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    being born again of the spirit is the difference between carnality and the which is spiritual. It is the Holy spirit that directs and connects us to God. No carnal or fleshly thing can reach God or please Him. Lets take idols for instance. They are made with hands or things you see with the eyes. But the kingdom of God nor God can be seen with the eyes. Hence God is spirit and cannot walk as men. Jesus told the women at the well God is spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit. You don't have to go to a mountain or Jerusalem to worship the Father . Because we were given the Holy spirit to be in us we are able to please God anywhere we go. Worship takes on a new dynamic. This is why Jesus could not remain with here but return tot the Father. How many times do you go to a very private place with no one else there to pray to God who hears you prayers. When you worship Him I spirit and in truth you simply believe he is there with you and will answer your prayers. The Holy Spirit connects us to God. His Temple is in our heart. If this has been your experience then you are Born again of the spirit
  2. Mike Mclees


    I don't want to jump into the ring here for it far to much to keep up with in discussion. Still I noticed you used John 20: 19-23 to justify sacrificial sin offerings. This misuse of scripture. Verse 23 is not about personal sacrifices to appears the church for sin. Jesus forgave freely for he made himself the sacrifice for our sins. To remit ones sins is a free gift. The debt has bee paid. Psalm 51: 16, 17 David said for thou desirest not sacrifice:else I would give it. Thou delightest not in burnt offering The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit and a contrite heart thou shalt not despise
  3. Mike Mclees

    Only One Life

    For whosoever will save his life shall lose it and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his on soul, or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul Matt 16:25-26 The poem was a great message
  4. Some things may be true but not appropriate to say when you wish to encourage some ones faith.
  5. Mike Mclees

    Who Do You Look Forward to Meeting?

    I would like to share this with you all so that you may find comfort that you will indeed be reunited with loved ones. In march of this year my life long companion passed away. She knew the Lord even though she was not a church going person. She always did her devotions On a Monday March the 5th we had her funeral. I had always prayed for her everyday . Wed. 3 days after her funeral I was praying and picked up my daily bread devotion and was astounded that the lesson was called "Good By for Now" The verse was 1st thess 4:13 You do not grieve as the rest of mankind who have not hope The lesson was about goodbyes are not forever but those whos faith is in Christ it is only temporary. I knew the Lord let Susan write me a love letter and I will be with Her and Jesus one day soon. Her picture and the Daily Bread lesson sit on my desk and I smile at them every day. Remember that Jesus rose from the grave on the third day . I pray you find comfort from this. God bless all who wonder.
  6. Mike Mclees

    How To Bring Back Christian Sexual Morality In Society?

    I fear for the church today since they have legalized perverted life styles in society the church will be eroded. . Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering Hebrews 10:23
  7. Mike Mclees

    Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    Not all who say Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom but those who do the will of the Father. The Lord knows who His bride is. In the parables he spoke there will be a separation of the sheep from the goats and the chafe from the wheat. We see the church today as denominations. Gobs and gobs of them. Each have their own interpretation , beliefs , and doctrines. God see no denominations in His kingdom, only those who truly love Him. Two will be in the pew one will be taken and the other one left. In the parable of the five wise and the five foolish the door was open only to the ones who were ready. We see each other from the outside but Jesus sees from the inward parts. The great testing of the bride will come and you find them before God Rev. 15:1,2
  8. Mike Mclees

    Will God answer the prayer, "I want to see You."?

    Gary beat me to the punch. God is Spirit therefore we must worship Him in spirit. It is not meant for us to see God as man would want to see Him in the flesh. This is why Jesus had to go back to the Father. Man would want God to be fleshly and rule the world as a man. Like the pope who is but a religious figurehead. Still I know that Jesus is with us always and has made His presence known to me and has spoke to me through my devotional after I have prayed. So many times I lost count. There was no mistaking it. You may not see Him but he is with us all the time.
  9. Mike Mclees

    How To Bring Back Christian Sexual Morality In Society?

    Out of all the sins committed sexual sin rises to the top. Who do you think we should home in on. Church misconduct or are you including the world at large. There is little we can do or are directed to do to address the world that does not fear God. When it comes to the church we call these things closet sins or secret sin. Preachers can preach about these sins but it really comes down to ones moral integrity.
  10. If you were young in Christ and wanted to learn of Him where would you start. There is much to learn from the Old testament and I am not saying that we don't need to learn from it. I don't want to discourage you. You need to put the horse on the front end of the wagon to make it move.
  11. Mike Mclees

    I'm an atheist

    understood. My statement was only for the record God bless
  12. Mike Mclees

    I'm an atheist

    There can be no such thing as a saved Homosexual. If a thief gets saved he must give up being a thief. A homosexual can be saved but must give up being a practicing homosexual. Believers who believe they can embrace homosexuality have lost their way and need to repent.
  13. Mike Mclees

    Escaping the Trap

    Yes very good post
  14. Mike Mclees

    I'm an atheist

    I was directing this question to the atheist. I wanted to know if His life had meaning. But you are right that life would be hopeless and meaningless To the atheist you have a life but why? What is your purpose. Do you know?
  15. Many people have read the book of Jerimiah and know its overall message. Personally I relate to Him. So say I'm on a page and an interesting verse pops out at me. Suddenly I think everyone has a wrong understanding of the particular verses, so I take it upon myself that I have to make sure to correct everyone else's understanding. Jerimiah was great prophet in the Old Testament. But knowing how to interpret certain verses from the Old Testament will not save anyone.. Its the New Testament that has the words of life.