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  1. Your closest friendnt

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    We need to define what is the doctrine of "born again", to see if it is not abused , and used in a way that judges faith in the Son of God. Every religion including non Christ based faith, has their own version of born again movement. Atheist also have their own version of born again, they also believe in rehabilitation and repentance, and starting all over as a new person. They all have the aspect of repentance and believed in rehabilitation, having their doctrines of reconcilation, forgiveness and love and starting all over anew. it is by faith in the Son of God that we are born from above, Nicodemus was not in need of rehabilitation. He was in the need to believe Jesus was the CHRIST after he sees him dead on the Cross, and after the word of his resuraction. He needed to believe in Jesus Christ because the old covenant "died" on the Cross together with Jesus, the Lord and God of the Old Covenant. So the Old Covenant cannot be inforced ,, By the people "yes" and punish the violators, but not by their God, who came in the fless and put in to effect the NEW COVENANT with his death on the Cross. I don't see in the Nicodemus example the principles of todays "born again movement". The Gospel principal is for those who have heard about Jesus Christ , who died for the forgiveness of our sins and raised from the dead to believe in Jesus Christ, and HAVE LIFE, or to those who have previously denied to believe, and come out of death unto the LIFE. The inheritance of those with LIFE is the above, and with those of Death is bellow.
  2. Your closest friendnt

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    I have relatives who are BELIEVING Catholics. During the Easter Celebrations, I help some of the older folks to visit their church and as part of their custom walking through the forteen stations that tell the story of Jesus Christ. His suffering all the way to his death on the Cross, his resuraction. I have to remind some folks those relatives of mine they as being humans can be redeemed by believing Jesus died for the forgivness of our sins. (even thought I am not a Catholic my self ), I visit the Catholic Church, with my relatives. During that time I am glad to see my brothers in the faith of Jesus Christ from the Catholic persuasion celebrate the death and the resuraction of Jesus Christ. They are not in their sins, and they have the Eternal Life, Jesus is the Eternal Life. They are BELIEVING CATHOLICS... As Paul said: Because they try to earn what already have, that does not mean that they do not have the gift of Salvation and the ETERNAL LIFE. Jesus Christ knows they believe in him, this is the most important, he is the one who has the Keys of Hades and Death.
  3. Your closest friendnt

    Salvation, Doctrine and Rightly Dividing - MAD

    I read your last post very carefully. To me this is the first time that I have seen someone going beyond, and attempting to distinguish the old world from the New. The Holy Spirit show to Peter for the first time the NEW WORLD. The Holy Spirit show him in a vision the NEW WORLD, a sheet full of uncleen animals coming down from Heaven, and going up, three times and then remained in Heaven. And he said: What the Lord -referring to Jesus-has cleansed do not call unclean. At the Last Supper he said to the disciples that you are clean because you have believe the words I spoke to you . Here Jesus was telling them the NEW WAY to be cleansed in his Name. And for Jesus while he was living, everytime something unclean touch him, he remained clean. "The Leper touch him", Jesus remained clean, and in this case as in the case with the woman with the issue , both became clean. Jesus was teaching them the things in the NEW WORLD. How is referent the New World from the Old. There not Gentiles in the New World, and also there are not Jews. The world has been reconciled to God, The "world" is within the same meaning as the meaning, Jesus died for the "whole world". Today the massage we give the people is "choose life or death". This is the massage in the Gospel. The same message to all who have not hear the Gospel, and to those who have denied the Gospel but are still alive. Those who have denied Jesus Christ are in death, but still are called to LIFE , to believe. Those who have never heard the Gospel they are neither in LIFE or DEATH. The Devil can take only those who die in denial. This is the NEW WORL. people are born in LIFE, but never in DEATH.
  4. Your closest friendnt

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    The Angels are Holly!! Without a Redeemer.
  5. Your closest friendnt

    Holiness is God's Chief Attribute

    It's interesting that you brought this up. I was thinking about the same thing, how the people of the neighbouring Nations and not only them had festivals dedicated to their Gods, and the people participating were given to excessive dringing and sexual immorality and thats how the people celebrated their religious festivals. An example in the dessert when the paople were worshiping the Golden Calf, . The Lord distroy the participants. It meant to tell the Israelites that not only their God was a Holy God, and he desires that his people do not be like the others. Andcit was important now and then to remind them that he is still Holy, so that the people knew that they still were set apart from the rest of the world, and that they were Holy unto him. That they were the only Holy Nation of the world, and that's why he was only their God and cannot be the God from any ine elses. And that they were from. The righteous seed of Abraham, his people. Their God eventually will. Enter their world and be born from Myriam in Bethlehem. Emmanuel, "God with us" . So the people will know that Jesus Christ is a Holy Seed. Even for us, not to have any doubts That Jesus was a Holy and righteous seed. To reflect the question, no one in the world in the OT, could be considered Holy, even if they lived a Holy Life. Only the chosen descendants of the righteous seed of Abraham could be considered to be made Holy, and only through the Law and the priests. Because they were clean and at that time the rest of the world was unclean. It was to show us that the seed in Myriam's womb was clean, Holy and righteous, and that was not a seed from a Jewish man.
  6. Your closest friendnt

    How long?

    The world is an open field.
  7. Your closest friendnt

    How to interpret the Old Testament/covenant?

    They don't have the same things in their minds as your suggestions, They see from their point of view. They feel they are overtaken by their situations and they need Jesus. It is just a cry for help. That's how I see it, not to side with them, but as to bite my tongue and live them alone.
  8. Your closest friendnt

    How to interpret the Old Testament/covenant?

    the pastor say something the people need to follow. That's how it is....
  9. Your closest friendnt

    I am confused about salvation.

    Salom BB, I just got a call, to take the day off, There is something I have to say that the word "pisteuo" in Geek is the word "believe" in English, so there is an English word for the Greek word "pisteuo". The way to approch this substitution of words, is to take into account that by using the word "trust", instant of believe, and an attempt is made to distinguish the specific group of believers who all of them have Jesus as their Patriarch, and who some have come to understand that because of who Jesus is and why he subjected him self to the Cross, that he is the Redeemer and the Judge of all, sitted on the Throne of God, God having given everything to him, and know that they are co-heirs of Heaven together with Jesus Christ. They have enter their rest in this matter. In comparison to other believers who do not have enter this day of rest, and are labouring to earn what already is theirs, a Heavenly inheritance. (And there is the group of cold believers), (which Jesus loves, for a number of reasons, they do not forbit their children to believe, because they are not atheist, and have not given themselfs to a particular denomination. and the other reason why they are loved by Jesus is they do not promote doctrinal interest that seek to earn the Heavenly Promish Land, together with faith in Jesus and their own contributions. The faith is in the heart, and often is hidden or is not seen in the action of the individual.
  10. Your closest friendnt

    I am confused about salvation.

    Hello, good to know that you are a Jew, I leave in a neighbourhood where in very close proximity to my home are a few dozens of Synagogues. I am Greek ! So nice to meet you. I am on the way to work now, till next time. When I say I don't agree with everything you said does not mean I oppose the message in principal, but only by the way it was put forwards. Till next time, looking forwards.
  11. Your closest friendnt

    I am confused about salvation.

    This statement is not clear, "How born again have received Salvation by trusting Jesus Christ", A reader may be wondering about; "What is born again", (the same a Nicodemus was) "Have received Salvation", That may have many too many meanings, and it is use by all nations of the world, by nations from the begining of this world. "by trusting Jesus Christ", The word "trust" includes the element of uncertainty, doubt and other and that of weaknesses and also betrayals. Also is subject to chance, if everything turns out as we have foresee it. And the identity of those who were Saved is needed to see if they were from the old T, before the Old T, and at the time of the transition from the OT to the NT. or from the NT without the need of the OT. YCF Wants to know how you think...
  12. Your closest friendnt

    I am confused about salvation.

    Thank you for asking, I need to make a respectful inquiry. "Christians receive haveanly corection in this life" , This is the same as a parent quiding his children in their walk in this life, as to have the benefit of the correction in this life. What good whould that do to them if the correction is made after they leave this world? This is my inquiry: As the example of the earthly parent, the rewards for following the parent in this world is given as soon as the child complies with the instruction. Your comments about receiving the rewards not at the same time or imediadly or just about after the compliance is seems to be in conflict with the need to give recognition and hand out gifts to the achivers. In an another example which is known to you, Not just an example from the scriptures, but from general understanding. Don't we all receive our marks, and graduations and gifts at the due time? And we look forwards to the next graduation? Is it not the same as in the example of the good stewards? Your statement: "In the next life", it seems to be at odds with the general principals of fairness, and fair treatment. Hope that you may reconsidered. Even with the steward with the one talent, He was expecting a reward as well. At he had to be inform at the due time.... In this life we get more chances . We are not beyond re-education. GB
  13. Your closest friendnt

    The Death Of Christ Proclaimed

    A man had to die for the mankind, to redeem the mankind, this man had to be an Adam. This Man-Adam had to inherit Heaven for him self and the mankind of his Blood and of his Spirit, of his righteousness and of his Life. He was made a Patriarch for those who believe in him. And a lot more..... At the time of the birth of Jesus CHRIST the whole world was divided into two nations, the nation of the unclean, "the Gentiles", and the Nation of the clean the Israelites plus Abraham and Isaac, who also had righteousness but not Life, no one had inherited the Life of Adam, because he had children after he lost the life and was seperated from God. Adam could not sin in the Garden, it was impossible to sin , Adam could only disobey. And he found himself without the Life but also without sin , and God could have fellowship with him, and his children. When Kain sin, then he was cut off from God, his sin was a grave sin, and they were worn about taking the life of an another man. Kain sin and he was cut off from God, him and his offsprings. That time all men had only one inheritance after they died , the one bellow, and while they lived they remained on earth because of their earthly bodies. They had first to die to go down there, in the place of the dead. When the man dies their Spirits do not remain in a dead body and leave. So for Jesus to go down their and take a tour of the place of the dead, not just in the Bossom of Abraham but in all parts of the world down there, even in the lower parts of the Earth. Jesus had to die first. The Man, the second Adam had to die first, The only inheritance fir Man was the one bellow, Jesus as a Jew his inheritance at death was the Bossom of Abraham. Later we see that God gave him the Heavens as his inheritance and Jesus open the way for man to go to Heavens. Since that time we have two inheritance fir man, The one above, and the one bellow, Heaven or Hell, Life or death. after groups unrighteous and had inherited death, and had also the descending inheritance. They belong below by inheritance, the people gave birth and the increase the people who belong bellow, The question to ask is why Jesus was the second-Adam, a man with the Life and the righteousness of the Heavenly Father. Thank you for giving the whole story. We could look into why this preacher walk this path and the reasoning he use to come to this coclusion, and how it could have been avoided, and never to be possible to fall in this error.
  14. Your closest friendnt

    The Death Of Christ Proclaimed

    Who claimed that, believers or unbelievers? And what are they claiming about Jesus as to what happen? it seems they do not denied the existence of Jesus while he was on earth and his miraculous deeds. It also seems they do not denied the promish of the messiah or the Christ. What do they actually believe and hope about the mission of the Messiah . What they believe it happened to Jesus?