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  1. Why do you expect God to punish you. Jesus is our Judge do you expect him to punish you. Do you think that he does not know that he paid for our sins. Even if we don't know, and we expect to be punished, Jesus knows that he can not do that, he does not need anymore to remind him, that he was made the propritiation for our sins. That's also tells of God's love to us in JESUS CHRIST. You are lucky you leave after the Cross, if not you will have to descend at the time of your death , no matter what. Waiting for Jesus Christ to come to rapture you out from there into the new Heavenly inheritance. See God's love there also, he Jesus descent, and ascent, so we only ascent to be with him. He gave his life, that's love.
  2. In the book of Acts also we see how Paul on the road to Damascus, been immersed in the old principals of the Lord, and how in the past, the Lord had judge and pronounced his punishment upon his enemies. and he was expecting to be deal with the same way. But Paul was surprised to see that he was in the presence of the Lord and not destroyed, the same as when Moses was in the presence of the Lord and was not destroyed , but instead he was shown mercy, and he realized that he was chosen for a mission just like Moses and asked what do you want me to do. Just as the King show mercy to Esther, and instant of death he gave her life, because he loved her. In the Jewish culture of that time and even today, they did not use the word "love", they use words like "obedience", "servitude ", " complience", "submition", and reward or punish as the case may be, there was not room for repentance, repentance was not trusted. Mercy is synonymous to God's love , in Jesus Christ, who accepts repentance and change of heart and mind. Paul also knew how David had shown mercy to his enemy who pronounced courses upon him when he was fleeing beyond the Jordan, and on his way back he accepted the change of heart from the same individual, and instant of giving him death, the usual way to deal with your enemies, he gave him a very special place in his army. The book of Acts is full of events that Jesus Christ is showing mercy, and puts away the judgement. The Gospel news of it self, shows God's love and his mercy, by leaving the sins unpunished, and instant of death giving life. Someone is grounded in the Gospel by understanding God's love in action, by giving us JESUS CHRIST. The same thing when we say "I love you to someone, but then we reinforce that belief, in that individual when we demonstrate with our actions our love. The memory of our actions, become the measure of our love, not just our words. JESUS CHRIST loved James and his family, and the breathen, inspite of James dying by the sword. James who did not live by the sword, but he died by the sword. Don't we when we court someone we shower them with actions of LOVE, without saying the word "I love you", and the person by the actions of LOVE , say "I am loved".
  3. That's what I have conveyed to you , with the message Peter gave in Acts chapter two. He is referring to God's love to forgive those who had previously judge JESUS as a false CHRIST, and put him to death. I mentioned the "eye against eye, and a tooth against the tooth", principal, and how JESUS practice what he teach, " No More an eye against an eye", and he accepted them and he gave them life, and forgiveness, something that was contrary to their beliefs. This the Love of God in action. That's what we do, the same thing the disciples did, we point to situations that God's love is demonstrated towards people, and say God loves you, or JESUS is Love, because he gave forgiveness instant of taking revenge on his enemies. JESUS CHRIST died for his enemies also, he wish that everyone believe and be saved, and Paul was one of them.
  4. Your message is not clear. Do you want to talk about the love of God who send JESUS to be our Savior, with your reference to Jonh 3:16. Or about the love amongst those who have believed. And your reference to the book of Acts, who follows the disciples in spreading the message of God's love to the whole world. What do you want to discuss, from the book of Acts, instructions to those who are saved, how to live their lives in love, versus to what to been vengeful and unforgiving. Because those who preach love towards one another make reference to what Jesus Christ taught, and how God loves us , and that we should have the attitude JESUS had, to forgive those who have wrong us, in general. Before any of the books of the new testament were written. JESUS gave the instructions, teach the people what I have taught you, and learn from me. And from the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, who will take from me to bring it to you. Learn from JESUS CHRIST, they are many books on the subject and there is JESUS CHRIST always.
  5. It is clear that Paul is addressing a Gentile group of people, and in a non Jewish cultural inviroment, not living in Judea. Where kind of (Saria Law was practice), those Scriptures don't connect at all with yours initial inquiry. Now do not forget, that the Gentiles were not wild boars, they were civilize people well and above your understanding, and you are doing a decerveis to their hospitality and their love of peace and order. That time they had an amazing Judicial system, and they can not have a Judicial system that we have copy in our societies, unless they had Civil and criminal laws, and municipal laws. You should study their history and culture, and it's not fair to them to portray them the way you do . Paul felt safe to travel in their cities and talk to them in open meetings. The people were practising their culture, because that what God had given them. He wanted them to be Idolaters, so to speak.
  6. Those times were different, the context was within the Jewish culture of that time. A very hospitable and friendly culture towards strangers, a very safe culture, without violence towards strangers and one to another. They were not pathetic people like us, who are complemented and love to be loved . They practice hospitality, and love for the stranger and the underprevilage. They didn't harvest to the extreme their produce, and they had celebrations, where the said: we ought to accommodate strangers, because one time our ancestors were strangers in this Land. Today we live in different societies.
  7. OK, you make feel that I owe you something in the form of an apology. But not to be in a harry and let myself to be led by how I feel at the moment. Because at the same time I see that it gave you the opportunity to express yourself with more precision . And I like your wanting to look in to that matter. I may make reference to what Jesus was teaching the people, but also to what the people believe. a) the people believe in eye against eye, and a tooth against a tooth, that's was their covenant with their God, and also this principle was a qiuding light in their culture. b,) JESUS teached that when he will be established in his office, he will not practice an eye against eye and a tooth against a tooth, that he will abolished that principal, and he will follow "love your enemy". In Acts two we see that many were enlighten by Peters message and understood that not to long ago they had put the CHRIST to death or they understood that they had missjudge JESUS CHRIST. Those people for generations they believe that God practices an eye against an eye, and they were waiting for their Judgement. " They were cut to their hearts". by their Law they judge them selfs deserving of punishment. Instant JESUS CHRIST show them Grace, and forgave them. Unheard till that time, first time ever. Peter moved by the Holy Spirit, and he proclaim to them what Jesus was teaching "no more an eye against an eye", the judgement has been put a way, and JESUS CHRIST welcomes their change of heart, and accepts their faith, and instant of Judgement he shaw them LOVE, and Saves them. Jesus Christ said: I have not come to Judge but to save. Here we see the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST to those who deserved punishment in the CONTEXT of those events.
  8. Why do you want them to use the word "love"? What do you want them to say? James was beheaded, Stephan was stone to death, the disciples went into hiding, they live in fear that they could be next. They did not receive what the Scriptures promise, to those who obey God. Everything seems to get mixed up. Instant of being bless, it seems they were course . Their families were divided, they had to go into exile, they were uprooted. They were prosecuted by those who seek the blessings of Leviticus. They were label as false teachers, by those who were the quardians of their tenants and the Scriptures. They showd good and they rip evil, not all the time. Love is a much missuse word. Many say because I love you I have to tell you that you are going to Hell. Or you are lost, or they may used polite statements, only God knows, who am I to Judge. They may be referring to the a special breed of Believers. Out of love they choose to ignore the principal that Jesus Christ is the one who Saves, and justifies anyone who believes in him.
  9. I always wanted to know more about the Jewish calendar and their holidays and the meaning they to Jewish people. I know a lot about the ancient God's of the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Caanaties. The Norvegians, and the eastern religions . I don't think so that it is a prohibition to learn about the Jewish calendar and their yearly Holidays . It is not only in the Jewish holidays that we can see the need and the promise for something else that it is needed. Must be a reason why the Romans and the Greeks received the Gospel. Have you ever considered how their beliefs may have prepared them to receive the Gospel. I am not against studying the Jewish holidays, I understand that you believe in the resurrection, and you are not studying or honoring them without JESUS CHRIST ,but with CHRIST. There is a lot to learn . But let's say if you were one of the evangelist at the beginning of the Gospel, and you visit my Town, and me as a Greek. Then what would you do? Are you going to teach the people about all those Jewish holidays, before you tell them about the Gospel? I don't think so. You would rather have learned something about their ancient Greek coulture, so you may use something in it as a step, to be able to reach them, with the good news. So what you have learned it's something useful when you come across Jewish people, you can understand and relate to them a lot better than others. That's what is the most important. I learned a lot about the ancient peoples relegions, and I can see why they were glad to hear the Gospel, and why the Gospel floorish among them ,but not among the Jews. Do you know that the GrekoRomans they knew the truth about what is happening to people after they die, they knew a lot more about those things , than the Jews, and a lot of the disciples. Many of the Jews did not even believe in life after death. Do you think those people had the need of Jesus Christ,? Even to this day , they only hope for only earthly blessings. Still today, all of the Jews who still hope for the CHRIST , they only hope for earthly matters, and not for Heavenly. And they do no see the need for a Redeemer with a Heavenly inheritance. Hope that I have not Judge. Better learn about those celebrations than the other speculative and argumentative matters, which puff up, and waist time. John after he wrote the book of Revelation talk about their going through their tribulations. They thought that they will be glorified in this life, and Judge the people of Israel. So their need to find a replacement for Judas. But not after James was beheaded. The beginning of their tribulations. The way the Jewish celebrations teach, so are the Christian holidays, they teach that Jesus is the CHRIST.
  10. It was a warning that the terrorists will attact the churches on the Holy week. Many Believers ( and I called them Believers in Jesus Christ) they decided to take the risk and putting their faith in action they went to church to celebrate something. I won't say what, but what does anyone think they risk their lives and put down the fear and intimidation and armed with the shield of faith, and their trust in Jesus Christ, went to celebrate the palm Sunday and sing the glorious songs, they disciples sing that time. (James was beheaded very early, before Stephan, does that make him an unbeliever or a sinner) All the people who died to the Lions , were they lost because they were not evangelicals. Who can judge their faith. Those saints in the name of Jesus Christ were hoping to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am sudden by the many comments that ignore to look in their beleiving in Jesus Christ. They were there to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And many blind them selfs to that fact. They have not deneid faith in Jesus Christ, they believe and confess faith in Jesus Christ. Many want to look only in their cultural practice of their faith, which is deferent from their. Very well I am not going to say anything else about that , only I will speak on behalf of JESUS CHRIST, and say the most beautiful words, the same words JESUS has said, regarding those who have died because of their faith in him, everyone knows their place in Heaven, definitely is a better one than ours who die naturally. Jesus Christ is the one who justifies everyone who has faith in him. They may not have the light to understand, that they are already Justified apart from their (works, rituals, and so on), The most important thing is that Jesus Christ is not ignorant that he is the one who justifies everyone who has faith in him. So they are justified and they don't know it, but Jesus does. And they are born from above, according to their faith, everyone who believes Jesus Christ has died for their sins is born from above, that what Jesus was telling Nicodemus. Being from the fleshy inheritance of the house of Jacob, does not make one born from above. Jesus was telling Nicodemus, that he may believe in him that time, before he died that he is the CHRIST, but that will not help. Nicodemus must believe in Jesus Christ after he sees JESUS CHRIST died on the Cross, then he is born from above , whether they know it or not, Jesus Christ knows that what matters. They believe they are to be with JESUS CHRIST in Heaven, this is a confession that they are from Jesus Christ inheritance, that they are born from above , without saying the words " born from above", these words "born from above", is the same as having a Heavenly inheritance with JESUS CHRIST. Nothing can take them from me, nothing, that what Jesus Christ says. Nothing, nothing. Jesus Christ justifies by faith, not only those who know it, but also those who profess his name and they do not know it. PS I don't mean the devils , because all the devils know the truth and believe it, that's why they try to tell people not to believe in Jesus Christ , but to believe in God, if that's what the people want. Jesus Christ mission was to die for man and not for the devils, that's why God sent his son in the world as a man, so he can redeem and save only the man. (Of course that includes women and children, but never the devils). JESUS CHRIST came to save man, and to judge the Devil.
  11. JESUS must have the children of God, in the pre- Christ period, in his mind, the Jews, when he said to Nicodemus "what is born of the flesh is flesh". And Nicodemus who was born a Jew, and was within the requirements of the Law of Moses, was a child of God according to his genetic inheritance. Jesus is telling him that he is a child of God , because of his blood line, (I don't ignore the fact that Nicodemus was also following the Law of Moses) (and he was also ritually clean with water, according to the Law) And when Jesus began to indroduce to him the coming children of God, according to the Spirit, the born from above, Nicodemus according to his inquiries admit that he may be a Jew (a child of the flesh) but he is not a child of the Spirit of God, and he admits his ignorance about this matter. Nicodemus knows that no one is a child of the Spirit according to the Law, not even the High Priest who does the Service in the most Holy Place. Nicodemus knew there was a spiritual gap between them and God which the Law of Moses couldn't bridge. He knew that they can not fellowship together. Jesus was surprised (that's what I say) to hear that there is no teaching among the Jews about the spiritual hope the CHRIST will bring. Then JESUS who understood why the Jews can not see in that derection, (because they could not understand that the CHRIST had to die) Because they believed that the CHRIST will never die. They will die themselves, and their children will be born and die, and go to the Bossom of Abraham, which was not in Heaven and to go there they had to descend to be with Abraham. But the CHRIST will continue to rein as their King forever , and without having a Queen, or any Prince's. He had no need for a heir. So he will never go through the troubles of David. But Jesus Christ he must love what he saw in Nicodemus, and he let him know something Nicodemus was not taught from his teachers. That the Spiritual children of God will appear, and for that to happen the CHRIST must be lifted up the same way Moses lifted up the Serpent in the dessert. Jesus Christ told him that if he doesn't die on the Cross that (the children born of the Spirit of God), will never appeared, because the children of the Spirit are the children of his sacrifice. And they are called the children of above, because they have an inheritance that is above. When they die they ascent. Everyone in his time. For the dead who were in Hades and believed in Jesus Christ when he was there for three days, is deferent, they had to be rapture to Heaven all at once. They were the first Harvest. It is amazing JESUS work and Harvest the fields in Hades, if we could use this illustration. My take on this one.
  12. Leaven has more than one meaning , within the context of the unleavened bread celebration it does represents sin. Even within this celebration , "the unleavened bread ", represents something. The people without leaven, are people without sin. But as the bread without leaven is dead , so the people were without sin, but also were dead, without the "LIFE", In the Law of Moses there is a ceremony where the priest make bread with lots of leaven (yeast) and the eat it and pass it around. This is the bread of life, that came down from Heaven. The leaven in this example symbolize not sin but the LIFE. And as a little leaven spreads in the whole dough, so the life starting with Jesus Christ will be spread like the leaven spreads in the whole world. In the old they were without sin (leaven), but as the bread was without the leaven dead, so they were , without the LIFE dead. That's why we need JESUS CHRIST , the LIFE Giver. So the Gospel is about having the LIFE. Is not about sins, JESUS CHRIST has died the Attonmen has taken place, the judgement of sins has been put away. Believe to be alive to God. That's the Gospel Paul preach. Reconcile to God, "Believe in Jesus Christ". Thought to mention about another symbolism for the "leaven", but I took it a little bit farther. If you visit a Messianic congregation, at the end the pass around a loaf of bread with leaven, and the offer it to both Jews and not Jews. One Savior for all. One LIFE Giver for all. Symbolism say a story.
  13. The rabbits also may symbolize the Christians who live in the Catacombs during the Roman prosecution, and their strong desire to bring the Gospel to others.
  14. In the past about two thousand years, the life was different. No print or radios or education and so on. The people had a different culture of communicating . They use symbolic languages. And symbols do say a story, instant of books. Let's say, how would the people symbolize the redemption that is in the blood of Jesus Christ. that Jesus Christ has die on the Cross and shed his blood for all the people . So the paint the eggs red, and on resurrection Sunday, after they had selebrated his death on good Friday, they greed one another with the greeting, "CHRIST is risen, is risen indeed", and they have a custom to knock the top or the bottom of the eggs, to see who is the winner. Now this is why the have this tradition. The egg symbolizes the children of God, of the blood of Jesus Christ. One time we were not the children of God, (white egg), but now we are ( not through any other way , but only through the blood of Jesus Christ. God has children through the death of Jesus Christ. Now we belong to Jesus Christ. The new covenant has come. What else to you want, pretend you live in those times and you have to teach people this part of how people who were not his people before now has become the people of God. Use your own creative story. Now how about the rabbit , perhaps the rabbit has something to do. It symbolize the evangelist who like the rabbit quickly spread in all directions bringing the good news of the Gospel. As a result the children of JESUS quickly multiple, like how the rabbits multiple. That's what I could think right now. You can also think your own interpretation of these symbols. In the old times , even now if the catch people with red eggs in their homes or in their possession, in a non welcome Christian territory, they prosecute them. That's why many were frame by others planting Easter eggs in their homes or goods. As a result to protect them selfs, the Christians began to paint artistic eggs. From the art on the eggs , you could tell where the person comes from. This I figure it from some thing I know from the background coulture. Now the Holidays have nothing to do with the pagan celebration. It is the same when the Lord gave the Israelites a calendar with their holidays and most of them they were on or about the Egyptian Holidays, so when the people were selebrating the new holiday , the can not partake in the pagan holiday, because was about the say time. My own thoughts, and I think they are OK.
  15. I understand that we are justified by our faith in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, that's why we call him our Savior. To my person I give all the honor to him in this matter. I understand Paul's teaching on justification, and I do not strive to earn what is already inputted to me by faith in Jesus Christ, neither I try to maintain it or hold it not to leave me. Even if someone does not know that and tries to earn what already has, the truth is at the end when we die, it matter that Jesus Christ is the Judge and he knows that we have not reject him, but we have believe in him. JESUS wants us to keep proclaiming and give his children the peace that comes with understanding this truth. I see that you are a strong advocate of this truth, and I am glad to come across brothers like you. About Abraham I never doubted that he was not justified by faith twenty five years before the sircoumsission. (I am thinking how about if he had disobey God, regarding the sircoumsission and Issac,s offering, would he still remain justified), (As with Moses we see that the Lord seek his death, because his wife did not let him sircoumsize his son), If somehow I have misled you in this matter, it was not my intention to do that. Only I tried to distinguish Abraham's justification, with our justification. He lived in a different time, and we live under the redemption of Jesus Christ. He was promised the earthly promise Land, as his inheritance in which he was a shorejourner, and we have the Heavens as our inheritance. Our Patriarch Jesus Christ went there first, and we do not have to go to war and kill and uproot other nations. We have nothing to envy from Abraham, and his blessings, and his sorrows. Abraham was not very happy to see many of his offsprings excluded, with not fault of their own, and what about the rest of the world, he must have thought about that. And what about himself self, when he understood that at the time of his death he will be separated from his God. But as JESUS said, Abraham was comforted in those matters , and he had come to understand about the coming of the CHRIST, that the CHRIST will bring an end to his complaints, and he will not forget him down there, but he will take him out from there together with his descendants, and he will not take them back to the eartly Promise Land, but to the CHRIST inheritance the Heavenly one. When someone has been in the Heavenly place, and without the earthly body, there is no more longing for the earthly , when we are in the earthly life, we have a longing for the Heavenly. With respect for other peoples understanding, I do not mean to start some new discussion about these matters. I just let you know how I think about these matters. I believe JESUS is stuck on the Throne in Heaven, till everything is subjected under his feet, and then give everything to God, as Paul said. JESUS said he is with us now. Where two or three gather together I will be with you always. We understand that even when we are alone, Jesus is with us , himself or through the Holy Spirit. And he is helping us to rain in this life together with him.