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  1. Looking For an Accoutability partner

    I would be interested in being an accountability partner for you. I have struggled with the same in my past. I too am new here; well, re-new here. I used to be a member of this site some years ago, then it went offline for upgrades and maintenance and I just found it again. Great site to be a part of. I'm still learning my way around here. But you can message me if you would like and we can begin there. Talk to you soon.
  2. Introduction...

    Hello, Just introducing myself. My screen name is Paul3. My real name is David. I have been Born Again for 15 years now and have been changed by the power of the Lord in so many different ways. It is truly awesome to be able to sit back and reflect on where I was 15-20 years ago, and to see the changes that have been made in my life. I am truly a new creation in Christ! I am a diesel mechanic, newly married as of August 17, 2017 - loving life. I was licensed and ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in February 2007. Currently serving as Bible Study and Sunday School Teacher at our Church, 3Rivers Christian Assembly. We are a non-denominational, Full-Gospel Church preaching & teaching the unadulterated Truth of the Word of God with signs following; serving the "Children's Bread" and seeing lives changed for the Glory of God and the Kingdom of His dear Son, Jesus Christ! I love to study the Word and especially the Hebraic roots of Christianity. I am open to any questions anyone may have about me. My wonderful wife and I are in the process of starting a Ministry here in our current home town of Rome, GA. We have been led to title the Ministry, "It Ain't Over Ministries", for the simple fact that when the world and the devil tell you It's Over! You'll never amount to anything, you'll never be good enough, and on and on with all the lies that come to us; We are here to tell the people, It Ain't Over! God can and will make a new beginning for anyone who desires to seek a new direction in life and put Him first. This new direction in life can only be found in a relationship with god the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, empowered by Holy Spirit! Looking forward to meeting new folks and fellowshipping with the Saints of the Most High God!
  3. Re-New Here...

    I just wanted to say that I used to be a member of Worthy Christian Forums some years ago. But, then one day the site went down either for upgrades or repairs, I'm not sure. Been away awhile, and just found the site again last night. I am very grateful to see that the site is back up and running. I am looking forward to the fellowship, and friendship that I had the last time I was here.
  4. Why do Catholics worship Mary?

    5 wounds of Christ??? What exactly are they?
  5. Why do Catholics worship Mary?

    Prayer is a form or type of worship. In the Roman Catholic Churches teaching and doctrine Mary is given a venerated position in thier life of faith. Not only is she given a venerated postion in Roman Catholic doctrine and dogma, she is also taught to be in a position equal to that of God the Father, since she was the "mother of Christ" or catachismically, "the Mother of God" - giving the Divinity of Jesus. This can all be found by reading and studying the Catachism of the Roman Catholic Church. In it, you will also find the requirements one has to meet in order to achieve the state of "Sainthood". This is another of thier doctrines called the "Veneration of the Saints". This, Veneration of the Saints is a way that the followers of The Holy Roman Catholic Church are taught that they should pray to, using written liturgical prayers, as a way of penance in order for a speedy escape from purgatory. There really is no easy way to explain the Veneration of the Saints or the equality of Mary to God, being the Mother of Jesus, without taking all the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church into consideration in order to fully understand why they teach what they teach. The "bashing" of Roman Catholocism comes when someone doesn't have a thourough understanding of the entire, overall doctrine(s) of the Roman Catholic Church. When they just pull one or two items from the Catachism and launch an attack. I have found that this is very sad when done in the name of "witnessing" to them, it does more harm than good. As a side-note, in Roman Catholic dotrine Mary is also taught to be a perpetual virgin. Blessings, David
  6. Annoyed With My Uncle

    Friend, I am in a sort of similar situation myself, financially. I don't know how He does it, but I do know that God is faithful and never fails, nor is He ever late. My prayers are with you and your family. Don't give up, it is going to get better soon, real soon. Praying.........
  7. Apostasy

    What exactly is this Biblical Apostasy? I have heard and understand that it is a "falling away from the Faith". So, I guess my question is actually: Those who commit this act (Apostasy), are they Believers? Or were they only pretending to believe? Were they saved, or Born Again? Just curious as to what some on this board thinks about this, and why, and what Scriptures support what you believe about it?
  8. Why prophecy

    I know that you don't understand Daniel 2: 36-45. If you did, you wouldn't be saying these things in this thread of yours. I see you are new here. The loving Christian thing to do if you are correct would be to take the trouble of explaining your view in a caring way and not just put yourself above others and put down others. Yes, I am new here as you know. What I say, or have said, is not designed to lift me up or put anyone down. The purpose is intended to cause us to think, for it is the system in which we have been raised that is the problem, not the saints of God. During the dark ages the only place to worship was in a fallen system that was far from the Truth. That is not to say that there isn't any Truth, such as the salvation message, in the systems which we have today but outside of that there are great problems with doctrines and teachings. And, I know that this statement will again cause offense for it is certainly hard to question things that we have been taught all our lives. Just like those who still adhere to the teachings of that church system out of which Martin Luther came out of. Yours in Christ. Please, I ask this as respectful as I possibly can. Do Not even attempt to put yourself on or even anywhere near the status, stature, or around the foundation upon which those stand of The Great's of the Faith for which we so earnestly contend! One's such as you mentioned Matin Luther, and John Calvin, Jacobus Arminius, St. Paul, Peter, James and John, John Wesley, Johnathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham, St. Augustine, and the like. Especially, especially after the posts you have made, and the absurd, asinine, and ludicrous twisting of the Holy Scriptures as you have done. Thank You, David
  9. Lucifer?

    If anyone worships their beliefs, there is a problem - even if the belief is truth. Do you worship your beliefs? Do you "embrace, hold dear, speak well" of your beliefs? If so, your beliefs are idols. Did you ever see me defending the "Lucifer" position? I don't know if this is the first message board you have been on, but I'd recommend you build relationships on the boards before you dump on people with your superior knowledge of Scripture. (That's how it comes across.) When people see that you are a caring person, they will be more likely to engage in true dialogue. When a stranger walks in the door coming to teach us and straighten us out (as you did), it turns everyone off. AMEN!!!
  10. Lucifer?

    In every way. It was because of Adam's "fall" that the curse came upon the earth, else-wise there would be no natural catastrophes, floods, hurricanes, etc. It is the very nature of Adam, which we inherited, that has shook kingdoms and destroyed cities. It was Adam that caused this world to become a wilderness. When Adam died WE ALL died in him, and he had no ability to open the house of the Adamic man and allow us, his prisoners, to go home. But, thank God for the Lord Jesus, the Last Adam, for His sacrifice and faithfulness unto death. For, "When He ascended up on high, HE LED CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE, and gave gifts unto men." (Eph 4:8) Now, for the first time since Adam fell can we go home again. THANK YOU JESUS! What do you think it's talking about when it says that, He led captivity captive?
  11. Lucifer?

    Well, none of these questions plague me. Maybe "plague" was a bad choice of words. I guess the proper would be concern. So, do any of these questions cause you concern, and if not why not? None of the questions concern me. First of all none of them concern whether or not I am saved, so they are secondary knowledge to know. the verses in Ezekiel are discussing a being that was a covering cherub, and was present in the garden, and existed before the earth was created in Genesis. It really doesn't matter to me whether we call him the devil, or Satan, or Lucifer or butt head....... we're still talking about the same entity. We're told that we see and interface with angels in this life and we would not know it so I do not have a problem with him or any other angel being the king or head of a state., It's simple metaphysical to look at each scripture and see how it fits into the rest of scripture and reconciling the differences. Sometimes one has to go back to the Hebrew and Greek to see some of the things and how they relate. While Satan was removed from his position as covering cherub, it's very obvious to me that he still has access to heaven. It will not be until the very end that he is confined to this dimension and thrown out of heaven/heavens. That time will come in the very near future. God is using our world and our existence as a lesson to the entire universe as to the outcome of letting something like Lucifer control anything. He's going to let him pretty much destroy everything before he steps in and puts a stop to all the nonsense. those of us who have chosen to follow Jesus will be rewarded in the end and all the hassle we've been through won't really seem that big of a deal. The second thing God is doing is making a group of entities to judge the angels. While God himself truly is capable of doing so, Him being a just and fair entity is not going to be the one/ones to condemn the angels. He even made us unqualified to be judges in the beginning as to not knowing right from wrong, and it was Lucifer/Satan himself that made it possible for us to be qualified as the jury to set in judgment of their rebellion. I don't have a problem with the questions because I have read the Bible many times and read/listened to the new testament hundreds of times over the past 50 years. I have also read through the books such as Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees and decided though they are not inspired of God, they are information that was put down by people who followed God and are as likely to be based on fact as much as is the news in the New York times. I have also looked very deep into the dark side and know from personal first hand experience how it works and the overall objectives of their plans.. So I have a complete story structure of belief from before creation of the Universe and for eternity after it's destroyed and rebuilt. I have Jesus and am a freely volunteered bond servant to him, so I have no long term worries. I just have to manage to suffer through the next few years until my master returns. Like Paul I do not have a problem with being sent into his presence before that time. I do need to stay here for something or else he'd not have spared my life so many times. AMEN!!!
  12. Why prophecy

  13. Why prophecy

    Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in here after reading all of these posts and replys. I personally, do not think that the white horse in Rev 6, is refering to Jesus Christ at all. Rather, it is plain to see that the White Horse in Rev 19, is different from the previous one mentioned in Rev 6; and that the riders of the two horses are different in the fact that was mentioned in an earlier post. The identifying characteristics of who the riders are on the horses, is derived from the description of what tools and weapons of warfare they are carrying. Just compare the two. After I did this, I have come to conclude that the First White Horse mentioned in Rev. 6, is the Anti-Christ, and that the Second White Horse mentioned in Rev.19, is The Lord of lords, and the King of Kings, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I can see a similarity in the likeness of the two, from the two different passages. Just a couple of things to consider, the rider on the White Horse in Rev6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. It says that he has a bow, and a crown, and that he went forth conquering and to conquer. I find it rather interesting to see that he has a bow, but no arrows. And we should all know that a bow with no arrows is absolutely useless. The crown he has here is signifying his Political Power, and Authority. The going forth conquering and to conquer, speaks of his conquering the nations of the world, and the "conquer" has the same connotation as the "conquering". We have to remember that anything that satan does is only a perversion of what God has created and meant for good. I think that this is the main reason that we see the Anti-Christ here revealed as riding on a White Horse, as a copy of the White Horse of Righteousness that Jesus Christ is coming back riding on. I also believe that this "conquering" and to "conquer", will be a non-hostile, non-military, peaceful, usurption of power of the nations of the world, into the One Global World, or the New World Order that we see coming to pass in the present days. In Christ, David
  14. Zodiac signs deemed out of alignment

    We are in 100% agreement here. The radio show that I gave the link to in another different post, Coast to Coast am, have a wide variety of guests on at different times. I have heard some of these self proclaimed, "Astrology Experts" many times. I put NO CREEDENCE into anything they have to say, but I do find it interesting that I haven't heard a single one of them mention this fact of the magnetic pole shifting. Interesting...