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  1. I am noy quite sure what you are doing in this situation, and if you have neglected your self, and if you are without supporting friends... I don't know if you have seen a doctor, and if you have follow up with the medication, or if you could afford to see a doctor and afford the medication.. I am not sure if you have accommodation and nutrition problems... I don't know if you mobility or transportation problems... Sometimes the way we feel and the pain we experienced and our situations make us scream...and complaint even to Jesus, this is very normal and healthy, you are a believer, that's ok. Hope some nurse come to see you, if you cannot go to see the doctor and hope someone can help you with the medication, to relieve your pain... Praying for a good samaritan to pass by and help in some way... Maybe that's what you need, and as the word of the Lord, you can hear it also from us, the word of encouragement... Jesus gave us one another also to comfort one another, you still have Jesus thats for sure. This is by faith not whether we hear him or not...leave that part to him... I am afraid in the situation you are in to say to you "God bless", of your response... You may say: this is the blessing I want and he .....so and so... Again I do not know, what is your situation, and I cannot asses it, by just hearing the complaints... Do you have a tooth pain.. Arthritis, pain of the back and knees, I cannot tell....
  2. I am considering your comments. I did not made clear the concept I had in my mind, and even with the followed statements, it still remain unclear what I wanted to convey. First I want to settle the misunderstanding to rest...I understand that Jesus Christ is the Savior for the whole world, and he died for the sins of all people....that's includes all people, there are not any exceptions... Hope that settles this matter, and we are and were in agreement from the beginning... Thanks for the scriptures from Acts 28:28,29... I want to thank you for pointing out the fact that Samson was blind , and that Jesus gave sight to the blind. Also Jesus had not loose his powers and voluntarily follow his captors, and prayed to God not to hold their actions and insults against them. This is in contrast to Sampson who had lost his power, against his will was taken there...during his captors religious festival... Sampson asked God to die so his enemies can die with him. God agree to the request of Sampson. Here we see a covenant God made with Samson, a covenant between the two of them, that required the death of Samson.... In my post that what I wanted to emphasize that God had made a covenant with Jesus only, that for him to be the Savior of the whole world Jesus had to died, there was not any other way....Jesus had to shed the blood of the new covenant and he had to die... There was not any other way for Jesus to be the Savior of he whole world, he had to go to the place of the dead, to all the dead, beginning from the first man who died "Abel".. This covenant is seen in john chapter three. When Jesus is telling Nicodemus that there not any other way, that he had to die first before everything happens... That this is the covenant he has made with God.... No one else took part in this COVENANT it was only between God and Jesus.... Everyone else who lived in the world had opposite, the Jews, together with the disciples, everyone who believed that Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah, together with all the other Jews who did not believe that Jesus was the Christ, all of them prayed and believe that Christ will never die... So the disciple said the same thing...that the new covenant it was made between God and Jesus Christ not anyone else was involved... It was even made before Jesus Christ was born... And we see that also in Genesis after the fall; The seed of the woman will crush your head, after you will brouse his heal... And this is what the disciple wrote in John 3;16... God so loved the world, that he sent his only Son to die, so every one who believes in him should not perish but HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.. It seems from the meaning of the above scripture that God had made a covenant with him self, that required Jesus to shed his blood to ratified it. And that's one of the messages we have when God stopped Abraham of sedding the blood of his son...God will provide the Lamb who will shed the blood of the new covenant...his own Son Jesus Christ... The same thing is comunicate in Acts 28:28, That in the ignorance to the Gentiles and without their being asked God sent salvation to them. They were included in the work of the Cross... Salvation is also to them, not to he Jews only....as in how God demonstrate to Peter when he sent him to Gentile Cornilius family... Not he way Peter preach the Gospel to the Jews on the day of Penticost.... And the way the disciples were preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles till that time requiring them among other things to e circumcised... Peter said; God gave his holy Spirit to unsircumsized Gentiles and before they were purified and clean from the idol pollution... And then Peter chalenge the others disciples, by saying can any one forbit me to baptized those whom Jesus has saved whom he had cleanced with his death...and ave them the same Holy Spirit he gave to us as in the day of Penticost.... Peter then understand the vision that came down from heaven before he began his journey to Cornilius... That sircumsision now it was only a cultural thing...so they are able to faction withing the Jewish coulture.... Like Paul said; if you are in a house or coulture who eat only vegetables, conform with...do not asked to e served meat, and o not bring your own meat....do not offend.... PS The sircumstances God made the old covenant with Moses and the Israelites are not the same... The procedure that followed it was not the same.... That's what I meant with my opening statement in my other post....thank you for helping me to explain it.
  3. What is it that you do not understand, let me know, If could further expand on it...
  4. I don't know if it has come to your attention that Jesus Christ was not to the Gentiles, (and to the Jews), like Moses was to the Israelites... Jesus did not gather the Gentiles and the Jews together and go up a mountain and come down with the stone tablets, and make a blood covenant with the Gentiles, and the Jews. Your Gospel, defers with the Gospel as it was preach by the disciples... (I try not to use strong words) First of all, all the sacrifices in the Law of Moses was for past sins.... Precisely for past sins.. No one could apply the blood of a sacrifice for a sin committed after any sacrifice together with his repentance...and confession and a plea for pardon. In the Law the sinner must offer the sin offering... The sin(s) must be transfer to the sacrifice by having the sinner place his hand on the head of the animal... We must have the priests who do the sacrifice, and scattered the blood on the altar... This is it , the sinner in this way is free from the sin, the sin is upon the sacrificial animal, the sinner must die, in this case "the animal", pays for the sin with his life for the sinner...and the sinner is no more a sinner.. This is for the individual sin and it takes place in the Holy Place of the Temple.... And this is the only time a non priest and more precisely a sinner non priest is allowed to enter the Holy Place, and not alone....only while bringing the animal sacrifice besides the altar....there is no theatrics there...no drama....from the sinner... The Law does not include all kinds of sins specify the sins. And not everyone was allowed to partake in the yearly Attonment.. Those only according to the rules of eligibility...found in the Law could participate in the yearly Attonment... There was an long list which prohibits participation... JESUS ABOLISHED ALL RULES OF ELIGIBILITY FOUNT IN THE LAW.... Jesus was not like Moses to gather the people and go up to the mountain and bring the Law and make a covenant between the Israelites and their Lord and their God. Jesus gather the people both Jews and Gentiles, and he went up the Golgotha carrying his Cross to die on and shed the Blood of the new covenant and he came back with the glory of the CHRIST... He is not anymore Jesus, but he is Jesus the CHRIST of God... Samson died among his enemies, to give them death....but Jesus died among his enemies both Jews and Gentiles to give them LIFE EVERLASTING... Samson walk out of the city and removed the gates on the way out. Jesus was raised from the dead, and he was not alone when he exit the place of the dead, his beloved was with him.. Everyone who believed in him when he preach the Gospel In the place of the dead and on his way out he TOOK THE KEYS OF THE GATES OF (HADES), THE PLACE OF THE DEAD AND THE KEYS OF DEATH... JESUS GIVES LIFE... AND DEATH CAN NEVER COMES ON ANYONE WITH THE LIFE OF JESUS. THE ETERNAL LIFE... The the goat the high priest put his hands on to transfer the sins of the Nation upon... Did not die, as in the individual sin offering... In the Attonment the "sinner does not die", the sinner is left unpunished and free, with the prohibition from God " no one to kill it, if it was found", The innocent goat died in his place...and payed the price for the sins of everyone... "The innocent dies", and the sinner lives... Life comes to the sinner and no death... The sacrifice for our sins not only die but was raised from the dead and he is our Lord and our Judge...and Judges from the Throne of God in Heaven...
  5. Exodus 12:11 And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet.... (The Israelites ate the Lamb...that saved their first born and the first born of their cattle, while they were still in Egypt, still under the Egyptian bondage. Many of them were Idolaters as we see how they were expose later on, and were dip into sin from the witness of the Lord, that's why he gave them the Law.. By he asked them as they were to eat the Lamb and apply of his blood to their door post. The Lord asked them to eat the lamb and to apply of his blood on the door post of their houses, and why.. .to saved their first born and their firstborn of their cattle's firstborn from the plague that the Lord had put upon the firstborn of man and beast in the land of Egypt. Exodus 12:12 For I will pas through the Land of Egypt this night, and I will pass and smite all the firstborn in the Land of Egypt, both man and beast: and against all the Gods of Egypt I will execute judgement: I am the Lord. (This only included the male firstborn of man and cattle) IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SIN.... it was (not only) for the Lord to execute judgement against the Gods of Egypt, who failed to saved the male firstborn of their own Egyptian's of man and cattle, But also later he told him that the firstborn who were under the plaque of death and gave them life , they were his, they were set apart for him... Exodus 12:29. And the same for the male firstborn of cattle..They were his and to be sacrificed to him. The men to whom they were as good as dead and gave them life, he took them for priest, he set them apart as the Levies..and he took priests from them. Only those whom the Lord gave them life were allowed to take part in the worship before the Lord.... That it was only for the firstborn, the plaque was not upon all the people, but only upon the first born man and cattle. The firstborn were the Lord's for that time on. The people had to redeemed their firstborn from the Lord. And the firstborn of the cattle had to be sacrificed to him... Discretion was made for cattle like donkeys and others they did not belong to man, and they were not for sacrificing, they were put to death... THEY WERE BORN UNTO DEATH... example is Samuel where his mother promise to the Lord. Give me a son, and I will not redeem him from you, I will be just the vessel to give birth to him for you, he will be yours...Amen Exodus 12:13 And the blood shall be to you as a token upon the houses where you are. And when I will see the blood I will pass over you, and the plaque shall not be upon you to destroy you when I smite the the Land of Egypt... Exodus 12:29 And it came to pass that at midnight the Lord smote all the first born in the Land of Egypt....from the first born of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon: and all the first born of cattle. And their first born were saved from death, together with the first born of the cattle... WE SHALL WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH AND IN THE LIFE.... as the Lord gave life to the firstborn in that time in Egypt...and those to whom he gave life, were allowed to worship before him... ARE YOU HAVING THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST IS ETERNAL, ARE YOU HAVING THE ETERNAL LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST.. THOSE WHO HAVE THE ETERNAL LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST, NEVER DIE... AND THEY RESURECTED WITH HIM, and they are where Jesus is... Is Jesus in Heaven at the Throne as Lord of all... If he cannot Judge right now then he is not the Lord. He is the Lord since he sat on the Throne two thousand years ago... And the authority has been given to him to Judge all people since to thousand years ago...I do not see anything else in the scriptures.. As in revelations we see him judging the churches in manor asia of that time... And his believers individually while they carry on their lives... Paul also teach the same thing...Jesus judges his own people if not how he can forgive our sins... How can he tell, we have sin, or disobey , or believe, or believe in God, which is good, but you have refused to believe in Jesus Christ.. Or you only want Jesus sacrifice for the past sins... Then you are still in your sins... Jesus die to give us life everlasting... If Jesus sacrificed was for the past sins only... And the past begins and ends at the time of his death. Then only one person was saved. Only the thief on the Cross and no one else.. Under the law the yearly Attonment, was only for the sins of the past..of that year.. If the devotee sin he had to offer another new sacrifice for the past sin... But Jesus lives, and he always say, I have died and payed the price, and have been the propritiation for all of our sins... And he is also our Judge, not like the same as in the old. .and his sacrifice was unblemished, and he had life in him, and not death.... As the rest of the Israelites including the priest and the high priest...who all had death...forgivness of sins, but not the life of God. They still had death... Jesus came to gives what the Law could not give Life, he is the life giver... That's what John the Baptist said to Jesus; YOU HAVE SOMETHING I NEED...(the Law can not give). And God gave his wittnes by giving of his holy spirit only to Jesus... Both of them without sin, standing side by side....but the Holy Spirit of God descended only upon the one with the life and not death in him Jesus Christ.
  6. That's what I say to put emphasis and remove any doubt... We are his redeemed, we will never be found naked..... He said if you have two clocks give one to someone who does not have, and that's what he did , he practice what he preach... He was born righteous, and he earn another righteousness by living a righteous life.... He not only redeemed us with his blood, but he also he earn an extra righteousness for us. We are not only found shock in his blood- saying shock, because is enough for everyone- someone can rub it from me-meaning to believe from my witnessing to him- and there always be enough fir me... But also gifted us with a clock of his righteousness...that important, if his righteousness, so he can recognise it that it is his own, in case we appear before him wearing our righteousness on top of his righteousness... Instant the other way around, the coat of our righteousness under the coat of his righteousness.. That will make him smile...he will say you live your life without the fear of Hell...
  7. Eternal lake of fire as oppose to .... And then what .... What happens.... where can you be found, if you are not found in the lake of fire.. then where....??? Would you tell us...
  8. How can we find out what is to conform to the image of Christ???
  9. John 17:24.. Is the scripture you are asking for. The scriptures also say; That. Jesus is in the right hand of God... Is this description in the Heaven, is Jesus together with the Heavenly Father? If the answer is yes, we need to have supporting scriptures. If the answer is no, we want to know where he is and we still need supporting scriptures... I have supporting scriptures to support the yes answer, that Jesus is in haven.... I am not sure what you stand for... So I can list the scriptures you asked for, that supports that we go to be where Jesus is... With the Father in Heaven...please fill our want to know , where you stand in this issue. What happened to people when they die... before Jesus Christ and after the death and the resurrection of Jesus, to see where we can find the dead ....before and after Jesus. I am looking forwards to your response.
  10. To your question above this is my answer. You need to consider the above scriptures in the context they were spoken with....by the spoke person... I notice your answers are in the plural, assuming that others agree with you. You have changed the context to my previous answer, about the meaning of what I must do to be saved in the Warden's and Paul's encountered. You apply "sin", when "sin" is not mention...at all...even though Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins... The Warden's appeal to Paul it was not about sin... Please read it again...and the event in the scriptures.. The context is about how Jesus sets "the prisoners free" from their fallen death inheritance... How he saved them from the prison of their fallen death inheritance, and brought them into his heavenly inheritance... Thank you for the question...
  11. God raised Jesus from the dead and gave him the Heavens as his inheritance.... I am the door!!!! No one comes to the Father except through me... What does this communicates... The warden from the city of Philippie in Maccedonia asked Paul ; What I must do to be Saved? Paul understood what the warden had in his mind..... Note: they did not discussed matters as addictions, afflictions of the flesh and soul....depression..heart breaks, sadness...neither Paul talk about those things, before the warden asked the question... What I must do to be saved... A question a far east person will never ask with the same thoughts as the warden in his mind.. And Paul cannot give to the far eastern person the direct answer and he have an similarly response as he had from the warden.
  12. Jesus does not distance him self from anyone who believes in him and is in need of correction... Jesus will never take away the time for self reflection and the opportunity for correction from anyone... Anyone who comes to me I will never refuse him. He also said something new, that was not the custom of the Jewish culture... He said to his disciples that from now on you have to learn to forgive one another as long as it takes...do not count the times you need to forgive one another.... Jesus knew that we all need to learn to forgive without keeping record of the times we forgive.. Jesus knew that punishment is a deterrent and that the fear of punishment is also a deterrent. We all know that, we all have experience the fear of punishment...this is part of our societies, part of family discipline... We see in some events in the bible.... We see that God tried to eliminate evil from the earth by eliminating those contaminated with evil... He started with the flood, eliminating all the evil people from the earth, then he punished Sodoma and Gomora, and destroyed not only the people but also their wealth, and their cities.. Then he began to forgive people and not punishing them, without them asking... The children of Jacob, for their sins and their lies to Jacob about Joseph....God also protected them from the punishment of Jacob , he hide it from him, let's he kill all of them, thus eliminating the evil from his family, and be left only with Benjamin.... Who later they still the daughters of the idolaters , to have wives, and children. God also had to leave the idolatry of the children of Jacob unpunished, and also their sins unpunished...and he bless them and greatly multiplied them in that situation....and he left Moses unpunished, and the whole nation unpunished and he even delivered their children and their animals from death- the pass over-, till he decided to take a murderer, (the type of Cain, and Lamech, and a contaminated nation with sin and idolatry, for himself.. And he tried to show them their sins, his zero tolerance for disobedience....refusing to accept repentance for some disobedience and forgiving others through the sacrifices... Finally he decided the time had come to punish Jesus for our sins, thus living the sinful people unpunished, removing the fear of punishment from God to them, but not the fear of punishment from the state or other people, he still left a deterrent in place. But he not only removed the fear of punishment from them, he also adapted them as his own people, redeeming them by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and giving hem of his life and of his spirit, and of his righteousness, As they were contaminated with evil and polluted with idolatry and he worship of Devils. And while he left the evil in the world to run abundant, he began to eliminate the evil from the heart and mind of his people, because he took them as his own as they were, by faith in him, as to not be afraid when they see themselves saturated in evil, that he is not going to eliminate them, but to give them the assurance that he wants them as they are not having their own righteousness, but having the righteousness of God by faith in Jesus Christ, and having the righteousness of Jesus Christ as a role model to them, he can began to eliminate the evil from them, and giving them a thirst of righteousness and the things of God and Jesus Christ, by giving them a new heart to long after God, but still living them in their sick body with his desires, and a sinful and enticing world...and the fight to bring the body (our selves), with his desires under subsection beginning. "O a wrench man that I am....living in this world, which appeals in the desires of the flesh.... But we need that too, we are still in the world, and we need to love and lust, like the animals, to some sort, if not how are we going to fill the earth with offsprings, Through artificial insemination!!! And how are we going to live, if we have nothing to eat, or feed our children..if there is not any other option.... What are we going to do, live by faith, that's why James said; you are going to die, your faith alone, want put food in yours and your children's stomach. Sometimes it does, God sends some people to help, sometimes we need to go to them, if they are not any, then what beg??? still??? That's why James is telling the wealthy in his congregation, do not just pray for the have nots... And say; God will provide, because that it will not happen, or God wants this to happen through you, to be God's helper in providing.... Faith that God will provide will not produce the fruit, is dead , if you are not helping in the providing... The same thing faith that Jesus is the Christ of God, will not save any idolater if we do not have the evangelists, if Jesus did not send his disciples to preach the Gospel...his faith that the world will be saved through him it will not come to pass, and if his disciples refuse to go...that's why he gave them fire of the Holy Spirit. "This is going to be done by fire🔥🔥
  13. The righteousness of Jesus Christ, is imputed on us at the time when we first believe, like little children without judging our selves.... This is the righteousness Jesus was talking that exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and the Parishes. This is the righteousness we enter the Kingdom of God with.... The imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. At the same time we are asked to do a self examination regarding the state of our own righteousness.... The righteousness we have in Jesus name is represented as a red robe (the blood of Jesus Christ), and the righteousness in our name is a white rob, or raiment.....while in the Kingdom of God we are asked to examine our selves, or our white robes for stains..... And wash our raiments to a white as snow, for many reasons.....but not to reversed our way towards Hell..... We do not have this fear, we have the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ.. We live in the new testament.
  14. And they overcame him (and we together with them as believers in Jesus Christ) by the blood of the Lamb and their testimony... What if some are content to be among the least in the Kingdom of Heaven....and are boasting in the blood of Jesus Christ. Should we also follow after them or we should pursuit righteousness to be found not among the least in the kingdom of God... (talking about believers in Jesus Christ). Because they are many other factors that determines who is found among the greatest in the kingdom of God... If we are not among the least in the Kingdom of God, then we are somehow on the path from the least to the greatest.... Without faith in Jesus Christ no one can be found among the least, or the greatest, or along the path from the least to the greatest...
  15. How about the time when the veil was torn and Jesus crying, its finish.... Did Jesus death on the Cross ended the sacrifices in the Temple from God's perspective... did God required that the sacrifices be continue after the blood of Jesus was shed on the Cross, the blood of the new covenant that was shed for the forgiveness of our sins... the Temple continuing to be "The Temple of God ", by name only... It lost it's divine substance....the beast of desolation who was waiting to take over, it took over, Jesus said that is taking place...with his death on the Cross.
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