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  1. What is this sign , and why was given to Stephan at the time just before his death. He said he sow JESUS CHRIST sitted on the right hand of God. We know that Stephan knew JESUS CHRIST before and after the resurrection, and he can recognize him, and he can positive identify him. Stephan did not live to give us a detailed account of what he actually sow as to form at least some picture of Jesus in our mind. Stephan also sow the Heavenly Father, he said I sow JESUS CHRIST standing in the right hand of God, he said he sow God, hope he could have lived so he can tell more about what he sow. Stephan he did not say anything about the Holy Spirit. He never said that he sow the Holy Spirit. I don't know of anyone who has claimed to have seen the Holy Spirit. As Jesus said the Holy Spirit is like the wind, you feel the presence, of the Spirit , like we feel the wind, and we feel the fire of the Holy Spirit, like when it set the disciples on fire on the day of Penticost and the went out to declare the Good news. And the Holy Spirit has the thoughts of JESUS CHRIST even though is not the Spirit of JESUS CHRIST. We feel the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts , like hot coals, but we do not burned. The Holy Spirit can come also with anger upon us and disapproval, like a consuming fire. Like with Moses, regarding his son's sircoumsission. But we can not see it, as if it was in some form , so that we can say "the person" of the Holy Spirit , and not the person of Jesus Christ ,or the person of God and no one have ever said that they have seen the Holy Spirit. the Holy Spirit in the OT, which also prophesized about the CHRIST must have been the Spirit of the Lord God, who would be the CHRIST. In the O T we did not have Two Gods. The Lord God and the Holy Spirit God .
  2. JESUS CHRIST commission his disciples, to go into all the world to declare the Good news. in other words "the church" will bring forth the message to the whole world, who was under different kinds of Spiritual powers and the people who represented them and not JESUS CHRIST himself, the way he was going around in Judaia, snd Gallily, before his death on the Cross, JESUS choose his Believers " the church", to proclaim "the wisdom of God ", This statement begs the question. What is the wisdom of God? Is not referring to the wisdom and craftiness, ( which is intelligence, of outsmarting your opponent, or your adversary), of the chochen disciples, but the subject is the wisdom of God. All of us know the WISDOM of God, we are all familiar with the plan of God. John 3:16 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, as no one will perished who believes in him (Believers whether disciples or not) But have Eternal Life. There is more to that, and is not about the Holy Spirit, (that also), But this is about JESUS CHRIST, and his Glory, and the change that came in Heaven, on Earth and in the underworld. That all Spiritual powers or other Gods and their preists and their magitians who had dominon over a territory, will hear the News about Jesus Christ and experience as an adversary the power vested in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Two good examples are when Paul went to Philipy and loosen the young lady from their bonds, and their captivity, and how Paul went in their teritory and took their sheep away from them (the Warden). JESUS CHRIST protected them and they couldn't harm them. The principalities and the powers working in this teritory whether in their own or through their agents, (other men, their own preist and charlatans), sow and experience the new power in the world, JESUS CHRIST, the one who defeeted the Death and Hades.
  3. No one has seen the Holy Spirit. Stephan only sow God, and JESUS CHRIST. Just an observation.
  4. I would like to participate, and I would like to know if you have something to say in this matter.
  5. Are you suggesting that Ham, lied with Noah's wife . Why his own wife was to old. What was the unspeakable, details are essential, then we can tell if it was an accidental encouder.
  6. Hi Ser...dum, I need that you ID the issues you have just pointed out, I you would in order as 1,2,3 and so on. That could be an interesting exchange, of how we come to conclusions we defend till the end. Hope you find my suggestion as one that promotes soundness of mind.
  7. You don't mind telling us the details, those we don't read in the scriptures. I would appreciate it if you do. Just like you were there as one reporting on them. your intervews with all parties. The findings of your investigation Considering their credibility and realibility of their statements. As one who is appointed to contact an intepented inquiry.
  8. Philip was guided by the Holy Spirit in his mission, whether it was by a vision as in the case of Paul, when he went to philipy, or he heard the voice of the Holy Spirit in his heart and follow , I don't know how. In the case of Paul and the Warden there is not scripture reading. In Athens there is not scripture reading. The Holy Spirit use their beliefs in Spiritual matters to draw them to the faith .
  9. Up We my the facts, Jesus Christ has die, he is not in the Tomb, he is not amongst the dead. Those are truth facts . And of course Spiritual truths. You are discriving a very narrow interpretation that the Holy Spirit can only reveal a spiritual truth only through the scriptures. Of course the Holy Spirit can enlighten someone who is familiar with scriptures. We have the example of the Ethiopian man and Philip. But for this mission Philip , needed the quidance of the Holy Spirit indipented from scripture . And also it appears that Philip acted independently from the church , he was not sent in this mission, commission by the church. We see that we are instructed to seek the quidance of the Holy Spirit in direct interventions in our life, as in this example with Philip who walked by faith with the Holy Spirit, not knowing what is happening, but the Holy Spirit knew, and he knew how to follow the quidance of the Spirit. He walk by faith and not by scripture, giving the Gospel to an Ethiopian, who will go back to his country and tell others about it. We can see the work of the Holy with scriptures and indipented from scripture. In missions. We have many examples where the Holy Spirit work without any scripture and people believe in Jesus Christ. In the missions to Gentiles. Who believe. And in the missions to the Jews who had the scriptures and did not believe. There situations that the disciples use scripture to oppose the quidance of the Holy Spirit.
  10. Everything I said is a result of a very careful search , and has been tested, and it is base of truths in the Scriptures. And the context has been considered, a lot of context, nothing is my opinion, but the results of research and facts. Not opinions and it's not fare to say that it's opinions, because it's just an unfounded opinion of yourself, your opinion that what I said is my opinion. Which I know it is not just opinions, because you have not proposed to your self to evaluate, only to oppose. As you never ask a question for clarification. Take another look. Everything it is supported with scripture. Search and you can see for yourself. Paul had and very often did not have any substantial context, He walked by faith, been quided by the spirit and not scripture. The same it was for Peter, when he was sent to Cornelius family. but he learned along the way, by studying Greek culture. Definitely we need to understand not only Jewish culture but also Greek and Roman. And their religions. Without extensive knowledge of the Jewish, Greek and Roman religions, it is very possible that we can misinterprete the messages in the Bible. Study the Greek religion at the time, then you can relate to what Paul, and the warden meant when they use the word "Saved". And why the warden could ask this question. And why the girl was saying that what Paul is saying is truth.
  11. This is a very broad subject, not all unbelievers have the same understanding, the same information, or have the same religious background. To a Jew we should have a different approach than to a Hindu, and it all depends if they are seeking something, and what , if the ground is plowed to receive the rain. What we should not do is quickly judge others, Believers or unbelievers, and speak on their behalf and say : don't bother they cannot understand. And how would we know? No one can know by knowing Scriptures. I can give a Bible passage to an unbeliever and he can tell with great precision what it says. And I can give the same test to some Believers and they will try to tell you with all sort of arguments, that it says something else. So we are back to the subject. The teachers in any church , they will tell a new Believer, you don't and you cannot understand on your own, you need us to teach you. And they will follow with a lot of Scriptures to convince them. We are going to make you our disciple, so you can be our representative, you are ours, from now own, we are your truth, everything that does not agree with our teachings is not the truth. And you have to test the other spirits by our doctrines, to see if they are from God. And if you don't want to continue as a disciple, it means, "you did not really believe", do you see the lies in that statement? What do you think is that truth? We all have difficulties in getting things right the first time, ....... If an unbeliever, or a new Believer has a healthy mind he will get things right.
  12. Did Moses had the same thing in his mind like you, and the author of strong's , and the brothers of Ham? That's why they didn't keel him, they wanted him alive, so he can do the same thing to them, and their children. Very strange indeed, considering, why God distroyed the people because of those things, and other. And God who kept Noah safe from those things, he had a plan for Noah to deliver him to Ham. God kept alive Noah for the apetite of Ham, grousam indeed . And who knew Ham, he also kept Ham Alive, to do that to his Father. Very disturbing comments. God choose this family, because it was a righteous family. And Ham when he saw his Father drunk, he judge him, and his heavily drinking. When someone drinks too much, gets hot, and that's why Noah in his stupor removed his clothes. Ham saw him accidentally, and he dispice Noah's situation, he Ham been more righteous and more careful than Noah. Ham lost respect for his Father, and told his brothers. Why did he tell his brothers. so they don't become like their Father, so they can go and see what became of the righteous Noah. This an example that Noah was defeated by alcohol. What a deprived mind may think and tell things about Ham, and accused him in his absence , when Ham is not here to defend himself. Perhaps you wrote down all those things, and for what reasons. What is the intent, what is the motive, is it intelligence, that comes from above, or earthly, or from below. In the Scriptures we read that the people after the flood lived in fear of God, and they lived a very Godly life, been fearful that God will do the same thing to them. And if they found out someone doing the same things that cause the flood they stoned him to death. And God had pitty on them and he gave them the rainbow as a sign of peace. To take away the fear from them, from another flood. After the flood they were God fearing people only on Earth. So the evil heart of Ham was not revealed till strong's dictionary and the other Scriptures who said "Adam knew his wife and they had a son", Taking things out of context, manipulation of the Scriptures using dictionaries, to stir the imagination in srange ungodly directions. Hope that you expect a Heavenly blessing for that, the approval of JESUS CHRIST. I think you may wait for a while till you meet Ham in person, and dare tell him to his face and Infront of JESUS CHRIST and Noah, what you said about him and Noah, and his brothers. Tell the mistake God made to saved diprived people like them. Iniquity is accussing others in their absence. Behind their back. They are not alone, JESUS CHRIST has appointed people to defend them. There is till time, not before we meet them in person, Ham, Noah , his Sons, and strong's and Moses, and all the congrigation of the Saints, and Angels who know the inosesence of Ham, Noah and the brothers.
  13. The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways. One thing we cannot do is limit the work and the methods of the Holy Spirit, to fit our perspective. We can look in past examples, as in the case of Paul. No one excepted Paul to be a chosen vessel . Paul was besought to be killed from both Believers and unbelievers. He found himself besought by both groups. No one was looking to him, no one knew the plan of Jesus Christ. The same thing it can be said, for Moses. Both of them had something in common. Both of them they had done something unforgivable , certainly they were far from peoples choices . Many unbelievers have seen visions and dreams, The born again are one of the group of Believers. The RCC , the EO, the Coptics, the Anglicans, they all have the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ has the Holy Spirit for all Believers, and if you study carefully you will find out, that the Holy Spirit mission is for the whole world.
  14. Checking your profile, 🚴 Sorry, we should have been more polite.
  15. Just kidding, I did not mean to put you in trouble, only to point that if notsolostsoul is using an I phone, can not intentionally have done it, and he may not even have your experties in this matter. Thank you for your input, it was very noble of you, you deserve the title, not of the "Robin Hood", but of the "Nights of the round table" .