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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope that you have a great weekend. Blessings :) 

  2. The Ten Commandments of Online Witnessing

    Everyone must have the opportunity to express their understanding, and it is proper and kind to listen to what everyone has to contribute, as Jesus said; " be wise like the serpent, and white like the dove". We have to listen to others, or they will walk away. In the new covenant the wages of sin is not dead, because we do not. depend on our own righteousness, we have Jesus who is the eternal life, and we are in him in the eternal life, as he is so we are, in his name. Jesus is telling us not to sin, to abide in his light, but he is also is telling us, that he is our peace with the Father. Sin can not take a believer in Jesus Christ to Hell, the Devil cannot say to Jesus: this person is a believer in you, but he has sins, he is mine, you Jesus take only the believers who do not sin. Some of us can say that to Jesus and ask him to follow our judgement, but only from a distance, and we think we carry his message, to judge believers in Jesus Christ to Hell... We need to be carefull. We should not sin as mature believers, we should be examples, but not every believer is a deacon, or an elder in some church. And not every believer, or everyone who goes to church is qualified to be a deacon, or an elder. But all are qualified for Heaven in the same way, by their faith in Jesus Christ.
  3. Understanding the Enemy!

    They are many forms of diception, and very often the devil has nothing to do with it. Pay attention. There is not just God and the Devil, there is also "man". (That's includes everyone not just man). Very quickly, we atribute many thing to God or the Devil. To the Devil because of his bad reputation, and to God because he could do something about it. In ancient times the God of the volcanos, after awakening from a long sleep, found the people slack in worshiping, and got their attention by shaking the mountain. People do not realy change that much, they still are on the same lines, with a different context and change of ditty. They don't want to considered, that no matter what, how good everyone can be, or the world for that matter, that it won't stop the hurricanes and or the earthquakes. Lean seasons, or bountiful seasons. We have scriptures that say; everything good comes from above. It did not say everyone who does good is from above, and if we do good, we are children from above, because we identified with the goodnes from the Heavenly God. So if you have love you have God. Another scripture said; does not anyone knows how to do good and love not just their own, but also show compation to whom they want to show compation. Jesus does not blind people with their hatred to do terrible things. Maybe the Devil does, or can take advantage, or prepare someone to do those things and for their own reasons, but then who knows. But then someone may say, and do we need the Devil to help in doing or saying those things, when people are conditioned to reason and think in those lines, do they realy need the devil to deceive them. We need to be very carefull, not to see our fellow men as the devils, but as our fellow men who need some insite into a deferent direction, and perhaps they will begin to think and reason different. We don't understand Jesus who loves and saves people as they are, and in any situation they are.
  4. Pentecostal churches with evil spirits? Speaking in tongues

    You are right that they induce a certain mendal and shycological state upon them selfs, so their minds are not free to thing. They are under a state of mendal isolation. And are afraid to be out of that box, even to pep out that box it is torment for some. This is not bad and it is isolating ones self, which it is beneficial for those who seek isolation from some vices or deep shycological and emotional pain, I live them to the Lord. You don't accept oppression, needs also to be very carefull, they are some very crafty spirits trying to seduce us, that's why we need the discerment of the Holy Spirit who can expose them to us. Paul said , by reason of use we can tell things apart. As it is the same by getting to know them, even been under their influence for while, we get to recognize them, even when we see them at work in other people.
  5. Pentecostal churches with evil spirits? Speaking in tongues

    They do not know that they are under the influence of some religious spirits, what ever that is, but one thing I Know , they are under some control from the leadership, if the pastor says jump, you must jump, this is some kind of bondage. They are in some constant state of trying to protect themselves, from spiritual attacts. They don't trust no one but the leadership and the pastor. They have lost some discernment. It is like a cult. With a lot of singing and praising and very strong faith, the Holy Spirit is working among them selfs, but also the spirit of the pastor. Just like in some churches in the book of Revelation ..
  6. Once Saved always Saved, Is A Doctrine Of Devils

    When we believe in Jesus that he died on the Cross, we are under his blood whether we understand that or not. It does not depent upon our understanding, it depends upon Jesus and not just because he knows that because thats why he gave up himself on the Cross to die. To be the sucrifice for our sins. This is a simple thing for the Jews to understand what does it realy means to be under his blood. We are not to earn this possition to be under his blood. How can one earn this position to be under his blood? How? Jesus died for sinners, And he also die for those who were under the righteousness of the Law. At the Cross the righteousness of the Law finish, so the whole world is found to be unrighteous from that time on. Those who had died in the righteousness of the Law, are also found to be naked at the Cross, because they Cross gives the the righteousness of God, and they are found without the righteousness of God, which is the righteousness of Jesus Christ, who also has the life of God, and at the time of believe in him , he gives both the righteousness of God and the LIFE of God to those who believe. JESUS can say ; when one believes in me is mine, because he is as he is by faith alone, because Jesus is the Judge of all, believers and unbeliever, the good and the bad. He is the one who desides who is under his blood and his life. The same as he is by faith alone. This is the one who believes in him. Our righteousness is important but no for earning the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. And or his imputed eternal life with him. I did not say sin, but if you sin, don't be afraid that Jesus who is your judge will sent you to Hell because of your sins, he knows that he died and payed the penalty of your sins, hiw lucky we are. That's why he said ; nothing can take you from me. Your wages of your sins in the new covenant do not bring death, as Paul has explain: In jesus Christ is life in the name of Jesus.
  7. Salvation Issues OSAS Lordship Salvation etc.

    You posted this scripture for what propose. And why it is without any context, and without to what happen to them. To know scriptures is one thing , and to be carefull to see them within their context, and their distinction and exclusion from the new covenant is of the most importance, for Jesus did not only say, this is the blood of the new covenant, he also said; Behold I make all things knew. Why you are quoting Deuteronomy. The laws in this books were given to the Israelites after the ten commandments, and they were for them only and not for the rest of the world, and not for the Egyptians, or the other children of Abraham, or Isaac. This book and all the laws in it, together with the giver has been nail to the CROSS. The giver of that book and the author of the old covenant, came back from the dead with a new covenant for the whole world. (Not with both the old and the new covenant), he did not have the ten commandments and the book of Deuteronomy, in his hands. You have taken this position all along. I don't mean the truth of the istorical events and sayings in it. Jesus said; Behold, I make all things knew, the old and everything in it has pass away, the new has come. you posted this scripture for what propose? Those people at that time were facing some situation and were overcome with fear, and not without a good reason. It was for them that it was said that, and for a very special reason. At the same time they had the old covenant, and in it, so many promishes that he will abantont them and for so many reasons. For he also had said the same thing to Abraham. For the eartly situations the one who said that in the Deu: he did not say it to them they way you imply, for later he forsook them and abandon them. And he even told them that he is not with them , in eartly matters only, you know their story about their captivities, and their enslavement. And the promise to them that he will cut them off forever. With the coming of the new covenant.
  8. Salvation Issues OSAS Lordship Salvation etc.

    Thank you for your kind aproch. In my post earlier I had all those scriptures in mind and I have a bible, and thank for posting them for me, from the phone I need to type them, and not just copy and paste. And this is one of the problems . Copy and paste, but perhaps not criticaly reading the scriptures. In general , thank you for posting, and not letting bulling silencing your voice. God bless
  9. Salvation Issues OSAS Lordship Salvation etc.

    Yowm, Everything I have posted is from scriptures, even from the scriptures you have posted , and our dear freind "Neighbour" have posted. Hope that you carefully read the others posts. If something you thing is not from scripture, point it out, so does not look you have judge the person. Jesus is our Saviour, in this life people believe in Jesus Christ, why do you meddle with them, they are not your deacons or your elders in your church, or even members in your church. Jesus is our Savior, that's why we blame him all the time, for the way the world is, even for what we do in general, because we asked him to change things (thinking that we are his Lord, and can tell him what to do), and he did not do it. We still hate, are jealous and are in this earth, and we are not alone here on this earth. Please show a scripture that corrects. And I only responded to your opinions.
  10. Salvation Issues OSAS Lordship Salvation etc.

    The Shepherd does not have any onus to hold onto any Sheep. If he did have a duty to do that, then he can be accused of not doing his duty when he lost one of his sheep to the word, or to Hell if one of his sheep reach the point to renounce their faith in him. But because of the way he made Salvation not only the Devil, but no one else can take anyone of his own , the believer in him, away from him at time of death. Jesus died for all mankind, so that does not include the devil.. But do not be surprize if you hear something to the contrary. Yes the Devil and anyone else could take JESUS SHEEP away from him. Let's make that simple, during the life here on earth the Devil, and anyone else , can take Jesus sheep away from him, even the sheep on their own can walk away from Jesus. By that statement, I did not mean to stop believing in Jesus, and become atheist or something else, and I did not say communist , because you can believe in Jesus and still be communist , or as a matter of fact Catholic. But the Devil and other (agencies), can take the sheep of Jesus away from him to do their will, but they cannot take the sheep of Jesus away from him, at the time of their death. If at time of death the sheep is found with faith in Jesus Christ. It is in his name , in his righteousness, in his propritiation, in his work who put their sins upon himself, and received the punishment for their sins. They are Saved, because Jesus work. The love of Jesus who died for us, and this love casts away all fear for those who understand it. But not everyone would understand that, but thanks to God that whether we understand that or not we are Saved, because Jesus who is the ultimate Judge of all, understands that we are Saved in his name. We have obey him to believe in him, but we sometimes and more often for others, we disobey him the way we contact our lifes, and we listen more to the devil or others, or even to our desires than to listen to him. And we are stuborn in our ways.
  11. Once Saved always Saved, Is A Doctrine Of Devils

    This is one of the scriptures that help me to understand that faith is hidden in the heart of the person, and introduce me to justification by faith. For God had to include in his plan for justification, everyone, those who are able to speak and those who are not able to speak, for everyone must be able to have his peace in this matter in a similar way . The non-mute, and the mute. (Some "clever leader", was punishing his enemies by cutting their tongs, proffesing that this way there is no hope for them to be Saved, even if they believed. When I read this story, i prayed that Jesus protect me from a similar situation, never to happen to me, because I wanted to be Saved. And I wanted Jesus as my Savior. I was too young, that time, but later in my life I read this scripture and I said that even if that happen to me , I am still Justified because of the faith in my heart. So what is more important to be Justified or to be Saved. is a justified person lost, till he confess?
  12. Please make me the beneficiary. Just in case.
  13. Once Saved always Saved, Is A Doctrine Of Devils

    I am not worrying about you , does and does not matter how you believe that we are saved. In one hand you believe in Jesus and Jesus knows who believes in him, he does not need our confession and no ones testimony. Paul took a lot of time to write many pages about this matter, and we have to thank those of the group of circumcision, and the others who were living under the shadow of the fear of sin, been tormented and hoped not to die a suddent death, and thus not having the chance to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness. Paul explained it with various examples that they are trying to earn what already have the eternal life ( which Jesus), because of their faith in him. By beliving in him they have him, they are in him, he is their Savior from the descented inheritance. Now they are in the ascended inheritance. Jesus axcepts people not according to their understading about some of basic trouths about his work on the Cross. Jesus knows who believes. As in the extreeme example when a believer in Jesus Christ believed that he was going to Hell because of his bondage to earthly things and defects of character. Jesus Christ took him to Heaven because he was in him, because of his faith and he could not understand and axcept that and had learn to judge himself as unworthy. He did ot find his peace while he lived but only after he died. Jesus died in his perfect love for us, so we do not lived in the fear of the saddow of death, but to thank him and praise him in his presence all the days of our lifes. Refraine from sin, so the devil cannot tempt you, or we are not tempted by are own desires. We have to Look for sound teachings, so we the diceiving spirits dont have room to fool us that are from God, by reciting scripture but changing and distort the meaning, taking us from a scripture from the far east, to a scripture in the far west, and ignoring the propose why those scriptures were given to us. Some even been afraid to experience the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the living guidance of the Holy Spirit, they only want tangable guidance. They are looking for a group to cling to. Jesus taught us to worship him in spirit and in truth.
  14. Once Saved always Saved, Is A Doctrine Of Devils

    How can I be saved from the fire of Jeloucy ? What can I do to be Saved (from jeloucy)? I thank Jesus for the for been the propritiation for our sins, and giving us the eternal life when we believe.
  15. Once Saved always Saved, Is A Doctrine Of Devils

    This is a good example how we can bring our own thoughts and build our own context to what Jesus said: Mathew 24:13 , if you edure to the end, then shall be saved. Jesus was looking ahead to what vary soon will happen not only to his disciples but also to anyone who believes in him and will find ones self in a hostiled environment. To start with his disciples, who had no idea to what lies ahead for them. Jesus repeatedly tried to warn them by telling them that not only their dreams or visions or expectation for their near future won't come to pass, but the contrary will happen, and he made himself as an example. If they are doing those things to me, they won't spare you also. "In my name they will do to you what they are doing to me now, and what they are about to do. Thats how they will glorifie me as their king: they will crown me with a Crown of thorns, and the same or similar things they will do to you, this is who they are going to glorifie you, because that's what you have in your mind. You want me to be a great King , the great King who is going to rule over the Jews and the Romans and all your enemies, and you imagine your selfs dress up with fine raiments, and sitting on my left and my right as my co-rulers and the Princes of the kingdom. Jesus said to them: and fortunately not to all of us. Your fine raiments are going to be the same as my fine raiments from the people you expect to be glorified. It is going to be from the people the same as mine, your own raiments soak in blood, referring to the prosecution to come to them from the people they hoped to ruled over, and Jesus also referring to the Son of...who was trendind his wine press, and his raiments were soak in the red grape juise, and whom the angel of death show, and stopped right there, and the rest of the people lived and they did not die, they met the life giver, they one who put away death for them, their Savior. Jesus said your raiments will be soak in blood from the those you expect to ruled over and be glorified. But the glory from above for you and the glorious raiments come from above, the Father from above will dress you up with the same glory he will dress me up, and with the same raiments, with the raiments of my righteousness, and did not I say to you, if you have to raiments give one to the one who does not have. I was born righteous, and I live and die righteous. So I have two righteousness, one for my self and for you. To stay on the subject, Jesus forseen the prosecution. And also their disapointment when they will see him die on the Cross, to continiun to believe till the end of their lifes. Because many who had believe in him and follow him, even that time because of different reasons stopped following him, and some stopped believing in him. To saved themselfs from the prosecution. But some of them, even from the priest were secret believers. Many at Peter's speech, at the Penticost believed again together with others who believe for the first time. Jesus empasizes that we have to endure whatever comes in our lifes, and not blame him, and stop believing, or if we blame him, and he expects that to happen to continue to believe in him till we die. Or at the time of our death to be found with faith in him, then we are Saved, if we keep the faith till the end. This does not mean that were not saved before when we believe. It is that as long as we believe we are saved, It is not about the ten (dead ) commandments, it is about the one who gives life apart from the ten commandments. Jesus Christ the life giver by faith in his death on the Cross, and his resuraction .