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  1. Legalism

    It's good that you asked this question. In the OT the Israelites were under the righteousness of the Law. Let's say that an Israelite in good standing to the righteousness of the Law, if he disobey the Sabath, he was not alive to the righteousness of the Law, he was cut off, and was not allowed to continiun or be part of the culture. He was dead to the righteousness of the Law, he did not have the life the obedience to the Law gives, favor with God, he had death . For this sin he was exocuminicate, and for other sins, like not keeping the uleaven bread ordinance. There was not sacrifice for these disobedience, and they would have to wait for the next year to be part of the "culture". And be part of the righteousness and the favor of been obedient to the law. For other sins they had sacrifices and rituals for reconciliation. A leper being unclean could not be part and participate in the coulture. The people had the life and the righteousness of the law and never the life and righteousness of their Lord. That's why to enter trough the gates it was death for them. The did not have the life of their lord. Today we have not only the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, but also his life remain in us. That's why we call it eternal life. As long as Jesus has the Life so do we. If we sin we still remain in the Life, because Jesus did not sin. As he is so we are. And because Jesus has already died and has been raised from the dead and he is sitted on the Throne forever the Judge of all, and we are under his blood and partakers of his spirit. Jesus can not undone his death, he still died for the obedient believers and for the disobedient believers. We are his children. If we are disobedient we are still his children. He Jesus Christ made it that way, so we are free from the fear of death and eternal punishment. That does not mean that we are free from his disipline, and or the devil, because as his children we are here on earth and we can still have fellowship sometimes with him, and some time with the darkness, or love the world to much, or forget about him. Those who have rejected him and refuse to believe in him , that he is the Christ, the Savior of the world, the only Mediator between Man and God, and live a good and righteous life even better than the most devoted Christians do, do you think the Devil will tell Jesus: You can have them, they refuse to do my will, I don't want good people in my flock, they have refuse my fellowship. Jesus will say : no they are not mined even if they are disobedient to you, they still have death in them and they are not under my blood and they do not have my life or of my spirit. He will say to the Devil, you can keep those of your own who are disobedient to you but they delight in keeping my commandments, and i will keep those who are mine and are disobedient to me. (not in totality, each to his own mesurre). Because they are under my blood and my life, even thought they delight to fellowship more with the darkness than the light. When the time came I went to gather the lost sheep, who lived far from .my fellowship. When the other one who returned, I wellcome him and showed everyone that when he was with me, or later when he was with the world, he was always mine. He loved the world, and he respond to the call of the world, but he was all the time mine. He new that he was mine even if he did not follow my voice, and my commandments. And I knew all they time that he was mine, even if the people believe that he was not mine, because he is not recognizable as one of my own. And he may even himself believe that he is not mine when he looks in the mirror, but I know that he is mine and I am the supreme Judge.
  2. Legalism

    Paul said to legalistic Jews: Why are you trying to earn, something you already have. He acknowledged them as his brothers in Jesus Christ, but not from the same understanding in some matters.
  3. Can everyone get saved by faith?

    Go and preach the Gospel to all mankind, those who hear and believe will be saved.
  4. Can everyone get saved by faith?

    Jesus said do not take a peace of the new garment and repaired the old one, this way both garments are damaged. Jesus taught get rid of the old garment and put on the new one, everything is made new. The Heavens is new , the earth is new the underworld is new. I don't think someone may have a problem to look in Heaven and on Earth and the underworld as they were in the old testiment and as they are in the new with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The good news for mankind is bad news for the devil. God did with Jesus Christ what he had promish from the very beginning to open the Heavens to mankind who were created here on earth, and judge and close the Heaven to the devils who were created and fallen from Heaven. God loved the world and sent his son who was the one who had the life in him from the very beginning, and who had given life to Adam, and created everything, the Creator, to be born as a man (the second Adam), to die for the forgiveness of our sins, and for the whole world, so everyone who believes in him , Jesus Christ is the descedant of Jesus Christ. The Devil can not be the descendant of Jesus Christ, and the devil believes and from the very beginning he knew who Jesus was, even before Jesus knew who he was. Thats why the devil tried from even before his birth to destroyed JESUS Christ by many and diferent ways, because Jesus was not only good knews for his prisoners and his captives, but he was also bad knews for him. Jesus accoblish his mission he destroyed the power and authority of the devil on earth and upon the mankind. He free his captivess and his prisoners, and now Jesus has the keys of Hades and Death, he is the supreme Judge. There many Judges on earth and many Lords in the Physical and the spiritual realm. Some they say that comparing "man's faith, with the Devil's faith we can tell if a man is saved or not. To put in a few worlds, they say : if the devil believes and he can not be saved, so a man also may believe and not be saved. To be saved is to have life in you and not death. That's why when we give the Gospel to someone and have help him to understand it, and the man's eyes are open and he is in a position to choose we tell him "choose LIFE and not DEATH". Jesus is not like the Devil who demants full obedience from his own, not he is not, he gives his Life to everyone who believes, even if he has the smaless faith that could be, that time he compare it to the mustard seed, today we can see in an smaler dimantions and he ccould refered does not matter how small the faith is , it can move the mountain which could not be moved in the OT, the mountain of Death upon the Person and give him LIFE.
  5. Can everyone get saved by faith?

    I have heard this scripture all my life, and I just believe it. But now I have come to understand that in this scripture Jesus Christ is portrayed as the Mediator, a Mediator who does not need a mediator himself. No one can have access to God without a Mediator, that's why Jesus said to the Jews that time, Believe in God, and believe also in me, if you do not believe in me , even thought you believe in God, you do not have God and you are in your sins. (and I am not single out the Jews, because today many have faith in God, without the mediator of the old testiment which was the High Priest of the Temple, which it means that time the people needed the Temple with everything that is required to be in the Temple, the High Priest and the sacrificial animals. To do their rituals. And the High Priest needed a sacrifice to attoned for himself first. The end result it was that the people had the attonment for their sins, but no one could enter through the gates to be in his presence, and his presence never went to people, if it did in both cases it will show what was upon the people inspite of the attonment "DEATH". Even if the touch anything holy in the Temple, besides those who were allowed , death will come to them. The man who touch the ark at Davids time. The King who touch the cup (the Persian), judgement was pronounced upon him immediately, because the cup from the temple was sanctified and the Retained the sanctity because the Lord meant to have it use again in their returned from their captivity. If you notice in the old, the people remained out of the gate of the Holy Place , only the priest were allowed and only the high priest was alloed in the most holy place. The Catholics and the Orthodox follow this OT patern, and have kept the people out of what is theirs, (no that they can keep the people out, but thats what have make them believe, that without the priest or that they need the priest to be sanctified and forgiven. What I need to emphasize as in Romans 5:1....we are in the grace of Jesus Christ in his name, and never under his wrath, never as a believer under his wrath, even if they have made people believe that they are under his wrath. Even if in this life we are not in full obedience, which is the most beautiful thing in the Gospel we are full heirs of his grace. We are in him, we have life in him, we are in his presence and we remain alive, we can enter in his presence and his presense can come to us, and we remain alive, a witness that we have his life. Not as in the old, even before the Temple his presence was in the mound Sion, and everyone who comes close to his presence died , if they did. The same later in the Temple, Even at the dedication of the Temple, his glory filled the Temple, not his presence, so the people did not die. We are saved we are in his presence and remain alive, his presence come to us and remain alive. We are saved , we do not die because we do not have death in us like in the people of the OT, we have the Mediator's life in us, we are in his life, and he is in the life of God, because he came from God, and he did not fall, he remained in him till he died. As a result in him we have the Life of God, by faith alone with our obedience in this life and without or a part obedience in this life.
  6. Can everyone get saved by faith?

    Theese are excellent questions, and just as in any other situation where we seek to established a context by reference to a specific word , we must have the definition of the word. Some words have more than one meaning and in this situation we need to established the meaning by the context. There is also something that you may very well know , and that the Heavenly Father has made Jesus Christ the judge of all the world. And the Lord of Lords. Just by saying "the Lord of Lords", we understand that they are other Lords, and the same also , that they are other Judges. What does that mean, everyone may decide whom to have as a Lord and a Judge. It may also be that someone may have a different Lord for a different situation, multiple Lords, multiple Judges for different situations. But the time comes that everyone will be subjected to the Judgement of Jesus Christ. Carefully please don't read into my words things that come into mind, and I didn't say. I said the time will come that everyone will be subjected to the Judgement of Jesus Christ, that day can come anytime at the discretion of Jesus Christ, so to speak, that is anytime it happens, because the Holy Spirit is here on earth, and can judge the thoughts of everyone, that does not mean they obeyed, and about the Judgement of our final time, so to speak at the time of our final time of being together in our body that also. Remember that Jesus Christ was not the Judge of all , all the time, he was Throne as the Judge of all only after his resurrection. Now the Question, how was it before that time in the Old? Are we still in the Old? Or in the New. Are we in what Jesus said the old will pass away, like a garment the old will be discarded and the new will be put on. The old needs to be discarded, it cannot be repaired with some part of the new garment, or both are distroyed, and the New garment does not need anything from the old, all things have pass away, the new has come.
  7. Great Verse

    Paul meant to say: Timothy your mission is among people ruled by the elders of their clans, so be carefull do not offend their culture in the name of Jesus, be of a lowlly and humble spirit, don't push the Gospel down their throat, and tell them what to eat and drink and how to dress, and what to do each day. Do not graft them in your Jewish culture and worship, they do not need priest and they are just fine without them, do not make them Catholics. That without the priest are lost, we do not need the priest and their dependance upon them. We need churces that faction without priest. Sorry !!!! Its your post... I think it is relevant somehow.
  8. Great Verse

    I can never be that, its not me and I will never try. Jesus can love me and bless me and hold nothing from me, without been perfect. That how he wants us not to carry the fear of been perfect or not. His Laws how he guide each and every one of us are taylor to our specific needs, as we are in our journey. Paul could suggest but not make it mandatory, and Lord over Timothy. He should say : seek the Lord in all your circumstances, him you should learn to follow. Paul he should not be so strict with Timothy, trying to tell him that from now on try to please your critics, look over your shoulder, they are watching and are ready to devour you. No the Cretans were not this kind of people, thats not their nature, they are more open than the Jews, and they are known to wellcome strangers. and they dispice been Lord over, even from their own people.
  9. i need to know your opinion

    Sorry, perhaps it is me the way I put it, that made you, (if), take it personally, I apologize for that. The reference to "Job", about the devil standing before God in the Heaven and accusing the people, is not to make it a literal imagination and actually see the devil in Heaven standing before God and the Devil accusing the people of God. It cannot be taken that way for a number of reasons. First the Devil when he rebelled against God lost his holines, and for that reason he fell from Heaven, never to return again. Nothing unholy can be in Heaven. So no one can say that the Devil travells and enters the most holy place of Heaven where is the Throne of God, and or that God has alloted time to the Devil by way of an audience in the Heavens where the Devil gets time to accuse the people of God. God can know the thoughts of anyone and so he can know the thoughts of the Devil addressing to him as he was watching Job and the thoughts of Job bosting in his prosperity and his protection from God by means of been perfect in his self righteousness and offerings to God. We are not to take things we read in the bible so literal as in the "new earth and new heaven and the new underworld. Or as the stars will fall in the earth. We know that " a star maybe too many times the size of the earth. The moon turning in blood and loosing it's light. The disciples not only them but even Moses and the Jews never teach those words in Job in the literal form. So to the contrary in the old T , they teach that nothing unholy can be in the presence of God. And also in the book of Revelation, we don't fine anything to encourage the suggestion that the Devil can ascent in Heaven and stand in the presence of God, or this time is Jesus Christ who sits on the Throne of God and rules and rains and is the Judge of all. The Devil is allowed on earth but not in Heaven. And Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit is allowed on earth but not in Hell. Sorry about that, is not personal, is not about you.
  10. Missed you all

    I am not a kinning niether one that tries to spoil the mood, and I strongly believe that Jesus gets involved in our lives and our dayly situations. But I also understand that we should not take his name in vein. By that I need to clarified my self, because not because we pray and a job (if it is about a job), comes along we have to hustle and take it, assuming that this is the job Jesus had for us. (The same can be said about marriage). The Lord open doors and the Lord closes doors, this is not easily understood by many. One time At the last interview for a job, while looking for a parking spot, as soon as I found a spot and prepared my self to stop and park the car , I heard a very clear instruction out of the blue from within me, that's what I think. What a strange guidance, after all the prayers from the church and family, all thanking the Lord for opening the door for this job. That's what I heard " do not stoped", and I don't know why, but I did not stoped and just took off, like someone was after me. After a month of two I went to see the person who would have hired me, because I was reco mmended to him, and I had to give him a polite excuse of having to go back home. To my surprise he said to me, that the person who got the job was a single mother. Then I understood why and what happen and to whom and for whom the door was open for this job. The owner of the business said " I was praying for a wife and a mother for my child, and the Lord gave me one, he dated and married the single mother he hired when I did not make good to my promish , what a wonderful Lord we served.
  11. Will we know our loved ones in Heaven?

    That a good observation to ask how Peter and Jonh put one and one together to say that the show Moses and Elias, coming down from (am I reading in too much in this story?) And going up into Heaven. That is not easy staf, for those who read what God had told Moses to tell the people before he began his journey to the Mountain and was never seen again, and never buried. ( means his body was never recovered like Aaron. Going back to the mount of configuration. Moses must have been identifiable to them, not by a debate of how he looked like by the subscription of the various istorians, or even drawings. And that also. But most profound identification would have been by the identification of Moses with one of the most important event in his life that belong only to him and to not anyone elses, and that would have been him holding the stones of the ten commandments as he was coming down the mountain. The similar mode of identification could be said also about Elias.
  12. i need to know your opinion

    Thank you for the reference, and why do you see it so literally grafic, . Just think what you are suggesting as a fact . How could that be possible? That is contrary to the wholesome view of the Gospel, and the general intent of what we read in the new testiment.
  13. Will we know our loved ones in Heaven?

    In Hell they can recognize one another, and know a lot about one another. Even about some people they never met. Are they are going to be sad if the don't get to meet some of their friends , who they were supposed to be there as they were Christians by faith, or from a variaty of denominations, whether church or unchurch, or sometimes both. And unbaptized. And without confession.
  14. i need to know your opinion

    Very stange statement, "the Devil spents his time in Heaven". Very strange indeed. Just thing about that...
  15. what do you all understand this to mean

    Hello john1, I can only say that everyone who reads this passage might misunderstood it and will get feared believing some strange things, many strange things out of his own imaginationl. It is of importance to considered that the apostle Paul wrote this after he had quite a few trouble experiences, and was prosecuted and suffer as a result of bringing to people the good knews. Paul found out the hard way from the beginning of his ministry, and for his own past , that people have roots in their community and cultural affiliations and because they draw support from them as a result are ruled by them. To start with the leaders of his own people the Jews, their rulers who had authority over the nation and the comunities and influence everything in the livehood of the people they ruled, those they were the enemies of the Gospel, those are the enemies which Paul one time served. Those are the people who had the power to punish and exocuminicate , cast out people from their families , businesses and communities, making it unbearable to live among their own and that because they had forsaken their Jewish beliefs and now are Christians, or believers in Jesus Christ. Even today and not only among Jewish families and comunities, that was an example because Paul was from that background and had experienced both , to prosecute and be prosecuted. Even within a Christian family, if a member change the family traditions, and joins some other faith or even another culture of the same faith may be looked upon as poluted and will be avoided by the leaders of the family and the social sircle of the family and the comunity. Paul experience the rath of the priest of Artemis and those of her followers even those who had a lot to loose from those who believe in Jesus Christ. They will stoped bying their religious statutes, and stoped participating in their ocults holidays. So Pauls tries to show to the evangelist, that it is not just the understanding of the individual to recone with when they give the Gospel to individuals, but to expect opposition from the rulers and the established authorities in the comunity and the family. Paul understood that the result may be to have a lot of secret believers, who pretent to follow in the tranditions of the family just not to be seperated from their spouses and children, and suffer hunger...... But in their heart they cherish the faith of Jesus Christ. Paul in his ministry had also to deal with the magicians and sorserers, and assasins, the defenders of the local cultures. The most common way of assassination was to poisson someone. Jesus Christ who foreshaw those things, he said to his disciples: I sent you like ship among wolfs, in your ignorance you will dring their poisson but it won't hurt you, and it will be as a sign to them that the power that is with you and works in you, it is the power of life, that delivers from death unto life. As in the phycical death cannot come to believers in Jesus Christ even if they were fed in ignorance poisson, so is in the spiritual those who have the life of Jesus Christ remain in the life even if they are beaten by poissonus snakes, which was another common way of assasinating people that time. That's why Jesus instructed the disciples not to look just for the prominent people to give the Gospel, but to look for the people who do not have strong tides with the rulers, those who for some reasons have distance them selfs from the established authorities. Jesus said: you could not find many in the established environments, now go to the high ways and the byways and bring them to me, so my banquet can be full....... I have come to understand that even established people who somehow are not satisfied from their own tranditions and are thirsty for something else can be reseptable and drawn to the Gospel, those who follow in their tranditions with cold feet. Paul wanted to emphasize anywhere we go to bring the good knews, we will meet the guardians , the diffenders of the local coultures waching out and ready to punish those who evade their communities and try to abduct their sheep with the word of life.