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    Though difficult to read at times i love Gods word because in it our Christ is revealed. I love the outdoors and swimming.

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  1. Prayed for you. Ive been threw this many years ago and I understand the hurt that goes with it. The Lord knows what you need now and what you will need coming up. He is the great provider and I know he will come threw in ways you least expect it. Trust him, rely on him, wait on him.
  2. Welcome to Worthy.....dont let go. there are good people who will encourage you.
  3. Desiring restoration after being disobedient to what God asked to hand over to him(mainly a selfish heart) So much hurt has been caused on my part and finding it so hard to just look to Jesus. Like David “my sin is ever before me” and it’s hard to see anything else. Ive cried out to God for mercy, for forgiveness. But the pain feels so heavy. Feeling helpless.
  4. Thankyou to you all for your warm welcome and encouragement. Everyday is different, most days are difficult and I feel so much shame for damaging my relationship with God.
  5. I’m new to this so I apologize if I don’t tell my story right away. I’ve been a Christian for 10 years and my walk has not been a straight forward one where there have been struggles with sin but yet God has met me in those time and has healed and forgiven me. But recently ive had some recent struggles where my heart has been rebellious and it has affected my walk with God and my relationship with others where I am not at church. He seems so quiet. I pray and have brought my sins before him but it feels like I’ve gone too far. I read the bible and everything convicts me. Just to feel his presence again would be enough. I feel so overwhelmed by the shame of my sin and I know that I have damaged my relationship with God. I know what the bible says about willfull sin and I feel there is no mercy or forgiveness for me. please help
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