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  1. Your closest friendnt

    Born again??

    Thank you for this bible passage. I have always been fascinated to read this passage about Nicodemus. Nicodemus found out from Jesus Christ that he was not born from the Spirit, verse 8. Nicodemus he knew that because the children of God before the Cross the Jews and the others Galilians and...were the children of the law which includes the cleansing ceremonies which useses water. So Jesus was telling him that in his time this will happened and that he Nicodemus will witness the event before it happens. He Nicodemus will see Jesus Christ the Messiah dead on the Cross. Then Jesus said if you believe in me after that event when you hear the Gospel of the resuraction then you will be born of the spirit , in the new family of God, of the children born of the Spirit. So this is the question; When is anyone born of the Spirit? Nicodemus believe the message of Peter that Jesus died on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins and raised from the dead and is sitted on the Heavenly Throne on the right hand of God. The Judge and Lord over all. If you also believe like Nicodemus that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for the forgivness of our sins and raised from the dead, then like Nicodemus you are born from the SPIRIT of GOD, from above.
  2. Your closest friendnt

    Born again??

    I accept your point, to a certain extent, the sinners prayer it seems to be model from the early times of the ministry, where they had to cleanced the people before they presented them to the Lord. As it was at the begining so it is with the sinners prayer it seems to judge faith in Jesus Christ without works. can be used to judge others as not being saved, it misleads people to think that they were not saved, when in fact they were saved before the prayer was said, as it is said by people who believe. Jesus accepts the faith of anyone who believes in him with no repentance or with repentance. The people may accept the fellowship of repented believers in their congregations only. But Jesus is not the same. In his name he accepts the faith and saves people outside the congregation and their rules. Amen.
  3. Your closest friendnt

    Born again??

    If you want to make very simple, all we need is to believe, if it us by faith alone in the work of Jesus Christ.
  4. Your closest friendnt


    This is a question about the sinners prayer, and I do not want to say anything against it, only to point somethings about it. Which prayer serves a propose to lead believers in Jesus Christ to repentance who are seeking the active help and quidance of the Holly Spirit. It is a prayer and I do not want to say something against a prayer. It does not need to be a perfect prayer, for Jesus knows the needs of the believers before they pray, but it is a way for the believers to open their hearts and minds to the help of the Holy Spirit, to accept the help of Jesus Christ in this life, and to become consious of it, and call upon his name in the time of need. Letting go of the dependance upon other saints who have pass away. Just calling on the name of Jesus and seek the help and prayers of other fellow believers. Often believers in Jesus Christ see themselves trapped and intangle in the love and lust and sins of this present world, and loose their peace in their heart and minds, living in some fear and being tormented by the devil and then seek the help of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to help them get out and keep them out. Or others pray the prayer for some other reasons...as seeking the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the peace it gives in their heart and minds. It is not to be saved of Hell, but to be saved from the sinfull ways and from the iniquity and love and lust of this world. And from fear and torment. Also is one of the ways to bring peace in one's heart and mind snd conscience..in different matters. Prayer is needed for the suffering to break loose the beliver from the powers of the darkness, and also Sound teaching can do a good job to remove the fear of Hell, and the punishment of sin , or the fear of the devil , or the threats of the devil in the heart and the mind of a believer. It is not to be use to judge other believers if other Christian communities and condemn them to Hell. It is not to be used to alleviate the fear of Hell from a believer in Jesus Christ, who already is Saved from Hell, by faith alone in Jesus Christ. . And if it needs to be done that way, let it be. And the need for sound teaching to followed, to understand the redemsion in Jesus Christ. Imagine someone with the righteousness of Jesus Christ , being in the bondage of the fear of Hell. Out of confusion and misunderstanding... The believer in Jesus Christ is free for the fear of Hell. I don't speak against repentance, and against discipleship, please do not misunderstood me. I am a repented believer and that's what I want, finally learning to live in the Joy of the newest of life, and the peace to live in pleasing Jesus, making Jesus to want to love me in his own special way, and I do not want and I am not going to trade this with anything else.
  5. Your closest friendnt

    Born again??

    Reading your post I am left with the question., Do we need the sinners prayer to inherit a place in Heaven, even a place amongs those who are too busy with the cares of this life? A place amongs those who loved this world.... A place amongs those who practice iniquity, a place amongs the so-call "Goats"? Is Heaven only for the disciples, or missionaries, or those who are martyrs of the faith of Jesus Christ? Do we need our own righteousness for a place in Heaven?
  6. Your closest friendnt

    What Caused A No Show Of Christ

    Workout saying anything pro or against, only in the spirit of inquiry. Yes I read Rev:1,7 but as it is plain , I won't bring into it, something to "suplement it" , Things as "a physical Kingdom", or what else, what else could it be? It one think to inquire about something, and another thing to suggest something and asking to be proven wrong, so to speak. Examining what you suggest the question is how those who pierced him will be able to see him , then he must have come when they were still alive... The Gospel was preach to them... Some of them must have seen him in his glory, the way Stephen discribe him, or Paul... Or when the disciples heal the people in the name of Jesus... As saying : Jesus is here reach out and touch him. "If two of you gather in my name "I will be there with you.
  7. Your closest friendnt

    I Often read of "God Told Me"

    I see your question more as a personal experience with our Lord. I have personal experiences; There was a time that I was looking for a job, and was quite frustrated. Then in my frustrations I came across an add that was fit for me. while I was thinking to apply , in my frustration I said ; never mind and I felt tired of apllying. And then something happened without me asking or thinking about. From withing me I heard just like someone talking to me. It was something like everything went very quite within me and like a crystal clear voice said to me; "go", in a prompting gentling pushing me way. "go and apply", Sudently I energized and went to apply. While waiting for the interview , there were other people there, I usually talk to others, but this time I kept to my self. Suddenly without thinking about anything just the interview, as I looked at someone I heard a prompting within saying; "talk to him", but I stay put, then again in a friendly warm tone "go and taulk to him", which I did. As we were talking, cultural and educational conversation, sudendly I heard within me, "I gave him the job". That's all, I did not say anything to no one, that was something personal that encourage me to continue to look for a job. But I said something to him, I said; "you are younger, I think that they are looking for younger people, you have a good chance", I was interview first, and I was waiting for him, who got out with a smiling face, he said , I have to come back in two hours to meet with the supervisor. Strange as it was for me, in all this I got what i needed. I got the "revelation" to begin to look for employers who offer jobs to my group age. Is that wonderfull, and as I was thinking about that I realized that Jesus gets involved and care for our situations and needs even when we do not know that he is helping us.
  8. Your closest friendnt

    Whatever happened?

    Thank's for the scripture, and taulking about scriptures, I have to remind my self to practice more love, and if not in my name , then I have to do it in the name of Jesus, and Less scriptural judgement, lees I become like Paul , having a mission to prosecute christians in the name of God. And expecting a reward.
  9. Your closest friendnt

    Whatever happened?

    To wash one another's feet it was told to the disciples, who were God fearing people and only nedded their feet wash. But Jesus came to call everyone to faith including sinners, heavy sinners.... Let's have compation for them who in their extreme situations they decided to believe. It is not easy for many who feel unlovable by the sociaty who has a rightful duty to punish as a deterant, to mantain faith in Jesus Christ. So let's judged them and rightfuly if we must, but also let us show them the love and mercy of Jesus Christ towards them, and encourage them to continue in the faith in spite of their continued in some of their sins and their missbehavior. -and we are not in their afflictions, and we don't carry their barden. Let's they are decieved and are convince that Jesus does not want them anymore and stopped believing in him. Paul said many things, but he also said; What I own to everyone is LOVE.
  10. Your closest friendnt

    Purpose of the Study Groups Forums

    Thank you for your response. I understand that in the garden of Eden, as the scriptures say God created the first man Adam. And the scriptures said; Adam the Son of God. At that time God put his Life in him, and Adam was created with the life of God in him and with God's righteousness in him. So at the begining we had Adam with the Life of his Creator in him, and he was also with his righteousness and the time came when Adam and Eve fall, before they had any children, and from that time there was not any man on earth with the Life of God in him. There was only God the Creator who had the Life in him. Because he gave Adam from what he had from his Life. What he had he gave Adam, he had the Life of God the Father in him and that's what he gave to Adam. Adam was on his own, in that , as long as he remained in obedience to God, his creator he was in the Life of God and with the righteousness of God, because he was his offspring. Till he disobeyed God his Creator and he found himself without the Life of God in him. Adam at that time he did have righteousness before God, his Creator, but he was without the Life of God, he was a righteous man, but without the Life of God in him. Soon we see that Cain who had inherited righteousness from Adam only, as what Adam had he gave him. But as soon Cain Sin-the fist man to Sin, Cain lost his righteousness, and as a man without the Life of God and the righteousness of man Cain as the first sinner became totally alienated from God his Creator, and not only him but also his offsprings, no fault of their own. Because they inherited from Cain his unrighteousness. Borned in unrighteousness there was nothing in place to bring them back in righteousness, as well to bring a righteous man back to the Life of God. The Creator mourned for Abel, because he lost a righteous man. Who Abelbeven thought a righteous man did not have a HEAVENLY inheritance, and he found himself even thought close to God when he lived, but far and away from God at his death. And God the Creator said; the revenge is mind and not against Cain, but agains the one who took Abel from me. We see that time the Promise of the Creator, that the mission to give back the LIFE of God to man -to reconcile man back to him and to the Heavenly Father was his, when he comes in the flesh and be the peace of mankind and God. This time with Heavenly Inheritance and with a inputed righteousness and Life to man, in the name of Jesus. No fear in Jesus; we disobey, and we sin. But Jesus remain righteous and with the LIFE. And even thought we have our own righteousness, we also have Jesus righteousness and Life, and we will see the Heavenly Father because of the inputed righteousness and Life of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our peace with the Father, and as guarantee if the things to come he gave us of the Holy Spirit of God who testified of Jesus Christ, and calls Abba Father, we are his children. John in his Gospel, and not only him, but also in the prophecies was fortold that only the one with the Life of God in him can bring back man in the Life and the righteousness of God. And as we read in John this is only the one who had the Life from the beginning, the Creator of the first man who gave him from his life. And the disciple John continue to say that the one who had the Life the creator, who was with God the Father, God also because he came forth from the Father, and was given the mission to Create the world and man among other things. .Had to come in the flesh and be born by a woman, and be found in the flesh just as another man, but different from them, because he had the Life of God in him and the righteousness of God also with him. That's why he was called the second Adam, because like Adam at first had both the Life and the righteousness if God in him. He was called also the -Son of Man-, looked like any other man, but he was diferent than them, because he did not have a Jewish Father, who had the righteousness of the Law, but that's all, EMANUEL, for the Jews it was told, our God, the Creator if the world and the first man, and the blessor of Abraham will come to be with us, he is going to look like one of us, so as people could not tell. If not they will never crusified him. Hope that helps, Please respont if you would, every input helps.
  11. Your closest friendnt

    Please Pray

    Thank you for telling us, we will keep her in our thoughts and our prayers, and we believe that Jesus will help her to find relief in her situation. We pray that he help her first and if there is something that she would do to avoid the pain , if there is something in that derection that he should make it known to us. But to find rest from the pain is very important as it upset everything else and it makes it dificult not only for her but also for the people around her. Pray also that you be strengthen in this situation and a good health to you. God bless
  12. Your closest friendnt


    Hello Bernie65, I am not sure what do you mean as a "Chrstian", and I am not asking you to explain it, but if you could say something about your self it may help to understand what you mean to say about that matter. And it could help to know what you had come to understand at some time and then for some reason your disposition began to change and you began to think in a way to dought, and more specific not only what you beging to dought, but how and why your thought process if you could. As much as it would be ok with you. Cordially
  13. Your closest friendnt

    What is the doctrine of the Trinity?

    Thank you for the your comments. People ask many questions, and we have to admit that we try to have them digest things on our menu that the disciples of Jesus Christ did not offered. They did not use some of the terms you are refering to; I have people other than Christians asking me questions as the likes of. What the disciples had to say about this and that; Did not the people of that time asked the questions that we are facing today and we cannot find a way to explain it and not just to their satisfaction but also to ours. Past is the time when to just to ask a question they burned the -rebellious person-the one who inquired on the stick.. What about during the time before this practice, the time from the beginning of the Gospel and during the prosecution, which time people could inquired without the fear of being burned or exocomunicated. During the apostolic times we did not have this kind of contention, but also at the same time the disciples were very careful not to use terms that divide. Could this be the solution to the problem we face today, that we have the scholars who by promoting their intelectual wishful terms they meant to seperate the goats from the sheeps within their cogregation. To seperate those who give them their unquestionable support from those who dare to think. They create a situation and they ask the people bow down to it, or we will throw you to the lions. Perhaps we need to take a look how the disciples present the Gospel conserning these matters that as a result did not create these kinds of frictions. Even Jesus Christ before the Cross said somethings that meant for the time before the Cross. He never Judge any Gentile from the nations around the world, and he never visit the other nations of the world. He said "I have come for the Jews only". And at the same time he said that he is the one to Judge the whole world, and the secret thoughts of anyone in the world. Saying that he is the one chosen for this position and no anyone else. Butvat the same time he could not do that , for the obvious reason that he was not appointed and given that authority yet. That will happen later on not before he died and raised from the dead and the Heavenly Father glorified him and sitted him on the HEAVENLY THRONE, and giving him everything he had and the Holy Spirit... His time on the earth as to what he was , is time past, everything for him has become New. As it is the same as an adult the time of his youth is a time past. The same his time infancy and ignorance as to who he was is time past. Who he was before his birth it was not known to him as an infant and he did not have this knowledge that time but later on we see that he stopped calling Josef his Father and said "my Father in Heavens, I must do his will". The glory he has now it was his even as a infant, but he had not die yet in full obedience to earn it. As he said if I do not die nothing will be accoblish. Now he can say "I have the keys of Hades and Death... and every Knee shall bow down to me". "Everything is given unto me", Everything we need is with Jesus, he has everything we need.
  14. Your closest friendnt

    Questions for a Frank and Open Discussion about Cults & Speaking in Tongues

    Personally I will fellowship with anyone with speaking in tongues or not, everyone has something to offer, Jesus is blessing everyone. We can have the Holy Spirit working in our lives and Gifts from the Holy Spirit with Speaking in tongues and not speaking in tongues.
  15. Hello choir loft, I need to make my point clear, and just wondering about it. Matthew 9:3, Jesus seeing their faith said unto the sick of the palsy; Son, be of good cheer; "thy sins be forgiven the", Jesus showd their faith, we do not have what is the specific including in "their faith", We do not know anything about those people, but from the context we can tell that this sick man needed forgiveness of his sins. I am not sure if he would be allowed to participate in the Jewish holidays, Passover, unleaven bread and.... In general the people believe that they need a sacrifice, the High Priest, and the Temple in Jerusalem with the Priest to do the required retuals to have their sins forgiven, as it was in the book of the Law... Gedeon did not asked..... Moses also did not asked, he even tried to persuade the Lord that he was unsuitable..... In the day of Penticost we have the close people to Jesus, gathered in Jerusalem. Peter did not asked and did not prayed to be sent to Gentile Cornelius Household, to the contrary the beliefs of the disciples were not to enter a Gentile's house, and they did not believed that the Holy Spirit will enter the Gentile house and fall upon the Gentiles as they were, and many of the believers had a dificulty to accept it, even some of those who did, did not see it as an example to follow. In Peter's mission to Cornilius we have Gentiles gathered in a Gentile's household. Peter enter in a Gentile's house, (according to the disciples beliefs at the time Peter would be considered unclean, No one asked or prayed for for what happened next. (In fact they did not believed that could happened), The Holy Spirit fell upon the Cornelius family, gathered in the Gentile household, who were not cleanced and or sircumsize according to their customs to be considered clean. They had not confessed their faith or renounsed their past, or confessed their sins or asked that their sins be forgiven and or be water baptized... But inspite of all that Jesus show their faith in him in their hearts and he pour the Holy Spirit upon them with the same power as in the day of Penticost. And all this was done as a sign to Peter and the others and also to the Gentiles, ...I do not suggest and I do not Judge anyone and anything, only that we have our ways and Jesus has also his ways, and we should not say that the blessing we have cannot come to other believers unless they do what we do, and only according to our specific beliefs and ways.