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  1. Ok! close enough. I see the church falling out like flies. As Paul said 2nd Thess. Do not be shaken in mind or be troubled by spirit or word as the day of Christ is at hand. Do not be deceived by any means for that day shall not come except there be a great falling away first and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. 2 THESS 2=3
  2. What is this about the mob? Does that mean the world society? Babylon?
  3. That maybe jumping ahead a Little. Be careful of Ted talks. Not saying these things couldn't happen. The cyborg stuff is a big jump. We should stay in the here and now
  4. Would that mean they could mark you with out your knowledge? Even if not this will be just what the world wants. One way or another the great testing of the church is not far off. What you say will only be at first. Before its is over your faith will be on the line. Only the true bride will be willing to die for Christ.
  5. First it was pets and now Sweden being said to be the new wave of popularity. The possibilities for it acceptance will blow you mind. It is so sophisticated. Your ID will be recorded through your DNA which could be instantly. Lock and open the door of your house, or your car. Your health issues. Buy your groceries. No paperwork to Fly or take a train. Isle people will read it of your hand. Business are already chipping their employees. It was on the NBC evening news Saturday but you can get much on Google
  6. This reminds me of a Song " Sounds of Silence" . a man gets a vision while he slept. After he got up the vison compelled him to go out and tell others, but no one would listen to him because they were so caught up with the glider, and glamour of this life we live in. Kind of like the pied piper. It goes on to say he saw ten thousand people, maybe more. People hearing without listening an it sys they bowed and prayed to the neon god they made. Still he says the words of a prophet were written on a subway wall. The song showed that the people apathy to the word God and those that he chose to speak for Him. they world loved the world more than God so the went on to live after the world and all its thrills. Like Jesus said they loved the darkness more than the light. Many other secular songs express pain of this world out there that reflect being lost without true direction. One verse in a song by Neil Dimond's " I am I said" And am lost and can't even say why leaving me lonely still. These songs make great ways for a preacher to use for witness. The world loves these songs " but no one heard at all, not even the chair. he sings of a frog wanting to be a king but when he became one it left him Empty still. The world needs to come to the light to find real satisfaction and purpose. You find these song on U Tube. Listen to what the songs conveys, a real need for our savior and His guidence. True when the songs were written were still lost.
  7. Paul said we need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. This may be in scripture or maybe not but for what it is worth," a wise man speaks little and a fool talks to much and can't hear himself.
  8. Paul said we need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. This may be in scripture but for what it is worth a wise man speaks little and a fool talks to much
  9. I would hope to still live in a humble moderation. I also would like to believe For The Lords leading . Even the worldly like wealthy move stars feel need to help the poor in places like Uganda and many other places in the world. We in ourselves can't stop the impoverished that are have no way to make decent living under cruel and corrupt rulers. Many missionaries risk their own lives to love these people with compassion. they need our help. Ever having enough money for me is long shot. I depend upon the Lords leading .
  10. Yes I know what you are saying. I have to pray every day. It can be a real catch 22. I used to have a quick temper but to day I stay purity mellow. We have to remember that we are the ones to be examples setters. Some times a dumb rift can spoil your witness. The problem has cooled down now. we sat down at the piece table. The enemy wants to trip us up at times. God bless
  11. Have you ever since you believed struggled with sincere forginess when one who wrongs you and knows it yet never asks to be forgiven. or apologize.. I,am no novice to my faith yet even after thirty five years letting go is hard. They go on acting as if nothing ever happened. I know this is a common occurrence but would like to hear some answers from the matured believers. I know Forgiveness is a capital commandment still it bothers me today when there mind is a blank.
  12. I dot understanding what point.
  13. Porn is highly addictive and distructive to ones soul. Don't put it to the test. As you would run from a rattle snake when you see it. don't hang around to see what it does. Tv has become more and more lude so if Im watching a program and see questionable behavior I don't stare at it but quickly turn the station or even a DVD. I have had porn addiction for much of my Life. The Lord has now set me free. The addiction is very powerful and I don't dare allow myself to look at it for second. Take antidepressants if you have to. As Jesus said if your right eye cause you to sin, pluck it out. Better to receive the Lord with one eye then to be cast in hell with two.
  14. I understand the parable of the talents speaks to the individual. We do what we are able to the best of our ability. as Paul stated we strive for the mark of the high calling of Christ. He spoke of a race that is not about coming in first to win but we run to endure to the end. If one stumbles and needs help we carry him if we have to. It is the spirit that drives us on, but one who sits down and refuses to strive any more will die where he is
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