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  1. Xtreme Bible trivia is back in chat

    ooh I'm so excited!
  2. Am I bound for hell?

    Hi Steve W, I just want to say, less than a year ago, I was a professed atheist. My arguments were the same as yours and more. I prized my intellect and understanding of science above superstitious and fanciful beliefs. At the age of fifty seven, I was home alone reading an article on quantum entanglement, when the author posed the question to, 'consider just for a moment, the true existence of God'. At that exact moment, I was transformed into a believer, actually a Knower! I never sought, nor was I witnessed to, it just was. Well, that's it. Your asking for an argument or debate and are not willing to capitulate your stance. I understand completely, no person could have convinced me to accept such silliness. God Bless you Steve. If you truly are seeking the truth and not just inciting people to justify your ego, then you need to speak to the One who has the answer. So Steve, I pose to you, consider, just for a moment, the true existence of God.
  3. Hello All

    Welcome Aboard
  4. How do most Christians see atheists?

    This is a question I must ask myself. It's a question of self awareness of my past and present. A story of Jekyll and Hyde not revealed in my mirror. But when I look into the mirror, I remember a man who lived a very wicked life full of pride and arrogance. A man pursuing worldly pleasures and wealth without regard to others. A man who considered believers as less intelligent and silly pursuing wishful fantasies of eternal life . When I gaze in my mirror, I choke on remorse for the sins of that man who no longer exists. And as continue to stare at the reflection, my eyes tear with joy knowing, through the grace of our Lord Jesus, the Truth. That my sins are forgiven by accepting Jesus and I have been born again and a new man has taken my place before God.
  5. hi Lar, I am now a firm believer that everything happens in the time God has appointed according to his will. God has a purpose for all that He created, and even as we receive his blessings and grace, we are tested in faith and our works. A joyful burden to carry. As for me, I never considered, wanted ,sought or decided. It just Was! Praise God!
  6. Absolutely Praise the Lord. No person could have said or shown anything to me that would convince me to even consider the existence of God. Now through God's immeasurable grace, I know the truth.
  7. Greetings from Greenland

    Thanks again for the welcoming me into this fellowship. I suppose you are my nearest neighbor PATMEN, Canada EH? GBU as well.
  8. Love to hear some testimonies

    Well I got saved on January 5th, 2017 and I am definitely Born Again at the age of 57. Praise God! Radical change? I'd say so, a complete 180 in a brief moment of time, I've become the complete polar opposite of the Man who was. What an awesome gift to receive God's grace.
  9. Hi I'm new, alone and lonely

    As a new member myself, I also offer a warm welcome. Are you from the Houston area attending Lakewood? I enjoy Joel Osteen's sermons on their media outlets.
  10. Hello Lar, Having read your testimony, I feel compelled to post a reply. I'm a new member and also just a 'Garden Variety' American EXPAT working overseas. Like you, I didn't accept Jesus until later years, 57 for me. Your experience touched me in which pursuing truth, the Lord was revealed as such , that you 'knew' the truth. I have no doubt of your experience being true. I also have had a remarkable if not miraculous experience. I'm not quite ready to share publicly yet as I'm discussing the event with learned clergy. Let me just say that in moment of time, a very wicked and professed atheist rose and a devout Christian stood in my place. GOD Bless the faithful in their faith alone, for that wasn't me.
  11. Greetings from Greenland

    Thanks again for the welcoming replies. Apparently I still need a few more posts in order to reach out to the different areas. We're getting snowfall already. It's beautiful and clean but sure could have used a couple more weeks without. GOD's Will be done.
  12. Greetings from Greenland

    Thank you everyone for the welcome. As I peruse the topics, I look forward to my membership being upgraded where I can participate in the discussions. I have much to learn, GOD willing. I pray the time I spend here strengthens my foundation.
  13. Greetings from Greenland

    Hello Everybody; I'm grateful to have found this site. My current location is a very small community and our Christian Fellowship is extremely small and very diverse. We are lucky to get an hour once a week to gather in Worship. I look forward to participating in this virtual fellowship and sharing the Word of GOD.