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  1. I know that is passion that blinds the people, and that passion kill JESUS CHRIST. And all the other disciples, passion for what the people believe, to defend what they believe. Do you think it is easy what you ask.
  2. Those people from Romans chapter 1:, and 2:, which you have come to believe that because of their faith in God that he is the Creator, and or of their good consience, but without knowledge of JESUS CHRIST that they are saved , and that their knowledge of God and or their good consience is what is needed for Heaven, is against the truth of the Gospel, and against the words of JESUS CHRIST. You must also know that those people are Idolaters, and come from idolatric background, and perhaps they die idolaters, and some of them they prosecuted and kill they faithful in Jesus Christ those who brought to them the good news of Jesus Christ the ETERNAL LIFE. And if you believe they are co-heirs of Heaven together with JESUS CHRIST, you are sencerly mistaken , but still mistaken. And where did they get the ETERNAL LIFE from without JESUS CHRIST, How can they be under the blood of Jesus Christ without faith in Jesus Christ , that he died for the forgiveness of our sins. I very much dough that when Paul or the other faithful died in the hands of those who believe God is the Creator, and or those who had a good consience, and that will include the Jews. I don't think so at that moment Paul said; See you in Heaven.
  3. I am confused with this kind of question. Can Passion for God exists without knowledge? Knowledge about God we all know can exist without passion and without even faith, and or faith in another God. And how can someone define passion and within what limits. And their is blind passion. And they are the extremes. And the Jelots. And those who are acting out of the fear of God. And those who are afraid of the punishment of God. And those who obey out of fear. They both co-exist to some decree all the time. When one is talking over the other, will depend on the specific sircumstanses, and is not always one way in this matter, sometimes either one can take the lead. Take the subject of healing, someone may be very passionate about God, and then very sceptical even in the mode of denial about healing and Spiritual gifts. Even going to the extremes, to claim that whatever we see today is from the Devil and not God. Yes Passion can come also with distortions and we need knowledge (the correct one), to come back , or the missleading knowledge to be grounded in our distortions with passion, and so on....
  4. There is something positive in this discussion, we needed a voice in that direction. There is a lot of abuse in the churches by the pastors (the Lords of the churches, not all of them) and the yes people around them. There must be a discussion about these abuses, and not a prohibition. To start a new church is not the ideal answer, eventually, leaders will come and the same thing will happen. We need not to remain silent, but when and where is the right time and the right place to make inquiries. To pretend there is no prosecution within the churches of those who are not blind followers, is not the answer to a healthy church inviroment. And don't you be so naive to respond to the call, "be free to ask questions", This is meant as a screening device , to screen out those who are not afraid , to give their two cents. The OP brought an issue up for discussion, and we instant of discussing the issue we are discussing him. How to go about it is also an issue , but not having a clear path of how to go about it, should not be an excuse and ignore the abuses within the four walls of the churches. We need vocal people like the OP, and if we think his ways are not the best and he is moving too fast, carried by the forse of his emotions, let's pray for him, and the Lord Jesus will show him everything he needs to know and do and the right time, and he will give him the strength to hold his horses for the right time. I want to congratulate him for been willing to be prosecuted for what he believes. But perhaps the Lord has some way to have better results, and without the need for him to challenge prosecution. Because those who prosecute him, having believed in them selves that they are doing a service to God, are expecting and waiting to receive a reward from JESUS CHRIST. Like Paul when he helped to stoned Stephen .
  5. I read adds for pastors, but not yet any for bishops. Maybe you should start your own Church and set a model for others to follow. It's not whether you are right or wrong, is the way you go about it. You can not walk into someone else's church and tell them what to not do, or how to run it. The church is given to the elders, and to the directors to run it. It is their church, they are the Stuarts good or bad, and soon someone else will take their place. It seems that you care for those who are affected. God bless
  6. I always was in a state of not knowing what really that scripture meant. I tent to accept in the absence of any other input that it meant that, that individual it was no more under the eternal fountain of the blood of the Lamb, as a result he was lost to Hell, even though he was a believer. But somehow I could not accept that was, what the author wanted to convey, but that was what everybody was saying. And I am glad that you touch on that matter. I always understood that Jesus Christ can not take away his sacrifice on the Cross, that is not possible. And the suggestion that he can choose whose faith he is willing to accept, and or rejected it seems quite out of reason, because he has die for all. and he accepts the faith of everyone who believes, he is not in a position to choose, he has also die for sinners , repented or unrepentent . Now I have come to understand that the author did not reflect on the position of how Jesus Christ regards this matter, but the author is showing the sircumstanses of the individual, and how the unrepentant sinner may be affected by his own ways, ( and it is not fair to generalize about every one, that they are all in the same situation, not all sins have the same hold or strength on everyone). This is I think what the author wanted to say. For he speaks about repentance, and not about faith and the attonmen in his blood. As in the OT, there was the sacrifice of the Attonmen for everyone, and then those who were under the sacrifice of that Attonmen if they found that they are in sin, they had to have another sacrifice so as to atton for this specific sin, I believe that what the author had in mind, and he has saggested that Even if we sin , we are still under the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ and we will always be, and we are still not defiled by our sin, and we may be ignorant of the sin, and we may not even know it. Or as one disiple said others may ask JESUS CHRIST to forgive us and not to hold our sins against us, and it all depends. But here the author says that if we repent then we remain clean from evil influence that may sease the opportunity to enter and influence the way of our life. He emphasized that when people do not repent whether knowing the importance of repentance or not, or just because they never learned, and I don't mean to refrain from sins, and that too is important, and not everyone who remains in some sin it means that he is willing to be open to all kinds of sins, but he may be persuaded to some but not to all That what it is, many are ignorant of the importance of clean living, and believe and are the captain of their own ship, but they are not there to steer the ship , they just leave some of the steering to whatever they approve. The author is saying that those who are under the attonmen of JESUS CHRIST, and are many they leave their lives as if there is not need to cleanse them selfs from their sins, they do not take advantage of repentance as to keep them selfs clean. They leave their lives as if there is not cleansing available in the name of Jesus sacrifice, which sacrifice also included not only the blood of the attonmen Lamb, but also the blood of the individual Lamb for the individual sins, kind of, I am trying not to be too legalistic, but that how it is. Jesus Christ provided the blood for the general inclusive attonmen and the blood of the repentance. And that the author is saying, for those Believers they live , like ignoring the blood of the repentance, and that they remained unclean. That some willingly remained unclean. Nothing to do with Hell, only with clean or defiled with sin, or evil. I am not an expert, only speaking from my own experience and how I had lived some of my life. I was a strong believer, but I understood nothing about living under the power of Jesus Christ, which comes not only with repentance, but by seeking an upright Godly living. I came to this need and seek JESUS CHRIST after I was overcome with evil, and run down with too much evil. At that time it was a pleasure and that's how it is I think for everyone who fellowships with the desires of the flesh, and is not quarding himself. Thanks God I knew that my only refuse and option was to run to JESUS CHRIST. Too much evil, too many evil spirits, and most of the People do not know, they are there, and they have given it , other names. It is better if you never find out. The biggest mistake is to tell someone who believes in Jesus Christ , "repent of your sins or you are going to Hell" Because both Jesus Christ will tell that it is not truth by remind it the Scriptures that said if you believe in me , you have ETERNAL LIFE, and not one can take from me, and that I have come to Save and not to Judge And believe it or not if someone in sin, is a strong believer, even the Devil is going to tell you that you are not going to Hell, because first you don't believe it, and secondly the Devil wants you to continue to sin, and he may even help you in your sins, so you will love your sins so much, and so you may remain in them, and this way he can have control over the life of a Believer . And use you to be a trouble to your family and others families and get them very agree, and violence may follow, and will follow. I wish I could have heard , instant of "repent or going to Hell", something else , like glad you believe, and nothing else, and give me a card with the church address and some telephone number of a kind , non judging brother and leave me in both my sins , and the good I had, and the devil and the Holy Spirit, or JESUS CHRIST and let them fight for me.
  7. Jesus the second Adam, me also.
  8. Hello JTC, JESUS CHRIST healed many, not just Jews, but even Gentiles, although a few. One time he said, and that it was before the Cross, that his mission was to the Jews only, but that before the Cross. He also said something else to the Jews, who believe in God and were not Idolaters, that if you are not sure if am the CHRIST , believe in me that I am the CHRIST for the works that I do, and he was including the healings he was doing, and Peter said in the man by the gate in the Name of Jesus get up and walk. And many believed in JESUS CHRIST because of the miracles he and his disciples did. After the resuraction JESUS comanted the disciples and said to them. I sent you in the whole world now to everyone and the same miracles I did among the Jews, I give you power for you to do among the Gentiles, and he said that for Jesus die for all, and he said to them , preach the good news and do the miracles in my name, so the people will see that I am the Lord and that I am not dead and I am alive evermore.
  9. You are not clear, and that's is very confusing, Some times we may leave details out, and still get a clear meaning of it. You have to give the specific scenario , the whole story with specifics. Jesus Christ gave powers to his disciples to heal all manner of sickness. The disciples were people, and they were his disciples, and Jesus said by faith in me. Jesus disciples had nothing to do with the "Holy men", of other relegions, or orders who are healers, and these days advertise their healing powers, and have nothing to do, with JESUS CHRIST. All kinds of faiths have their Holy men, and even in the Christian faith people look up to their Pastor and Minister and call them, the "Holy man", or the "Man of God", and that usually is happening in Countries where there are "Holy Men", of other relegions, so the people can make the distinction, between a Christian and non Christian leader. Many are called "Holy", because they are not sinning, and they are ascetics, but have nothing to do and are not believers and disciples of JESUS CHRIST. Are you from one of these Countries, with "Holy Men", who are operating in other names , than the name of Jesus Christ only?
  10. Jesus said I have not come to Judge but to saved, I would rather be a servant of your needs, than to Lord you with the fear of punishment. Paul perhaps, because he grew up in a very strict OT environment , may have taken for him, quite some time to distance himself from the old way, where anyone who offended the Temple, was kill by God, and if God did not kill him, he was kill by the people. Now we live in the new, and that does not mean, that God now has the right to destroy us, he is calling us to repentance, to restore us, to bless and not to course, to expose to love , the unlovable, and be kind to the unkind. Later Paul seeing that Jesus Christ did not destroy the people, he said the Lord is penciant and slow to act. JESUS CHRIST wants to destroy the wrong in us, not us. Jesus is calling the defiled to faith. What defiled means anyway.
  11. I think that you have sin against them and your family. They were, what ever they were, and they had many things to deal with, and then they have you. You disturb them, you accused them you want to change them , you want to control their behavior and their thinking, and I am not quite naive to accept anything you said about them, and why should I? Even Pilot said , I want to hear what the accused has to say, and he lived two thousand years ago, and he was an Idolater , but that didn't stop him for been a fair man. Perhaps soon enough, you are going to tell them how to dress, and how to comb their hair. Leave them alone, give them some space and something, a donation for the upkeeping of the utilities, and enjoy the good they have. If you did not notice something about yourself, perhaps you need someone to tell you, then let's see how you are going to react. Because from what I have seen, you are doing the same thing you are complaining about, keep talking about them nonstop, and nothing you have said have complemented them. They must sing and pray, and say something good about Jesus Christ, and they must say "alleluia", Please take that with a grain of salt, but you reminded of my self, and how stubborn I was, someone told me, why don't you have your own Church. Now I understand what he meant, the church belongs to the people who run it. And they are not perfect. My opinion is , better visit an imperfect church, than a perfect one, it is a lot better. I might be wrong, if this is the case, my apologies for speaking like I know you, when I don't. God bless
  12. You are reading through, and you have skills a few people have. I am not going to say congratulations, but I will say that you are bull's eye, excellent you are right on. I am trying to do something, to make people not to be afraid to think on their own. " what need did Jesus address by saying something, somehow what he might have been thinking, what he wanted to put into motion when he was doing something. My Father was a judge, not easy to get along with. I run away from him, more than once. He said; when you think you know a lot about something, tell yourself, that you do not really know that much, then you may see something you did not expect to be there. Try to answer some of the questions if you like with your own words. Here is a new one; Why the Holy Spirit, went to Jesus and not to Jonh.
  13. Many may misanderdood the strong emphasis, it sounds like this is a message from Satan. From my understanding we see the signs and the work of the beast at hand. We do not get to see the beast. Anyway who knows, only the giver of those visions and words knows for sure. I leave it at that, and God bless, I stayed away from these controversies.
  14. The Devil blesses , prospers, promotes, success in besiness, favors, heals and can tell the future. All those are good gifts, but they don't come from above. Paul said we should not be ignorant of the devices of the Devil. What if a man wins the whole world, but he looses his own shole. Someone received a cash gift from a stranger , and he kept thanking JESUS CHRIST, till the police arrested him, for possession of marked and counter fate money. This lady very excited to get a job the whole church prayed for. And the elders did not listen to the message of the Lord by a stranger, whom the Lord sent to tell them, that the Lord will open another door, and not to take this job , no only she , but not anyone else. After the elders called him a false prophet, and deceived, the Lady took the job, and before too long she was pregnant with her married boss. We need to be careful, not everyone who is good manners, is a good person. Not anyone who gives candy is a sweet person.