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  1. Many do not understand that and they accept any charity that comes their way... Like that they under the spell of superstition.... Like in this example; a pastor could not understand why a woman approch him and gave him an envelop with some money, and asking to pray that the Lord bless her offering as he said in his message. The pastor was glad and he show it as a gift from the Lord. Jesus finally asked him; Do you know why I sent this woman to you,.... He said ; to bless me.... Jesus said you did not pray to me about the reason why she came to you... She was praying to me about her rent money, and I put in her heart to give you what money she had and asked you to pray.... I asked you to make up the money for her rent, and you did not wanted to hear, believing that the devil wanted to still your blessing... You rebuke me and not the devil... Jesus said go and give her enouph money for her rent, and promise her to give her half the rent for the next two months...and if that's not enouph to tell you... And tell het after two months her situation will improve... She will have a job...God bless
  2. Beeing very cautious, the devil will attack us in our childhood imagination when we believe that we wanted to be someone grade and very uniquely second to non. To achive something that has never be achived before... This is a distorted abitious state from the pit of Hell, that makes the person possess a GRADIOUS feeling that gives a supreme satisfying felling, second to non, and usually attacks individuals prone to sadness, loliness, and who cannot accept sadness in life, or lonliness, usually people who remained to themselves or lead a double secret life. So it makes it extremely dificult for people to renounce it, or to admit is not from God... Because as those people usually have a kind consiense, they are made to believe that they are fighting evil and that they are helping God... They strongly believe that they are very special people, the strong hold of the distortion is to make the people felling Gradios is not a strong word enouph to discrive.. This spirit also helps them in their daily life, it tells them things and help them see things that makes them fill that they are Chosen by. God as the Earth's benefactors. They are many strong believers who hate the devil to extreme thst they believed that they are one of the prophets thst will fight the devil or his angent in Jerusalem as in the book of revelation. I have come under this course and I have experience these things, but with a hope, when Jesus told me during the initial event, that a great forch is coming to you, like beeing a prisoner behind s very great wall, And he said that you will overcome, and I show my self climimg over the fence. All this happened as a born again believer even beeing baptized with the Holy Gost... Then I guided to a scripture I believe Esaias .No weapon form against you shall prosper. I have the blacksmith to make a weapon for its destruction, every tonge that accuse you in judgement you will condemn. If it is a cancellation, the Lord teach me how to understand and help others in similar situations... Yes it is a great cancellation....the past is distance, the pain is not there , the memory is but but with thanksgiving to Jesus.. Later the Lord show me that I suffer a lot more, because I faught off medical treatment, and he said I am there also to help. And when I had a suicidal friend who insisted this is gona happened this time and the doctor ask me; I said nock him and keep him sedated till he rest, So Jesus show me they keep them alive for me, so they learn to seek me, and I am there...not everyone responds that way but there many programs who help, and not to forbite ; just pray.
  3. Your post just about touch on everything. It's not the first time and I have heard it mamy times. Why the comment "scripture is silent", and it's usually given with such strong conviction. When at the same time we claim, how rich and marvelous are the scriptures and the mysteries they reveal... I am surprised that this came from someone who has demonstrated with his post indepented thought and vision... That statement "limits", instant for "search and you shall found", asked and you shall recieved... Keep an open mind... Unless Jesus said I have closed your minds... Jesus is the truth Christ and he wants to open minds, he has a policy, amongs others; Search to oppose me and you will find me in defeat and his mercy, apostle Paul can testified to that. The Roman Soldiers (not all), can testified to that, he was found by those who never seek him... It's because the Romans defeated the Greeks, who the Greeks had defeated the Persians, who Persians had defeated the Egyptians... The Egyptians could not defeate the Persians, who could not defeat the Greeks... the prophesies to be fulfill needed a coulture with rules of law and a political system just like the Romanic one. Everything done in order and recorder. At the time of Jesus there were "coroners" who verified the death of prisoners. If a prisoner faint during their lasses, and does not regain consciousness a coroner had to verified if he is dead and end the punishment....and had to file a report why the punishment could not come to completion. Thank's God for these rules among the Romans thst spare Jesus legs of beeing broken, and the Roman coroners witness that Jesus had die, and the test in place that aplly to prove that Jesus had indeed die on the Cross. We see that Jesus carried the scars on his resurected boddy, one we see is to prove positive identification, beyond a reasonable doubt.
  4. When he asks us to initiate something, to do the initial act, he will be with us to take matters into his own hands, and providing everything for having the result he had in his mind, not what we thought will happened, (that's why we have to follow him in what he asks, putting our agentas on the side), so as to accoblish his will, which we did not know at the bigining, but he will let us know at the end... Then when he say to us (here during our time), good and faithful servant, or how much he loves us, because we help him accoblish his proposed, at the same time he will give us our spiritual gift, which it will increase and broaden our understanding and open our mind to a new level.. There many examples we have inheritted from the scriptures and are ongoing ones and will continue to be... One it has to do with Philip... Let's say in his case that Philip had settle in the church of Jerusalem and his abitions were to establish himself and grow together with them. Could be many times the church sent Philip to missions , as to visit the families of believers and explain the Gospel to them, and pray for their sick. We know from the part, that the other disciples were looking for Philip, they did not know his where abouts... That the Lord took Philip from them and he did not tell the church what he was about to do... So Philip he kept it to himself and did not tell anyone, it means that Philip did not asked for the church blessing or the elders prayers, and he did not seek second opinion to have someon verified the will of the Lord in this situation, it sound hard, but this a situation where the church did not sent him, or the Lord kept from the church what he was about to do. I believe that the church was not yet ready for sending Philip to Samaritans, and the would have opposed, because of the way the represented the Gospel, as they did not have the revelation yet, Peter had upon visiting the Cornilius Family, that Jesus has remove the uncleaness from the world, making everyone clean, as the Samaritans were in the same group with the Gentiles. This post among other things is also about rewards, and the emphasis is that along the way Philip pick up his rewards from the Lord, along with a pat on the back Philip also got his spiritual gifts, to equipped for his ministry, which open his understanding to give tje Gospel to Samaritans the Jesus way, and not the coultural Jewish way... Philip needed the rewards of the good servant here on earth... In Heaven there is no need for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the light as we are informed in the speach of the Angel of the Lord to the churches. Many mouths who were bubbling accusations that Philip was not following the doctrine of the church in Jerusalem, if they were not silenced when they heard about the miraculous things Jesus did in Samaria, they will get to know they were wrong from Jesus when the get there after their death and before their body decay... And at that time they will beg Jesus not to sent them back to their body if that was what they were preaching... He asked Philip to step out in faith, and guided him, along the way step by step... providing for him along the way. Interesting post...
  5. Hope that you do not perceived it that you are under attact, you or the bible, because you are not... This passage has been used by many who support "soul sleeping". Pointing to this passage as a mirror of Mathews undertanding, even for that period of time... From your post I see that you understand that "saints did arise from the dead", and "we know that our Lord did arose from the "grave" too. From the bible we learn that the place of the dead is Sheol...at the time of their dead the dead minus the body, who has been bless by God to return to Earth from where it came from. At the time of their death everyone was descended to Sheol... Abraham also he went not upstream but down stream... And that's where his offspringsng gather to him, where Abraham was they went. Jesus destroyed the power of the Grave, and this has nothing to do with the meaning of a marked grave, the place where we bury someone. This has to do for the power of the Grave to received and keep every human BEFORE JESUS CHRIST. Since the time JESUS CHRIST SAT ON THE THRONE and he became the Judge of all, which that means "the Grave", or the Devil, or Death do not take every human who dies "BY DEFAULT". Jesus Christ decides about everyone where they go... He has the Keys of "Hades and Death", that's it is after he became the Judge of all. This Judgements we do not have in the old, Because Jesus Christ judged everyone from the bigining of the world...and forevermore. When we die Jesus decides where we go... We believe in him strait to Heaven, the Redeemed. We do not go to Sheol, we are not prisoners of the Human inheritance, waiting for the Christ to come to Sheol, or Hades and Free us. This is no more, JESUS CHRIST has destroyed this Default human inheritance.... It's finish, the new has come. We have a Heavenly Inheritance with him, in Heavens....and not only us but everyone who believed in the Gospel of Jesus CHRIST, when after his death he went to the place of the dead and preach the Gospel to all. Those who believed they had a new Heavenly Inheritance, do you have any reason to assumed that they stiil are there, .... When they have a place to go.. And the Devil does not have a right to keep them... Are suggesting that they like it there and voluntarily have decided to stay there. Hope not.... Sometimes we are prisoners of our own visions, as long as we live in this body. If we can say that, but we do not live as prisoners to Sin, we decided not to, and we know that we are free from the condemnation of sin, in Jesus Christ, sin accuses, Jesus Christ Justifies...and gives his righteousness and his life to us, we have his robe of righteousness, and of course we have our own robe of righteousness and not only ours but also the robe of Jesus Christ righteousness, we believe..
  6. To be saved one must be under the blood of Jesus Christ, and Jesus said that cannot happened till I drink this cup. Jesus obey the Heavenly Father he drank the cup of his afflictions, and he died on the Cross... That's why of one reason Jesus had to die, is so he can descend to the place of the dead in the heart of the earth , to invite everyone to believe in him, not only to Abraham and his offsprings with him. But to everyone before him, he died for all and everyone had to hear the Gospel to be judged according to believing or to rejecting it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ comes with the Heavenly Inheritance... And that's what happened, having believe, were on their way to their Heavenly Inheritance, with Jesus ahead and they follow... Everyone is saved by faith, if not how can the dead before Jesus Christ be saved when they heard the Gospel from Jesus Christ and believed in him when they were in Sheol... "Jesus said " the dead will hear my voice and raised first". Abraham, David....and others had known that they have to go to Sheol and wait for their Lord God as Jesus Christ to descend to Where they were and take them above in his Heavenly Inheritance. This cannot happened unless Jesus died first. He cannot descend with his body , he must die first. The spirit man does not stay with the dead body , he is seperated from his earthly body of flesh which is subject to decay.. FROM DUST TO DUST...
  7. We need to show cause, why in Jesus Christ everything has become New that the old is alive only in the beliefs of people. In reading the scriptures it is incorrect to use the word Gentiies, which is synonymous to people who are prejudge as unwanted , rejected by God, and iligable because of their blood line. There no Gentiles since Jesus Christ (death and resurection), in the world today. And also in the whole world, even before Jesus Christ... Jesus has died for all, and as he shaw to Peter in the vision, when he called him to visit Cornilius. the whole world has been cleanced that includes the world before Jesus Christ. In reading the bible we should say , in the former world....this and that.... (For that reason there not "Jews", within the meaning of the people set apart in this world by God, according to Moses...) this is in the old world... When we read the bible we should say the former Gentiles and the former Jews, Israelites. Abraham is not a Spiritual Patriarh anymore he has follow Jesus CHRIST and like Moses says, follow me because I have follow Jesus Christ... Do not denied to follow Jesus CHRIST, because you want to follow Moses....Abraham....
  8. Hello Jostler, and thank you for your inquiry. These questions, are inquiries only about the Jews and Israelites, not for the rest of the world. For a reason, but in your posting you may expand...to include the rest of the world... Before and after Jesus Christ... I am asking as to what happened, or where the people of God, through Abraham and his descendants went after they die, before and up to the death of Jesus CHRIST.. We have the answer in the scriptures.. And the next question is asking if there was a change ....with the resurection of Jesus Christ... We have also the answer in the scriptures... And then the one other question, This is a dificult one to express...Is asking , where the descendents of Abraham the Jews and Israelites go when they die after the resuraction of Jesus CHRIST, We also have the answer in the scriptures... In two words, " what Happens to the Jews ,-Israelites after they die not only in our times but since the time of the resurection of Jesus CHRIST. Hope that is more clear, thank you.
  9. To properly and carefully examine this passage. We need to understand what happened to the seed of Abraham after they died... Not only before Jesus Christ died but also after his death and resurection.
  10. I believe that our prayers are heard, and are recieved because Jesus knows our hearts and he loves us. In Esaias 9:6 (?), the CHRIST to come is called the everlasting Father, because he is going to be the Father, or Savior and Lord of both Jews and Gentiles, as suppose to the Father of the Jews only, who was the Lord of them only. because we are his children he is call our Father, not the Heavenly Father who is the Father of Jesus Christ and for that also is our Father as in the role of the Grand Father... As we see in the geneologies in the bible they list the children of the sons (the grandchildren), as being the children of the grand Father. This is actually quite truth as we belong to the Heavenly Father because we belong to his son Jesus Christ. Anyway, about prayer; I just call upon Jesus, I learned this way.... But now I understand that he is our Savior, and our Lord... And I understand why Paul kept saying to the Greeks, Jesus is all you need, for everything, in Jesus CHRIST you have everything you could have had from the pamtheon of Gods you had before...I meant help in this life, as their Gods also bless them , if not why would be their Gods. I am Greek and I understand their coulture of that time and Paul trying to teach the Greeks ; Jesus has everything we need,because the Heavenly Father gave him everything that he has and he gave us Jesus for all our needs.. Don't mind me, in the Greek coulture that ancient times, their head God and the Father of the other Gods in their pagan religion, had given the people a diferent God for a deferent need, so Paul had a hard time to deal with the first generation of Greek believers, who were acostom to a different God for a different need, and some of them were still going and asking the help of the fertility Godess, participating in rituals of their old religion together with their faith in Jesus Christ... That's why Paul was telling them, your Savior Jesus Christ (and they like that because of the Heavenly Inheritance, is also your Lord and he will supply all your needs, and prohibited them of going to the Idols....do not eat meat offered to the Idols for their blessings that come with that, if you eat just for the meat, is another situation. But careful do not mock them and offend the, you will not be forgiven, to them are their sacret things, and they see themselfs as the guards of those traditions, with respect... There is something that I realized, when I pray is that I see my self standing in front of my Lord...and Savior Jesus Christ who knows that I believe in him, so lately I found it odd to stand in front of Jesus and asked him help and then finish my prayer , I ask you Jesus all this "in the name of Jesus", I understand if we were neibours and let's supposed do not talk to one another...and In my need I have decited to asked you for help, and I say to you, I know you don't have to help me because of friendship, but please help me in the name of Jesus, which I mean to say because Jesus would have help me, and please do it in his name... Like if you cannot help someone the way you feel, do it in Jesus name, because he maybe the one who sent me to you. As I said finaly I made my self strong and not to be afraid to say thank you, I praise you, instand of sound it that I pray to Jesus and then I command him to do it in his name, .... If I am with others I say in his name not to scandalize them, and they easily get offended.... Anyway I liked your post that's why I respond. Because you said our Lord has everything we need, because the Father has given to him everything and the Lordship over us... The Heavenly Father is a by-stand, he made Jesus our Lord and our provider, he will not interfere or disagree with everything Jesus does...he honored him in this way, and there is peace between the two of them, he even gave him the Holy Spirit for his ministry....and I always thank the Heavenly Father for sending Jesus to die for us . Forgive me if I said too much, because I read your posts often and carefully and I am bless. Please pray for me to cool down for I expect too much from Jesus, and I neglet to take better care of my self...
  11. We need to look at the strength of this descriptive event, check the reliability of the story. I do not question that Jesus gave life to the dead before him...and he tool them to their Heavenly abode, " he took captivity captive". It was foretold to Abraham, and to David at the least.... But lets look at the text... The earthquake took place together with the darkness that lasted three hours. At the exact time of Jesus death... And that's the time the veiled was split from top to bottom, when Jesus said "tetelested", the end of the old Mosaic system. The time is coming that Neither here, nor in Jerusalem you shall worship God, but only in spirit and in truth", Also the three hours of darkness signifies that the world for the first time and never again is going to be without the light of the world, without the creator of the world for three days. Without him the world is in total darkness, it also has to do something telling us who Jesus was and some of the things he did. As when in Egypt the time total darkness fell upon all the Land, there was light in the Hebrews homes, He was that light before he enter our world. In this examble also Egypt is the underworld the place of the dead, where the light descended and give his light his people , who were waiting for his comming, and not only for them but to everyone down there who believed in him , because he died to give his light to everyone who believed in him... As in "out of Egypt will come the CHRIST", talking about the resurection of Jesus Christ, The veil was torned at the death of Jesus and not at the resurection time... Perhaps they knew about the veil being torned and the did not payed attention at those details, but correctly states that at the time of the resurection the veil was torn. The other thing is that Jesus found the dead in the heart of the earth, in the Bossom of Abraham, that's. Where his people, the people of the Lord. Were gather at the time of their death, Because the Lord had seperated his people not only on earth from the rest of the world, but he also he seperated and gave them their own place after they died, setting them apart from the dead of the rest of the world. In the text he puts them asleep in their graves, describing the whole event not in the way it happened, but in a way to reflect the author's understanding of these matters, and his own expectations of what will happened to him. Describing that the people leaped out of their graves not the way they had burried them mummified, but with full atired and with their bodies as they were when they died. Like there was not not any decay... Yet there were not any reports of cemeteries being vandalize and that the bones were missing. The languish "leap out", any way the graves were full of their bones... Their resurection was spiritual and not phycical....
  12. Amongs other things we read in the bible we see that they were a lot of groups with s lot of differences amongs them and some very serious ones, as the church of the Corinthians. We need to ask ourselfs that if Paul did not say; some of you quarell , I believe in the Gospel according to brother Apollo's interpretation. And there were many others, and we had the sircumsision group, and so many other new teachers with their pastors and churches they were added continuously... Paul was upset to see fundamental diferences amongs those groups and he said ; that there is something in common they all preach Jesus Crusified...and people are saved... This is the most important that Jesus knows who believes in him crusified for the forgiveness for our sins. and raised from the dead and he is in Heaven. Jesus can see everything and that includes the faith in him in people... His redeemed, even thought they may not understand the importance of the redemtion.
  13. Certainly the RCC and their doctrine is one of them, and it has the right to judge their members according to their code... The same can be said for any other religious organisations.... And any other group of people who have a code in place to identify them selfs and their membership and to distinguish their denominations from others... And there Jesus CHRIST who is above all, the Judge of all the author of our faith, who cannot denied anyone who has not denied him. Who knows every step and every sidestep of any believer , but he also knows that many have been denied from the right to know that they are under the blood of the Lamb of God BY FAITH ALONE, and that because of their faith they are under the banner of Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Inheritance... So, What if they try to earn something they already have, Is Jesus CHRIST who Justifies and gives the eternal Life... Who can take anyone out of the their Heavenly Inheritance? Not even their ignorance, no one can deprive them from something the High Judge has given them, because they do not know it... "And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and their testimony".
  14. I am not a Catholic, but have many relatives who are... The best way is no to point out what we understand not to do...but to find the common ground and built bridges... Celebrating Christmas, the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, the palm Sunday, good Friday and the resurection on Easter Sunday, and the day of Penticost, and the ascension of Jesus CHRIST, among other holidays with them, and put away the hostility, I believe it can work miracles in a relationship with them and our relatives... There is the rifgt time for everything, only some of them will distance themselves from the things we do not agree with...but many will begin to read the bible more often... There somethings to avoid, as calling the mother of Jesus a "sinner", just because we read in the bible "we all have sin....and no one is righteous no one", We know that John the Baptist never sin...also no one can name Mary's sins, because she never sin, and many people that particular time did not sin, many of those lived in the dessert...fasting and praying away grom the world... Many people in the bible are called righteous by God, as in Noah, AARON, Samuel...and others... The other thing is and I say this with respect is the statement " "Mary and Joseph had other children after Jesus was born", that statement implies that Jesus was their first child, that Jesus and his siblings had the same Father and Mother, which is not truth, as they only had the same Mother, and this does not implies that Jesus had another father, Jewish or not.... Jesus did not have a father he is from God and not from any man..Jewish or not. That's why he is the Son of God...
  15. This is a very thought out question, saying that I am fully award that very few like well thought out questions. This kind of questions is like a double edge sword, it begins by everyone reflecting on what they have, and defending what they have. At the same time this questions are asking to examine our own teachers and mendors, kind of requiring a person to seek independence from the one person or group who is acting as their taker, and nothing wrong with that as we are called to be our brother's kepper. This question needs a well thought out answer. Jesus was not speaking to ethnic people, polytheistic ones, he was speaking to monotheistic people, who also had instructions from their God, who was also their Lord, the one to bless them, protect them and also use his discrition to disipnine them, and also provided for them the form of worship and asking for petitions which included the offering of gifts, the priest, also a sacrifice- not all the time, and of course the Jerusalem Temple, because that's where their Lord God was doind their Judging, for blessing and instructions.... Jesus by saying from now on to the disciples he was asking them to stay away from their traditions prayers according to the Law, something they have doing for thousand years since Moses and before, when the people offer burned sacrifices to God when they were asking for his intervention in their lifes, petitions as asking to have children, meaning if we only have a child because of God, that child is his, and not mandatory , as he does it also out of his love helping us, making a mother happy without asking nothing in returned, But it was times that he used us as surrogates, when he had a special propose for the child..e.x. Of Issac, joseph, Benjamin...Moses... Samuel, jonh the Baptist, and Jesus Christ which is deferent, because he provided the seed. It is to note that in all those cases he had close the womb of those chosen women for a season. Jesus introduce them to the New, as he did with the woman in the well. One way to look at is ; The people of the old were praying to their Lord and their God... Jesus was telling that he will be glorified and he will be their Lord and God, and more than that, God will start a new family with the head of this family or Nation not Abraham but Jesus Christ.... That Abraham Nation follows Jesus Christ, as Moses, who said, the time will come that I will follow Jesus Christ and you follow me because I follow Jesus Christ the Messiah who will lead us not in the earthly promish Land but in the Heavenly... Jesus is saying I am with God, I am from God, he was saying to his disciples only that even now you can pray to God in my name , and he said that before his death and resurection. And Jesus sent them to villages and the disciples in his name they did many miracles... That even the evil spirits recognize the authority of Jesus Christ. And witness of him, by subjecting to his authority and giving wittnes that his powers were from God. Jesus bless them before he sent them to the mission..they went with his blessing, in his name in his authority Jesus had while on earth, not all authority yet because he had not die yet.. Now we know what Philip said when Jesus show himself to him after the resuraction , my Lord and my God... All the disciples knew that Jesus came from the Heavenly Father and he he will take them to the Heavenly Father..... And that is the Heavenly Father who made him Lord and God over all, and our Lord and God... So as it is, to our Lord we should reach out with our prayers... We should see our selfs standing before the Throne of our Lord Jesus Christ asking for help. A blessing, guidance, in one word offering our prayers, because this is the wish of the Heavenly Father, he gave him everything, all authority and power and dominion...and the Holy Spirit.. When the disciples got hold of it they said all we need is Jesus, who is also. Our propritiation for our sins and our peace with God... We give all Glory to Jesus, and we thank and Glorify our Heavenly Father for senting Jesus, and as the Father Honors Jesus Christ, we follow the Father to Honor Jesus Christ. We have only one Lord and who is also our Savior . and the sacrifice of our sins, our righteousness, our Eternal Life, because we are partakers of his spirit...we are his Family and Nation. Our prayers are accepted in anyway because Jesus knows the intentions of our heart, and he Loves us.
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