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  1. Mishael

    I'm A Roman Catholic

    Just a slight correction the Orthodox Church was officially formed when the apostles were gifted the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, there was never any Roman Catholic Church until 1054. Rome was one of the many Pentarchies, along with Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Alexanderia.
  2. I believe they should be allowed to build a mosque, but not conver other places of worship into mosques or preach hate in them.
  3. Its designed to invoke fear on all who oppose the Islamic state.
  4. Yes, Saudi uses crucifixtion as a punishment for making war upon Allah and his messenger as per the Islamic Sharia upon which Saudi law is based upon.
  5. Doesn’t matter, Islam isn’t a race it’s a religion composed of numerous different ethnic groups and races. Criticizing a religiom, its teachings, or its practices for logical reasons doesn’t equal racism. I’m not saying that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to build mosques I’m saying they shouldn’t be allowed to convert that Church into a Mosque by the Christian community. Not to mention the fight it would cause those poor Iraqi Christians.
  6. Mishael

    I'm A Roman Catholic

    Are you Roman Catholic, Protestant, Non denominational? And do you wish to become Orthodox?
  7. Mishael

    Muslims Turning to Christ

    يوحنا 14:6 قال له يسوع انا هو الطريق والحق والحياة. ليس احد يأتي الى الآب الا بي
  8. Mishael

    I'm A Roman Catholic

    Hello nice to meet you I’m an Eastern Orthodox Christian.
  9. Then Christina should make a huge outrage at this insult to our faith and to all persecuted Christians and martyrs in the Middle East.
  10. I feel so sorry for my Iraqi christian brothers to once again be forced to put up with Islamic barbarism. There should be a petition for Christians all across the country to buy the property from the Muslims and return it to its original function as a Church.
  11. Mishael

    A Taste of Islam

    To taste Islam is to taste its oppression, the fate of Islam is its annihilation as happens with al lies, a lie may last a days, weeks, months, years, centuries, but it is always destined to be exposed. The truth however lasts forever.
  12. Mishael

    Debate on Islam/Christianity

    One of the biggest contradictions in the Quran in my opinion is whether Iblis (Satan) is an Angel or Jinn.
  13. Mishael


    I’m going to forward this question to Catholics and hopefully see how exactly they will respond.
  14. Mishael

    Jehovahs Witnesses

    The Jehovas witness and Unitarians actively corrupt terms in the Bible, mistranslate verses, and misinterpret verses to support their doctrine. A good example of a question that Jehovas Witness don’t like being asked about, is how come when Jesus said before Abraham was I AM, was translated as I was instead of I AM, yet the same Greek word is being used here as when God said to Moses I AM what I AM? Can I have a Jehovas Witness explain this dilemma to me please?
  15. Mishael

    Jehovahs Witnesses

    I’ve never understood Unitarians and Jehovas witness, they themselves aren’t sure if Jesus is a human appointed as son of God or the actual son of God, I’ve always found the Unitarian version of the divinity of Jesus to be foggy and very confusing since they claim he isn’t God or divine in anyway while still describing him to be the begotten son of God. Arguing with Unitarians or JWs is more sensible then arguing with Muslims as I’ve found it, as we can both agree the Bible is not corrupted, we can both agree that Jesus died on the cross to save the world, we just can’t agree on the explanation of the divinity of Jesus. The easiest way to refute Unitarianism and JWs is to ask them if they believe if Jesus is the begotten son of God, they will say yes of course, you say do you believe he’s one with the Father, they will say no, and that basically refutes their own claim of being monotheistic.