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  1. Why did God kill the people from Sodom and now He doesn't punish the sinners the same way? I think it is thanks to Jesus. Am I right?
  2. Look left, under your profile photo
  3. By the way, you got it. I'm 15
  4. So, he won't be a simple human that will be unluckily chosen by the devil to be the antichrist.
  5. Wait... so, the antichrist will actually "become" the antichrist?
  6. I like your name. I wasn't really serious about changing it. I just wanted to tell you "indirectly" that here, we, the users, want to be very near to God. Peace in Jesus Christ!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Yes. I accepted Christ as my savior. Thanks! God Bless!
  9. Guys, my OCD is destroying me. I'm again scared and scared of becoming the antichrist. I know this can't be true, because I love Jesus, but, please, give me some advice and some signs of how will the antichrist be, and I can't be.
  10. Well... you should change your name from Ofear to Onear because we here like to be near to God and respect His word. Welcome! God Bless!
  11. Can you explain what was that "bad stuff" that you called "very strange"?
  12. I'm talking about not respecting the Ten Commandments.
  13. I refer to obsessions about being not faithful enough to be saved. Don't understand me wrong.
  14. Will people who die with mortal sins go to hell? Isn't it enough to accept Jesus as our Savior? I have obsessions. I'm scared of going to hell.
  15. Working, attending school or planting trees (keeping the world natural and healthy) means loving the world? ("loving the world" in God's context) Does this mean we worship the evil one?