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  1. What is the difference between mainline and evangelical. Knowing something about church history. I would cut the % pie differently. First the word Christian is a common word for those who believe in Christ but holds little wait. 4o% 0f that believes anyone can be a Christian and add anything belief under the sun to it. If you don't believe that just ask a few. The other 40% are none believers, Scientists atheist, and those who don't believe anything. Now giving 20 %g but its probably less than that are those who truly Love Christ and live like he is on His way. They are the true bride who will love not their life unto the death. Of course I'm not a senses taker.
  2. What they need to see is people that are real not putting up a front Like whitewashed tombs. Its not so much how they see the church as a whole but how they see you. Jesus said no man can come to the Son except the Father draw him. Christianity is an umbrella word for every kind of belief and idealism. Show business with costumes and tall hats. The tree with many branches has fallen and the ax is laid to the root. Still there are some branches with a little life. Kindle the fire.
  3. I'll have to disagree. The call is to cause one to look at his own life. Ill pray for you. Be blessed
  4. Sorry Thomas but there is nothing to debate. Their ways are not hidden. Would you be convinced of them to join them? Their views are not healthy for anyone. My intent is to edify and the need to pray for those who would follow them. The fool has said there is no God. It is sad to live a meaningless life
  5. I feel sorry for him for in all his argument he lost his meaning for life. Who will he please. No one!. They are born from a simple seed, they grow up saying no God No God and if they are lucky enough to live a full life they are still dead and put in a grave. No reward ,no nothing but the fires of hell. Pray for him and Christopher Hitchens also.
  6. Were not looking for the right church but the right teachers. We need to know who the church is and it us not one who claims their doctrines makes them the true church. To many go to church because it makes them feel like a Christian. One thing about our Bible is that it warns several times of the false teachers. Ones who make merchandise of you. There are also smooth talking preachers that impress the audience. They love it and are sucked up in it but they never build on a true personal faith in Christ. If your heart really is to know Christ don't then look for all the thills. Pray for his wisdom to help guide you. We are to meet together as Brothers and sisters, but build upond your relationship with Jesus. Spend time with Him every day. Like the song says I come to the garden alone while the due is still on the roses. He will always be there waiting. Get a good devotional and study. God bless you
  7. When it comes to religion being a dirty word im not sure that's the way to put it. The word religion is like there are many religions in the world but they are not of Christ. The more the church of Jesus compromises with the world the more it becomes lifeless. Life less is carnal religion which put emphases ceremonial things outward appearances. Paul said to be carnally minded is death. Faith in Christ is who we are not what we do. Christianity has become just another religion in the world.
  8. They would get along well with scientists
  9. I don't know who I was addressing but it looks like his post me was deleted which made my answer to Him not connected to anyone. One thing is for sure, the earth is not the center of the universe.
  10. Maybe it is not important to know where the beginning to place. The question is God. Scientist names and equations about the material universe. They are dumfounded about the unseen things that make the universe work. There is dark energy which is an unseen force that expands the whole universe. It has not substance, its just there. or we would not be here. Dark matter is another mystery Again no real substance its just there. Gravity which comes from mass yet they haven't a clue how it is there because gravity itself has no known origin. Its just there. Radio waves and the internet The air we breath. Who put it all together without real substance. Now that word comes up again that sends shivers down their spine. God!
  11. Im sorry that you could not answer. We should really think things through before posting.
  12. Dawkins has said that religion is dangerous and divisive. Funny that's just what I thought about him. A self proclaim apostle of atheism but if he did manage to convert the world what then? A world with out God. Of course it's not going to happen thank God
  13. We should not think of ourselves more highly than we ought. They talk about a big bang because of a lack saying it. What it means is that at the beginning which is a pinpoint of every visible thing was set in motion spreading outward from nothing. and moving at the speed of light. Would you explain to me how the earth is the center of the universe and all mass came from it. Man can be quite arrogant. You can say that it is the center of all we can visibly see. We have a sun with which is the center of our particular solar system and the earth is not the center of it. Romans 1: 20 is not talking about the center of creation, but it is saying that all we can see is there by divine power.
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