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  1. Is the Trinity like 1/3+1/3+1/3=1?

    I want to thank you, everyone should speak like that , in a wholesome way from the passages in the scriptures and the way the disciples preach and teach. It does not have to be perfect, we all still are growing in understanding of our faith. You distance your self from many of the stereotyping distractions of the "scholars", who thing they can take the place of the Holy Spirit. Thank you and God bless. PS I will say something my self, after careful thought.

    We cannot denied the event in the dessert, what took place, and why their Lord ( remember to say their Lord), hope you understand why , asked Moses to make the image of the snake IN BRONZE, and what he asked them to do, and what he asked Moses to do with the Serpant's image after wards and why, what was the meaning. And this was not the first time the Lord got into the Snakes. The other time it was with the Farao priests, at the very first visit to the Palace. The Lord also asked them to make images of Pomegrants all over the place in the Temple. And how about their "moon" holidays...... Your ha ha it has a place but not the last place, I lauph also. See how I am going to mellow the Catholics, but I do not exsuse what they do, if you can stay away from them. If they believe in Jesus CHRIST they are saved in his name, and they must if they participate in the stations of the Cross and they believe. Jesus CHRIST did not speak against images, but he made some very profound statements. He said to the Samaritans who were not following the Lord God in the relocation of the Temple, "you do not know what you are doing", and JESUS says the same thing to the Jews today" you do not know what you are doing", because they did not follow the Temple to the knew location", Because the Lord had promise to build a Temple himself. Just the time when the rebuild the Temple, after their exile. PAUL'S famous guote, you are the Temple of the Holy Ghost, this is the same as Jesus said: the time is coming that the truth worshipers sall worship in Spirit and in truth. If someone understand this will never feel the need to bow down to an image of a saint. He will understand that been the Temple of the Holy Spirit, will try to distance from other Spirits, as one of them is the Spirit of the Catholic Church. Which preach Jesus as the CHRIST, and then introduce some things to keep the children of JESUS CHRIST in their captivity. And away from Jesus, in distance only. Judge for your self
  3. Is the Trinity like 1/3+1/3+1/3=1?

    Hi, if you could explain, the Father in the old Yahweh and our Lord Jesus CHRIST, that will be nice Thank you God bless
  4. Never Both!

    Your contex in your post is good guidance, Encouraging believers in doing good works, been involved with the good, discerning the good and the bad to avoid. This is a general guidance, and could be specific to those who can see themselves intancle, in some of the things they need to distance themselfs from. Many crimes are committed by" good and charitable people", using good works as a frond, to deceive many. But if we look into specific examples, someone who is devoted to doing good , selfless, humble, moral and he hears a word similar to " that having good works, caring , moral.... This person maybe perceived by others that he is guided by the spirit of God. This is an example that works can deceive , the person in the example is a non-believer.
  5. Never Both!

    They call this discerning, you can distinguish the difference, even the words of the blasphemous and unbelievers is the bible, even the devils, even the disciples as they were still immersed in the way they grew up, even as they were growing in the faith. If not someone can say Jesus said: I have come to the Jews only, and believe that Jesus does not accept his faith unless he becomes a Jew first, meaning to him , going to the Jewish synagogue first....... We need to connect to the times and the contex. Some even denyed that the Heavens have not change. But to Steven just before his death the wittness was given that we have new Heavens.
  6. John 15:12-13

    The most important , he had the life in him as everyone else had death. He was the only one quilified He had God's life in him, He did not have the life from the fallen seed of man He did not have an earthly father.
  7. Is the Trinity like 1/3+1/3+1/3=1?

    Just a friendly note: I made a search in Greek.. Acts 17:29, .....tou Theou......ton Theon.....to be similar to gold..... (In Greek is the exact same word) The word is "Theotis" The Greeks as other nations had many Gods representing various ministries and And the apostle is telling them that has the powers all to himself. (Just about not to run into some controvercy) Within the meaning in the old, thow shall not have other Gods, everything you need look to me. In the New , everything you need look to Jesus. God gave verything he had to Jesus. All power and authority is given unto me. All the Theotis, within the meaning whatever God good do now Jesus can do. Jesus who has a body has all the Theotis to him self, to show that Honor Jesus and sitted him on the Throne, as supposed to some great Angel. We understand that he gave him the Holy spirit , that comes from the Father for his ministry. .... Now Jesus makes all the decissions , the Government is upon his shoulders. Isaiah 9: unto us a son will be born; his name will be the everlasting Father, is not referring to the Heavenly Father. If you understand Jonh one and why Phillip said to Jesus my Lord and my God, turning to Jesus and identified him as his Lord God, the CHRIST. The Emmanuel in Isaiah 9: Thank you
  8. Never Both!

    your post establishes that the believers can be both, depends the state they were when they believe. Jesus is not both, as he may have said that for himself, (been acussed of having evil, by the way he kept company with tax collector and or the things he said were perceived as blasphemy, or doing healings on the Sabbath. Encouraging the believers to be less of one and more of the other. If they were only one, why would he gives them exables to follow. Jesus found the Gentiles in their own culture, he accepted them as they were and guided them into the new .
  9. Matthew 9:13

    Jesus was in the company of those considered unclean and sinners and in need of cleansing from their sins. They were Jewish or Israelites born under the Law of Moses. According to the Law of Moses, the way for these people to be cleaned for their sins, it was to offered sacrifices in the Temple. In their customs and as they were instructed in the Law of Moses the Jews were to keep away from them, not to mix or associate with them. But look what took place. First the Pharisees regarded Jesus at that place and that time as clean and not a sinner. They said : why you mix with them , you are not like them, and you may be perceived by those who do not know you that you are also a sinner. If you read carefully they tried to give him some good advice. Next in the prophet 's time it was fortold that the old covenant will end, and the sacrifices for the forgiveness of sins, will not continue in the New Covenant. So it was said by the prophet who spoke those words given to him by the Lord. "I desire Mercy and not sacrifice", When the New Covenant comes the Lord will not ask for sacrifices for the forgiveness of sins, you understand that we have Jesus sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. The Pharisees they study the scriptures and they understand that the Lord will show Mercy to them , forgiving their sins, without the sacrifices, but they did not understand how this will happen, and how about the priest and the Temple. They did not understand. or it was hidden from them , that their Lord had to come in the flesh and die before that happen. So Jesus knowing that not only the Pharisees but also the Tax collectors knew that , they needed the sacrifices for their sins . But see what had just happened. Jesus had wellcome one of them in his company of disciples, without asking him to offered sacrifices for the forgiveness of his sins. We see that Jesus shaw "Mercy" to him, he forgave his sins, and he did not tell anyone, he did that in secracy. We understand that Jesus forgave the sins of people while in his ministry here on earth, before the Cross and for the Jews only. Perhaps this is the fulfilment of that prophecy, when he fotgave the sins of the people before the Cross, and the tax collector was one of them. So this tax collector was clean, his sins were forgiven and he did not even know it at first. That may have happen when he call him, but eventually he must have told him. We see that Jesus spoke with authority knowing who he was and what his mission is, and That prophecy it was about him. Speaking those words through his prophet, as the Lord God of the Jews. Knowing that he will leave his place as the Lord God of the Jews , to be the Lord God for the whole word, (that's why he was saying in the prophecies that not only the Jews believers but also the Gentiles believers will be his people). The new man in Jesus Christ. He knew that he had to enter our world through his birth, and eventually die on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins, the whole worlds sins. So he was telling the Pharisees that this scripture is fullfiled in him. Identifying him self as their Lord God and the CHRIST. As Jesus one time said that David called his Lord God "his CHRIST". " the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your foot stool", And that what happened, God raised Jesus from the dead and sitted him on the Throne in Heaven and made him Lord and Judge over all. This is the vision Steven shaw at the time of his death.
  10. Spiritual Tree

    Thank you for your input, leads to a Sound mind, removes scales from eyes. Also those who have dig deep their heels in the ground, become stubborn and resist, seing the pearls that are given to them as rubbish. God bless
  11. Grace and the Law of God

    I always enjoy reading your posts, because you have something that set you apart, the way you put down in words what you have understood, and I don't say that because I follow this man's teachings or the others, it is because I have come to understand my self. Having a Judge as a Father I learn how to be a critical thinker, and having no fear when I study isues. The truth is every one who walks down the front of the church (altar call) is already saved, because they take the walk with faith in Jesus Christ, they have believed already , they are believers. To Jesus they are his as they are as everyone of us as we are. Even with unrepentant sins, Even without dedicating their lifes to Jesus, even with love for the things of this world, if not why Jesus would say nothing can take us out from his hand, we are in him , because we believe, and we are not in him if we renounce are faith in him, I did not say staying away, or keeping a distance from him, or calling upon the name of a saint, or being involved in things he disapproves, being more involved with things of the darkness, than things of the lights, serving both the light and the darkness. Senting our children to church and hope they don't become like us "lovers of this world and the fless with, unquenchable passion. Many believers in Jesus Christ are in this situation that results staying away from anything that may examine us, hating disapproval keeping God in a distance. Not being afraid of Hell because we believe in Jesus Christ and by nature without any one teaching us we understand grace better than anyone else , because not just we need it, but because it is truth, and that's the wittness we have in our heart. In this situation we do not someone to come and say repent or you go to Hell, because we. Know we do not go to Hell, Jesus is for Heaven and not for Hell. While we pass the test or Judgement of faith in Jesus Christ and we have peace in this matter , And we can still pass the test of good works, sharing even the last sandwish with a friend, helping someone in need, giving change not only to "those outside the coffe shops", but to charities and disasters", Even we may pass the test of witnessing, as we may encourage another believer not to give up the faith in Jesus Christ as long as they live, especially to non practising Catholics. In that situations there some things that we need to be saved from and not as to go to Heaven, because we are talking about believers, but the need to be saved from serving the fless with a distorted passion. Serving some evil spirits in our ignorance, believing that it is just us, that's how we are , that this is our nature, not knowing that we have been victimized to yeild our selfs with passion to those things, folloing seducing spirits, and have developed to be like them that now we have become sedusers our selfs. We don't need the devil there, we have become devils our selfs, and with faith in Jesus Christ. We need to be saved from those things, as we have become masters of lies and deceit, and we cherished those perverted defects of caracter, and we see them as our special power, and we do not want to let go. We need to be saved from all those things, we need to repent, to be saved from them and the devils who bless them and follow us. We need to understand we can be a new man in Christ, we do not have to live the rest of our lives in this futility of mind. As believers we can ask Jesus to help us, the Holy Spirit to guide us, to renew our mind and heart, but for this to happened we need to take an active role and fight the good fight and continue in the race keep going forwards, and if we get stack , get up and continiun in the race going forwards, even if we turn back , start again forwards. Two steps back , continue again forwards. Sorry I did not mean to go on like that, but I wanted to make the distinction of being Saved in the name of Jesus from Hell, and being saved from serving the elements of self. And the hidden seducing spirits.
  12. Who are the 144,000...?

    The Jews, Israelites have a Savior and a friend, who will never live or forsake them, US, GB, The Romans from the teachings of Christians found out that the Temple is not protected by God anymore, the veil was part that protected the priest, and nothing happened to it. Their fear left and they were free to loot the Temple. The result was that many got the fear of JESUS CHRIST and were exposed to the Gospel and believe.
  13. Who are the 144,000...?

    Are you a journalist? Just ask
  14. Grace and the Law of God

    Your message is well taken, Have you ever walk in the path of trying to earn what Jesus has allready earn for us, Have you ever struggled whether you are good for Heaven or not. Have you been tormented by visions that Jesus may tell you depart from me, I never knew you. Has the enemy ever wisper to you, or shout to you from the pulpit, that why bother to believe in Jesus CHRIST, if you will never be good enouph, or worthy to enter Heaven. Has you ever strugle, in deciding who is your everlasting Father. Did anyone tried to convince you that Abraham is your Father and to desired Abraham's blessings , instand of JESUS CHRIST blessings our everlasting Father, Issaiah 9: unto us a child will be born, his name is our everlasting Father. Or from the beginning you felt that you needed Jesus extra robe of righteousness, did you have this joy in your heart all the time. Do you enter in his courts with praice and thanksgiving, did you say this is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you God bless
  15. Grace and the Law of God

    Thank you for the time you took to post. I am not testing you with the following question. But it made the disciples frustrated, when Jesus told them that " if your righteousness does not surpass that of the Farishes, you cannot enter in the Kingdom of God. For clarity I am not quoting the words of the Lord God of the Jews, who said many things for the Jews only, and he did not speak in the name of JESUS CHRIST, But in his own name. Some times he spoke what Christ will do, and about the Christ, that I understand. These were the words of Jesus while on earth. Those words made the disciples say; then who will be saved!!! From amongst the Jews, and the Galileans of course. That will exclude all Gentiles. Why Jesus made that statement, what was the message in this statement? Please