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  1. The Romanite religion

    This is great knews, to see their confession that Jesus is the CHRIST, the Savior of the world, and their Savior. They are not looking for another Savior to come, the way the descentans of the house twelve tribes do. Who do not believe that JESUS is the CHRIST of GOD. Great knews to hear also that they study the Bible, that means they are asking the Catholics to read the Bible. I heard that they also read from the King James Bible. And during the Holidays they reenact the events of the passion of Jesus Christ, and they fast till the time of the celebration of the resurrection. I don't think so, the descentans of the twelve tribes as a Nation, or the Moslem community are doing the same thing. Why are they different from the Catholics, why they do not join the Catholics in Celebrating the death and the resurrection and the ascention of Jesus Christ. My neighbor who had stopped going to the Catholic Church, he said that it is time to go back and find those who are ready to understand that they can worship in Spirit and in truth, without the need of preist, as it was a must in the Old Covenant. The preists had to intercede for the people.
  2. The Romanite religion

    JESUS CHRIST gave us an example of his love, he said turn the other chick. He is perfect and we are not. Even the disciples had to correct their doctrine, and they judge Peter , for splitting ways with them, and call him "false teacher", and they made a moutiny against him, and call him names. Because their Spirit did not agree with Peter's saying and doing. We have to be careful when we depend only upon our spirit and we judge what is right and what is not right. We have to be more careful when we call our consience the Holy Spirit of God. We must learn to discern our spirit from the Holy Spirit. Everyone who does not agree with us is not the devil. Why when you are tested , you are seen the devil. That's what Jesus Christ said, they call me the Devil, because they didn't understand me. Even in the book of the Revelation, JESUS CHRIST said, I knock on the door of their heart, trying to correct the churces from their error, and they seem me as the enemy. JESUS CHRIST loves the Catholics in some very special love, they are his children, and don't blame him, for not doing something drastic to bring change in them. If he leaves them as they are, learn to accept them, give them the truth, about the core values of the Gospel, and let him do the growth. Don't ask JESUS CHRIST to send them to Hell. As the disciples said, if you see your brother sinning, pray for him, that JESUS CHRIST forgives him . The wages of sin is not Death in the new covenant, we have our own righteousness, but we are in Jesus Christ righteousness the imputed righteousness because we believe that he die for us.
  3. The Romanite religion

    That what you understood that time, in the ignorance of the truth, that you were saved from Hell as Catholic. You needed to know the truth, that you do not go to Hell. You were deceived to have believed that you were going to Hell, because you weren't going to Hell. if you believe in Jesus Christ when you followed the fourteen steps during the Easter celebration, and if looked at them every time you were going to church, they tried to tell you that you were not going to Hell, but you didn't look at your faith, you look at your self, your thoughts, and perhaps your worldly desires . And had listen carefully when the Scriptures were read every Sunday. Did you ever paid attention, did you ever heard that Jesus Christ died and raised from the dead. All Catholics must believe that, to be a Catholic.
  4. The Romanite religion

    This is not a truth statement, to say a Christian Catholic goes to Hell, and that he is not born again. To be a Catholic you must believe in Jesus Christ, died for the forgiveness of our sins. And more than eghty persent of those born to Catholic families. continioun to believe as adulds. And to believe in Jesus Christ is to be saved, born from above, born from the Spirit of God, that's what Jesus Christ told to Nicodemus, and teach his disciples. You must believe in me that I am the CHRIST, after you see me crusified on the Cross, then you are born from above.
  5. The Romanite religion

    Paul said you are trying to earn something you already have. Hope that you speak within those boundaries but you don't, judging all the disciples who were baptized at the Day of Penticost, the same way you have judge not only Catholics but all those martyrs who died tereble deaths for believing in Jesus Christ, because some how a believer needed more than just to believe, to be saved from Hell. JESUS CHRIST knows, who is his, without our works, and with our works. And he knows those who have good fruit and good works, but he will never put them to his right, because they denied to believe in him. And he can never be on his left either , both left and is reserved for Believers, that's what the disciples believe, and teach. People with good fruit and works go to Hell. Because they have denied to believe in Jesus Christ.
  6. How do we know what we believe?

    I don't agree with many things in your post. There are numerous definitions of the word "grave", what is your understanding when you referred to the "grave", and Jesus Christ.
  7. How do we know what we believe?

    The Alpha course, it's okay. I am wondering about their response to your question. What should they have said?
  8. Faith without works is Dead

    Some of the people who have done me a lot of good they were Moslems, without asking nothing in return. And they knew I was not a Moslem, but that didn't stop them.
  9. My Daughters are Getting Baptized Today

    Awesome, I am very glad, what a blessing this is for your family, and for all of us who hear this good news.
  10. Faith without works is Dead

    No one can save him self from Hell. But those who are Saved from Hell in the name of Jesus Christ, are call to work out their salvation from many situations that they found them selves into, without the threat that JESUS CHRIST will send them to Hell. JESUS CHRIST is the quarantee of our selves been saved from Hell. Paul gives instructions to those who are Saved from Hell, those who have the Eternal Life, and be is trying to tell them to learn to walk in the light of the Eternal Life. Paul and the disciples said the same thing. No one goes to Hell , because of the works of their disobedience. He wants everyone who believes to continue to obey the Father and continue to believe in Jesus Christ. Even if the disobey some or all of his comments, but one the comment to believe in Jesus Christ. That's the command the Jews disobey, they obey all the rest , but the most important the command of God to believe not only in him, but also to believe in Jesus Christ. They are lost because of their Disobedience to the command of God to believe in Jesus Christ.
  11. Faith without works is Dead

    In the present times everyone is called out to work his own salvation, no matter what is your cultural background, and no matter if it includes a relegion or faith in God, with or without JESUS CHRIST, or just being an atheist, with some exceptions. Even Jesus said to the adulterous woman, go and work out your own salvation, and learn to live without aduldery. JESUS CHRIST believed in rehabilitation, working out one his own salvation. That time in the culture JESUS CHRIST lived they allowed many others to work out their own Salvation but not the adulteres. To the theif on the Cross JESUS CHRIST did not say the same thing to him, as in the example of the adulteres woman, (I apologise for saying "woman", for many reasons, just to follow the story), The theif was about to die, that would not be possible. The theif died without working his own salvation , he died a theif. To JESUS was ok if the theif did not work out his own salvation, and there could be many other situations that he would need to work out his salvation from, not just theivery. The theif died without being saved from many situations that he needed to be saved from, but the theif was Saved from Hell, because of his faith not only in God, because those who crusified Jesus Christ, they believe in God, but they denied JESUS was the CHRIST. Their faith in God did not Saved them from Hell. The theif was Saved from Hell because of his faith in Jesus Christ. Even though he was not saved from many things of this life. Everything is important, but it's more important to be saved from Hell, than to be saved from many things in this life Rehabilitating one's self, is not the way out of Hell, whether one believes in Jesus Christ or not. JESUS CHRIST is the way out of Hell. To believe in him that he is the Eternal Life, and he lived in the Eternal Life, As he is, so we are , Jesus Christ gives the Eternal Life to sinners who believe in him, the moment they believe in him. And he never changes his mind. How they live their own lives, it is everyone's disition. JESUS CHRIST does not sent anyone to Hell because of his life style, or confusing of understanding. If not who is going to be saved, he is the Savior of everyone who has obey the Father and has believe in Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST said: Every one who believes in me has the Eternal Life, I am the Eternal Life.
  12. How to understand John 6:44?

    I asked you to do yourself a favor, to check the calendar. This is saying something indirectly. You are thinking and evaluate everything , almost everything, like a Jew would lived more than 3.000 years ago. That era is gone together with it's rules and the one who gave them the rules . They is not more the God that punish the Jews. Anyway that time he punish the Jews only, never the rest of the world. The old is gone even for the Jews, whether they know it or not. There is no more punisment, look for someone else to blame. When I said that JESUS CHRIST accepts your faith, I was not specific, who I had in mind is that he accepts "your faith", that he is the CHRIST. That's the most important, he has accept your faith , and he has given Eternal Life. So it doesn't make any sense the way you have expressed your fears. He has no time, to punish anyone, unless you are bothering some people he loves, and e even though, I don't think he is in a hurry, he will try to help to bring the individual to his senses. He has no pleasure to punish anyone.
  13. How to understand John 6:44?

    Hope that you are not going to misanderdant me, but you should check the calendar and see in what year you live in. This passage has nothing to do with us today, this was for that time and for their situation, long time before JESUS CHRIST. It was in the old Covenant between the Jews and their Lord God. Today hope that you know we are in the New Covenant, and there is not anymore jews and Gentiles, and we are all under the Authority of Jesus Christ, you have to say Jesus Christ, all the time. JESUS CHRIST is the Lord of Lords, and the judge of all. Peter said to those who put Jesus Christ to death, Jesus Christ accepts your faith he is not after you to punish you. JESUS CHRIST said him self to the disciples , I am happy when those who have said all kinds of bad things about me come to believe in me, because this a victory against the Devil who lost them, and there now mine. An example is Paul, JESUS CHRIST did not even give him the chance to go through the theatrical repentance, and self pity, and self affliction and self sorrow. Get up he told him don't waste anytime with those things, we have a lot of work to do. Get your self loose from this kind of thinking which is not from Jesus Christ, and start living in the New understanding, and get hold of your mind, and your life ahead. It is in your hands, so you can not blame anyone, even though you may have reasons to justify doing it.
  14. Chinese Christians

    Thank you for the post, God bless
  15. Faith without works is Dead

    Our we talking about the same thing, when we talk about Salvation? Because to be saved from Hell is to believe in Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ shed his blood for mankind only, and not for the Devilkind, that's why a man is going to Heaven when he believes, but not the Devil. But if someone wants to be saved from his sinful habits there are many ways to do it, he can do it on his own, by many and different ways, or he can ask the help of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes he is deliver soon enough, and some times he has to put up his own fight, against his own desires. But not to contemn someone to Hell, a Believer because of the way they lived. Just to make them live a Holy life, if not they will go to Hell, or judging them as unbelievers. With Sin or without sin we still go to Haven, because Jesus Christ made it that way. For a Believer to live in peace and without the fear of Hell . For my self self I have decided to live a repented life, because that's what I want, because JESUS CHRIST wants his Believers who understand that, to grow and live in repentance. I did not say that I have lived in repentance all the time, and when I understood that, I did not say that I was living in repentance, but after many years of growth, it becomes a way of life to live in repentance, and been carefull, not judging others to make them live in repentance, that's what I learned, to say everyone in his time is judging them, because if this time does not come for many, still are saved and not lost. In spite of their works, they are Saved because of Jesus Christ.