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  1. Your closest friendnt

    The Blood of Jesus is Enough

    Jesus specific and personal commandment to Phillip is not found among the ten comandmens of Moses. The Command to Philip from Jesus came to him without previous knowledge of the specific command. The General Command to go and preace the good news to all beginning from Jerusalem and ........Was known to Philip, and this commandment also is not found in the ten comandmens of Moses or in the old covenant. The old covenant came with the commandments of Moses and the new Covenant comes with the comandments of Jesus and the commandments of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. The commandments on the stone tablets were memorized and kept as a guide in their hearts. The commandment to Samuel to visit Jesse's family is not found in the list of the Geberal commandments. Someone may argue this point, that there some general guidance to obey God in all he commands. This kind of general commandmens were known to the whole nation, because they were spoken to the whole nation, and as a result the actions of someone obedience to them can be examined by others but not their thoughts. So the Jews were on a mission of how to get to know the thoughts and intent of man by studdying a list of things, so they became great phycologist which it helps and comes with the wisdom of man. Not perfect and sometimes in error. That's why the jews produce an abadance in Layers and Judges. DNA proved the errors in judgement. Samuel in the Old and Philip in the New and Paul who was not one if the disciples of Jesus like Philip to hear Jesus speaking about the vine and Jesus saying keep my commants whe he taulk to the disciples of the vine and the branches. Now a word of causion for the Jumbers, not to quicly trying to find a vine for their spiritual guidance, as this saying by Jesus it's not to be taken literally, but was illustrative in nature that he is the vine that noutures the brances- the Holy Spirit will show you all things and take from me to you- And we are the brances to bear the fruit Jesus had in mind and proposed for us to bear his fruit , the fruit of his specific commandment... In the case of Samuel as in the case of Philip no one knew the commandment given to them to go some place and from there to followed the instructions as they were needed - without knowing the exact blueprint of the commander in advance. Samuel knew why he was there but not Philip. Philip he was guided as he was going along, and also things fall into place by the work of the Spirit. While Philip was approching the Ethiopian"s chariot -with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to approche , we see that the Ethiopian was under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and had open the book of Esaias to chapter 53: and he was wondering about something. We do not know how the Ethiopian man had prayed or his thoughts seeking understanding in this matter. It is that when he show Philip he was enlightened to "this is the man who will explained this to you", perceiving that Philip knew the answer and believing that God will answer his question, he asked with boldness Philip whom he never met before and knew nothing about...... We also know that this man came from Jerusalem and he must have been informed of the events that took place. We do not know if Philip had understood the meaning of Esaias 53: and how it could be use as a tool to preach the Gospel, that this Esaias 53: discribes what happened to Jesus, the perception of the "Holy One" to be seen as a sinner, his judgement by the authorities, his flogging, his death on the Cross and his resuraction , him as the liberator of the prisoners and the captives -but not all- and his triumphed over Death and Hades ,and God giving him a heavenly inheritance for him and the new family of God those who believe in his name, that he is the Christ. And making him Lord and Judge of all. Philip with his obedience to the command of Jesus brought forth the fruit of the vine, the Saving of the Ethiopian and establishing him with the tools of how to preach the Gospel in Ethiopia using Esaias 53:. As for Philip we see that his mind was opened to Esaias 53: as a tool to preach the Gospel. And equiped with something knew the Holy Spirit took Philip through Judea to the villages of Samaritans. And the church in Jerusalem found out later on.. This blessing did not come from the ten commandments, even thought Philip had the obedience to the morality of the ten commandments, but not the "obedience to the first one", Because the Gospel is a departure from the Old Covenant and the "Mosaic teachings", and follows the author of the New COVENANT, and his teachings who triumph and put aside and abolished the old covenant with his death on the Cross. Jesus is telling to those who were following the Old Covenant to rebel against their leaders and not to follow them in the Old Covenant . To obey God by obeying the knew covenant, and not to make war against the followers of the old. but to give them the Gospel in love . The commandment of Jesus to Philip was to do Jesus will and go to the dessert, without telling the church in Jerusalem. And Philip was also equiped with a new tool how to explain the Gospel to those familiar with the book of Esaias, which is an abudance as is the book of Phalms with prophetic messages about Jesus fullfiling those prophesies pointing to him as the Christ.
  2. Your closest friendnt

    The Blood of Jesus is Enough

    We have to keep in mind the Jewish coulture who was a kind coulture to the poor. They would not harvest everything and would leave something for the who follow the harvesters. Also they were giving alms to unfortunate, and stranger . And to the hungry offer help. Even help the blind and the diformed even thought they believed that they were punish by God because of the sins of their fathers or theirs. Some of them in their quest to leave a holy life they pay to much to themselfs , keeping to the selfs and for other reasons they did not get involved, and became hard to the needy. But they still had grate faith. Thsts the problem James had to address. Maybe they fast and pray for forty days for their reasons and did not get involved. Well James said enouph is enouph. Get out of those kinds o f seeking holiness and get involved . the rest are easily understood.
  3. Your closest friendnt

    The inspection of Heb 6:4

    These people at a time were active and contributed to the faith. What could have happened tjat they got angree and bitter at God, and it is not for the same reasons for everyone and it still happens today and it will continiun to happen. What tragic things could happen to people who love Jesus and they are happy with him and everything goes well, and they believe that they are protected and loved by God, and nothing tragic can happen to them and their family. That they feel betrayed and let down by Jesus Christ and they withdraw and distance themselfs and are with a disappointing spirit. And like Saul who turned for consolation and comfort to strange guidance , they perhaps may not all turned to alcohol or..... And the pleasures of life to forget their deep pain. Could be that some who were in the situation of Job they perhaps stoped believing and became atheist or something else, but not all, some just turned indifferent, can you blame them. Job got things back, and he said praise the Lord. We are not in their situation and how do you know how we may have reacted in their situation.
  4. Your closest friendnt

    The inspection of Heb 6:4

    Mathew 5:18, Until Heaven and earth pass away , not one iota from the Law will pass away until all is fulfil. God gave a sign to the Priesthood 2.000 years ago in the sircumstances of Zahariah the Priest who had the inherited privilege to enter the Holy of Holies . God signal that the end of this kind of service is coming to its end. God gave his witness that Zahariah was without sin and acceptable to him by entering in his presents with the limited permition to perform a service. There is one thing, who is going to continue in the place of the role of Zahariah when Zahariah one day will die, as he was very old, him and his wife , many years past the age of child bearing for both of them. Or just his wife, I cannot taulk for him. This was important because this service was inherited, and for the long run as God was promish that the priest will have males even as the first born to be a male, as to continue in the appointed by God in the inherited service of their father in the Temple. God had even given them age limitations about when to start and when to finish their duties. For the first time, A Priest did not have a child, not a son not even a daughter. If the age of retirment of the service in the Temple was 55. Years old , just about, and the minimum requirment for a son to beging his service in the Temple was 30 years old. That would mean that the Father Priest had to married at an earlier age if he wanted to be ready to retired, by the age of 55, if not he had to continue in the service till his son had to be of age 30, to inherit the service. The people were perplex, the years pass and the promish of God for Zahariah to have a son to continue in the Temple Service was not fullfilled. For a priest to beggin his service in the Temple at 30, and retired at 55, he must already have a son at least five years old at age 30. I do not know how old Zahariah lived after the birth of John. And how old when John was when he went in the dessert. And if Zahariah continue in the service of the Temple after Jonh was born. The thing that we know that John at age 30 is found baptizing in the Jordan river, saying his mission was not to inherit the service in the Temple, .
  5. Your closest friendnt

    The inspection of Heb 6:4

    Hello brother enoob57, I am not holding something against anyone, and at the same time I am to specific situations. I was please to read your input about keeping the line of comunication open and not in an aggressive or threatening manner. Back to the issues around your OP. The proposed of the Heb 6:4, discribes both a general situation and a specific one. The general situation in his message is not limited to only the specific event he is heaving in his mind, when he wrote this instruction, but when he says: "they crusified Jesus all over again", he is referring to something specific which he does not discribe it with clarity. Unless we were there and the specific events that took place are known to us then we may understand why he wrote it is "adynaton", "to restored someone", to...... Careful reading it shows that he did not say that "it is adynaton with God", when he knows that with the involvement of God it is possible. Even that statement I made wich is repeated many times in the bible can be easily misconstrue. It does not mean that if God does not do it, or does not do it when we ask and the way and time we pray and ask, then we say that it's impossible with him. And also he the writer knew that if the rain falls on a hard ground that repels the rain away that does not help to prepared the ground to bring it up to standars to a fertile ground. A fertile ground it is not without "weeds", previous knowledge, or not the knowledge to properly process the message . And then the other instruction "let the weeds to the proper time of their harvest, not by men, but by God. Could be that the author may have this kind of general knowledge and he is instructing his disciples to not expect that every time they give the good seed that they will see a harvest. Or we may need a word that prepare the ground, a word to deal with the weeds, a word that deals with the quality of the season. And all the other elements that hinder and our ways maybe hinder, to expect that we to deal with a fertile ground and witout weeds, and we just want to show a seed and expect to grow and imediadly we want to see the harvest. ..... It adynaton the way we want an imediadly harvest, and if that happens it is because someone else has water , or prepared the ground, And or deal with the weeds and so on. Back to the Heb6:4, It points to the problem that they crusified Jesus all over, what is this? Does it mean that some from with The old covenant background, as when Peter first preach to them they accept the message that Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins, but they could not understand with clarity and they somehow misconstrue it by implicating the customs of the old. The could not see that they were under the eternal foundain of the blood of Jesus Christ when they believe. And they may see themselves out of the blood of Jesus Christ when they sin. And as in the old covenant when they sin after the attonment they had to sacrifice another sacrifice for the forgiveness of that sin to be restored under the blood of the attonment. This could be the situation that is address, we are under the blood of the ATONEMENT of Jesus Crist even when we sin, We only need to see our selfs that we are under the blood of Jesus with our sin, which is not counted against us as in the old covenant to removed us out of the blood of the Attonment of Jesus Christ, but we need to confess it to be clean from it. Jesus was the sacrifice of the attonment and in the knew covenant we do not need another sacrifice for specific sins, because we remain all the time under the blood of Jesus Attonement. If not if we die with uncofessed sin we would be lost, when we are not.
  6. Your closest friendnt

    Images: Idols or Visual Aides?

    Thank you, I would like to remind you something I believe you know. As I was borned in Athens and worked at the old city of Athens-Plaka- I use to take my lunch break at the Hill of Aeropagus overlooking the Parthenon, where Paul stood and spoke to the Athenians. I love history, !! What I was refering to, it is in the ancient times they did not go to war before they asked the priest of their Gods to tell them whose is favor, and to asked for their blessings, as a result of that they had banners and symbols to carry so the body of their soldiers knew that theur God will fight with them. Before that great fight Constantine was not favor to win the batlle and no one of the high Priests of their Pantheon wanted to bless him and non of their Gods wanted to fight with him, a forcast looser before the battle began. That's when Jesus Christ approach Constantine and told him "I will fight with you and you are going to win". Constantine knew the History not only of Jesus but how the Lord God had deal with the Pharaohs of Egypt and the other great nations. And he believed him, an order to make banners with the name of Jesus Christ and the sign of the Cross, adore in gold ebroyders and precious stones fit for a King, so he soldiers and those whom hecwas about to fight, can know who was blessing them and who was going to fight with them, so they can give the Glory to him and not confuse Jesus help for one of their Gods who had all sided with his opponet. It was kind of a war between the Gods of Rome and Jesus. As in the time of Egypt when it was a show down between the Gods of Egypt and the Lord. That was about Jesus Christ coming to heip his prosecuted people, he just had to wait when all their Gods were in the same camp together, so the people on both camps knew who had given the victory to Constantine. The God above all other Gods. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
  7. Your closest friendnt

    Images: Idols or Visual Aides?

    Hello FD, I always read your post, they are very informative, and it is quite distarving to see that in North America most people who come from Christian families they know more about Eastern Religions and about Jewish and even Islam in the last years, even about atheism and the history of sll of them, than they know about the Christian history through out the centuries. There is a void in their knowledge that span many centuries , and that it is fueled by the modern day protestants, I may not be accurate by many are so ignorant, the only knowledge they have about Christian history is from the movies. In the old Testiment the images and the art in the Temple was ordained by God. There is a reason and a proposed and a symbolism why God gave them specific instructions how to build and craft , and what material to use, in the Temple . His prohibition was to the people as objerving their neibours and how they had images of their Gods, as in the Gods of Egyot, the Romans, and so on. And he gave them also a prohibition not to duplicate the things in the Temple and the Temple it self. In two words, while they were many Temples of Apollo, or Artemis and so on, the prohibition not to duplicate the things in the Temple, it was to tell them that there is going to be only one Temple of worship , and he forbate them to built a secont one. That was the error of the Samaritans, who looking at their neibours, - and from general knowledge- they show that there were more than one Temple of their God and that their neibours God honor all Temples. So when the Temple was built in Jerusalem and with that the worship, and we know how God show that he was in the knew Temple, on the opening day of the Temple. (This is the same with the Idolatric Temples of that time, even today as in the Hindu religion. The craft the Idols of their Gods and are just without any spiritual valued till the blessing ceremony when the spirits come and posses them. ). Going back to the Samaritans, (even thought they appeared much later, but the trive of Epraim was there, The people perceived that why the Gods of there neibours were able to be in more than one place of worship, and this God , there God who was grater than them, of course can be worship in more than one place, and be in more than one TEMPLE , and that was one reason to continiun to wirship on the mountain the place of the Tabernacle, the place of worship before the Jerusalem Temple was build. Later when the kingdom was build their beliefs were reinforced , and they said to them selfs, that God had asked David to build the Temple in Jerusalem, because he knew and proposed to give us our own kingdom, and wanted the kingdom of Juda to have their own Temple, and not to be without a Temple. So every Kingdom to have their own Temple. What else God made them two Kingdoms, and he did not intent one of them not to have a Temple when he was their Lord of both kingdoms, how strange. That reminds me of the Christian Roman Empire divided in two and not the North and South but the East and the West, and how at the begining they had one head place of worship in Rome with the same spiritual leader that of Rome, and how later the East Empire built their own metropolitan place of worship in Instabul and have their own spiritual leader. That's why Jesus told the Samaritans you do not know what you do. They were worshiping God in vained. I cannot help it but to see that the samething happened when God moved the Temple from Jerusalem at the same time when he establish the New COVENANT, he built the new Temple in our hearts, And even thought after the New Temple that God build in our Hearts through Jesus Christ, the Jews continius the worship in the old Teble - just like the Samaritans before- They Jews continiun the worship in the Temple of Jerusalem in vain. As with the Samaritants, God can say to them that you do not know what you do. Philip first and then Paul found that out and left the worship of the Temple. Jesus said I see the beast of desolation standing in the Temple, because he knew that God was not there any more, as he was with the new Temple in our hearts. Neither in Jerusalem or here, but you shall worship God through the new Temple in our heart.
  8. Your closest friendnt

    Disturbed about Matthew 5:32

    God said my people practice injustice and that does not bother them. (Every man is right in his own eyes), And they have peace in their consiense, they have somehow justified their doing of unjust things and while they know what they do is wrong, with they way they exsuse it, they mantained peach in their hearts and their consiense. They try to brive me, with their burned offerings, to turn a blind eye to their injustises. They think that I love more their burned offerings than to do Justice. He said to them that I can see that you have peace in your heart, or your conscience, and I also see that you have injustices. The lesson for us is not to use our consiense as a means that all is well with our walk with God. That too and it's a must, but not to think that there is no room for correction ..... So we can learn not too quickly point to the faults of others, to leave it at the right time. That was a big thing with the people to mantain the peace in their consiense, and only accept complements for their consiense and prosecuted every one the Lord sent who spoke in his name and because their message criticized and disturbed their consiense, they prosecuted them. They will not let even the Lord disturbed their consiense. And every one who says something that disturbs their consiense, they take it that is not from God. We know that domestic violence and divorce was not address by Jesus when he was here on earth. But he still said to the Jews, your Law says this ....and that......but Moses gave you divorce certificates for many other reasons. He specificaly spoke to those under the Law and coulture, I would think so.. If we follow the disciples we will see that many things Jesus said to the Jews it was not for the Gentiles who were a different coultures. Paul even said to the Jews to leave the Gentiles alone to the Holy Spirit..... Saul lived under the Old system, which was " an eye against an eye", Saul did not disobey the General commandments. He disobeyed a specific command given to him from the Lord, a command the Lord gave him when he sent him on a mission . Saul among other things he loved domestic animals. And the same as the rich man which Jesus met and could not leave everything to follow him. The same thing with Saul could not follow the Lord in this situation, because Saul loved domestic animals. And those were some prized cows fit only for a King. He used his exsuses to justified what he did. He could not understand the ways of the Lord....in this situation. In the past the Lord found him looking around and far away from home for his Father's donkeys. The Lord found David looking after the sheep and he was willing to risk his life to saved the sheep. "The good shepherd will put down his life for the sheep", Paul said the same thing , if the Holy Spirit sent you on a mission, follow the instruction, do not lean on your own understanding, that may grieve the Holy Spirit when we do something contrary to the will of the Holy Spirit, upseting the plan of the Lord. Which we do not know. Walk by faith, as Philip walk by faith when the Holy Spirit asked him to go to the dessert, and he went in the dessert. Not knowing what was all about, and whom he was going to meet, but the Holy spirit knew the path of the Ethiopian man and Philip did not grow worried and stay put waiting for the instructions. Saul is an example of the Old Covenant, put into place while the Lord was preparing the way for the New COVENANT. He also represents the children of the Lords first Love, the Israelites: as in Jacob's first love to Rachel, and to Benzamin. And David from the unloved wife. who is the Lord's second love the Gentiles . "More are the children of the Lord from the unwanted wife " Lea" from the Gentiles, than the children if the beloved wife, " the Jews", "Rachel", "Rachel cried for her children, they were no more", they were disobedient like Saul, they did not followed Jesus". Their Lord God who came in the flesh and died to give them life.
  9. Your closest friendnt

    Disturbed about Matthew 5:32

    Proverbs 23: To do righteousness and Justice is more acceptable to Jehovah, than sacrifice. ........ I am asking myself and I want to say it in a polite way. why do you have to say "that obedience to God", Is more acceptable than sacrifice? When the scripture says; "to do righteousness and Justice is more acceptable to Jehovah". You have substitute; "to do righteousness and Justice" with the word "obedience" , and the word "Jehovah", with the word "God". With all the respect and I am not asking you to change your message, You beging with the statement ; "I am not taulking about a self righteous man", And then everything you post has to do with selfrighteousnes. Jesus is asking us, but not all of us, because if some of us do not want to, or have some reasons to chart their own path....or for other reasons....... Jesus is wills for us to have our own righteousness. And if we are members of a certain group, to be accepted by that group we should have that group's consiense, for many reasons. First we represent that groups colors, and secondly we will be judge by that group's consiense and rules of contact. Jesus at the same time wants us to continue in the peace his imputed righteousness gives to us. We must all of us established our selfs in the peace that comes with his imputed righteousness through faith in him. And at the same time work out our own situations individually without forgetting the divine gift of Jesus Christ, - his imputed righteousness- and the peace that comes with that, among other things, Saved from eternal punishment. So whether we are in this path "the broad"one, or the other path, "the narrow" one, or some times in this one and some times in the other one, not to loose focus that Jesus is our peace with God. We must understand that Jesus was made the propritiation of our sins, this is part of the perfect love of God, so we live our lifes without the fear of the eternal punishment. Pertaining to the earthly punishment, do not asked me to take over the job of Jesus Christ, and speak on his behave. And even this statement is very incorect, because we can punish our own selfs, by others, and by our knowledge, and by our misconstrue ing many things. And this earth is not clean..... He said among other things, that we need to learn to endure.... And many other things, so we should go after the better things, but not to judge the others and tell them that our fears as to what will happen to us , (and that does not mean we are correct), having made our consiense the God of our heart and mind , will happen to them if they do those things. (I did not say not to have any fears), But as Jesus said :pray for those who do wrong, that Jesus has mercy on them, according to his will.
  10. Your closest friendnt

    John 19:11, veil, blindness

    Jesus died for all, everyone is given the chance to repent from their unbelief, yes he knew that some of the Jews will ended up to be the Pharisees, But he did not create the Pharisee. How did you come to that conclusion. When you say "God", what do you have in your mind, if we are allowed to ask you this question. What is a Pharisee? We know how God created Adam, How did he create the Pharisee? Do you thing the Pharaohs were chosen for distruction, and ending in Hell.
  11. Your closest friendnt

    Disturbed about Matthew 5:32

    Why the bible is silent about abusive and violent relationships? What did Jesus said about abusive and violent relationships? And how to deal with them. Did he say not to divorse? Or to divorse. How about the division of properties? The matrimonial home? Custody of children and the family pets. About women working , Single parenthood, Children borned out of marraige to married men, or women. The social and coultural world Jesus lived and fanction and teach, was not the real world. That world did not exist in the Gentiled world and cultural society Jesus sent the disciples to preach the Gospel. And the world the disciples found that time among the Gentiles is not the same today. Not only that, but there werebas it is the same today many, too many different types of Gentile. Societies, worlds and Cultures. Do you think the disciples ever told those words to people they heard from Jesus about divorse. Or they knew better not to get involved in the customs and coulture of the foreign people they met. Or they knew better, to practice "give to Ceasar what belings to Ceasar-Ceasar as local Patriarhical, or Chiften coultures. Or they just stick to the Gospel, who just that will give them many enemies. Why would they medle with the customs of the people, to have an unbelieving husband kill them, Because in their coultures they are not divorced because of adultery. People live in "adultery", to have Cocubines and have children with them was the Norm.
  12. Your closest friendnt

    Some Good Advice from A Pope?

    Your kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. The Kingdom Jesus had in his mind when he said those words has nothing to do with "Israel". It says the kingdom of God to come on the earth. That it has not come yet on the earth. Because when Jesus said that he was physically in Israel, when he said Earth did not mean Israel, but Israel is included within the meaning of Earth. The kingdom of God as it is in Heaven. It will never leave Heaven, but it calls for the expansion of the kingdom of God on Earth. The kingdom of God has come already on earth. The good news of the Gospel is preach on the whole earth, including Israel. As Jesus explained to Peter the whole Earth and the people their on have been cleans in his name. The correct way to adress them is the former Gentiles as they are not Gentiles anymore, and the former people of God of the Nation of Israel, as they are not the people of God anymore according to the Law of Moses, there is no more one of the former or the other. There is the new man on earth that includes both the former Gentiles and the former Israelites. Jesus Christ is already a King and he rains in Heaven and from Heaven in all the earth, not upon all the earth but in all the earth, in the hearts of his people, everywhere they are on earth. Jesus asked Constantine to help him with the expansion of his Kingdom here on earth, when he Constantine fought the war in his name and won, and Christianity was set free from the chaines of oppression and prosecution. What a great day was that. Just try to see the joy and the praise and thanksgiving in the hearts of his believers. To glorified his name in the markets and open spaces with the army of the emperor there to protect them, what a great day was that , instand of prosecuting them the authorities were there to protect them. Many had fallen in the battle thought, and they rejoice in that freedom only in the batlle before they fall. We should honor them, as they are honor by Jesus Christ for their sacrificing their lives for the advancement of the Gospel.
  13. Your closest friendnt

    Some Good Advice from A Pope?

    Through out the old testiment times with the people of Israel , we see that the Lord some times dealed with situations in different ways. He deliver the people out of Egypt without an army. He used Moses, who was a man trained to be a Leader, even a Leader of an army, but he never asked him for his skils as a Captain of the army. Later he asked them to fight and build an army. There no instructions in the Law of Moses pertaining how to build an army , and how to use the sowrd or the arrow. What does that mean? Should the people refuse to be part of the army, or refused to train themselfs in the sword or war arts and strategies by simply saying it's not in the Law, there is not instructions how to use the sowrd. To the contary the Law says: shall not kill and still and reaped were you did not show. There people today in Israel who use the same excuses to refuse to take up training in arms and enjoy their freedom on the expense of the others. And they claimed to be the people closest to God and that they are the only ones who obey and loved by God.
  14. Those are the comments I am referring to when I said they are not the teachings of Jesus and the disciples, and they are not found in their writtings. Those comments and beliefs are not truth, they originate from Catholic Mystics Monks. Be carefull, not to involve the Ministry into that, the Ministry does not stand for that and it is not the Worthy Statement of faith.
  15. Your closest friendnt

    True religion

    Hello brother Wayne222, Those people who have never heard the Gospel, First I would like to asked if you are referring to those who lived after the resuraction. Ok then those were Idolaters, they had their own idol God who created the Sun and another Idol God for the moon, and so on, they were ignorant of the one God. And even if they were not ignorant of the one God, they were worshiping the Idols. So to some it up,.you are suggesting that Idolaters were justified and recieved the ETERNAL LIFE of Jesus CHRIST, and they were made co-heirs of Heaven together with Jesus and the other redeemed believers of Jesus CHRIST , with them just being idolaters and with good works, and with good morality.???