon realized that when thinking about the fact that I could be the antichrist I am better at some things than ever before. For example, at the chemistry class, our teacher asked us for a solution to a problem she had given to us. It was pretty hard and I was thinking "what if I'm going to 'activate' my powers and solve the problem?". And because I just wanted to check, well, felt a little bad, but I solved that problem. Not that I couldn't do it without them, but it was quite hard. Now I'm just scared that satan actually gave me some powers or something and that's why I am succeeding so fast at some things. (I did succeed in the past too, but now it gets faster) Is this something that has to do with my faith or just a terrible source of "motivation" and suggestion? What can I do? How do I know that my talents and intelligence and my ability to solve those problems come from God? How can I find another source of "motivation", if that's all in my head? Help, please.
  9. Now I began asking myself: "What if God has actually called me to become a priest, or a pastor and that I wont need science for that. Therefore, he needs to remove my intelligence because emotional intelligence is more important?".
  10. The problem is I’ve got OCD and it began affecting both my spirituality and my passion for science. The things I love the most. I have read some posts regarding the fact that intelligent people are less happier, because they overthink things. And some intrusive thoughts came into my mind and made me ask myself: “What if it would be better for me to be happy? Is it better than being intelligent?”. Of course I knew those things were just some intrusive thoughts, or things resulted from my overthinking but I’m afraid that God actually “chose” to make me happy and took my intelligence. Yeah. That kinda sounds illogical. Can I receive a reassurance (I prefer something written in the Scripture) that God didn’t take my intelligence? I know Romans 11:29-31 says: God does not take back his gifts. He does not change his mind about those he has chosen. 30 At one time you did not obey God. But now you have received mercy because Israel did not obey. 31 In the same way, Israel has not been obeying God. But now they receive mercy because of God’s mercy to you. but doesn’t this refer only to spiritual gifts, like, His grace, for example?
  11. mat007

    Will God punish me?

    And... am I arrogant if I just don't like spending time with him because of our different intellect level?
  12. Hi. So, we have a classmate at school that sometimes speaks without thinking. And he can become really annoying. Some guys of my class call him "idiot" and tell him to shut up. But I think that guy is not an idiot after all, I think it is more based on his choice. I've got OCD and it just tells me that if I'm not going to defend him, God will actually punish me and make me like him.
  13. So, because I've got OCD I began being worried to something. In Matthew 5:30 it is written, that if your right hand causes you to sin, you should cut it off. So, you should repent from everything that may be a tentation to sin. Found a better explanation on Biblehub: Not the senses only, through which we receive impressions, but the gifts and energies which issue in action, may become temptations to evil; and in that case, if the choice must be made, it were better to forfeit them. But talking about gifts, in Romans 11:29 it is written that God's gifts are irrevocable, without repentance. I have always based my life on science. Of course, I believe in God and have accepted Christ as saviour but I believe that advancing in science gets us more near to God. It is a proof of God's infinite intelligence. The thing is, I have had doubts about His existence (and then came back to Him, "proving" myself that He exists). Does this mean that I should've repent from His gift? The passion of science or the intelligence? What about the atheists?
  14. mat007


    So, the thing with the "powers" (that aren't actually powers) is just something psychologically. But those great ideas... they come from my head, and not from... don't they?