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  1. I understand what Jesus say, but his situation is different and very unique than ours. THOSE people were in the will of God, putting the plan of God into fruition, and without their knowledge. I don't think this is an example JESUS CHRIST set for us and we need to follow it as an absolute. I don't think, it is in the will of God to see this example as an absolute to follow, to forgive yes, but when and for what purpose. As I see it to follow that example with the same precision, we may find our selfs out of the will of God, and be considered only about our selves, and not the common good and the needs of the offenders. And the general deterance, depending the specific, the very specific situation. It would depend all the time, and never in a hurry and not for selfies reasons, and out of fear of the devil.
  2. I would like to have your input on this one, cince I don't have dictionaries and I am on an iPhone.
  3. I did not refered about your dad or your self in the past, as I said earlier, I was referring to those who believe in love towards their fellow man in need, but the do not believe in God. Paul mentioned similar situations with the Gentiles he met in his trips. The fact you have not met them that does not mean they do not exist. Even JESUS CHRIST talk about a man who was not a Jew and who was moved by compation, "the good Samaritan", and his disciples could not relate, because they them selfs didn't have what it takes to be a good Samaritan, at the time. Statements like your last sentence, doesn't apply to atheist, but only to those who believe in God, and denied to believe in his Son. They are many groups like that as the Moslems, the Jews, and some other ones . But as you can see, those groups profess their love for God, and they obviously disagree with your statement. Have it your way.
  4. What I posted is not from reading posts about atheist and those that are on line arguing their possition, it is for meeting atheist in humanitarian actions, far away from controversial issues, so I am taking about by exposure to those people without any faith, which people call atheist, but actually they believe in love towards their fellow man and without any borders. They don't have to defend their religious affiliation, and or their doctrine, or become defenders of what they stand for. They just dedicate their love to all. This is something that can not be achieved by coultural Believers of any religion, even Christians. Certainly not in the forums , only in the feilds of compation. I understand that you have not been around people I have been my self, but then you may not speak for them, and also not against them. Food for thought.
  5. I keep reviewing your post, I always believe that JESUS CHRIST knows who he is, and he is not in danger of forgetting, and he does not need the flattering from his people. Who they have something to asked from him, and they go on about him, telling him, so many things as to what he can and he can't do, and then they tell him what they expect from him. JESUS CHRIST is love and we should ask him what we need in his love for us. There is another aspect that we need to honor in our whorship to him, that is how we think about him in our hearts, how we put him first, and we tell him how we need him, and we put our allience to him only, above everyone else. This is asking him in faith, because of his love for us, he won't give us what we always want and asks, his has a path for us, which we don't always know. One way to experience the love of God is to whorshiping him, in prayer and lifting our hands to him and sing songs to him, with a thankful heart . I have many relatives who love Jesus Christ, but they are taught to stand as looking for his Mercy before him, instant of opening their hearts to him in the worship of Thanksgiving, and praise. By that I am not judging my fellow relatives of the EO, and the RCC order, I only wish that they experience the Love of God, not just in their good works, but in the fellowship of whorshiping him without contemnation, not to do the good works, which they are accepted by the Lord, with the hope of getting forgiveness for their sins, or to cover their sins with their good works, we have the blood of Jesus Christ for that. Is not how they feel about other matters, as long as they accept the Love of Jesus, and give their whorship to him only, and declaring that, in puplic with songs of praise and Thanksgiving. To have the good works and faith of their Saints in their conversation, and to exaulte them in their worship, to forget about them, and worship only JESUS CHRIST our Savior, who is the one who sanctifies every one who believes in him, and without the help of any one else's, no matter who they are. In some cultures they have the people in bondage, they have them believed that cannot be sanctified without the preists and their retuals. Jesus Christ is our sanctification, and the one who sanctifies us, and needs no help from anyone, he can do it on his own, and he knows how, in the meantime we have the sanctification that is in his blood, in his name, we have peace with the Father in his name.
  6. I have met many atheist, and some of them have a sacrificial love for their fellow man, no matter who that is. As being atheist they have no need to defend and protect any religious teritory, or doctrine. They spend them selves sacrificially helping others, because that's where they find their propose and strength. I only speak on behalf of those I have met and they are also forgiving and they have learned in the name of Love not to hold their kindness from those who disclike them. I only right this to emphasize that there is love in the world, but the world also needs the Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave himself to died on the Cross, to reconcile the whole word to God, and not only that, but to declare the whole world lost, and at the same time to declare that the Love of God, is that he gave his only Son, to die for the whole world, John 3:16. So there is one Savior for the Whole World. What the Lord God of the old Covenant could not to, JESUS CHRIST did, by his death on the Cross. That's what was all about, as the scriptures say, unless the Lord God leaves his first estate, and be born as Jesus Christ and die on the Cross, nothing will be accomplished.
  7. The author of these Phalms is someone from the Jewish culture according as it was in his time. He consider him self to be a Jew from the chosen house of Jacob. This in his knowledge has nothing to do with the rest of the world, who were excluded from whorshiping the Lord God. Who without no fault of their own were excluded in whorshiping the Lord God. That time the whorship of the Jews towards The Lord, it was not just a lip service, the way it may sound by the phalmist. While the phalmist wrote this Phalms is Paramount to note a few things to establish his eligibility to be part of what he wrote. First he was from the tribe of Judah, from the house of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham. Second he was sircumsise according to the Mosaic Law and customs. Next he kept the Sabbath, the unleavened bread, the Passover, and the rest of their Holidays included the Attonmen. He could not sustain him self without the Priesthood, and the set up of the Temple, as it was in his time, and that's where the truth whorshiping took place, with the offering of the sacrifices and the gifts. He believed and practice the Jewish faith.
  8. You are a light , if you were in a church, I may suggest is better if you stay away. Perhaps you needed to grow in that area, to learn how to negotiate difficult sensitive situations, as they say stepping on other people's toe's. While no one wants to find one's self in this situation , please learn to negotiate the currents, there is a treasure waiting at the end, hold on, persevere. It's like a roller coaster, later we get use to it, we know what to expect. I enjoy your contributions You are very special to Jesus.
  9. Most Believers are text book guided, they follow their text book questions and answers. the members are caution not to depart from their text book guidance. So they have committed their mind to the text book guidance, as the guidance God has blessed them with, and they regard it as the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So this what is happening: knowing that the scriptures say test the spirits , they follow this guidance by testing every one according to their text book guidance, and they don't depart from it. They fellowship only with those of the same text book, and they seek to make disciples of that text book. This is why Paul emphasize when he said: l am an apostle of JESUS CHRIST. Paul said that for many reasons. Some time in the past he was sent on missions and carry the message of the mother church he was affiliated with, and it's Bishop. Eventually he said I am not affiliated with any one, but only with Jesus Christ, and he started his own church, founding new churches as he was going along. Paul as pioneer in the Gospel was all the time in conflict with the others, who did not understand him at first , and puplish that Paul follow a strange Spirit. The same thing happened with Peter after his mission to Kornilius family. Peter message of the Gospel change as a result of this experience, and the other disciples said amongs them selfs: That Peter was deceived and seduce by a strange Spirit, and follow a strange Spirit in his mission to Kornilius family. If you carefully analyze what they said, you will find out that they were correct to them selves, and by what they knew. For once they had given the time to Peter to elaborate what had happened, then they said: indeed the Lord works in mysterious and strange ways that they are not known to us, the Lord gave Peters a new understanding of how to give the Gospel not only to Gentiles but also to us. "Peter upon you l will build my church" Not everyone accepted the new way of declaring the Gospel , some may have continued in their ways, and not incorporating and implimending the new, and others may have improvised their own version, thus we have different groups of Believers, with some difference in their teachings.
  10. there is nothing in the Gospel that say go and make people Christians. No where in the disciples Gospels and messages when they announced the good news of JESUS CHRIST they ever asked this question. What did they do then? The scriptures say when someone believes in Jesus Christ, the Angels in Heaven rejoice. I never ask my self anyone questions like "are you born again", "is Jesus your Lord and Savior", or "do you know where you are going after you die", another one "do you know why you are going to Heaven" "have you repent from your sins", did you asked Jesus to forgive you", "Have you ask Jesus to come in your heart", If someone is speaking about the faith of Jesus Christ, and things related to the Faith, why would he do that, if he did not believe. If he was an atheist, why would he support the cause of Jesus Christ. There are a few rare exceptions, but those are the exceptions. I don't need the confession of anyone, and neither does Jesus Christ, who knows from the faith in the heart of everyone, whether they believe or not. If I see someone participate in the praise and worship, and praying, this good enough confession for me. But not even that, why would I judge someone's else faith if for some reason someone is keeping to ones own self, does that mean he does not believe. If someone does not want to identify with the elders or the staff of a ministry, why does he have to be under their microscope , and be judge in everything according to some promise that he never made. And the same way as the Deacons, when he never asked to be one. When I meet people I always may find an opportunity to reinforce them, even the minimum faith they make have. For Jesus that's enough, even if they live in the world, and have the things of the world in mind, as long as they believe. JESUS said faith as a mustard seed can remove Hell out of the way. This does not mean to encourage recless lifestyle, but it's the truth "Even those who call on his name" Believe in Jesus Christ, even though you don't live for him, (that was not meant for the OP). JESUS CHRIST also said that he likes cold Believers. If finally through the years of believing, I understand what Jesus Christ requires from me, why should now I judge others, who are in their own path of discovery. This is kind of my testimony, between the lines. I gave you a lot to read, hope I didn't not take you from reading the other replies. PS I don't believe that anyone doubts, that you are a believer, they just believe in the power of confession, or something like that, they believe that there is some special blessing in confessing and you can not have this blessings, but they may not know that you already have this blessing. They also some people may think that some demon is in your life, and does not let you do so. And by confessing you have a victory over that evil power. For some people to confess they see it as a victory over the power of the devil. I read a book about it, so I don't really know. Just may or may not be so. Thank you very much.
  11. You are the only one, who tried to explain what Solomon wrote in his philosophical mood. I think you have done an excellent job. I don't believe for a moment that Solomon was addressing the question of the OP. Solomon never bosted that he is an authority in matters pertaining to life after death. First we must keep in mind that Solomon lived before JESUS CHRIST. And we should look as to what the Jewish people believed in matters regarding life after death. The Jews believed that when they died no one of them goes to Heaven. By saying In Heaven, we mean to ascent. They believed the same thing David the Father of Solomon believed. The word is "descent". They believed that they descented in a place in the heart of the earth called Seol. Seol was a place where Abraham was, and where his descendans we're gather as well. That's why it was called "Abraham's Bossom, or the Paradise of Abraham, this is the place their Lord God gave to Abraham and his children for their inheritance (this place was seperated from the place of the dead of the rest of the world) (As the Jews were separated in this world from the rest of the people, and the same thing after they died in the place of the dead they were separated from the rest of the world). They were in that place waiting for their Lord who was the appointed CHRIST to be, as David and other prophets had said, to discent to them after he died and give the Eternal Life, and take them to Heaven, the inheritance the people with the Eternal Life, the Believers of Jesus Christ. Now as a believer in Jesus Christ, and one which has the Eternal Life, you know what is your inheritance waiting for you, and then when the time comes, you must know where you will go. We are co-heirs of Heaven together with JESUS CHRIST.
  12. The Gospel recommend good works and repentance for those who have believed, but not to use them to Judge the faith in someone who believes in Jesus Christ. JESUS took died as a man to redeemed men, (mankind). All mankind even those who had died before him, and who he met in the place of the dead. Who heard the Gospel while they were without any bodies, and believe and received the forgiveness of sins and the ETERNAL LIFE. Then it is the same for us who are still in our bodies and believe. The same for anyone.
  13. The two sons in the parable of JESUS. Go
  14. Has Isaac and Ismael?
  15. Thank you for your post.