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  1. Hi. I was diagnosed with OCD and especially two types of OCD: Scrupulosity and HOCD and the second is so intense that I just can't get the thoughts out of my mind. People on the forums for OCD recommended Yoga to me. Question: Is it evil? I've heard some people saying that Yoga can bring demonic influence to people.
  2. Don't understand me wrong. I am a Christian but sometimes I experience intrusive thoughts like: "Christianity is only for people who don't think" or something like that. I know my thoughts are wrong. I know these thoughts are uncertain, and not true. But it's like: Why did many smart people get involved in the occult? Many questions to ask. I have been diagnosed with OCD and my doctor prescribed me Zoloft. Allthough I don't take it. I don't feel I need them. Umm... some answers? Thanks.
  3. Of course the Church is important but the one who saves you is Jesus. I go to Church, because I feel like I "need" it. But why would you attend Church if you don't believe that Jesus is your savior? Believing in Christ is the only path to salvation. Don't worry about the Church. You can change it if you want but make sure it is a Christian one.
  4. Hi. I've heard people that said that God doesn't want us to rationalize things, or that God doesn't want us to use our intelligence. Is that right? What does this actually mean? Is it in the context I'm reffering to?
  5. Succubus?

    Months ago I suffered from Ipohondria. I went to the hospital 3-4 times in a month just to make sure I'm okay. The doctor told me to stop thinking negative because it could lead me to OCD. Well, how about that? Even a therapist told me indirectly that I have OCD. She reffered to "rituals", or better said, compulsions.
  6. Movies usually don't hurt. But they can badly influence someone. Now, watching movies that contain scenes where people practice sorceries isn't something dangerous as long as you don't go outside and try to do witchcraft.
  7. Succubus?

    Well I will have my first therapy session in the 25th of august
  8. Hi. I've recently overcomed HOCD (obsessions about being gay and fear of having intrusive gay thoughts). I began developing VERY STRONG feelings for the girl I love and it just seems very... weird. Even if I think at her I feel anxious and without power. As I have another type of OCD, scrupulosity, I'm scared she might be...you know... Succubus? Yeah it may sound irrational but that's what scrupulosity really does, am I right? Do we, Christians, really believe in the existence of those "demons"? How can I know I'm safe? I know this might be a childish question or something like that but OCD is OCD.
  9. Why did God kill the people from Sodom and now He doesn't punish the sinners the same way? I think it is thanks to Jesus. Am I right?
  10. Can someone help me?

    Look left, under your profile photo
  11. Fear again

    By the way, you got it. I'm 15
  12. Fear again

    So, he won't be a simple human that will be unluckily chosen by the devil to be the antichrist.
  13. Fear again

    Wait... so, the antichrist will actually "become" the antichrist?
  14. Hello

    I like your name. I wasn't really serious about changing it. I just wanted to tell you "indirectly" that here, we, the users, want to be very near to God. Peace in Jesus Christ!
  15. Fear again